10+ Food Wars Quotes You Love! (Images)

Food Wars Quotes. Soma Yukihira Quotes. Don't think of unnecessary things, just make a dish that suits you. Quote The Anime.

Best Shokugeki no Soma Quotes

1. Alice Nakiri Quotes

This is a beautiful line because it actually shows not just how the Mastery of cooking works, but also how Mastery of any craft or art really works. Which is by working diligently on honing it day by day.

Food Wars Quotes. Alic Nakiri Quote. Cooking shines more beautifull as you hone it. Quote The Anime.

2. Azami Nakiri Quotes

So Cocky, This guy.. what do you think?

Food Wars Quotes. Azami Nakiri Quotes. This is Japan's gourmet food kingdom and i am its new king.

3. Joichiro Yukihira Quotes

There’s a saying that goes, behind every successful guy there is a woman. For me this is definitely true. as the reason to my success has a lot of times been because of certain females that have supported me, always.

Food Wars Quotes. Joichiro Yukihira Quotes. the trick to being a good chef, is the right woman. Quote The Anime.

4. Hinako Inui Quotes

It’s a little harsh. But I find it is a great test to put people through, to weed out the people who don’t have the right reasons, reasons that can push them past a little bit of a struggle or discomfort.

Food Wars Quotes. Hinako Inui Quotes. When humans face unknown situations, their field of vision narrows. Quote The Anime.

5. Kojiro Shinomiya Quotes

I completely agree. there are always Waze, and options and path  available in order for us to grow.

Food Wars Quotes. If you want to grow just look above you, people perfect to serve as fodder. Quote The Anime.

6. Megumi Tadokoro Quotes

There are times in my life, where I Look to people that I strive to be like, or want to become like, in order to provide the result, or muster the courage needed to perform a task. I think it’s great to have leaders in Idols, that we can call to Panera on mines in order to achieve things that we sometimes think might not be possible.

7.Satoshi Isshiki Quotes

The clear message here is that, we should always strive to improve, or never stop experimenting in order to achieve the next level of success in any art. If we were to merely simply coffee and copy and repeat the same things over and over again, it would provide no source of improvement or evolution in the world.

Food Wars Quotes. Satoshi Isshiki Quotes. You never stopped to consider the true nature of things. Quote The Anime.

8. Soma Yukihira Quotes

The process of experimenting I think is what Soma’s talking about. given the fact that without experimenting we’re not able to create anything new.With experimentation also comes failure and with that failure also comes rejection. But to realize that in the experimentation and rejection is the path to the next level of success that is waiting for you.

It’s a great reminder for me because at times I do get caught in in action. In the act of thinking too much about things too much research. When in fact all we need to really do is do the same, even if it’s done badly. Because then we have the ability to go back and fix it, and approve it. Since without actually doing something we cannot improve anything.

Food Wars Quotes. Soma Yukihira Quotes. Don't think of unnecessary things, just make a dish that suits you. Quote The Anime.

It’s true. The fact that we have two ears, and one mouth. this is a great lesson and it reminds me that we need to listen more and try things more verses being critical in talking with her mouth Our growth resides in doing things and learning not by telling others what to do.

Food Wars Quotes. Soma Yukihira Quotes. Playing the critic, you'll never grow in the kitchen.' Quote The Anime.

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