Baki Vs Kengan Ashura Theory: Baki Vs Ohma, Who Would Win?

Ohma vs Baki,. Baki vs, Ohma, Kengan Ashura Vs Baki

Both the Baki and Kengan Ashura series have been massive hits for Netflix. Both of these shows have been part of Netflix’s push to have more anime content on their streaming services and they are great showed to have on the platform.

With these series being so similar, it’s lead a lot of fans to wonder what would happen if these two ever came to blows, which is exactly what we are going to go over today! So let’s see who would win in a fight of Ohma vs Baki!


We have to set up a few rules before we go over the actual theory. First, we are only going to be covering the versions of the characters that we see in the anime, so no manga information or feats that we have not seen yet will matter in this discussion.

Second, we are going to be using these characters at the peak of their abilities, so no previous damage or injuries will weigh in. The third is that we are going into this assuming that both Ohma and Baki know nothing about one another or each other’s abilities. Fourth is that they are hoping to be fighting in a tournament, so they are ready to fight as if they need one. Both of the tournaments seen in Baki and Kengan Ashura have very similar loose rule sets, basically no hold barred matches with no rules, including being able to kill your opponent.

Remember that this is only going to list information we’ve seen and had told to us in each of the shows and this is up to opinion. Let us know who you think would win in the comments.

With the rules being set, let’s get to the theory!

Martial Arts Style

The first thing we are going to need to go over for the fight between Ohma and Baki is the martial arts style that both of these fighters use.


Baki vs Ohma, Ohma Vs Baki

Baki’s official style is listed as Mixed Martial Arts and his style is very close, albeit pretty exaggerated, to what you would see in an MMA fight on TV. Baki is proficient in both striking and grappling and is comfortable wherever the fight goes.

Baki is also familiar with more traditional forms of martial arts, such as Karate and the Whip Striking style that is utilized by Ryuukou Yanagi. While he has incredible striking power and prowess, Baki does seem to have a bit more of an affinity for grappling, I mean the series used to be called Baki: The Grappler. Baki’s favorite submission seems to be the classic rear-naked choke, probably the most recognizable submission in the world and one of the most effective. Once that submission is on, it’s not coming off.


Ohma vs Baki, Baki vs Ohma

Ohma’s style is a little less straight forward, as he practices the Niko Style. a fictional martial art. We actually covered the Nike Style in another theory,(that you should check out!) so we aren’t going to go into it in depth too much here.

To sum it up, the Niko Style is fairly similar to MMA but with more of a traditional Martial Arts influence. The Niko Style is broken up into 4 forms or katas, that each represent a different style and philosophy of fighting.

This means that Ohma has been trained in both striking and grappling but we see that he clearly favors the more flashy and stand up moves from the redirection and flame katas.

The Niko Style allow for easy flow between different katas and techniques and provides techniques that would not be possible in other martial arts styles.

Physical Attributes

Both Ohma and Baki have very strong physiques that are actually fairly similar


Kengan Ashura vs Baki

Starting off with Ohma this time around. Tokita weighs around 187 pounds (85 kilograms) and stands at just about 6 feet tall (182 centimetres) and is said to be in his late 20s, most evidence pointing to him be 28. Ohma appears to be all lean muscle mass with zero fat as pointed out by Yamashita.

This amount of muscle allows Ohma to sustain insane amounts of punishment and he has a very quick recovery on top of that. Sekibayashi nearly broke Ohma in half and just 2 days after he took another fighter where he kocked out his opponent literally one second in. A few weeks after that Ohma stated that he felt fully healed and ready for the Kengan tournament.


Baki physique
Baki PhysiuBaki physique

Baki by comparison appears to have much more overall muscle mass for his frame than Ohma. Baki is one of the most jacked teenagers in all of anime and that’s saying something.

At the end of the newest season of his show, Baki is 18 years old, stands at 5’6 (167 cm) and weighs 156 pounds(71 kg). Despite his short frame and seemingly low weight when compared to Ohma, he is surprisingly huge looking to actually be wider than Ohma in some photos.

Despite his smaller (on paper) and younger body, Baki is able to take some damage, from being thrown through a wall to being inflicted with poison that usually kills people on the spot multiple times.

Baki Hanma Wallpaper


Despite both of these shows try to ground themselves in reality (to an extent) both of the main characters have access to power up, albeit they try to make them seem realistic.


Baki Power up

Baki’s power up that he can use in fights is called Endorphin. Basically this ability allows Baki to increase his pain resistance and durability by inhibiting his body’s transmission of pain signals. He can further increase this by twisting his ear, for some reason.

Baki doesn’t use this in the newer season of the show produced by Netflix for whatever reason.


Ohma’s power-up is his Advance. This ability speeds up his heart rate by a massive amount, rapidly boosting his metabolic rate. This increases speed, acceleration, torque and, consequently, his damage output. Ohma can actually control the amount that the Advance increases his heart rate, as shown by the difference in appearance between the times we see him use it.

When Ohma uses it against Raian, he matches Raian’s Release, which is something he was bred to have. A big draw back of the Advance is that it clearly has a set time Ohma can use it, depending on how powerful he makes it and it is really taxing on his body to the point where it will kill him if he uses it too much.

Baki Vs Ohma: Who Wins?

In this writers opinion, with the levels of strength that they are at in both of their animes, it seems that Baki would be able to win in a fight between Ohma vs Baki.

This is because right now, at the end of The Great Raitai Tournament saga, Baki is considered one of the strongest people in the world, only second to his father, Yujiro Hanma. We have to take into account that Baki lives in a world where people can get shot point blank and it doesn’t affect them at all, and Baki is one of the strongest among them.

Ohma right now, despite having advantages in his power up and physical attributes isn’t at that level. This is partly because Kengan Ashura’s universe is slightly more grounded in reality than the one in Baki. This means that you can assume that most of the characters in Kengan Ashura can’t take a gunshot point blank and be fine.

Ohma also has a weakness in the grappling department, which can be considered Baki’s specialty. This is a weakness that Ohma can outgrow but from what we’ve seen, it is still a big hole in his current style. Ohma would need to stop relying on such flashy techniques, which Baki would be able to see through after a while. Baki has also shown some incredible feats of strength that Ohma just can’t reach.

That being said this is just my opinion and view. What do you think who would win in a fight with Ohma vs Baki, let us know!

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3 thoughts on “Baki Vs Kengan Ashura Theory: Baki Vs Ohma, Who Would Win?

  1. C
    Chris says:

    Ohma could win without the advance I see ohma winning in the end plus I don’t think baki could beat kure raian plus ohma gets way stronger in the end of the anime on top of that in kengan omega ohmas even more strong it should be end series baki vs end series ohma bc they did get stronger through the anime I like em both but in strength rise baki is stronger but that don’t matter if his flow of power is bent

  2. D
    Dedrick says:

    I definitely agree that baki slaps, by the way he doesn’t use his endorphins boost because he has already unlocked it, so it isn’t something he has to activate as he has already unlocked it’s potential, and has been fighting with it for the entirety of the series. Bali’s universe is just a lot more chaotic and silly to the point where u know some of these feats are impossible, not to mention his speed, strength, and stamina simply out do ohma’s. This is especially a one sided match if there is any type of prep time before the fight as baki has the ability to envision his opponent and build a physical sparring version of that person. As he did to Retsu Kaioh in the original series. If he sees ohma fight, it’s game over before it begins.

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