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For an antagonist that rarely talks and looks like nature’s own ambassador, Hanami comes off as a freedom fighter for the Earth, against the injustice humanity does to pollute it.

But believe me when I say that his fight scenes are some of the best in the series so far, especially when he took on Todo and his newly found “My Besto Friendo”, Yuji, just that scene is enough to get you to stay glued to the series and develop an interest in Hanami.

You might think being an antagonist, Hanami is a completely bad character, but he’s just of an altogether different ideal, and his creation is just what propels him to do what he does, as he only seeks the redemption of the Earth from the wicked human race polluting it.

Hanami wiki

And the level of friendship and loyalty he shows to Jogo and the rest of his group is just something you’d come to admire about him, combined with his skills, Cursed Techniques, and gentle outlook, you would most probably come to start liking him.

Here in this blog, you would get a see-through of all information about him, including those you might’ve missed or not taken note of in the manga and anime, and even some other interesting facts and scenes on our tree antagonist, Hanami.

Without further ado, how about we just get on with it?

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Character Information

Title: Cursed Spirit



Romaji – Hanami

Gender – Male

Species – Cursed Spirit

Height – 220cm

Professional Status

Affiliations – Mahito’s Group

Grade – Special Grade

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Chapter 10

AnimeEpisode 5

Voice Actors

Japanese – Atsuko Tanaka

English – Marie Westbrook


Hanami's Appearance

Hanami is a hulking, light brown Cursed Spirit with black lines slicing across his skin. As for his appearance, he’s got a helmet-like head with a gaping mouth where his teeth should be, and he has branches that sprout upwards for eyes and two zigzag lines running down his face.

His right arm is completely black, his left arm has white fingers while the right arm has black fingers. There is a bigger bloom on Hanami’s left shoulder as well, with a white cloth draped over it, concealing something other than his shoulder.

Hanami is always dressed in black baggy pants with a white ribbon around them and a white scarf on his left arm to hide more than his armpit.


Hanami Personality

Hanami is a Cursed Spirit that is concerned about the world, which people have abused and polluted for a very long time. He simply wants to murder people so that they may be sacrificed as seeds to a better world ruled by Cursed Spirits who will treat the planet with the reverence it deserves. (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 45).

Hanami and Dagon share Jogo’s views, believing that afflicted spirits should take the place of people since they believe that curses are the real humans (since curses are borne out of true human desires).

Mahito, on the other hand, has pushed Hanami to embrace his ferocity as a Spirit, invariance to his gentle ideals. It was in the heat of combat that Hanami learned to trust his instincts and relished the rush of going all out.

Hanami has a strong bond with his companions and was prepared to go to great lengths to save Jogo’s life by briefly challenging Satoru Gojo. As a result of following Mahito, he ends up sacrificing himself in Shibuya for the group’s greater good.

Strengths and Skills

Jujutsu & Cursed Techniques

Binding Vows

Binding Vows

Trump Card Revealing: Many Jujutsu sorcerers utilize this as their Binding Vow. Hanami can boost the efficacy of his Cursed technique while also misleading his opponents about how it works if he reveals it to them.


Barrier Techniques

Ryoiki Tenkai (Domain Expansion): There are no cursed methods that this technique cannot nullify, however, rather than staying in one place, it functions as a flowing barrier that surrounds the user’s whole body, much as an aura might.

Massive Cursed Energy

Massive Cursed Energy

Hanami’s cursed energy level is higher than most Cursed Spirits, but it’s not as high as Jogo’sToge had very little Cursed Energy compared to him; even with only a few lesser orders, he rapidly ran out of Cursed Speaking Energy. With MakiNoritoshiMegumi, and Toge, he used his Innate Technique repeatedly without tiring himself out.

amplified Strength

Hyper Regeneration

Being a high-grade Cursed Spirit, he can instantly restore severed limbs by bolstering his physique with Cursed Energy. Hanami’s regenerated limbs are just as strong as the other parts of his extraordinarily hard physique. (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 49)

He can repair the weak places in his eye branches, except when they are entirely compromised and disconnected from the rest of his body.

Innate Technique

Disaster plants

Disaster Plants

Hanami’s method enables him to bring cursed plant illusions to life. Instead of controlling the Cursed Energy, he uses it to create the deadly plants he is in control of. He can remove any wood or plant assault as fast as it manifests.

Cursed Buds

Noroi no Shushi (Cursed Bud)

Hanami can send forth buds that live off the Cursed Energy of the person to whom it is attached. The more energy a sorcerer expends to defend themselves against the bud, the more it will embed itself in them. Hanami can also produce a massive bloom that produces a swarm of cursed buds.

wooden ball

Kinomari (Wooden Ball):

Hanami can use Cursed Energy to produce a single wooden ball or a swarm of them. It launches one or two pointed branches towards its victim before breaking apart. With them, Hanami may also hover in midair.

amplified Strength

Kinone (Roots):

Hanami can grow underground roots that then appear above ground. When he restricts the root’s ability to spread and grow, their strength and speed improve. By sacrificing their destructive force and speed, he may substantially increase the number of roots he creates and the range of those roots.

General Skills

Hanami skills

General Skills

Hanami is a Cursed Spirit of exceptional quality, with a body made of indestructible materials, with a Technique that allows him to control plants, and the amazing ability to remain undetected. He used a wooden monster and his Flower Field to rescue Jogo by surprising Gojo and exploiting Yuji’s weakness for a brief period.

With the help of his high intelligence, his evasion skills, and his covert presence, Hanami was able to pull this off. To go along with this, Gojo praises Hanami’s escape skills, saying that he was able to avoid being detected by the Six Eyes’ keen senses. Gojo believes Hanami to be considerably more dangerous than Jogo. (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 16)

Hollow Purple

Due to his special nature, he was able to get through Jujutsu High’s defenses and was a key member of his group’s attack on the school. Six of Jujutsu High’s top students were defeated by the special grade Curse, and the bulk of them were rendered weak as a result.

To top it all off, he was able to make it through Gojo’s Hollow, a kind of Technique that is Purple despite being worn out from fighting Todo Aoi and Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 53).

As a result of his two prior battles with Gojo, Hanami was singled out for special attention in Gojo’s last fight. Gojo’s eventual sealing depended on Hanami, who had shown the ability to follow Suguru’s plan and execute it flawlessly.

Going back and forth between Cursed methods was a mistake that Gojo took advantage of. All of Hanami’s weak points are in his eye branches, and they’re not even all that weak. Hanami‘s powers plummeted once the branches were entirely snipped from his tough exterior, and he was unable to repel another attack from Gojo.

Cosmic durability

Cosmic Durability

Hanami’s physique is like a rock, and he can break Kasumi Miwa’s sword with a single blow. (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 46) Despite being hit on the side of the head by Noritoshi’s Slicing Exorcism strike, he was able to easily shrug it aside (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 45).

Even Megumi’s sword made a clean cut over his thigh, dealing little harm (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 45). And despite Maki‘s use of the cursed special-grade gadget, Playful Cloud to hit him squarely in his blocking arm, he was sent flying but only sustained a little injury as a consequence (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 47).

hanami and fushiguro

Although Megumi and Maki repeatedly pounded on Hanami’s vulnerable spots, he was able to recover fast and eventually overpower them. Most of the students’ best chance of success was to delay Hanami long enough for further reinforcements to arrive.

It was only by working as a team that Todo and Yuji were able to severely hurt Hanami and force him to utilize his full potential. Even Gege Akutami noted that irrespective of the fact that Jogo has more Cursed Energy and physical strength than Hanami, he still can’t withstand the Black Flash technique used by Yuji, accompanied by the Playful Cloud strike from Todo Aoi which Hanami survived.

amplified Strength

Amplified Strength

Hanami is a physically powerful Curse that can easily take down sorcerers wielding normal human strength at close range. When Hanami finally got near enough to Noritoshi to attack, it took just a few blows to finish him out (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 46). While on the defense, Hanami was able to hold off Nue, who was being dive-bombed by the enormous bird-like Shikigami (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 45).

hanami and fushiguro

Great Speed & Concealed Presence

Hanami had been watching Jogo’s fight with Gojo, and he did know when his friend was beaten. After a momentary diversion using his Flower Field, Hanami made off with Jogo‘s head. Noritoshi and Megumi were taken by surprise as he blasted them in such a hurry, despite his great distance from them before that point (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 45).

Gojo claims that despite being a Curse, Hanami does have the odd aura of a normal human (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 53). He is tough to track down due to his abilities such as moving across plants and erasing his appearance.

Hanami can travel underground with the help of the plants, escaping two exorcisms from Satoru by moving swiftly and moving through barriers. After eliminating a curse that a sorcerer of semi grade 1, Toge Inumaki, had just detected, he took him totally by surprise (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 43).


  • Hanami is shown to manipulate his arm and shoulder into different plants. 
  • Hanami has great speed and is good at concealing himself. 
  • Hanami has amazing durability as well!


Training Arc

Hanami, Dagon, and Jogo all show up to the meeting with Geto to support him. As Geto explains to Hanami that the Cursed spirits need Sukuna’s help and Geto’s seal to fight the sorcerers, Hanami listens intently. (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 10) (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 15)

Afterward, Hanami observes as Jogo battles Gojo. He then rescues Jogo when he is trapped and returns him to Mahito and Geto.(Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 15)


Kyoto Arc

Afterward, Hanami met with his comrades to plan their invasion of Jujutsu High, where they want to reclaim Sukuna’s fingers and the three Death Painting Wombs.

As part of the event, Hanami and a group of curse users infiltrate the campus, including Mahito and Juzo Kamiya. Hanami then makes his way to the scene of the brawl and runs into Toge. Once they find Noritoshi and Megumi, He and Toge battle it out until they are victorious.

Toge uses cursed words to stop Hanami from attacking the three. However, despite Noritoshi and Megumi’s attacks, Hanami remains unharmed. He then explains to the trio that he intends to wipe off all of humanity to save the planet.

Megumi and Hanami

After that, Hanami goes in for the kill on the trio, but Toge stops him. Hanami’s weak spot are the branches on his crown, as discovered by the three. Even though he uses Toge’s collapsed neck as an opportunity to injure Noritoshi, he is cut down by Megumi just in time.

When Toge’s power runs out, Hanami is launched into the air, although he doesn’t go very far. He engages Megumi and Zenin in combat as they arrive. While Hanami is still fighting them, Megumi and Maki have been able to inflict some damage on him as a result.

The fight between Hanami and Maki continues when Hanami plants buds that feed on the Cursed Energy of a sorcerer he inflicts it on. The two are trapped by Hanami, but Yuji and Todo arrive to save them. Hanami then engages in combat with Yuji, during which Yuji uses Black Flash on him, inflicting damage on him.

Hanami recovers from his wounds and frees his shackled left arm. His battle with Yuji and Todo continues. Hanami thinks back to Mahito telling him to enjoy the battle more before it started. Hanami keeps fighting and reflects on how much he is enjoying himself.

Hanami is constantly injured by Todo and Yuji’s attacks after Todo starts employing Boogie Woogie. After being pinned down, Hanami begins to gather energy from nearby plants and intends to attack, but he is stopped when Gojo smashes the shield.

Once more, Hanami is struck by Gojo’s Hollow Method: Purple Technique, leaving him critically injured but he manages to flee. Mahito then offers assistance to Hanami as he prepares to depart the location.

Shibuya incident arc

Shibuya Event Arc

As of the last day of October, Hanami was having fun with Mahito and another Cursed Spirit as Jogo and Geto discuss how they will defeat Satoru when the clock strikes midnight. Once they’ve finished the game, Hanami asks Geto for information on the boundary created by the Prison Gate works, and Geto explains it to him.

On the 31st of October, Hanami appears behind a curtain in Shibuya alongside Choso and Jogo. He and the others are ready to battle Gojo when he arrives at their location. Hanami then stands in the way of Gojo’s escape, but Gojo insists he isn’t intending to flee the city on his own.

After that, hordes of people swarm around Gojo. To prevent Jogo and Hanami from using Domain Expansion on Gojo, Choso distracts him with an assault. The blindfold on Gojo’s eyes is removed, and he declares that he would begin by defeating Hanami, who still hasn’t learned anything after fighting him twice previously.

Hanami and his friend, Jogo attack Gojo as he comes near to them, but Gojo effortlessly dodges their strikes. Although Hanami wonders what Gojo has in store for Jogo, he also observes that Gojo has turned off his Cursed Energy as he chases after him.

To exploit his cursed Energy, Hanami deactivates his amplification, but Jogo warns him not to do so. Just as Hanami’s branch is about to fall off, Gojo leaps to his feet and yanks them free. Choso can keep Gojo distracted long enough for Jogo and Hanami to launch their attack.

As a result, Gojo utilizes the opportunity to create his technique and slams Hanami against the wall. When Sukuna kills Jogo, Hanami meets up with him and Dagon. In their conversation, Hanami and Jogo discuss how they both still have the support and leadership of Mahito and how they will be reincarnated as new creatures in the future.

Voice Actors

Japanese – Atsuko Tanaka

English –   Marie Westbrook

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Hanami skills

That’s it for one of the most powerful enemies aka Hanami in Jujutsu Kaisen. I hope this blog helped you guys to find out more about Hanami. Do let us know in the comments down below that which superpower of Hanami do you find most intriguing?


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