31+ CURSED Pokemon Images That Will Ruin Your Dreams – [SCARY]

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Pokemon has always been loved by everyone all around the world! Kids love this show and are very eager for its merch. I’m sure you all have grown up watching Pokemon and no doubt, it was a masterpiece! 
But I’m worried that these cursed images from pokemon will make you regret your life and all the time you’ve spent watching this series. So, if you’re in a bad mood, this blog is going to make you laugh hard! Take out your popcorns for some exciting rollercoaster ride! but seriously, don’t choke on the popcorns because this is going to make you laugh! 
Anyway, let’s start! Here’s a list of 31+ Cursed pokemon Images that will Ruin Your Dreams!

Table of Contents

32. Cursed Ash Ketchum

32 cursed image
You all better wash your eyes properly after watching bald Ash Ketchum. OMG, just why did I have to witness such a weird sight? Just kidding Ash is still a cutie! But one thing that I don’t understand is who makes such toys!? 
And was Ash betraying us all while wearing that cap? Or did the manufacturer just decided to save his money by making him bald and covered it with his hat? That’s such a genius idea!

31. A very high fish

31 cursed image
I mean its eyes say it all! It just looks super tired of everyone’s shit and just wants to disappear somewhere as soon as possible! Has anyone been feeling like this lately? 
I mean I can relate because of the amount of sleep I’m getting! So, you all better take care of yourselves if you don’t want to end up like this fish! 

30. Gyarados with its mouth closed

Gyarados looks kinda good to me with its mouth closed but still cursed! And let me tell you a deep dark secret about Gyarados. He has small feet! Don’t tell me that you didn’t know? OMG! You need to see them! Just take a look down here!


Seriously if you think that these feet are cute, you really need to go to the doctor as soon as possible! Because this is CURSED! 

29. Gyarados' feet

29 cursed image

Oh no! I exposed his feet earlier! But anyway take a look at those cute feet and have a nice day!

28. Pokemon X Sponge Bob

28 cursed image

Garydos! OMG did you see what they did there? Whoever did it is truly a genius! I’m dying laughing. Send this to your friend who’d laugh super hard on this cursed pokemon image! 

27. Ash Ketchum scaring us all

27 cursed image

This is truly a cursed image of Ash Ketchum. Well, in my opinion, it’s better than the blade Ash! Isn’t that right? Why does he look so scary anyway? Whoever did this is going to hell for this sin! 

26. Good Morning to everyone except the person who made this

26 cursed image

That’s right! Good Morning to everyone except for the person who did this to the cutie Pikachu! I shall never leave this person alone. I will find you! So, send this cursed Pikachu’s image to make the day of your friends! I’m sure they’re going to curse you! 

25. Face Swapping X Pokemon

25 cursed image

This is the MOST cursed face swap I’ve ever come through in my life. Do you guys agree? Now we know how humans as Pokemons would’ve looked like! 

24. Cursed Pokemon

Just looking at this image makes me uncomfortable? Can you relate girls? It’s super cursed! 


23 cursed image

Imagine Pikachu looking like this comes and haunts you while you’re sleeping at night with a pistol and a big knife in his hands! HANDS! you guys, Pikachu has human hands! This is cursed 10/10!

22. Cursed Pikachu X Saitama

22 cursed image

Just what in the world is happening in this image? A hand coming out of Pikachu’s mouth? Nothing can get more bizarre than this! HAH! this is just the starting. You all are going to witness much more cursed stuff! 

21. Trump X Pokemon

21 cursed image

Did you guys make a weird face after looking at this strongly cursed image? I mean whoever made this must not be in their right mind. Isn’t that right? Just looking at this image makes me feel all weird. 

20. Your Uber has arrived

At first, I read it wrong as, “Your Uber Driver has arrived” I mean it’s okay if my driver looks like that but not if my RIDE looks like that! OMG, just what was the person making this thinking! 

19. Pikachu X Hollywood

19 curssed image

Ayy! Pikachu’s looking all glammy and classy! Just kidding! What the heck is this face swap? Now I won’t be able to look at Pikachu in the same way as I did before! 

18. Thanos SNAP

18 cursed image

Have you always wanted a huge collection of pokemon cards in your childhood or even now? Well, I did have a huge collection but not this cursed one but the ORIGINAL! This is just beyond cursed. 

17. Cursed Delivery Box

17 cursed image

Imagine getting a delivery by this cursed box! 

16. Shrek X Pokemon

Just Shrek hanging out in the Pokemon world with pokemons! HAHA! It’s nothing serious, you may continue scrolling if you don’t want this curse to speak within your body. 

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15. A wide-mouthed Eevee

15 cursed image

I’m not even kidding but I would die to have Eevee with a wide mouth as my pet. Eevee looks so cute. Please don’t find me weird as it may be cursed to some of you out there. 

14. Just some cursed pokemons

14 cursed image

Okay, this makes me uncomfortable. Does it make you feel the same? I mean just look at Eevee! What did they do to Eevee? 

13. Shrek X Pokemon part (2)

13 cursed image

I don’t see how Shrek blends into this pokemon? Just because of that skin tone? However, it’s hilarious and cursed! I’m sorry if this was your favorite Pokemon and if you hate Shrek, 

12. Cursed Charizard

12 cursed image

I want my cool and fierce Charizard back! They ruined him! He looks amazing when serious and kind of intimidating too! When we were kids we loved Charizard despite his intimidating appearance! 

11. Cursed Cursed Cursed!

11 cursed image

This is one of the most cursed images that you’ll find on the internet and that will ruin your dreams! And you can’t change my mind because this is just way beyond bizarre! 

10. Big Chungus X Pokemon

10 cursed image

I love how the Big Chungs blended in so smoothly! Don’t you all agree? Big Chungus would have been an awesome pokemon and would have defeated others easily! 

9. Pikachu X Curses

9 cursed image

I just don’t know what to say on this one! This is going to haunt me for a very long time and I hope it does the same to you guys so that I’m not the only one being cursed! 

8. A dead Pikachu

8 cursed image

This Pikachu looks so dead and tired of life. If I were this kid I’d just walk away because of the way it looks. It seems like this kid is going to get eaten in a minute or two by this huge cursed Pikachu. But then again he looks so tired to do it!

7. A potato Pikachu

This might look cute to some and cursed to many. As we all are not used to see the normal small Pikachu. But, honestly take my money! I’d buy this 10/10! 

6. Cursed Toys

6 cursed image

I wonder if someone bought this weird Pikachu! Seriously I think they got him the wrong eyes! 

5. Open your mouth

5 cursed image

That’s how my mom used to open my mouth when I insisted on not eating anything back in the days. Jokes aside, but what the heck you human! Leave its pretty mouth alone! It isn’t allowed to be treated this way!  

4. Weird Pokemon Toys

4 cursed image

Haters will say that it’s perfectly fine! but no! these toys are cursed 10/10 and there’s no way I’m getting these in my house! 

3. Cursed Team Rocket

3 cursed image

These two people except for Meowth look fine but why would they color Meowth green? Why in the world! 

2. Cursed Steve

2 cursed image

This card apparently is cursed and will help to damage the opponents with your UGLINESS! Just kidding, you all are perfect! Whoever made this cursed card is going to hell! 

1. Extremely Cursed Pikachu

1 cursed image

The extremely CURSED Pikachu is here! Look at his appearance, he’s 10/10 cursed! 


I hope you guys enjoyed these cursed images from Pokemon! And share these cursed images with your friends to make them smile hard like an idiot and make their day! See you guys on the next blog! Till then take care you guys! 


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