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Welcome back to Quotetheanime, love to see you back! Today we’re going to unfold our favorite side character from Jujutsu Kaisen. Any guesses who he is? Okay, so he is Noritoshi Kamo! Yeah, he is the coolest sorcerer from Kyoto College. Isn’t that great? 

There are many characters in Jujutsu Kaisen and each one of them is popular among fans. Well, mainly because of their powers, character design, and personality. Besides, the top-class animation of JJK has transformed things from ordinary to extraordinary.

I bet we all are excited to find the information about Noritoshi Kamo!

So here we go!


There are some traits in a character that makes it dominant. Let the characters be positive or negative; it doesn’t matter. Self-confidence, cleverness, power, and the ability to utilize the powers well are the things that build our Noritoshi Kamo. Cool!

Although Kamo is not a main character, it doesn’t mean he has less value. He is a tough competition to all our Jujutsu Kaisen characters! 

Let’s unfold him!

Noritoshi Kamo

Noratoshi Kamo

Character Information

Position: Semi Grade 1


Gender: Male

Age: 18 

Birthday: June 5

Zodiac: Gemini

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Grey


Affiliations: Kyoto College

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 32

Anime Debut: Episode 14

Table of Content


Noratoshi Kamo

Kamo is too mature to be 18 years old. That’s the reason he doesn’t look like a teenager. He has a muscular body clearly defining his strong personality. He is stylish and also famous for his hairstyle. Kamo keeps his hair tied in two lairs on the front, making him look even cooler.

Well, to be frank, he is the only one with the guts to pull a hairstyle like that, and he owns it like a boss. He appears to be a tough guy and surely is! You’ll see him in his college attire only. Usually, he has a calm look but changes soon when he is in action!


Noritoshi Kamo

Noritoshi has a charming personality. His maturity and seriousness make his personality captivating. He is strategic in his fights and is always one step ahead of his opponent. As his words describe;

“Not to worry. These are prepared in Advance” (Manga Chapter 43)

The above-mentioned words were the answer to Fushiguro during combat when he said the following;

“You’re down to your last arrow too, right? I am not gonna help you if you collapse from anemia” (Manga Chapter 43)

Noritoshi Kamo 2

So, from the above-mentioned details, we can say that he is one step ahead of his opponent. That’s because he knows his weaknesses and how to change them. Impressive! Isn’t it?

He is the character who doesn’t only appear cool but actually is. So, it’s easy to say that he is never unprepared. Besides, you would love to find that he isn’t afraid of anything. Yeah, you’ll always find him steadfast whatever the situation is.

Noritoshi Kamo

One thing about his personality that is a bit offensive is that he follows orders, no matter what. That’s actually a good thing and sometimes right too. Well, but not when you’ve not yet figured out what the situation is. Moreover, he is always respectful and obedient to his master (Principal). This is proved by the following dialogue between Kamo and his master during group meetings;

Master: “Kill Sukuna’s vessel Yuuji Itadori”. (Manga Chapter 33)

Kamo: “Yes, we must eliminate the opponent using cursed energy. This prevents them from turning into a curse after death”. (Manga Chapter 33)

Noritoshi Kamo

His respectful behavior can be judged by the following words he said to Todo when he disrupted their meeting;

“The Principal isn’t done speaking, Sit down.”

(Manga Chapter 33)

So, from the above-mentioned details, we can confidently say the following words about his personality!

1- He is sober and a bit clever

2- Kamo is obedient to his master 

3- He does the right thing from his perspective without figuring out the situation completely.

Note: Though the principal of Kyoto College ordered to kill Itadori, Noritoshi wanted to kill Itadori with his own will despite the order! 

Noritoshi Kamo: “I intend to kill Yuji Itadori!!”

Megumi Fushiguro: “By Principal Gakuganji’s order?”

Noritoshi Kamo: “No. This is my decision. I believe it is the right decision”.

Jujutsu abilities and Techniques

Noritoshi Kamo

Excellent Speed & Strength

He is strong and fast in combat and usually shocks the opponent with his skills. That is clear from the fight between him and Megumi. He was amazed by the speed and strength of Kamo and said;

Fushiguro: “Was he always this strong? I was a little late with my jujutsu protection. Both his speed and power are on another level”. (Manga Chapter 43 and Anime Episode 18)

Noritoshi Kamo Blood Manipulation

Blood Manipulation Technique

Besides, he uses a Blood Manipulation Technique that can manipulate blood in any way. This technique of his makes him even stronger. So, messing with him isn’t a good choice! We can say that because he beautifully explained his technique in the following words;

“I can manipulate blood beyond its form or motion. Body temperature, pulse rate, the number of red blood cells, blood composition-it is all under my control”. (Manga Chapter 43 and Anime Episode 18)

So, to conclude, he is not an easy opponent to fight with and had a tough yet entertaining fight with Fushiguro. The other thing we can say about Kamo is that he is a perfectionist as he sharpens his techniques to an end!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Noritoshi Kamo


Well, each character has strengths and weaknesses. Judging by his personality and attitude, there are prominent strengths and weaknesses. To talk about his strengths, he is confident, powerful, and mature.

Moreover, he is deductive and predicts the opponent’s techniques very well. He tries to focus on the techniques of the opponent. We can say that when he said the following words during his battle with Fushiguro;

“You can summon one more Shikigami at the same time, correct? (Manga Chapter 43)

Noritoshi Kamo


He also knew Fushiguro’s Ten Shadow Technique when he thought the following words;

“A cursed Technique passed down in the Zenin Family. Using Shadow as an intermediary, this ability can summon ten different Shikigami. If only Mai and Maki had inherited this ability as well…” (Manga Chapter 43)

However, his number one weakness is that he does whatever he feels right. That is; he believes in his perspective only. Secondly, he knows that he is skillful and that’s why he sometimes becomes overconfident.



Kyoto Metropolitan Curse Technical College

Kyoto College is also famous as “Kyoto Professional Jujutsu High School”. There are only two institutions for sorcerers. One is in Tokyo and the other in Kyoto. All the main leads are members of Tokyo College and the rest are from Kyoto College. 

So, Noritoshi Kamo is a student of Kyoto College.

The principal of Kyoto College is Yoshinobu Gakuganji. He is the same person who gave orders to kill Itadori to his students. Noritoshi along with his team members came to attend the Kyoto-Sister School Good Will Event

Yes, you got it right! It’s the same event where they were introduced.

Kamo Clan

Kamo Clan


As the anime season 1 has a total of 24 episodes and they were introduced in episode 14. So, not many details are given about the characters. He has a neutral relationship with his teammates. Following are the names of Kamo’s Team Mates:


Momo Nishimiya

(High School 3rd Year)
Koichi Muta

Mechamaru (Muta)

(High School 2nd Year)
The Semi-Grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer and a teacher at Kyoto High, Utahime has long purple hair with a badass scar on her face. She wears a cute Miko outfit that makes her personality even cuter. And when we talk about Utahime's personality, she surely has a thing for Gojo but she never tells. She despises Gojo for being so self-centered and always caring about himself. Another known fact about Utahime is that she loves to eat beer. Moreover, she's all about watching shows and having a blast.

Utahime Iori

(Semi-Grade 1 Sorcerer)
Aoi Todo

Aoi Todo

(High School 3rd Year)
The second-year student at Jujutsu High and someone who has become a sorcerer just for the sake of money, Kasumi Miwa has gorgeous light blue hair. She is a kind-hearted girl who's always working hard so she'll get rewarded. Moreover, she's the only person in Jujutsu High College that acts like a human being. Even though she was ordered to kill Itadori Yuji, her kindness is just on a whole other level. She felt very uncomfortable even attack Itadori let alone her trying to kill Itadori. Miwa is a fan of Gojo and would love to befriend him.

Kasumi Miwa

(High School 2nd year)
Mai Zenin

Mai Zenin

(High School 2nd year)

Past/ History

Noritoshi Kamo

Kamo is a side character and a member of Kyoto College. He along with his group members arrive at Tokyo College. Noritoshi is in his third year of college while others are of different years and grades. They arrive for an event day. There it was decided to have a kind of competition between both the parties to judge their skills.

Noritoshi Kamo Childhood

Well, they are not the antagonists but just the students who came to attend the event. But, after finding out that Itadori was still alive, they were ordered to kill him. Yes, of course, their principal ordered them to do so! 

However, they are not the bad ones because their aim is the same as our main heroes. They also fight against cursed energies! After their battles, a villain appeared on the scene and both Tokyo and Kyoto students fought against him.

Want To Know Why?

Well, that’s because we all know Itadori is the vessel for Sukuna and he is a threat to everyone. And Itadori is one in a million who can retain Sukuna’s fingers. To end Sukuna completely, ending Itadori is necessary.

So, now we know that the decision to kill Itadori wasn’t wrong in one perspective. But it was not right either!

Noritoshi Kamo

As Noritoshi Kamo is the side character therefore not much about his past and history is known. But during his fight, few details about his past came into the spotlight. From his expressions and thoughts we can conclude that the following details disturb him emotionally;

Noritoshi Kamo as a kid: “Why does everyone torment mother?”

Person: Because she is a broken mistress.

Noritoshi Kamo: “Then why do you favor me? Why deceive me into becoming the heir?!”

Person: Because the rightful wife could not give birth to a son who possesses a cursed technique!

Noritoshi Kamo: “I must play the part of the heir to the Kamo Family. For Mother’s Sake!” (Manga Chapter 44)


So, is he evil?

From the above-mentioned details, we can say that he was intending to kill Yuuji in order to play his part as an heir to Kamo Family. Besides, he isn’t an evil-hearted person but a person with responsibilities. So, one thing is clear: he cares about his mother and the honor of the Kamo Family.

Besides, there are possibilities that in the upcoming season we can find more about these characters. Because in this season, there is hardly any detail of characters.

Relation with Megumi Fushiguro

Noratoshi vs Megumi

From the dialogue between both the opponents, it was predicted that Kamo knows a lot about Fushiguro and he considers him just like he is. Well, Fushiguro says that he is different from him because he does everything according to his conscience. 

The following dialogue proves that;

“A Shikagami user who can hold his own in close combat… How valuable! You’ve grown, that makes me happy.”

Ishiguro: “Why are you acting all familiar with me?”

Noritoshi Kamo: “You will one day become the pillar that supports the big three families.”

After a series of dialogues he said;

“You should also understand. You and I are the same!”

To which Fushiguro replied;

“No, we’re not.” (Manga Chapter 44)

From the above details, we can also predict that they might have a relationship with each other. That’s because Noritoshi knowing a lot about Megumi isn’t just a coincidence. There is a possibility that their relationship might be revealed in the coming seasons!


Noritoshi Kamo

After their entry, they had their first battle. Nortitoshi’s battle was with Megumi Fushiguro. Fans have already guessed that Kamo’s first battle will be with Fushiguro. As Noritoshi said the following words when he was introduced;

“Age is irrelevant with Jujutsu sorcerers. Especially Fushiguro. He is a zenin after all”.

So, Kamo’s interest in Fushiguro is cleared in the above dialogue. So, it was not hard to guess! Besides, from his words, we can guess the reason behind his maturity. That’s because age is irrelevant to sorcerers.

 They both entertained the audience with their battle. Besides, everyone was fighting with the opponents side by side. Following are the opponents who were fighting against each other;

  • Itadori was fighting against Todou.
  • Maki was fighting against Kasumi Miwa and Mai Zenin
  • Panda was fighting against Mechamru
  • Nobara was fighting against Momo Nishimiya

From their battle, the techniques of Noritoshi and others were highlighted. The battle was helpful in explaining each and every character and their strengths and weaknesses. With their fights, we got to know about their personalities completely!

Fun Facts

  • He wanted to kill Yuji Itadori
  • He considers Itadori a threat
  • He uses Blood Manipulation Technique
  • He is a calm yet a tough guy
  • He’s not the Noratoshi Kamo from the past who’s responsible for all the mess in the Jujutsu world.

Voice Actors

Well, well, our Noritoshi is voiced by famous Japanese voice actors. Can you guess them? I bet you can if you are a true otaku! Okay, so, they are none other than Satoshi Hino and Natsumi Kawaida.

Yes, you guessed right!


I bet we all know our Satoshi San isn’t an ordinary voice actor by judging how perfectly he has built Noritoshi’s character. Apart from Kamo, he has voiced many famous Anime characters. Following are the anime and their characters dubbed by Satoshi San!

  • Overlord (Ainz Ooal)
  • Bakuman (Akito Takagi)
  • Shakugan no Shana (Yuji Sakai)
  • The Familiar of Zero (Saito Hiraga)
  • Haikyuu (Daichi Sawamura)
  • Naruto; Shippuden (Sai)
  • Metal fight Beyblade (Kyoya Tategami)
  • Black Clover (Gauche Adlai)
  • Gin Tama (Kamui)
  • Demon Slayer (Kyojuro Rengoku)

So, now we know! Satoshi san has worked in many popular anime. It is necessary to acknowledge that he is one of the most experienced and versatile voice actors.

Natsumi is also a popular Japanese Voice Actress and has dubbed some famous anime. She is well known for dubbing the following

  • Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater as Natsumi Hodaka 
  • Higehiro as Asami Yuki


Landon McDonald is a popular voice actor. He is well known for dubbing the following anime characters

  • Yasuhiro Muto (Tokyo Revengers)
  • Masaru (Tokyo Revengers)
  • Demon Slayer: The Movie (Enmu)
  • Bungo Stray Dogs (Rampo Edogawa)
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ( Rohan Kishibe)
  • Detective Conan (Konosuke Jil)
  • Kuroko’s Basketball ( Satoshi Tsuchida)
  • Kurokos’s Basketball (Yoshitaka Moriyama)
  • Jujutsu Kaisen (Noritoshi Kamo
  • Jujutsu Kaisen (Takeda)
  • Jujutsu Kaisen (Eso)

So, I bet we have found everything about Noritoshi Kamo. By judging from the above-mentioned details, we learned that each character is unique in their way. Their qualities are what build them. 

Moreover, they were all positive characters. It was just an order from the principal that changed things. It was a plot to let the audience and the on-screen masters find the characters’ abilities.

Fun Fact: 

Hey, do you know what all sorcerers say after mistakenly breaking others’ bones? Come on! You can guess it! Never mind they say; Oh my god, I am so sorcery!

So, we hope you liked reading the wiki blog. Let us know in the comment section about your thoughts!


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