19+ HYSTERICAL Tokyo Revenger Memes! (HILARIOUS)


Takemichi Hanagaki’s life is quite pitiful, he thinks that it couldn’t be any worse. His ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana gets murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang, which is full of violent criminals upsetting the peace of the society. 

While thinking deeply as to where did things go wrong, Takemichi finds himself back in time, in his high school life. 12 years in the past when he was in a relationship with Hinata. He realizes that he has a huge chance of saving her! So, he joins the Tokyo Manji Gang for the sake of his love life. 

Now, there are many badass characters in the series but in addition to them, many crackheads also exist in the series making it more hilarious! So, let me show you guys some of the most HYSTERICAL Tokyo Revenger Memes! 

Table of Contents

20. Tetta Kisaki being a b**ch!

Meme 20

Who’s your favorite character in Tokyo Revengers? I really like Mikey and Draken but I absolutely hate Tetta Kisaki for now. I don’t know but he doesn’t give off a likable vibe. So, one should stay away from Tetta. He’s very dangerous and violent. Meanwhile, Mikey is kind but you can tell from his eyes when he turns evil. 

19. I've been waiting for this moment all my life

Do you guys also feel the same when your favorite anime episode comes out? I mean even the manga readers might relate as they also have to wait for the latest chapters to release. We feel your pain guys! Since Tokyo Revengers is ongoing these days, we have to wait for a long time for the next episode to release. 

18. Me when Tokyo Revengers got cancelled

That’s me when Tokyo Revengers got cancelled. But not anymore! Since it’s ongoing now. So, it’s good for us! YAY moment!  I’m hooked on the show, to be honest, it’s hype and it’s so good! 

17. I believe in Tokyo Revengers Supremacy

Meme 17

Do you also believe in Tokyo Revengers Supremacy? It’s amazing! There are so many wholesome characters in the series and the action is absolutely amazing! So, don’t miss out on Tokyo Revengers, go ahead and watch it right now if you haven’t watched it already! 

16. How life and anxiety stomps on me

Meme 16

There are days when life hits you hard! like BOOM! And just like Mikey, life stomps on you and crushes you into bits! That’s such a sad moment, right? 

15. Wholesome scenes with Hinata > Any other scene

You know how Hinata is the perfect girl to exist! And you can’t say no to that, alright? Every other scene cannot outdo the love scenes with Hinata! I’m looking forward to those, what about you guys? I’m sure they’re going to be so nice! 

14. My religion is Tokyo Manji Gang!

Meme 14

My religion is surely Tokyo Manji Gang! Just look at them, they look so wholesome together! I wanna cry because they don’t exist. I wish these characters existed in real so I could befriend them! *sad noises* because that’s never happening.

13. I believe in Hinata Tachibana Supremacy too!

Meme 13

Hinata is the kindest anime girl although she has the audacity to slap the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang. She’s not only pretty but she has got the guts to slap the violent guys! Now you can’t tell me that she ain’t perfect! 


Meme 12

There’s no future ahead, indeed. This sounds sad and suspicious now. 

11. That's our frog Takemichi Hanagaki

Meme 11

This picture is absolutely cursed! What did they do to our cute boy Takemichi Hanagaki? Damn! It lowkey gives me Shrek vibes! 

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10. Japan in 80's reminds me of the characters in Tokyo Revengers!

meme 10

Is it just me or you guys can see the reflection of Tokyo Manji Gang in those students of Japan in 90’s? DAMN though! Look at how dope they look! 

9. Stop asking such obvious questions!

Meme 9

That’s me when someone asks me if there’s any violence in Tokyo Revengers! Like, just where do I start from? There’s violence in the series which results in major injuries to the characters! Isn’t that right? 

8. Boys with time machine:

Meme 8

If you know what I mean. Takemichi could go back in time if he shook hands with Naoto who’s the brother of Hinata. Handshaking is the main thing that leads to turning back time. 

7. Me in maths class:

Meme 7

Honestly, that’s what I feel like doing to my teacher in maths class! Can you relate? It’s like mathematics is a subject that is out of this universe! I’m not good with numbers and I go into deep-thinking that how even are people good in maths? 

6. *sad noises*

Meme 6

Look, I’m not ready for the sad ending of Tokyo Revengers. That better not be happening at any cost! I won’t forgive anyone if Takemichi fails to save his first love! 

5. Yes, don't spoil it for us!

Meme 5

Manga readers are out there spoiling Tokyo Revengers for us with the memes. 

4. Ouch!

Meme 4

Okay, this meme is out of the manga. WHAT IS HAPPENING OMG!!

3. What Tetta actually means

Meme 3

Damn, I didn’t know that Tetta meant this! Did you guys know? The meaning is very weird as compared to the way he looks, lmao! 

2. Will Poulter X Tetta Kisaki

Meme 2

Haters will say that they do not look alike a bit! OMG, the resemblance is uncanny, right? I’m ready for Tokyo Revengers Netflix ADaptaion! Are you guys ready too? 

1. Me whenever I see Tokyo Revengers' meme out of a manga

meme 1

That’s literally me after looking at memes of Tokyo Revengers out of the manga, guess I’ll have to read the manga now! Because the series will get crazy in the future and after looking at some of the scenes from the manga I’m curious! 


These were some of Tokyo Revengers Memes, I hope you guys enjoyed them. There are going to be many more lit memes in the future as the episodes release. So, stay tuned for them! Also, let us know in the comments down below that which meme did you like the most? 


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