21+ BEST Studio Ghibli Movies (RANKED)

Best Studio Ghibli Movies

Studio Ghibli’s movies always seem to warm your heart. The movies are so aesthetically pleasing that you get hooked to them! The whole storyline itself along with the yummy food that they present is just worth appreciating. And I am sure that these movies will melt your hearts in winters and will refreshen your souls in the summers! 

On a fine day, one would love to watch these movies and just vibe. Studio Ghibli’s movies were made to officially change the animation style. YES! That’s right, we all know that their animation is different from the original anime we see. Anyway, if you want to watch some of the BEST Studio Ghibli Movies, you can continue your scrolling for some awesome recommendations

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Studio Ghibli Info
Studio Ghibli

Romanized Name:
Kabushiki gaisha Sutajio Jiburi

Native name: 株式会社スタジオジブリ

Industry: Motion Pictures, Video games, TV commercials

Type: Kabushiki Gaisha

Predecessors: Topcraft

Founders: Hayao Miyazaki, Toshio Suzuki, Isao Takahata

Headquarters: Koganei, Tokyo, Japan

Website: Studio Ghibli 

Parent: Tokuma Shoten

22. Pom Pokko

Pom Poko

Ancient creatures known as Tanuki are the heroes in Pom Poko. They are believed to bring fortune to the world with their shape-changing abilities. I mean such cute creatures also bring smiles and happiness to your face!

In Pom Poko, their forest home is threatened by urban development. And to save their forest home, they have to use all kinds of supernatural abilities. Now, how wholesome is that! Imagine these small creatures doing their best to save their hometown. Humans just have to mess up with the lives of peacefully living creatures, right? 

21. The Cat Returns

Imagine living in a magical world where you become a cat! The Cat Returns’ story revolves around a high-school girl named Haru who rescues a cat from getting knocked out by a truck. Later on, she finds out that the cat is actually a prince named Lune. 

Now, Lune’s father the King, wants Haru to get married to him. In this way, Haru is brought to the cat world where she gets feline (cat-like) features. Magically she turns into a cat and gets married to the prince and lives happily ever after. 

20. Porco Rosso

Porco Rosss

In the early 1930s, the sky pirates in their biplanes started to terrorize the cruise ships through the Adriatic Sea. There was only one brave pilot who could fight them, his name was Porco Rosso. 

Porco Rosso is a former World War 1 Flying Ace who somehow turned into a pig during the war. With the help of a funky mechanic girl, Fio Piccolo he enlists in the war and becomes life-long friends with her. I’m sure you guys will consider petting Pigs after watching this movie. 

19. 5 centimeters per second

5 centimeters per second

Two classmates Akari and Takaki in elementary school try their best to keep their friendship alive despite being distances away from each other. Akari moves to another city because of her parents’ jobs. 

Takaki and Akari meet for one last time as Takaki learns that Akari is moving farther. Honestly, it gets hard to keep friendships alive especially due to the difference in distance. Only 5 Centimeters Per Second is a very sentimental movie and it has the potential to make you cry too! 

18. Mary and the witch's flower

Mary and the witch's flower

When it comes to introducing the magical world with animals, Studio Ghibli never fails to surprise us. Mary and the Witch’s Flower revolves around a girl named Mary who follows a mysterious cat. She finds out a broomstick and a strange flower. That flower basically blooms after every seven years

The flower and the broomstick both carry Mary to a magical school called Endor College. However, at this school run by the headmistress Mumblechook and Doctor Dee, strange things keep happening. Mary risks her life with every lie she tells! The story is so interesting and unique that you will not get bored after watching this aesthetically pleasing movie! 

17. Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves is a story full of emotions and memories. It revolves around Taku Morisaki and his memories from his old high school. It focuses solely on his love triangle with two of his friends. 

One fact about Ocean Waves is that it doesn’t have a dubbed version. But due to its happy ending and a good storyline, everyone loves it equally. It’s a kind of slice of life which is adored in Japanese anime. 

16. from up on a poppy hill

From up on a poppy hill

From up on Poppy Hill revolves around the modernization after the world war’s painful memories. It shows the happy future ahead, eternal peace, and festivals! It’s a beautiful story! It also tells us about the coming Tokyo Olympics. The Japanese people after burying the painful memories, just work hard and build up Japan in a way that surprises everyone! 

15. Only yesterday

Only yesterday

Taeko Okajima is a career woman who takes her first trip outside Tokyo. When she travels to rural Yamagata during the annual Safflower harvest, she daydreams about her pre-adolescent self

Then like any other of us, she thinks that if her childhood self wanted her adult self to be exhausted and tired of overworking. As her vacation progresses, she gets stressed and frustrated and wishes to become a child again. 

14. arrietty


Arrietty is a tiny teenager living in the recesses of a suburban home with her parents. Without knowing the housekeepers, she along with her family remains hidden from the human hosts. However, she has to get sugar cubes and small things like that from them so she has to go back and forth too. A friendship bond forms between Arrietty and a 12 years old Shawn but this friendship could endanger her and her parent’s life too. 

13. the wind rises

The Wind Rises

The story of The Wind Rises revolves around a young man, Jiro who wants to become a pilot but can’t because of his poor eyesight. One night, he reads about a famous Italian aircraft Giovanni and even dreams about him.

Giovanni tells him that building planes are better than flying them. So, he decides to become an aeronautical engineer. One day, on his way to study, he finds a girl named Naoko whose maid gets hurt because of the earthquake. He helps the maid and that’s where the story begins! Curious to find out what happens next? Watch The Wind Rises for more!

12. The tale of princess kaguya

The tale of Kaguya Princess

This tale might be one of the most unique tales of all time. It revolves around a mysterious creature that grows inside a bamboo stick and asks you to do nearly impossible tasks to prove your love for them! Sounds crazy right? I think we all should take notes here! 

11. When Marnie was there

When Marnie was there

A young girl is sent to the country for health issues where she meets an unlikely friend in form of Marnie. Marnie has flowing beautiful blonde hair and her friendship bond with the protagonist grows and keeps growing.

10. Whisper of the heart

Whisper of the heart

Shizuku is an enthusiastic girl who is curious about almost everything. She wants to become a good writer too and one day, she finds out that her books have been moved out from the library by a large cat named Seiji Amasawa who might be her soulmate. 

9. Ponyo


Ponyo is an underwater princess who befriends a human named Sosuke. Sosuke names her Ponyo and as their friendship grows, Ponyo wishes to become more humanlike and wishes to live on the surface rather than underwater. Ponyo’s father takes her back to where she belongs but she still breaks free and endangers Sosuke’s neighborhood. 

8. Nausicaa Valley of the wind


Far in the future after the apocalyptic conflict has left a deep impact on the ecosystem of humans. The remaining humans live in a bad environment more like a toxic jungle. 

Our main character Nausicaa lives in an arid valley and can communicate with giant insects that live in the toxic jungle. Under the guidance of Lord Yupa, Nausicaa helps to bring peace, harmony, and a healthy environment to the ecosystem. 

7. My Neighbour Totoro


Satsuke and her younger sister, Mei shifts into an old country house with their father and ill mother. As both sisters wait for their mother to recover from the illness near an area, they befriend a playful cute spirit in their home. That spirit is known as Totoro who helps these kids adapt to new environments and even during the tough times. The overall story is so wholesome that it will warm up your heart! Trust me. 

6. Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke

The story is set in the Muromachi period of Japan, it also includes some fantasy elements. The story revolves around a young Emishi Prince who struggles between gods and humans consuming forests‘ resources

5. Castle in the sky

Castle in the sky

Castle in the Sky revolves around the young orphan, Sheeta, and her kidnapper Col. Musaka. As they are flying to military prison they are attacked by a gang of air pirates. Sheeta wears a crystal around her neck and while she was escaping the mid-air collision, she meets another orphan boy, Pazu, and joins forces with him. In this way, both orphans fly throughout this magical city. 

4. Grave of the fireflies

Grave of the fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies is a movie that helps us realize the worth of those who are dear to us. The story revolves around two siblings that are surviving the firebombing of America during World War II. We can see both these siblings relying on each other during the toughest times and it’s just so heartbreaking. 

3. Kiki's delivery service

Kiki's Delivery Service

The story of Kiki’s Delivery Service revolves around a young girl who has to become a full-time witch. She flies around the city and delivers different types of things with her black cat Jiji. Kiki provides excellent services of delivering things on time as she finds her place in the world. 

2. Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle

Who wouldn’t like a handsome prince hanging out with them? Our Main Character from Howl’s Moving Castle is living our dream life! 

Sophie has an unexciting life who works at her late father’s hat shop. But her unexciting life changes as she meets a wizard Howl whose castle moves in the sky. 

However, the witch of waste, Lauren has some issues with their friendship and casts a spell on young Sophie. The spell leads her to become old and wrinkly but that doesn’t stop their friendship.

1. Spirited Away

Spirited Away

Chihiro is a 10-years-old girl who stumbles upon in an abandoned amusement park with her parents. Her parents suddenly turn into giant pigs. Chihiro meets the mysterious Haku who explains that the creatures here need some time from the realm of earth and how Chihiro has to work there in order to free her parents and herself. 



These were some of the BEST Studio Ghibli Movies (Ranked), I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog. And these movies will honestly melt your heart in winters and refresh your brain in summers! Do not miss out on such aesthetically pleasing movies! Do let us know in the comments about your most favorite Studio Ghibli movie!

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