Who is Deku’s father? My Hero Academia Theory

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THEORY: All For One Izuku Midoriya’s Father

Horikoshi stated during San Diego Comic-Con 2018 that “Deku’s father will be revealed in the future,”

horikoshi San diego comi-con

We all know that Horikoshi is a big fan of Star Wars.

horikoshi star wars poster

So the first number of facts.

Horikoshi & Star Wars – Parallels between Star Wars & My Hero Academia

ojiro's outfit is based off of luke skywalkers

Horikoshi likes to name tons of different locations of the same name as places or things as star wars.  Like Kamino, or Dagobah where Luke’s training with Yoda Takes place (Star Wars) and in My Hero Academia (Dagobah Municipal Beach Park) 

For Example…

Kamino in star wars was an aquatic planet, apparently located south of the Rishi Maze in an extragalactic star system. 

In My Hero Academia, they called the incident when they had kidnapped Bakugou, and his rescue the KAMINO INCIDENT, because it took place in the Kamino Ward. 

The story of Hero Academia might be VERY similar to Star Wars, and since Horikoshi’s such a big fan of Star Wars. My Hero Academia’s plot line and story-writing is bound to have been influenced by Star Wars.


  1. Luke Skywalker, starts off as a nobody, no one knows who he is or even cares for that matter… just like Deku.
    But he has a strong sense of justice and he also has a passion for his hobbies…. Just like Midoriya

2. Obi-wan shows up and eventually trains Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Jedi.
Kind of like how All Might shows up and trains Midoriya 

3. But this training for Luke Skywalker isn’t enough. Then he eventually trains with Yoda on Dagobah.

4. Kind of like Midoriya goes and trains with Gran Torino, and how All Might’s Master Nana Shimura was killed by All for One. 

5. A dark side user kills Obi Wan’s master–Qui-Gon Jinn
Kind of like how All For One kills All Might’s Master–Nana Shimura, 
(If you notice, how similar Nana Shimura and Qui-gon Jinn look, and this is not a coincidence.  Of Course)

Nana Shimura and Qui Gon Jinn similarities Pony Tail

5-Luke Skywalker ends up fighting Darth Vader, loses a hand, and finds out that Vader is his Father. 

Which could be exactly what happens in My Hero Academia With Deku given the fact that we’re already starting to see the foreshadowing of Deku’s hands being hurt, and injured continuously…

Izuku’s father’s name is said to be Hisashi Midoriya

Midoriya’s father, is said to be a travelling working man. Which in Japan is not uncommon 

and happens all the time.. 

The name “Hisashi” is actually a play on words for long-time-ago, which could be a hinting to why he’s been away for so long.

Inko Midoriya - Hisashi took a work post abroad

All For one’s injuries would also explain why he hasn’t returned home for so many years, since his battle with All Might, he would not be able to fool Inko Midoriya, that he was just a regular guy. 

There are also no hints, or pictures around the house so far in the anime, that we’ve been able to see. This could be an implication that since Midoriya’s father has been away for so long, that there is an important/pivotal moment involved in regards to Deku’s father.

Hisashi Midoriya – Fire User

Hisashi Midoriya is also said to be a Fire user. Now, having a fire quirk, this is completely possible for All For One.

hisashi midoriyas power

Now some people would automatically think that this could make Endeavour–Deku’s father, but that at this moment this theory still seems quite far fetched, and not really possible.

Endeavour being Midoriya's father

But All For One being Midoriya’s father —this would be quite an ironic plot twist given the fact that, in the sports festival Midoriya literally puts himself winning on the line to help Shoto Todoroki realize his full potential, and tells Shoto Todoroki that he is not his father, and is not bound by his legacy. Meanwhile, what if that’s the same realization Deku might be getting set up to face.

Midoriya Deku Zip-up Track Jacket

Deku Jacket Midoriya Izuku

Parallels between Tomura Shigaraki and Deku

There could be a parallel where since Tomura Shigaraki, Nana Shimura’s grandson has become the potential successor of All For One. Just as Deku, is being groomed to be All Might’s successor, but could actually be All For One’s Son.

parallels between Tomura and Deku

This concept also makes sense because if All For One is the dad of Midoriya, it makes sense not to have a quirk. Because All For One might possibly have a hand in the quirk of Midoriya disappearing because of All for One’s quirk to steal.

DOCTOR who said Midoriya was QUIRKLESS

Proof:  Deku’s Doctor, is the SAME doctor that is working with and for All For One: Dr. Tsubasa. He is the one who told Midoriya and his mother that they should give up on Deku having a quirk, but he could’ve been lying.

Dr.Tsubasa from My Hero Academia with All for One

Winged Nomu

Now this Dr. Tsubasa is also the grandfather of the kid who was seen to be bullying Midoriya, alongside Bakugou when they were younger.

 kid who was seen to be bullying Midoriya, alongside Bakugou when they were younger.

In the My Hero Academia, extra material–The author himself mentions and brings attention to the fact that the winged Nomou grabs Deku.

winged Nomou grabs Deku

Boku No Father?

Hisashi Midoriya - holding deku as a baby

If Torino could be compared to Yoda, and if Izuku is the Luke Skywalker of My Hero Academia, and All Might is to Obi-Wan, then what would that mean for All For One? I’m not afraid to get into details with this one guys, at the bottom, comment away, I’m down to discuss this in detail in the comments. Now I know at first All For One being Midoriya’s father seems ridiculous, but then again, it is horikoshi, and he has a way of playing with Irony, and after all these little pieces of evidence/hints, I’m not sure myself… All For One.. Deku’s father…  Is it really possible?

Izuku Midoriya Deku Nendoroid

by Good Smile Company

Izuku Midoriya Nendoroid, My Hero Academia Nendoiroid, Deku Nendoroid, Hero's Edition. 4th run broken finger

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    muugi says:

    love this!
    With the nomu that grabbed deku, i wasnt ever really sure if the wing kid died or not. its basically implies that the nomu has his power, but what actually happened to the kid? like was he killed for his power or just had them stolen from him. allforone can take peoples powers so he could still be alive right? perhaps Deku had his moms attraction ability and it was stolen by the doctor and that nomu had both deku and his old bully’s power. maybe the power in the nomu sensed that it came from deku and the power of attraction was attracted to him. does that make sense?

    • Ernie says:

      YESSSSS!!! Exactly Mugi!! But I didn’t get what you were saying about th eNomu part?

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