Is Kisaki Tetta a Time Leaper like Takemichi? (THEORY)

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Is Kisaki Tetta A Time LEaper

Kisaki was the main antagonist of the first part of Tokyo Revengers, and he was a hard enemy to take down. While Takemichi was able to travel 12 years back and forth in time, he had to relive countless miserable futures, losing every one of his friends and then desperately go back and try to fix his fate.

It took more than 180 chapters to eliminate Kisaki, who only used his high intellect and ruthless strategic thinking to ignite conflicts between gangs, controlled men in high ranks to gain power, and killed anyone who threatened his victory. Now, that’s scary.

Kisaki was surprised when Takemichi called him out on being able to time travel. Kisaki didn’t have any special abilities, he got everything because he fought for it. But before he could properly teach a lesson to Takemichi about his strive, he was hit by a truck. So, what if he actually was a time traveler?

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Who is Kisaki?

Tetta Kisaki

Kisaki was bullied throughout his elementary life for being a bookworm and a weakling. (I bet you also got off guard by this) Only one person stood up for him: Hinata Tachibana. She embraced Kisaki’s talent, and he started developing feelings for her [1]

One day, Kisaki witnessed Hina being bullied after school, but he was too afraid to help her. Out of pure coincidence, Takemichi showed up and he fought the stronger dudes to save a stranger. Hina fell in love with Takemichi, and Kisaki was not having it.

He picked up the goal to destroy Takemichi’s life. He wanted to take everything away from him, and in the process, Kisaki also wanted to become the leader of Japan’s crime world [2]. He thought that Hina would say yes to his proposal if he became the greatest leader.

Kisaki was still weak, so he used manipulation to achieve things. He played Osanai, the leader of Moebius, Kazutora, the number 3 of Valhalla, and even Mikey like a fiddle for a while. Kisaki could easily destroy every bond and friendship if one guy didn’t show up, who already knew about his plans.


Kisaki Tetta Smart

Kisaki always lacked physical strength, which does in fact make him easy to beat up, just like Takemichi. On the other hand, Kisaki rarely got physically hurt. Such things only occurred during the battle against Valhalla, when Baji gave him a big hit [3] when Takemichi gave him a punch during Kisaki’s inauguration ceremony, and during his last fight with Takemichi after the Kantou Incident.

Kisaki used his intellect to fight, mostly by mobilizing other good fighters to protect him. His strongest bodyguard was Hanma, who had the nickname “Zombie”. Hanma easily surpassed Draken in power, so he was one of the strongest characters in the series.


Kisaki always reached high positions no matter what organization he was part of. He was the temporary Captain of the Third Division in Toman, the secret leader in Valhalla, and a General Staff Officer in Tenjiku [4].

Even in the present timelines, Kisaki somehow always turned out to be one of the higher-ups in Toman, either as the acting leader or the man behind the scenes.




Kisaki was part of Moebius first by manipulating Osanai into fighting Toman. He also got influence over Hanma’s actions, and after the events of the August 3rd Battle, Kisaki decided to set up his new plans.




He made a deal with Kazutora to unite his followers with Hanma’s unit, creating Valhalla. While Kisaki was the actual head of Valhalla, he also joined Toman with his men to get a good position in the gang early on.


Tenjiku Gang

He got dumped out from Toman after the Christmas Fight with the Black Dragons[5], and Kisaki joined Tenjiku to unleash a final attack on Toman and Takemichi, and also to break Mikey’s spirit.

Could Kisaki still be a time leaper?

Takemichi first started suspecting Kisaki to be a time traveler when he called him “hero” [6]. When coming back to the future after the events of the Valhalla Arc, Kisaki executed Chifuyu right in front of Takemichi. Kisaki told Takemichi that he was disappointed, but called him a hero

While Takemichi had no idea what he was talking about, it was something that Hina said to him years prior. Kisaki was mad jealous about Takemichi getting the girl, and that’s why he constantly killed her off in the future. Because Hina rejected him.

Takemichi realized that both the past and the future versions of Kisaki used this line, so he started to treat this man as a time traveler as well [7]. Takemichi sooner or later leaked the info about being able to time travel to multiple, but dependable friends.

Kisaki was cornered after the fight with Tenjiku, and Takemichi was close to killing him with a pistol taken from Kisaki. Kisaki revealed his past [8], as he thought it would be their last conversation. They got interrupted by Hina and Mikey, so Takemichi got to chase after the mastermind a little more. 

He finally shouted at him, asking if he was a time traveler. Kisaki stopped and smirked. He clearly wasn’t one, at least from the startled attitude he gave off. Kisaki was hit by a truck and died, but a question still remains: what if he actually was one?

Takemichi gave hints to Kisaki about him coming back and forth from 12 years in the future during their fistfight. Kisaki started catching up on the situation, and he had to realize how big of a disadvantage he is in [9]

But if he was a time traveler, it would have been even more complicated. Just imagine that if Kisaki changed timelines, would everything change for Takemichi as well? Memories were revamped whenever he came back, and everyone lived their regular lives, just like it was a normal reality.

Chifuyu before death

The only ones who knew about the previous timelines and events were the people who knew about the ability to time travel. Those were Takemichi and Naoto for the most part, but later Chifuyu made the duo into a trio.

If Kisaki was a time traveler, he should have known about Takemichi being able to do it, right? But he wasn’t one, because he was surprised when Takemichi brought it up later. He should have realized that world lines changed, and knowing Kisaki, he would have had no issue with finding out who is the other time traveler, as he is a literal genius

Kisaki could locate Takemichi probably after the second leap, and he would have just killed him off. Hell, Kisaki already knew everything about the man except for the time travels, so if he actually was one, Takemichi would have been dead by the 20th chapter.

What would have happened if he was one?

takemichi seeing blood future

Let’s forget about my previous reasoning for now. We could also say that Kisaki doesn’t have to know about anything like that, because he was just one of the other “NPCs” who didn’t interfere with the story.

That’s actually reasonable because as we can tell in the current events of Tokyo Rev, Takemichi gained another ability: seeing the near future. He could foresee the aftermath of the fight where Senju Kawaragi was heavily damaged just by interacting with her [10].

With that in mind, we could argue that Kisaki had a different kind of time leaping ability, something that works differently than Takemichi’s, and the two systems can’t even interfere. They wouldn’t know about each other, and the story could progress like normal.

So if he had a similar but inherently another type of time leaping, what would it be? As you might know, there are four traditional types of time travel: going to the future, going to the past, seeing the future events, and getting stuck in a time loop. As Takemichi already has three of these, and the last one wouldn’t be a good choice here, I’m going with something else.

Have you seen Steins;Gate? In that anime, Okabe Rintarou discovers that he can send messages into the past to change timelines. That’s exactly what Kisaki should be capable of! 

takemichi phone

By sending a message on his phone, he could alert his past self about every small detail that he has to work on to make a perfect way through. The only thing he has to do is to set the perfect date on when the message should arrive, and the formula would work.

Kisaki gathered data about the changes in the timeline after some minor fixes, and he developed a perfect plan to create a world where he is the lord of crime. Nice idea, right? We of course have no proof of such things, but considering he could only send a message back in time and his old self couldn’t communicate with the future one, it makes sense.

Kisaki's Death

Let’s now take a look at what would have happened if Kisaki was a time leaper just like Takemichi, going back and forth 12 years into the future. After running away from Takemichi and dying from the truck, he could have shaken hands with someone to get back to the future. It might have been Hanma, as he was the only person close to Kisaki at that point.

After that, Kisaki could sit back for a while and examine his situation. I’m sure that if he gets a month or so, he could have gone back and changed everything again, as he was really a mastermind in manipulation. I’m sure that he could get some of the later big guns, like South Terano or Taekomi Akashi [11]. Who knows what kind of destruction he could bring?


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Tell Me, Is this Theory True?

While it’s fun to theorize about Kisaki, let’s not forget that the author concluded his story already, and it is heavily implied that he wasn’t a time traveler. With no proof to accuse him of anything like that, we can leave the discussion here.

Did you like this theory? If you did, make sure to check out our other article on Tokyo Revengers, or our other fan theories! You can also tell us your opinions about Kisaki in the comments!

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