21+ Anime Where The Main Character Has A Rare Power (HQ Images)


Most action anime build their fanbase on unique and intense power systems. Both the good guys, aka the protagonist and their team, and the enemies have to be capable of fighting prolonged battles, forever increasing their skills, and have a great showdown at the end of an arc. However, not only shonen power fantasies have characters possessing interesting powers!

Here, I gathered 22 anime that have protagonists wielding rare and overpowered abilities, at least in their respective worlds. Note that to compose this list I had to include spoilers for most series, so read with caution.


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Table of Contents

22. Saitama From One punch man

Saitama is the most powerful being in his respective universe. This is certainly not a surprise for anyone reading this, as he was many times even called one of the strongest characters of all anime. He is a hero, part of the Hero Association, but actually just a bald guy.

Underestimated by many, Saitama achieved his perfect physique and unbeatable state through mere physical training. This is at least what he says, but the real origin of his power is unknown. He can still be beaten in other fields that don’t require strength, such as eating contests, gambling, and video games.

One Punch Man

21. anos voldigoad from misfit of the demon king academy

This anime with an unfairly long title, which in its full glory is called The Misfit of Demon King Academy presents the exact same story the title indicates. Anos Voldigoad, the most overpowered protagonist, reincarnates to check on the world he purposefully left 2000 years ago.

He is unbeatable by any foes, and constantly tells others that he is in fact, the one and only demon lord, but nobody believes him despite his insane magical power. Anos can delete entire land masses, demobilize enemies in a blink of an eye, and he can also manipulate time and space for his enjoyment. Very based.

the misfit of the demon king academy

20. Shin Nouzen from 86

Airing in the Spring Season of 2021, 86 came in with a fine concept, somewhat aiming to be a second Code Geass. Set in a world with massive discrimination against certain races, mecha warfare, and staggering animation, 86 promised to be a perfect show. The first season hasn’t yet answered many questions, but the action made the fans shiver in hope for a great sequel.

The protagonist, Shin Nouzen is not only a great pilot for the Juggernauts of San Magnolia but also has supernatural abilities. He is able to hear the voices of his family members from an unthinkable distance, a power that was used to create the Para-Raid devices. He is also the best Processor to be known and is sometimes called the Reaper by his peers.


19. Fushi From to your eternity

Praised as one of the best new releases of the Spring 2021 Season, To Your Eternity certainly started out as a unique work. The first episode excelled and introduced an amazing concept of an immortal being wandering the earth to find information and emotions.

The actual name of this entity is not known, or if he even has one. He was created by The Beholder, who also serves as the narrator for the story. The being, later named Fushi, went on to explore the world by transforming into the forms of things he got in contact with. This power came in handy to get out of sketchy situations. As he was also immortal, he got chased down by the government many times.

To your eternity

18. Yuu from charlotte

Charlotte is an anime that you could put in many categories, but the most relevant tags would be Slice of Life and Supernatural. The protagonist, Yuu, could gain control of others’ bodies for a few seconds. He wasn’t the only one with secret abilities, but as later turned out, he was by far the strongest one.

He initially only wanted to use this skill to get more popular. He cheated in tests, twisted the minds of others to find him interesting, and aimed to get a girlfriend. He was stopped by other gifted kids and got recruited into a team of super kids. As it turned out, he actually could steal other powers and went on to collect every one of them.


17. Maquia from maquia: When the promised flower blooms

Quite an emotional piece, with an exceptionally long title of Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou, Maquia kind of came in as an underdog, despite having an absolute blast of animation. P.A. Works really worked hard on this one, sadly animation can’t replace actual ideas. To make justice, Maquia actually has a pretty high rating and is loved by the audience nowadays.

Maquia is a girl from the unique race of Iorphs, who have long blonde hair and pale skin. Not really Scandinavians though, as they are also immortals! At least for natural causes, as most of them got massacred by the king of the land. Maquia survived and went on to experience what it means to have a family. 


16. Kaneki ken from Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is not an anime world you would want to live in. The humanoid beasts of ghouls wander the streets of Japan, and they seek food by hunting humans. They can’t eat regular food, and they also developed a ghoul society, which favors hierarchy based on strength.

Kaneki Ken turns into a ghoul as some of his organs were replaced by the ones of a ghoul. He didn’t just become a regular ghoul but in fact one of the strongest upon inheriting the powers of his predecessor, the One-Eyed Ghoul. He soon had to experience getting hunted by many of the higher-ups of the ghoul society, and after plenty of suffering, he was able to awaken the immense power of his ghoul self. He had no issue destroying his enemies afterward, but had to deal with the emotional conflicts.

Tokyo Ghoul

15. Lucy from elfen lied

Elfen Lied presents a pretty gruesome setting, as the protagonist, Lucy, was a victim of human experiments conducted by the government. She received some hidden powers in the form of invisible arms. These “telekinetic weapons” reached far and were able to genetically manipulate others. 

Lucy felt massive hatred towards regular humans, as most of them treated her terribly when she was a child. She also has a multiple personality disorder, and she has to balance between being a murderous beast and a timid girl. Her escape from the prison brought many victims, but her Diclonius self felt no regret.

Elfen lied

14. Shigeo Kageyama from mob psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 was an interesting new release of 2016. The show not only had outstanding animation, but the whole concept managed to collect fans for the franchise. The story was captivating, and despite the short runtime, the series still remained a memorable piece.

The protagonist, Shigeo Kageyama, or simply Mob, was a pretty weak dude before joining the body improvement club. He was a pushover for most of his life, and even though his physical abilities didn’t grow that much, his psychic power overwhelmed anyone facing him. His telekinesis made him able to control giant objects and even living things, moving them around with ease only using his mind. His final state allows him to go into an unrivaled rage mode.

Slice of Life Anime - Mob Psycho 100

13. Sakamoto from haven't you heard? i'm sakamoto

Sakamoto Desu Ga is a fun little comedy, where the protagonist is above everyone in every way. Sakamoto, whose full name is actually not once heard, is the perfect human. He is just a mere student to the outside world, but he is capable of solving any complicated situation with ease.

Sakamoto hides his identity pretty well, as we have no background information about him. He constantly pulls out unthinkable solutions for his conflict and refuses to collaborate with anyone. Sakamoto is shown to be ambidextrous, meaning he can use both of his hands just perfectly. 

He is stoic and lives in solitude for the better of his community. He has inhuman reflexes, catching dangerous items without paying attention, has immense stamina and he is also hot.


12. Takizawa from eden of the east

It’s definitely not an easy job to explain the story of Higashi no Eden. So many things are happening both in the present and the past timeline that following the events of this show requires sharp focus. On the other hand, you shouldn’t miss out on this one!

Eden of The East actually has one of the best language systems of anime. When characters talk in other languages, the others don’t understand anything, and it also isn’t translated for us either! 

The protagonist, Takizawa, or call him whatever you like, received the power of the Seleção, alongwith twelve handpicked people who were bestowed with the task of changing the world, given an insane amount of money, and a device that can make almost anything happen. Takizawa used his wits as well to track down the others, reason with them, and create a better future.

Eden of the east

11. Naofumi from the rising of the shield hero

If you are an isekai fan, there is a slight chance that you’ve heard about Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari already. No, not a slight chance, but I’m pretty sure you have already seen it. Despite being relatively new to the scene, this show got immense attention due to being just like every other isekai ever since SAO, meaning the main guy got trapped in a video game.

This doesn’t mean it’s bad, as Shield Hero is actually pretty fun to watch. There is plenty of action in the series, and it all comes down to the protagonist, Naofumi. He is witty, and despite starting off with a weak set, he quickly climbed the ladders and managed to put his hands on the devastating power of rage shield, the Wrath Series after losing everything to the royalty of the kingdom.

The rising of the shield hero

10. Midoriya from my hero academia

Of course, My Hero can’t be left out when talking about anime with superpowers in it! It’s such a prime example of classical superhero fantasies that the series quickly gained the fame of one of the most popular new-gen anime. This is mostly due to the loveable characters, the understandable and glorious power system, and the overall recency of the adaptation.

The protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku started off quirkless in a world where everyone has a superpower. He later inherited the power of One For All, which was the quirk of the greatest hero, All Might. It turned out that the quirk wasn’t just an already overpowered strength buff, but that it contains seven other different quirks as well! This would easily make Deku the strongest hero, of course, if he can make good use of them.

My hero academia

9. Sakura Hibiki from how heavy are the dumbells you lift?

You probably expected this show the least to be on the list. Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?, or How Heavy Are Your Dumbbells? is an anime purely about bodybuilding and other power-based sports. This is why the series appeals to me, but let’s not forget what the female bodybuilder protagonist put down to the table!

Sakura Hibiki was a crazy glutton, and she didn’t stop her insane eating habit even after starting to work out. She had a hard time losing weight and cried a lot because of this, but she also possessed superhuman strength when it came to real competition. She easily defeated her enemies in the arm wrestling competition and ripped a boxing bag to pieces when trying out her power. Sadly, she lost in the bench competition at the end of the show due to being too hungry to lift.

How heavy are the dumbells you lift??

8. Takemichi from tokyo revengers

Also an interesting new adaptation from the Spring 2021 Season, Tokyo Revengers let us take a deep look at the gang activities of Tokyo. In the show, we mostly keep our focus on the middle schoolers founding gangs all over the place, and especially one that rises up as a serious crime organization in the future. 

The Tokyo Manji Gang got corrupted by the evil mind of Kisaki Tetta, and our protagonists swear to stop him from ever ruining the future. Takemichi has strong resolve, as he had several opportunities to witness his girlfriend’s death. 

He discovers a power to get back to the past and jumps back to the present timeline many times to gain an advantage over kids way stronger than him. He is otherwise physically weak, but this wonderful ability can’t be overlooked.

Tokyo Revengers

7. Light yagami from death note

The first anime of many weebs, Death Note usually appears on every list praising certain shows. No wonder it makes an appearance as well, as Yagami Light possesses an insanely overpowered tool, and also, he is very intelligent.

After randomly finding the notebook of the Death God, Ryuk, Light started to live out his god complex by cleaning up the streets from the criminals. The Death Note allowed him to kill anyone if he wrote up their names on the paper and knew their faces. He ruthlessly murdered everyone who committed crimes and turned into a bad guy himself. It was up to the mastermind detective, L, to find the identity of the God of The New World. When the two geniuses had a showdown, only one of them could stay alive. 

death note

6. Subaru from re:Zero

Another big gun of the isekai genre, Re;Zero is known for the horrendous journey the protagonist had to go through. Subaru had a hard time ever since he was summoned to the new world, as he was constantly targeted, and killed many times.

This is possible because of his outstanding ability to come back from death. He starts out over and over again at a certain time point, serving like a save game. He is not too fond of this skill, as he has to die a painful death every single time, but still decides to revert time back to save his friends. He is one great main character for sure!


5. Lelouch from code geass

Usually granted the title of having the best ending of all anime, maybe of all media ever, Code Geass has to live up to the expectations. It sure does, and many people still consider it their favorite. Set in a world of mass discrimination against the Japanese, the oppressed have to act against the colonial empire of Britannia. Scary similarities.

Of course no targeted messages, but Code Geass presents true emotional hardships, and questions the usefulness of Machiavellian actions, just like Death Note did. The protagonist, Lelouch Lamperouge is one of the most loved characters of all time, as he is highly intelligent and motivating. He also controls the power of the Geass, which makes him able to order his victims to do anything. He uses this power to change the world for the better.

Code Geass literally screams BETRAYAL. The main theme of this anime is rebellion and is a political thriller. Our MC is betrayed by his father and he thinks betraying his friends and the ones close to him would help him with his motive. Everyone in this anime is betraying someone close to him and there isn’t one single episode when we don’t see the strings of betrayal being pulled on! The story starts with the Empire of Britannia invading Japan, naming it Area 11. Lelouch is our MC who’s a Britannan, living in Japan at that time. He promises his Japanese friend Suzaku that he’d destroy Britannia. Years later, he’s caught up in a battle between Area 11 and Britannian Rebel Armed Forces. Luckily, he finds a girl named C.C., who grants him the “Power of Knights”, also known as “Geass”.  Lelouch creates a new identity and goes by the name of “Zero”. Now, he will go on and slaughter anyone who comes in his way to take revenge against Britannia.

4. Asta from black clover

Black Clover is usually regarded as a pretty weak shonen. It is said that the anime just straight copied every element from other media of the genre, but as time passed, the series managed to earn respect. Black Clover built up slowly, but right now it features some of the best villains, as well as an ever-expanding universe.

Asta is a young boy who loves screaming for some reason. He assumed the role of the protagonist, not only because he strives to be the best – trying to become the Wizard King – but also as he controls the power of a devil in himself. Not even knowing about the nature of his power for a long time, he actually owns the greatest force in the world: anti-magic. He can counter any kind of magical attack with his swords, and teaming up with his devil, he went on a mission to defeat the underworld creatures threatening humanity.

Black Clover

3. Itadori from jujutsu kaisen

MAPPA pumped out a large amount of anime, and surprisingly, they were pretty good! Even though they were working on multiple great series at the same time, almost all of them turned out impeccable, including Jujutsu Kaisen.

In a world where sorcerers fight curses, Yuji Itadori finds himself caught up in a fight between the two sides at his school. He, not knowing what might happen after his actions, eats the finger of the legendary king of curses, Sukuna Ryomen. His spirit manifests in Yuji, and despite trying to take over his body, Yuji remains composed for most of the time. With this beast inside him, he is a hard one to kill and even got revived by the grace of Sukuna once.

Jujutsu Kaisen

2. Eren jaegar from attack on titan

We are free, right fellow scouts? One of the most influential series of the last decade, Attack on Titan shaped modern media to a point of no turning back. This was one of the shows to bring the attention of westerners to anime, collecting millions of new-gen fans for the media. 

After his mother was eaten by the titans roaming the earth, Eren Jaeger swears to murder every single one of them. His quest suddenly stops as he gets eaten as well. As turns out, he is not that easy to kill, as he possesses the ability to turn into a titan. Actually, he has the power of two out of the nine Titan Shifters and is easily the strongest being of his universe. By the time he learns how to use the powers of the Founder, the world has to face the wrath of the boy who sought freedom.

Attack on titan

1. issei hyodou from high school dxD

This is one show for sure you didn’t be on the list, huh. Actually, High School DxD is a pretty deep show filled with mythological elements, wonderful fights, and many more.

The protagonist, Issei Hyodou bears the legacy of the Welsh Dragon, Ddraig. The artifact of his gauntlet is one of the Longinus, the strongest equipment to exist in the world. With the power of one of the strongest beings inside him, Issei goes on a journey to become a harem king. Yes, it’s that simple. He faces many strong opponents, but he is rivaled only by the Vali/Albion, Ophis/Ouroboros Dragon, The Great Red, and The Trihexa.

High School DXD


I hope you were able to find something interesting amongst these series! As great powers come with great popularity, almost all of these shows had to be from the shonen and action genres, but we were fortunate enough to include some other fantastic types of anime! Also, go check out our other articles about anime and manga!

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