MAPPA 10th Anniversary Event – Everything You Need to Know

Mappa Event 2021

MAPPA is a POWERHOUSE when it comes to making new stuff and planning for the future. With the 10th Anniversary Event, the whole stage was so busy that fans were going CRAZY!

We saw them getting hate for not putting subtitles on the live. We saw them getting hate for making their life too long. But, for a fact, it’s true that MAPPA is super-busy in fulfilling its purpose.

From awesome releases like Jujutsu Kaisen and AOTs final season, MAPPA built respect among the Anime community too. 

But during his event, we got a lot of new things to give our attention to. Especially Chainsaw Man, as it’s trending all over Twitter, and fans are super hyped about it.
Click the video down to see MAPPA’s official 10 Anniversary Short Movie


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Table of Contents

Chainsaw Man - The Next Big Thing

If you’re an Anime fan, you’re no stranger to Chainsaw Man. This moment was awaited by fans from all around the world at the event. Even though MAPPA had so many exciting things to discuss, In my opinion, the majority of fans were waiting for the release and news for Chainsaw Man’s Anime adaptation. 

Well, it’s here, fellas. The trailer is so promising that it hypes me up every time I start the video. If you want to take a look at the trailer, click the video down below.

Attack On Titan Last Season’s Part 2 Visual

Well, everyone expected this one. Attack on Titan’s Final season is here! And, it’s here with a BANG. From the MAPPA live, we got to know that the new part might be coming this winter. And meanwhile, we have an AWESOME visual to look at. Have fun!

AOT Visual

Alice no Tres no Maboroshi Koji Release

Whenever we hear the name “Mari Okada,” we know this is something AMAZING. The director behind Jujutsu Kaisen is going to release a new movie, and so far, it’s looking like a snack. This movie will focus on the everyday struggles of boys and girls while keeping love as the main subject but it’ll create a perfect balance between reality and fantasy. So, y’all better catch up! 

See the trailer by clicking the video down below.

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Trailer

Another show coming this summer is The Idaten Dietes Know Only Piece. It is based on the manga, and the new footage has been released. Click the video below!

Takt op.Destiny Anime Release Date

Teaming up with Bandai Namco, this new Anime has an unrivaled Animation with visuals so good that they’ll make you excited to the CORE! MAPPA is going crazy with lots of innovation here. And the Anime is set to release on October 5th. Click the trailer down below to watch an animation that will give you eyegasm. 


What were your favorite releases in the MAPPA event 2021? Let us know your comments down below!

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