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Demon Slayer has many interesting characters, focusing on the development of even the minor ones. The mangaka, Koyoharu Gotōge, put effort into giving prime details to her ideas. One of these colorful characters is Tengen Uzui.

Tengen Uzui is part of the Demon Slayer Corps, and he is the Sound Hashira among their ranks. Due to being one of the nine strongest Demon Slayers, he is a very powerful warrior of the franchise. Being the main driving force of the Entertainment District Arc, he gets to shine from Chapter 77 to 99.

Tengen Uzui Demon Slayer


Tengen Uzui Demon Slayer

Tengen is one of the biggest Demon Slayers with his whopping almost 2-meter tall figure and 95 kg weight. He probably only comes in second after the massive man, Gyomei Himejima. He has a very muscular build but hides his body with the exception of his arms and shoulders, which are almost fully revealed.

He wears the sleeveless version of the Demon Slayer Corps uniform, with many accessories. He owns some extra baggy pants with dark red clothing wrapped around his calves and usually puts on some white sandals. These go well with his white belt and his white headwear. 

Tengen Uzui

He has giant golden bracelets on his upper arms and ripped blue gauntlets with smaller rings around them. He has a worrying amount of jewelry, ranging from different colors of rings to massive chains hanging from his headdress, all covered and beautified with versatile gemstones. 

His headwear covers almost all of his upper head, as the metal bandana hides his forehead, and the white head-wrap covers his hair to the fullest. His weapons are stored behind his back, with the two blades/cleavers forming an X sign in their case.

After the events of the Entertainment District Arc, he changed his gears with an eyepatch that covers his damaged left eye, which is once again covered with gems. He also replaced his usual clothes with a yukata. 

Tengen Uzui

Tengen Uzui

Character Info


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair color: White

Eye color: Fuschia

Affiliation: Demon Slayer Corps

Occupation: Shinobi, Demon Slayer

Relatives: Makia, Sumo, Hinatsuru (Wives)

Table of Content

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manga Debut: Chapter 44

Anime DebutEpisode 21

Voice Actors

Japanese: Katsuyuki Konishi

English: Ray Chase


Tengen Uzui

Tengen is a man of action and is not afraid to use others to get things going. He solves his issues with little to no thinking, throwing his allies into the fray without regrets. He, of course, cares about them but prefers to take action before their enemies could do so. He also likes the term “flamboyantly”.

He is definitely eccentric, but he has some people he could not care more about. He treasures his wives, Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru the most. As time went on, he also started to develop respect for Tanjiro[6], and they got more and more close to each other.

Even though he wanted to complete the missions as fast as possible due to his shinobi nature, he valued the well-being of his allies. He preferred to take to fights by himself rather than to put others to danger. He cares a lot about keeping the environment and the civilians safe as well on missions.

He appears to have some confidence issues, shown by his antics during the fight with the demons Daki and Gyutaro. He compared himself to the other Hashira on multiple occasions[7], and it looks like he is dishonest with his achievements. He seems to despise people with just natural talent, but also deeply wishes he had some. He still mostly believes that anything can be reached with hard work.

Before the events of the Entertainment District Arc, he was an active member of the Demon Slayer Corps. He stayed around after his retirement as well, but only as an advisor. 

He reached the rank of a Hashira pretty quickly, which happened before Sanemi Shinazugawa could become one. They are the nine strongest Demon Slayers, and their name literally translates to Pillars(JoJo reference, probably). He was initially taken in by Kagaya himself[8], but he also warned Tengen that his path will be a hard one to take. Tengen couldn’t back down, as he hated his clan too much to turn back.

As a Hashira he served as a leader of missions and a primary commander at the spot. He proved to be a great fighter, and also gave reasonable orders. He was successful in most of his missions, but the last one against the Rank 6 demons, Daki and Gyutaro made him take permanent damage to his left eye and arm. He proclaimed his intention to retire, although that would have happened either way. He also confessed that his respect for Tanjiro grew and that he has no issues leaving the squad if he is there to protect the rest.

Strengths and Skills

Tengen Uzui Demon Slayer

Physical abilities

Tengen possesses immense physical strength, a power that can only be matched by a limited number of other characters. As he was brought up by ninjas and trained ruthlessly to become a true ninja, he had developed other great qualities as well.

His raw power is shown during his fight with Gyutaro, as Tengen managed to balance his blade with only the tip of his two fingers. Later in said fight, Tengen stood his ground with only one arm, as his left hand was cut off. He also took the silver medal for the arm wrestling championship of the Hashira and managed to knock out both Zenitsu and Inosuke with one hit as a “joke” [9]. 

He is incredibly fast and has good reflexes. Tengen proved capable of cutting off the head of Daki in a matter of a blink[10], even without her realizing it. Tengen’s ninja nature shines the most in his endurance though.


Tengen Uzui Demon Slayer

He was trained by his father to endure any physical pain before collapsing. This worked quite well, as Tengen managed to continue fights despite taking serious damage. He ignored the pain inflicted by the kunai storm launched on them in the fight against Gyutaro and continued to go on even after losing his left hand. 

The most impressive physical ability though is not his strength, but the way he deals with poison. Probably because he is a ninja, Tengen managed to ignore the poison damage taken by Gyutaro along their fight, although a normal human should have collapsed immediately upon receiving the poison. His body only gave up after the fight, but he was healed by Nezuko in no time.

Tengen Uzui Demon Slayer


Tengen primarily uses sound techniques as a Hashira. This is mostly due to the fact that he has an incredible hearing ability, just like Zenitsu. He doesn’t just hear things from a huge distance though, but this skill turns into echolocation. This term simply means orientation via sounds.

Tengen can detect the origin of sounds from far far away, through massive walls, identify them from underground and even soundproof locations. He analyzes the origins of a sound and is able to determine not only the accurate position of the said sound but also roughly how many speakers there may be, only with the knowledge of how sound resonates and bounces off the bodies of matter.

Tengen 5

Sound Breathing

To use his hearing ability to the fullest, Tengen focused heavily on pumping up his Sound Breathing moves. He doesn’t just analyze the movements and potential actions of his enemies during a fight using the sounds but also uses them to lay destruction on them via his sound abilities. He damages the navigation skills of his opponents with the power of sounds.

He fights to the beat of a song, and actively chooses to generate more sounds that can be soon unleashed on the enemy. Tengen uses much extra equipment in fights, like the anti-demon bombs made of special gunpowder that can overpower higher-ranked demons as well. Tengen uses sounds to reduce collateral damage on the way.

Tengen Uzui Demon Slayer

Tengen is a great swordsman, and for this reason, he uses two Nichirin Blades. These aren’t the normally styled swords you would expect of a Demon Slayer, as the flamboyant Tengen connected the two cleavers with a chain, and uses them as some sort of nunchaku. He used three stages of Sound Breathing in the fight against Gyutaro:

First Form: RoarTengen smashes his dual swords into the ground paired with the bombs, creating insanely loud sounds.

Fourth Form: Constant Resounding SlashesTengen spins his blades in a swift manner while releasing bombs.

Fifth Form: String Performance[11] –  Tengen takes one of his cleavers with a reverse grip, and spins the other one by its chain, creating a shockwave effect with the bombs he released during the technique.


  • His first name, Tengen translates to the origin of heaven(天元).
  • In his first design, Tengen wore bandages over his head and arms, partly to protect his true looks and to prevent sunburns,
  • Tengen is one of the two only Demon Slayer and Hashira who retired due to his disability, not reaching a certain age, or dying. The other one is Jigoro Kuwajima.
  • He is the only Demon Slayer besides Inosuke who wields two Nichirin Blades.
  • His popularity increased greatly, rising from the 37th place of the first popularity poll to the 13th most popular character after the second poll.
  • On his cleavers, the phrase Destroyer of Demons can be spotted.


Most of Tengen’s backstory was revealed during his fight against the Rank 6 demon, Gyutaro[1]. In this fight, the demon questioned Tengen’s ability to resist poison, so Tengen decided to reveal his early years as an answer. 

It turned out that he was a descendant of the shinobis of the Edo Era. As the ninja society collapsed, his dad went crazy and trained his kids without mercy to keep up the spirit of his ancestors. Tengen had 8 siblings, but when he reached the age of 15, only two of them remained alive. The rest of them didn’t only die from overtraining, but their dad also forced them to fight each other to the death.

Tengen despised this attitude towards one’s family and planned to confront his father. Before he could do so, he came to a harsh realization that his only surviving younger brother turned out to be an exact copy of their father. He supported the ruthless training and wanted to keep up the pride of the family. At that point, Tengen knew that the family didn’t exist anymore, as all of his siblings were killed. 

His father and brother didn’t care about blood-related families and only thought of their wives as means to produce kids. Tengen killed two of his siblings without realizing what was going on and to leave everything behind, he left the clan. 

He later met his three wives and trained them the true warrior’s way. After helping Kagaya Ubuyashiki, he joined the Demon Slayer Corps. Tengen quickly climbed the ladder, and since then has become the Sound Hashira, one of the strongest members of the organization. 


Demon Slayer Corps

Demon Slayer Corps


Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado

They first met on Tanjiro’s trial. Tengen was the first one to speak up against the idea that Tanjiro and Nezuko should travel together, and he even offered an option to kill him for breaking the rules. They continued to protest even after Kagaya gave them his approval.

They met again at the Butterly Mansion, where a minor conflict arises between them, due to Tengen’s attempt to kidnap Aoi and Naho. Tanjiro and his squad offer Tengen their help in their next mission, so the tension cools down.

Tengen viewed Tanjiro with distrust on their mission, as Tanjiro failed to calm down Nezuko when her demon instincts kicked in. Tengen gave the advice for Tanjiro to sing a lullaby, and it seemed to work. 


anjiro Kamado

They fought hard against Gyutaro, but their teamwork also improved there. They constantly jumped in to protect the other from hits, and Tengen managed to trust the boy as time passed.

Tanjiro showed his concerns over Tengen’s well-being due to the poison damage inflicted, but this care for him came in vice versa, as Tengen as Tanjiro over and over again about his safety despite suffering horrendous damage himself. After the fight, Tengen told Obanai that he can finally trust Tanjiro’s abilities and that he has grown to become strong enough” [12].

Demon Slayer

Tanjiro’s squad – Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke

Tengen had a hard time forming any kind of bonds with these three characters. They were all quite repulsive towards each other and didn’t show signs of fixing this relationship at all. 

Tengen was aggressive in the case of Nezuko, as he absolutely refused to let a demon live among them. After she used the Blood Demon Art to save Tengen’s life from the poison, he thought it over and became more accepting of her presence.

Zenitsu was pessimistic about Tengen’s attitude from the start, and even called him the “god of idiots” referring to his flamboyant personality. Zenitsu even became a little jealous of him after seeing how women seemed to gather around Tengen and got knocked out after questioning if he actually has three wives.

Inosuke was too blunt for Tengen, which resulted in him calling Inosuke creepy. They didn’t show respect for each other, and Inosuke was also knocked out for questioning if his wives were even alive anymore. 

Tengen Uzui Wives

His wives – Makio, Suma, Hinatsuru

Tengen holds his wives in the highest regard and only lives for them. He met them after leaving the clan and trained them in the shinobi spirit. They usually go on missions together, but Tengen only uses them for reconnaissance or minor support, as he cares too much about their safety. This proved to be too much as well, as Hinatsuru was put to massive danger in the Entertainment District Arc.

He used letters to communicate with his wives when they were on their spy mission, and he immediately went in to save them when things got suspicious. His loving attitude towards them was mutual, as the wives were in a panic as Tengen almost died from the poison of Gyutaro. When Tanjiro saved Hinatsuru from the demons during the final fight, Tengen expressed his gratitude, and told Tanjiro that he “owes him one”[13].


Tengen Uzui Demon Slayer

Tengen openly rejected the idea of Kagaya to let Tanjiro travel with Nezuko[2]. He absolutely refused to believe that these two are harmless, and threatened them to cut off his head if anything suspicious happens.

After this incident, Tengen proved to be the harmful one, as he was caught trying to kidnap Aoi and Naho from the Butterfly Mansion[3]. Tanjiro and the boys offered Tengen their manpower to help him instead of kidnapping anyone, and he accepted the opportunity, with a little disapproval of course.

Tengen informed the boys that his wives went missing, and he needed their help to get them back. He had to knock unconscious both Zenitsu and Inosuke, as they didn’t believe that he had three wives, not that they would be alive anymore. After the tension calmed down, he dressed them up as girls and sent them to three different brothels to gather information. The three houses were the: Ogimoto House, Kyogoku House, and the Tokito House.

Zenitsu went missing as well, and Tengen intervened with force to get all of them out safely. Tengen barged in with the hopes of getting everyone out at once, but he only got bits of information. He learned that Hinatsuru was sent to the Kirimase, as a subdivision of the district. He traced the clues back to the demon Daki[4] and her brother Gyutaro and started killing them after getting his wives safe. 

Tengen Uzui Demon Slayer

After all of his squad got there, a massive fight broke out between the two demons and the four Demon Slayers. These high-ranked demons proved to be huge opponents, as they only died if both of them got beheaded at the same time. Tengen had to use multiple levels of his Sound Breathing, and countless anti-demon bombs along the way.

Tengen suffered heavy damage in the fight, as his left eye and left hand were gone for good. He also got poisoned while protecting the ones around him and drifted to the verge of death at the end of the fight. Despite taking this lethal poison, he stood his ground for a very long time. 

Nezuko healed him after defeating the demons[5], and his life was miraculously saved. He finally accepted that Tanjiro is a worthy warrior, and he retired knowing that his roles will be filled with good people. 

Tengen still stayed around despite his retirement and helped out with his advice here and there. He oversaw the first level of the Hashira Training with his wives, and he stood guard in front of the Uubuyashiki’s room in the Infinity Castle Arc.

Voice Actor

Tengen Uzui

l  Japanese – Katsuyuki Konishi

l  English – Ray Chase


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