Himiko Toga

Himiko toga was a member of the league of villains. She is one of the biggest antagonists and was a member of the Vanguard Action Squad.

Because of Toga’s bizarre quirks and obsession with blood, she was never able to fully integrate into society. Having no friends or support, she was influenced by those who lash out against society, like Stain and the League.

Here are some of the characteristics of this character you may be interested in if you are an avid My hero academia fan. Let’s get started without further ado.

Himiko Toga

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Himiko Toga​

7 Himiko Toga Himiko Toga is the villain that secured the place of the best girl when we first saw her. She creates a perfect balance between cute and crazy. You'd be confused if you should be creeped out or be mesmerized by her personality! Toga displays sadistic tendencies as she's shown smiling after killing someone and not feeling any remorse. She has a twisted personality and is often seen blushing out of excitement if she's about to fight with someone. She has a weird obsession with Deku and is often seen teasing him and getting awfully close to him. Overall, Toga is a freak and a cute bundle of evil!

Character Info


Alias: Yakuza Toga

Position in Anime: Villain

More Information

Gender: Female

Age: 16 (First appearance)
17 (Current)

Birthday: August 7

Height: 157cm (5’2″)

Hair Color: Ash blonde

Eye Color: Golden yellow

Quirk: Transform


Family: Unnamed

Affiliations: League of Villains (Formerly), Paranormal Liberation Front

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 57

Anime Debut: Episode 31

Voice Actors

Japanese: Misato Fukuen

English: Leah Clark



himiko toga

She has blonde hairs that are tied into two buns with loose strands of hair poking out. She has slightly downward-facing bright yellow eyes with thin slits, making them somewhat resemble those of a cat. She typically wears a traditional school uniform with a red scarf and a dark blue skirt.

Her skin is pale and her cheeks are naturally blushed. Dark circles surround her eyes, and her teeth resemble those of a vampire. She wears brown shoes and knee-length socks.

For the fight, Toga’s villain outfit has been modified a little to make it easier for her. In addition to wearing a black mask with a severed smile, she is dressed in a variety of articles of clothing with knives and weapons attached to them. (My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 67)


Himiko Toga is a very cheerful girl. Her face is always filled with a smile even when she is about to kill someone. While in danger, she gives psychopathic vibes and smiles, but the smiling only stops when she’s bored or annoyed.

Himiko can be easily embarrassed with the idea of people coming at her or while she is naked when copying the clothes of the people she has transformed into. She is mentally unstable and has a very twisted personality. Himiko uses her Quirk quite bravely, or at least very confidently, even impersonating a Hero and attending an internship that gathered several students interested in heroics and Pro Heroes. Her idea of friendship is very unusual. She wants to become those she likes(her quirk works this way)and does Toga, behavior not hesitate in tying them up and draw their blood.

Her psychotic personality and violent habits aside, Himiko seems to have some standards, since she was shocked and upset by Twice’s death. When Twice feels that he caused Magne’s death, she comforts him as well. (My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 57)

Strength and skills

himiko shape shifting

Himiko is a very strong character and a great fighter. She is an acrobatic shapeshifter.

Himiko’s quirk is “Transform”. She can transform into people and look exactly like them as well as their voice. Engrossing blood of a person serves as a source to activate her quirk. As long as the victom’s blood remains her quirk keeps working.

She can switch between one person’s form to another persons’ form if she has ingested the blood of more than one person. She needs to clear her mind to transform into someone else’s appearance. When Himako’s quirk is deactivated, her disguise turns into a gray viscous liquid. (My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 105 and 147)

Hero Academia Facts

My hero academia facts MHA facts

Some facts about Himiko Toga are given below

      •     The meaning of her name Toga is “pass me (to someone)”. So her name Himiko Toga is quite fitting with her quirk.
      •     She gets super excited about blood rather than dolls.
      •     Her height is 5’2 and her age is 17 years which is perfect for a high school girl.
      •     Her birthday is on 7 august and her zodiac sign is Leo.
      •     She is mentally unstable.
      •     She transforms into a person that she likes.
      •     She is always blushing and curious.
      •     She resembles and behaves like a cat.
      •     She is a stalker.
      •     She is obsessed with Ochaco and Izuku.

●     She becomes naked while changing back to her original form after using her quirk.


himiko toga family

Himiko was born as the eldest daughter in the Toga family. Due to her quirk, she showed a weird attraction towards blood that was disturbing for her parents. She once brought a dead bird home and she did something that made her parents disgusted so they tried to suppress it (her quirk) by putting immense pressure on her. Himiko took it to heart and began to suppress her affection towards blood. She behaved like a normal young schoolgirl as expected of society. She successfully hid her abnormal tendencies and was known as a cheerful and well-mannered girl by her classmates.

One day, she saw her classmate named Saito getting involved in a fight. During that fight, he started to bleed which gave Toga a huge rise in her attraction towards blood.

Himiko attacked aboy with a box cutter, seemingly under the influence of this obsession. She stuck a straw into his wound and began sucking his blood. Some other students who were passing by and witnessed the assault had a shocked look on their faces. She became enamored with blood and hurts several people after this incident. Soon after she hid from police as she was a suspect on the run for serial murders involving blood drainage. Later she joined the league of villains because she wanted to create a new society

After joining the league of villains, she performed several activities that we will discuss in detail

(My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 225)

Final exams arc


Kagero Okuta also known as Giran brings Himiko toga and Dabi to join the league of villains. Himiko was excited to meet Tomura Shigaraki and asks him to let her join the group. Both of them were disliked by Tomura, and he wants them removed but Kurogiri (a member of the league of villains) convinces Tomura to give them a chance. Her name and appearance have been withheld from the public and she is the suspect in a series of murders by blood loss.

She speaks about life being too difficult and wishing it could be easier to live. In addition, she says she would like to be like Stain, kill Stain, and be part of Tomura’s group.

Tomura was a bit confused and asked Giran if Toga is crazy. Giran replied she is good enough to use and introduced Dabi. By asking about the commitments of the League of Villains, Dabi hurt Toga’s sentiments, which caused the two to argue.

Tomura takes offense to the recruits’ loyalty to Stain and attacks them after arguing with Dabi. Himiko draws her knife and counterattacks, but Kurogiri uses his Quirk to end the fight.

 After that Kurogiri asks both of them to be patient because an answer for them is yet to come.

(My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 67)

Forest training camp arc

vangaurd action squad

Himiko is finally a part of the league of villains and is assigned to Vanguard Action Squad. Vanguard action squad was a group of ten elite villains. They attacked U.A. on their first mission. Their role in the Forest Training Camp Arc is to serve as antagonists. Himiko and six other villains sneak into the Wild, Wild Pussycats’ forest reserve, where U.A. High School students are training. Vanguard Action Squad members watch over the campsite from a height. When Himiko puts on her new clothes, she complains that they don’t look cute. Rather than focusing on its aesthetics, Mustard emphasizes that it is important that it work. He ignores her and says that it isn’t attractive enough


The vanguard action squad started their mission the next evening. When Himiko finds Ochako and Tsuyu she attacked them and cut Ochako’s upper left arm. The blood was not enough for her to transform into Ochako. All three of them fought until other students arrived on the scene. Himiko fleed with the fear of getting killed by those students.

(My Hero Academia Episode 40)

Hideout Raid Arc

all might smashing through door hide out raid arc

After successfully kidnapping Katsuki, Himiko returns to the hideout with her comrades. Tomura and the others explain why the League exists to destroy Hero Society, and they try to convince him to join. Takatsuki refuses and attacks Tomura, causing the mask to explode. The U.A. student wishes to be like All Might rather than a villain. Himiko said she wanted to stab Katsuki but Tomura tells everyone to calm down. During all this, someone knocked at the door claiming to be pizza delivery and All Might broke through the wall of the hideout along with a team of heroes. All of them fought together and defeated the league of villains by successfully rescuing Katsuki.

(My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 80 and 85)

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

himiko confronts izuku

Himiko is sent on a mission to infiltrate the Provisional Hero License Exam by the League of Villains. Drugging Camie Utsushimi, she steals her blood to disguise herself as a Shiketsu High School student.

Himiko confronts Izuku alone about halfway through the exam’s first phase. Through her acrobatics and stealth, she catches him off guard and tags one of his targets. Izuku can be eliminated from the test if Himiko tags all three. Himiko calls Izuku out for being absentminded in the middle of a war zone. While they were combating other competitors appeared and Himiko disappeared. She then transformed into Ochako and pretends to be in danger so that Izuku helps her. He saved her and finally caught her red-handed when she was changing back into Camie.

Himiko eliminated 2 persons and became the 98th person to pass the first phase of the exam.

(My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 102 and 104)

Shie Hassaikai Arc

overhaul vs league of villains

After the UA exam, Himiko reunited with her group in a secret hideout that is a warehouse. Twice brings a new recruit Overhaul who is the leader of Shie Hassaiki. Overhaul suggests that the League of Villains work for him, but they refuse. Magne attacked Overhaul because of his behavior and disrespect to League Of Villains but she got killed within the seconds.

Several days later, Tomura meets with Overhaul to form an alliance, with the condition that he tells him his plans. Overhaul in return demands Twice and Toga as proof of trust. Upon accepting, Tomura informs Twice and Toga of the situation. Neither of them accepted this offer. Himiko confronts Tomura with a knife. She turns her knife towards Tomura’s neck and asks him why would he do such a thing? She also said that the reason for her to join the League Of Villains was that they make her happy.

Tomura finally removes his mask and tells Himiko that Shie Hassaikai is trying to overtake the League of Villains and Tomura needs Himiko and Twice to do this to help the League. He tells them that he believes in both of them and the duo is moved by Tomura’s words.

Himiko and Twice are brought to Overhaul’s place and finally meet their team. Overhaul asks them to introduce their quirks. Himiko refuses as she still hates Yakuza and Twice agrees with her. Later Shin Nemoto uses his quirk to confess twice. After observing the situation Himiko felt embarrassed and told about her quirk.

The place was later investigated by heroes. They all fought but Deku defeated Overhaul and Shie Hassaikai was arrested by police and was transferred into a villain hospital.

(My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 125 and 148)


league of villains

Himiko Toga is affiliated with League Of Villains in My Hero Academia. This league or organization was formed to threaten and harm heroes and society. The leader of this league is All For One who is defeated and captured by All Might.

She was also a part of the Vanguard Action Squad. This squad consisted of 10 powerful villains who newly joined the League Of Villains.


himiko toga


1/6 E


4/6 B-


5/6 A+


5/6 A

Unruly Hair




The stats of Himiko are not impressive but fans were disappointed about why she didn’t  get 6/6 in Unruly Hairs. 


Himiko uses knives while having combat. She also has a machine that is used to store blood.

himiko toga


Himiko uses knives while having combat. She also has a machine that is used to store blood.

himiko toga blood sucking machine

Blood Sucking Machine

Himiko’s villain suit has a blood-sucking machine that contains needles attached to her utility belt. The needles are used to suck the blood and store that into the machine. The machine has more than one tube which means she can store more than one person’s blood. The needles are attached with some wire so that the needles could be thrown from some distance. The more blood she has in the machine the longer she can maintain the form of another person.


Himiko Toga has a very unusual way of love and friendship. However, we will discuss her relationships with other characters in detail.

Best anime Masks, Stain My Hero Academia, Stain's Mask

Hero Killer Stain

Himiko had an obsession with Stain. She wishes to become Stain and also wants to kill him. While thinking of Stain, she also declared that she loved “tattered guys reeking of blood” during her fight with Ochako Uraraka.

(My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 68)

Ochaco Uraraka

Himiko is a sweet and twisted girl. She thinks Ochako is similar to her and she wants to be friends with Ochako. She calls them “Girls In Love” and wants to talk about “Love Stories.”

(My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 80)

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya

Himiko has a crush on Izuku because she had seen him in the types of boys she wants to cut and get their blood. Her obsession with Izuku increases with time. She demonstrated this by entering the Pro Hero Licensing Exam under the name Camie. She went one-on-one with Izuku on her own. Izuku was the sole focus of her attention from the moment she spotted him until the end of their fight.
(My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 80,115,105,160 and 223)


toga and dabi

Himiko Toga first appeared in episode 24 of season 2. Although she is not the main character she still serves the main role of a villain. She is a sweet girl, always smiling and has a lovely nature.

Stain’s philosophy inspired her, and she chose to join the League, which was thought to be harboring the Hero Killer’s cause. She plays the role of antagonist in the season.

She fought with Oraraka and Izuku several times. She is obsessed with Izuku and wants to cut him with her knives. She wants to be the person she likes and to do that she needs to get that person’s blood in her machine that is a part of her villain costume.

Personal views about Himiko Toga

himiko toga

In my opinion, Himiko Toga is one of the main characters in anime even though she is associated with the League Of Villains. She is not intelligent but she is a great fighter. She never pays attention to anybody. Himiko is always smiling and blushing no matter what the situation is but she gets embarrassed by the idea of someone looking at her while she is changing back to her original form after using her quirk.

She has a twisted personality. She gets excited by the idea of getting the blood of someone she is obsessed with i.e. Izuku Midoriya.

She is inspired by Hero Killer Stain and only joined League Of Villains to follow her steps and change the world.


himiko toga
  •     Based on Himiko’s prototype sketches, she is possibly interested in both genders.(Reference from Hero Academia volume 19)
  •     Horikoshi the illustrator of Himiko Toga claims that she was the hardest character to be drawn.
  •     She likes blood.
  •     She is the youngest member of the League Of Villains.
  • Himiko’s rankings in the Popularity Polls are:

○     Ranked 19th place in the Second and Third Popularity Polls.

○     Ranked 9th place in the Fifth Popularity Poll.

○     Ranked 17th place in the Sixth Popularity Poll. 

(Reference from fandom)

Voice Actors

We see thousands of anime characters and their astonishing voices everyday but what about the people behind these characters? Yes, We are talking about the voice actors. Believe it or not these voice actors give life to our favorite characters.

Let’s discuss the voice actors of Himiko Toga in detail.

Japanese – Misato Fukuen

English – Leah Clark


himiko toga

This was the summary of the main antagonist of My Villain Academia! What do you think about Re-Destro? I believe he had fought for a good cause, but he made countless mistakes throughout his campaign. Well, the means won’t necessarily justify the goals.



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himiko toga angry
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