How Straw Hats will reach Elbaf?

We all love the adventures of our favorite Pirate group, “Straw Hats”.
Yes, today we talk about One Piece. In this blog post, we are going to discuss about, “How Straw hats will reach Elbaf?”

We have been hearing rumors that Elbaf will be Shank’s arc. But how will Straw hats reach Elbaf.
Will Shanks take them there and then challenge them for the fight to see who is the best Red Hair Pirates or Straw Hats?
This scenario is unlike because until now we have seen that Shanks is a Peace Lover Pirate. During
Marineford war he came and ended it, even for Wano War he met with Gorosei and make them agree
to delay the intervention of Marines in Wano.
So how will the end up in Elbaf?
Here is a theory I called Triangle Theory, it is based on the facts about Laugh tale, we know until now.
Let’s talk about Triangle Theory
As we all know one of the Road Ponyglyph from Fishman Island is lost about 25 years ago.

As Inuarashi have explained about the Ponyglyphs, that each Road Ponyglyph is indicating an location on Grand Line. And when connect the opposite locations, they will reveal an intersection point. And that point is the location of Legendary Island Laugh Tale.

Don’t you see the pattern here. It is still possible to reach Laughtale without even having all the 4 Road Ponyglyphs. Lets discuss about the upcoming event and how with only 3 Road Ponyglyphs they can reach Laugh tale.

After the Wano Arc, our heroes have 3 Road Ponyglyph but to reach at Laugh tale they need all 4 Road Ponyglyph. But in this case it is not possible, since last one was lost from Fishman Island around 25 years ago.

But those who are familiar with Geometry will know that to reach at the center of 2 intersection lines, 3 out of 4 corners of these 2 lines are enough.

Here comes the Genius of Nami or Robin (most likely Nami, because she is a navigator and also having a good knowledge of Geometry).

She insisted to join the location given by 3 known ponyglyph. As it makes a triangle.

Since they don’t have 4th one, it means they don’t know which one is a diagonal. (And this triangle always pass through the intersection point of 2 lines formed by Opposite Road Poneglyph).

So they started traveling on the lines of this Triangle (made by Nami after connecting 3 locations based on road ponyglyphs), in hope of reaching Laugh Tale on their first attempt.

But in one piece is a story of adventure and what good is the story if we reach this soon on the final destination.

So Instead of Laugh tale they will end up reaching Elbaf while traveling on the lines of the triangle.

What do you think about Triangle Theory, are you agree with us or you have your own theory? Let’s discuss in the comment section down below.

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