23+ Anime with Overpowered Mc from the Start (HQ Images)

Anime with OP MC from the start

One of the few things that makes any anime fan say WOW, is a character with immense power that leaves everyone’s mouth agape in amazement.

The high-action category trope is the overpowered MC. They are piercingly loud and powerful. Fans adore them and the way they fight while suffering.

Read the blog to know about the TOP 25 Anime that have an overpowered main character.


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Table of Contents

25. Psychic Squad The unlimited

The anime world’s Power Puff Girls, Zettai Karen Children, or Psychic Squad, have a strong audience that likes the three powerful protagonists. These three superheroines are rule-breaking ferocious, and the show takes great delight in the fact that they each have quite a distinct talent that contributes to their variety.

Kaoru is psychokinetic, which means she can control items with her imagination. Shiho is a snarky psychometric who can read people’s brains and read the history of objects such as a novel.

Finally, Aoi serves as their leader. She is pretty calm and reasonable of the three, and she can transport herself and people from any place during any time.

Psychic Squad

24. Blast of Tempest

Yoshino is secretly seeing his best friend’s sister; this average teen is enjoying the time of his life, however, when his love Aika unexpectedly dies, he is devastated.

Mahiro, his best friend, departs to track out the murderer of his adored younger sister.

Yoshino doesn’t encounter any problems. He goes about his business as normal until he is accosted by a mysterious girl who holds a pistol to his face. Only then does Mahiro come just at the moment to save Yoshino from certain murders.

Mahiro informs him that he has recruited the assistance of a witch named Hakaze Kusaribeto in his search for the killer responsible for Aika’s death and the presence of an ancient position of power as the Tree of the Exodus.

The witch’s brother wishes to claim this power for himself, but Hakaze and Mahiro have other intentions; unfortunately, Hakaze has been exiled to a distant region, and it is up to Yoshino and Mahiro to assist the witch in solving the assassination of Mahiro’s younger sister.

Blast of Tempest

23. Mushishi

Mushishi represents the most fundamental kinds of life on the planet. These lives exist for no apparent reason. They are simply present. They exist in a grey region outside the confines of categorization, such as good or bad.

Mushishi can exist in a variety of sizes and shapes and can resemble beings from other realms such as our own, plants, illnesses, and even natural occurrences such as a rainbow. Nevertheless, this is a very broad definition of the word mushy, additional information, which is very hard to discover, and no one is aware of that fact.

Our hero, Ginko, is always pondering their presence. He is on the lookout for any rumors that could lead him to the existence of Mushishi. He could come upon something quite different, watch the anime to find out.


22. Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense

Kai de Honju reluctantly agrees to try a new world online, a highly popular VR MMO played by large numbers of people throughout Japan, after a lot of whining from her friend. She calls her avatar in the videogame “Maple” and starts her quest.

She is a true newbie for this genre. She assigns all of her points to vitality in no other classes, as a result, all her other stats become zero.

Maple has excellent defense but she can’t hit hard or move quickly. Maple, on the other hand, benefits from her great protection by gaining a slew of powerful abilities like complete defense, toxin absorption, and voraciousness.

These abilities, combined with a slew of new equipment she obtains in the game, enable her to eliminate foes in a single hit only after a few sessions of gameplay, earning her the notoriety of being both invincible and excessively formidable.


21. Brave 10

Saizo Kirigakure is the main character of Brave 10. He is the commander of the Sonata Ten Brave Assassin Squad and an eager ninja known by his IGA ninja name Marishi 10.

He possesses over ten distinct ninja techniques, such as the hidden technique, heaven returner, and instant light illusionary clones, which are identical to Naruto’s clone Jutsu.

He also has three distinct ninja techniques known as hunter falcons, early summer rain, and perfect strike, all of which are akin to Naruto’s clone Jutsu.

Even in the Narutoverse, he’s arguably the toughest ninja you’ll ever see in an anime.

Brave 10

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20. Code Breaker

Rey Ogami is the hero, or perhaps you could call him the anti-hero in codebreaker, but he’s the main character alongside the Tsundere, Sakura Koji. He is the local bad boy archetype in anime. 

He does what makes him happy and doesn’t give any thought to the repercussions of his actions until they come up to nip him. He has a strong desire for justice. He will go to whatever length to see it through, repeating many hundred times during the series that an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and evil for evil.

He symbolizes a darker aspect of righteousness, like characters on a vengeful spree, as opposed to a true hero who protects good people while stabbing evil folks and leaving them to die.

Code Breaker

19. Darker than Black

Hei from the Darker than Black is the definition of domineering. He’s so strong that he’s called the “Black Reaper.”

He is a man of few words and even fewer elaborations on his personality; he just discloses his job as a contractor. Only until he is assigned a fitting task, we see his actual power emerge in the entire series.

Hei is simply the sort of person that’ll kick any evil person’s ass, and he does it with style. It’s a joy to see Hei learn the art of being a domineering bully of all matters.

Darker than black

18. Code Geass

This anime takes place in an alternate future in which the Holy Britannian Empire rules America and Japan. 

Lelouch Lamperouge is a British royal who has disappeared. He aims to bring down the kingdom to avenge his mother’s murder. Lelouch discovers an ability that grants him complete control over anybody. He executes his plan, having the power to compel anybody to do anything,

He can control a person through an ability named Geass. Recognizing the immense potential of his newfound “Power of Perfect Obedience.” 

Lelouch goes on a hazardous voyage as Zero, the disguised vigilante, launching a ruthless attack on Britannia to exact vengeance once and for all.

With his mental abilities and hunger for power, Lelouch is comparable to Light Yagami from Death Note.

Code Geass literally screams BETRAYAL. The main theme of this anime is rebellion and is a political thriller. Our MC is betrayed by his father and he thinks betraying his friends and the ones close to him would help him with his motive. Everyone in this anime is betraying someone close to him and there isn’t one single episode when we don’t see the strings of betrayal being pulled on! The story starts with the Empire of Britannia invading Japan, naming it Area 11. Lelouch is our MC who’s a Britannan, living in Japan at that time. He promises his Japanese friend Suzaku that he’d destroy Britannia. Years later, he’s caught up in a battle between Area 11 and Britannian Rebel Armed Forces. Luckily, he finds a girl named C.C., who grants him the “Power of Knights”, also known as “Geass”.  Lelouch creates a new identity and goes by the name of “Zero”. Now, he will go on and slaughter anyone who comes in his way to take revenge against Britannia.

17. Isekai Cheat Magician

Cheat Magician has an excellent narrative and cast of characters. The anime’s central protagonist, Taichi Nishimura, is abruptly transported to another world. When he is assigned, he is bestowed with incredible power, making Taichi the most powerful character.

  Throughout the series, he destroys his enemies with ease. Cassim and Remia discover his extraordinary powers and invite him to join their squad.

Taichi’s skills include some of the deadliest tactics in that imagined universe. Because he is competent in all four magical characteristics, he can summon and influence spirits.

Isekai Cheat Magician

16. Sword Art Online

Kirito and a bunch of other people must fight for their lives in the game, since, if they die in the game, they die in reality. The game includes a lot of brutalities.

Kirito’s mastery of the game allowed him to ascend quite quickly, but he was unable to prevent his opponents’ demise.

Kirito wields his sword with great skill, cutting everything in his path. He truly astounds us in many ways!

Sword Art Online

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15. Sirius the Jaeger

Yuliy is one of the most powerful characters that may surprise everyone at any time.

Yuliy, like a wolf, possesses amazing abilities and meanings. So, Yuliy is a strong character from the start, and when he reveals his blood. You can’t calm him down after he’s gone insane, as proven in numerous instances during the series.

He is one of the strongest mc in the realm of anime.

Sirius The Jaegar

14. The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious.

If you watched the hero being careful, you are familiar with exactly what type of person Seiya is. A self-assured individual who understands what he is capable of. Throughout the anime, Seiya overpowered every opponent he faced. Yes, this man is a true gangster, whether in bed or war!

This is mostly due to Seiya’s constant reflection on his abilities and capabilities. Despite his overwhelming strength, he always practices guaranteeing that he has a 100 percent chance of winning a battle. He becomes more robust as he develops, and he becomes a completely dominating presence from the start.

Cautious Hero

13. Saga of Tanya The Evil

We know you’re wondering how powerful a little girl can be. Yes, a girl in a battleground! We had the same ideas until we saw her fighting on the battlefields.

Tanya was an ordinary wage earner in her previous life before reincarnating into another universe. Because of his repulsive personality, his subordinates assassinated him.

He was transported to another world by a God he didn’t even believe in. He emerged as a 13-year-old girl who had practiced as an insane girl to achieve extraordinary strength and awareness.

Tanya quickly climbed through the ranks of the army, earning the title “The Rhine’s Devil” for her dangerous and destructive combat skills.

The saga of Tanya the Evil

12. Berserk

Guts are the essence of a fierce and relentless force, a true badass to the soul!

He possesses superhuman strength and intelligence, making him a lethal opponent. He had to go through an absurd level of training to get that level of physical power. He’d been wielding a blade larger than himself since he was six years old, so there was that. By looking at his strong body, it’s apparent that this guy can slice armored warriors in half without losing a breath.


11. Myriad Colors Phantom

Haruhiko Ichijo, the main protagonist of Myriad Colors Phantom, has phantom hunting abilities and is only a first-year student.

Haruhiko has a rare ability that makes him very overpowered. His abilities are on a whole other level since he is such a smart individual who understands all there is to know about the phantom.

His powers are art-based, as Haruhiko is flawless in the drawing. His capabilities enable him to seal and capture phantoms by just literally drawing them in his magic book.

He can replicate anyone’s movements and can read their minds and memories, which he keeps secret. It’s impossible to take such a powerful persona for granted.

Myriad Colors phantom World

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10. Assassin’s Pride

Kufa is the most robust and most powerful character in Assassin’s Pride. On the surface, he appears calm and tall, and he enjoys carrying out his responsibilities.

Kufa’s personality changed when he had to betray Melida. He was told to kill Melida because she didn’t have a penchant for mana, but Kufa disobeyed his father and protected her instead. 

Kufa demonstrated his true powers when he was in a handicap fight and transformed into a vampire.

His vampire form is so overpowered that his foe’s knees practically quake in his presence. He effortlessly defeated the assassin who came to murder Melida. Kufa defeated him over and strolled away nonchalantly.

assassins pride

9. Ultramarine Magmell

The story starts when suddenly, a new continent appears on the globe. The continent is named Miguel. The area is full of secrets and supplies.

Inyo, our MC is incredibly powerful and adept at fighting with superpowers. 

If you love watching a fighting anime where the MC is brutally overpowered, “Ultramarine Magmell” is for you.

Inyo has shown to have a rare ability called Lacto, which allows him to build anything as long as he is aware of their building blocks.

Yeah, sort of a crossover between Minecraft and FullMetal Alchemist.

Ultra Marine Magmell

8. Black Clover

The vexing little shrimp from Black Clover is no longer so annoying as we witness amazing improvement in his temperament and abilities. Asta, who was born without magic, was frequently ridiculed. However, he immediately astounds everyone by employing “Anti-Magic,” a power that negates Magic.

Asta’s unwavering drive is one of his most valuable traits. Even though every portion of his body is hurting, and he can’t even move, he isn’t ready to give up. And it’s in this fashion that he always saves the day!

Black Clover

7. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Rimuru, like the majority of the characters on this list, is powerful because they can expand their potency indefinitely.

As a slime, he may just keep eating foes and multiplying his power.

Rimuru is not only growing more muscular, but as the story develops, more and more people join his side. As a result, even in terms of military power, they are dangerous.

Rimuru establishes his organization to purge the fantasy universe of all evil.  Rimuru can also assemble an army by designating a name to them. Overall, Rimuru is one of the most intimidating Anime characters.

That’s a lot of strength for a slime, I swear.

The time i got reincarnated as a slime

6. Chrome Shelled Regios

In Chrome Shelled Regios, a post-apocalyptic future is shown. Humans are shown to live in mobile cities called Regios, which protect them from what lurks outside. As in most futuristic dystopian settings, robots have turned on their creators, evolved nanomachine beasts called filth monsters or conterminous roam outside Regios.

Kei is a repository of power for martial artists, and its practitioners can channel this force in various ways.

Lefon Alsif wants to get away from it all, but unknown to him. He can harness the power of Kei like no other. This does not escape the notice of Kaylan Los, the student council president, and Nina Antok, a military art student and captain of the 17th platoon, who immediately recognizes his capability and decides he’s the ideal candidate to join her group.

Chrome Shelled Regios

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5. Hellsing Rising

We are all aware of vampires’ longevity. They do, however, have a weakness that eventually leads them to vanish. This is not the case with Alucard, our Hellsing MC. Even if he is decapitated, he can recover quickly.

He is without a doubt among the strongest characters in the universe of anime! His strength stems from all the people he’s consumed over a million years, making him omnipotent. He may even make them his captives and use them to combat his enemies.

The actual pope or the all-powerful monarch, he doesn’t care who you are. Alucard is that dreadful monster that lurks in the shadows at all times, waiting to tear your leg off.


4. BlazBlue: Alter memory

Alter memory, based on the video game’s Blazblue Calamity Trigger and Blazblue Continuum, shifts the narrative focus around Ragna, the blood edge of the Azure grimmer bearer, the most powerful grimoire ever to exist. Still, also Aramasa is a massive blade that can assume the shape of the sky. 

Our heterochromia (dual color of the eye) protagonist is shown to be an ss class rebel with a historic bounty on his head with the background set in 2199. 

The show is set in the hierarchical city of Kagutsuchi, where a secret organization known as the librarian controls Arc’s magus. Arc’s magus is a form of control that is accessible via grimoires identical to Ragna’s azure grimoire to acquire the prize.


3. Hunter x Hunter

Gon’s extraordinary abilities astounded us all… He gradually grew to the point that he might be considered overpowering. He rapidly surpassed all of the series’ mature adults in strength.

Gon embarks on a trip to discover his lost father, accompanied by three companions he meets along the road. He wishes to be a Hunter as well.

The Hunters are privileged creatures with access to additional finances and confidential information that is not available to the general population. Gon and his friends all go on strange journeys to achieve their aspirations and become the most excellent Hunters ever!

Hunter x Hunter

2. Dragon Ball Z

Is it necessary to introduce this guy? This man has incredible power. He is widely considered to be the greatest martial artist of all time. We watched Goku practice like there was no tomorrow, and his hard work paid off as he destroyed nearly all of his opponents. He even wreaks havoc on the gods!

In the Dragon Ball Z series, Goku is always the one who rescues the men’s butts. He’s usually compared to Superman, and it’d be a fantastic battle if we got to witness something like that, a crossover between strongest in Dc and strongest in Dragon ball world. Overall, Goku is a powerful figure that is both amazing and terrifying in the Anime universe.

When a new superpowered character appears on the horizon, the concern is always whether they can defeat Goku.

And the answer always turns out no.

Dragon Ball Z

1. One Punch Man

Coming at the top is our very own popular show, “One Punch Man.” The title itself is enough for fans to know what the anime is all about. 

There is quite literally no show where MC is this strong. I mean, imagine taking all the bosses and villains out by a single punch. 

So, what happens in anime is that the world has been invaded by monsters and villains. Heroes must intervene to save the day. Our MC, Saitama, is looking for a challenge because he is tired of winning fights so easily. 

No matter how big or how strong the opponent looks, Saitama will just one punch his way through the fight.

Even YouTubers that make power scaling videos struggle with this man since we’ve yet to see him genuinely try in combat. So only God knows how much power he possesses.

One Punch Man


That’s it for the MOST Overpowered Anime characters from the start. Who’s your favorite Overpowered Anime Mc? Let us know in the comments down below!

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