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Toge Inumaki is a supporting character in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime series and a descendant of the Inumaki Family whose children inherit the Cursed Speech technique. He is a second-year, alongside Panda, Maki Zenin, and Yuta Okkotsu [1].

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Toge Inumaki

Toge Inumaki

Character Information

Title: Semi Grade 1 Sorcerer


Gender: Male

Species: Human

Birthday: October 23

Height: 164 cm

Hair Color: Off-White 

Eye Color: Brown (Manga) Violet (Anime)

Professional Status

Occupation: Jujutsu Sorcerer 

Grade: Semi Grade 1 

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut: Chapter 1 

Anime debut: Episode 5

Voice Actors

Japanese: Koki Uchiyama
English: Xander Mobus


Inumaki's Appearance

Toge is a slim young man with clear light skin, violet eyes with a black pupil [2], and off-white mid-length hair. Since he is a member of the Inumaki family, Toge was born with the “Snake and Fangs” seal which is engraved on his tongue and his cheek. 

As a second-year Jujutsu student, Toge is seen wearing his royal blue school uniform which has a high collar with the same color covering his mouth [2]. There are some differences to his uniform where during his time as a first-year, his mouth is not covered by the royal blue-collar, but instead with a light tan turtleneck sweater worn underneath his uniform [1].

Toge had shorter spiky hair during his first year [1] which grew into longer, settling to its length during his second year as seen in the meeting with the first years Nobara Kugisaki and Megumi Fushiguro [2]. He is also seen wearing white sneakers with a black sole in the anime, a change from white color when he was in his first year. In the anime adaptation of the Manga, Toge’s eye color has been changed to its violet color.


Toge Inumaki Personality

Toge appears to be a quiet and intimidating character when Yuta Okkotsu meets him for the first time. Toge rarely speaks and his speech vocabulary is limited to rice ball ingredients including Salmon which means ‘affirmative”, Fish Flakes which is “negative”, and Kelp as a “greeting” [3]. 

By reading the manga, Toge seems to use other words whose meaning can be inferred such as Tuna for “look”, Tuna mayo for “do something about the situation”, mustard leaf to call someone’s attention, Salmon roe, Caviar, and Spicy cod roe for “let’s do this”. Other than the above-named words, everything else seems to be gibberish, with Panda and Maki acting as translators when they first meet Yuta [1], and during most of the interactions between the first years and second years at Tokyo Jujutsu High [4].

In their initial meeting, Toge’s unfriendliness seems to scare Yuta. However, Yuta learns that Toge is kind after realizing that Toge speaks using harmless rice ball ingredients to keep from cursing people unnecessarily. 

Toge is courageous and cares for his friends. This personality trait is seen severally where, in the district, he pushes Yuta aside to prevent him from taking damage as he uses Cursed Speech to Explode cursed spirits coming after them  [3]. 

Toge’s bravery is also seen during the fight with the special grade cursed spirit Hanami when he pushes Fushiguro aside to use Cursed Speech and Blast Off the cursed spirit away [5].

As seen in various situations, Toge is willing to risk his life for his friends and schoolmates where he uses his Cursed Speech even though it damages his throat when the ability is used. Toge is very collected and very intelligent and can stay calm in all situations, especially during Hanami’s attack during the Kyoto Goodwill Event [6].

Strengths and Skills

High Endurance

High Endurance

Using Inumaki’s Cursed Speech technique requires a large amount of endurance and stamina, since using the technique harms the user. Toge’s endurance is illustrated in instances where even though he is coughing blood for using Cursed Speech to slow down Hanami, he continues fighting, unleashing more powerful commands such as Blast Away directed at the high-grade cursed spirit before finally collapsing to the ground [7]

When in battle, Toge carries cough syrup to treat his throat when it becomes irritated and is useful in extending the use of his Cursed Speech.  

Blast Away

In his right eye, he can perform Sukunahikona. Again, another big word. Sukunahikona is the ability to shrink oneself or any non-living target that’s within eyesight. I wonder if he can shrink his big ego. That’ll do him wonders.

But why would shrinking something non-living be of any use to him? Well, once Isshiki shrinks his target, he can safely store it in his pocket dimension via Daikokuten. Or, he can shrink and release an object to his liking. This was shown in his fight against Koji Kashin. (Boruto Anime: Episode 214)

Toge Inumaki skills

Skilled Jujutsu Sorcerer

He is a member of the Inumaki family, and a Semi-Grade 1 Jujutsu sorcerer. Toge is the strongest among the second-year students at Jujutsu High, with Aoi Todo from Kyoto Jujutsu High [8] and Yuta Okkotsu [9] considered to be the only other students who are respected and more powerful than Toge. 

Being a member of the Inumaki family has earned Toge a strong reputation among other students at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Toge’s Cursed Speech is complimented with high intelligence and high stamina, allowing the user a better understanding of the technique and how to wield it without harming himself and others.

High Mobility

High Mobility

 Toge might not be as fast as Yuji Itadori or Maki Zenin, however, he still is very athletic. We can see Toge’s athleticism and agility on display when he was able to evade Hanami’s attacks during the Goodwill Event as he evaded while leading the cursed spirit towards the location of other students [6]

His prowess is also seen during the baseball match after Hanami has been defeated where Toge was the fifth batter second baseman [17]   

Cursed Energy Manipulaion

Cursed energy Manipulation

 Toge possesses this perk together with high endurance levels and stamina required to use Cursed Speech. Toge’s Cursed Speech has a wide range of impact affecting curses and spirits that are weaker than him as seen in the fight in the shopping district [3]

On the battlefield, he is a difficult opponent to deal with due to the nature of his technique. Even though the Cursed Speech negatively impacts his body when overused, his technique is powerful enough to stop and immobilize briefly even Special Grade Curses such as Hanami [6].

Cursed Speech

Cursed Speech

The Cursed Speech technique is inherited among the descendants of the Inumaki family and is characterized by the Snake and Fangs symbol that is engraved on his tongue and on both sides of his mouth. 

The mark allows Toge to imbue his words with cursed energy that improves his commands that force all those who hear the words to obey [6]. As a result, the more demanding the command, the more it damages Toge’s body and throat.

Despite this, weaker curses can be exorcised without much backlash to the user. However, even the low-level commands will consume high amounts of curse energy and stamina when used against curses with more cursed energy than Toge’s level, such as Hanami [6] and the Grade 2 curse in the shopping district [3].

In addition, communication devices such as amplifiers, cellphones, and bullhorns do not disrupt Toge’s technique, with bullhorns marked with the Snake and Fangs symbols having the same effect as Toge’s Cursed Speech. 

Yuta's cursed speech

This effect is illustrated during Yuta’s final confrontation with Geto where Yuta uses the “Inumaki family cursed sigil” to command Geto to DIE, alongside the curses he had released [10].  

In the Jujutsu Kaisen series, Toge has used Cursed Speech on various occasions, and for different effects. The commands used include:

Explode causes the target to explode violently as seen when Toge exorcised weaker curses in the shopping district [3].

Get Twisted causes the target’s appendages to twist until the body is disfigured completely. Toge used this command in an attempt to exorcise a Grade 2 curse in the shopping district when he was with Yuta [3]. However, the curse survives the disfigurement, avoiding fatal damage.

Get Crushed causes the target to implode on themselves. Toge uses this attack to finish off the Grade 2 curse during the fight in the shopping district [3].

Crumble Away creates an area to be affected by intense gravity that crushes the targets violently as they are sent underground. Toge uses this attack in an attempt to kill Suguru Geto. However, Geto survives, but Toge’s throat takes too much damage as he is seen coughing blood from his mouth [10].

Miwa sleep

Don’t Move or Stop causes the target to become completely immobilized. The first command has been used to stop Aoi Todo when he was attacking Fushiguro [8], and the second has been used severally to slow down Hanami when the latter attacks students during the Kyoto Goodwill Event [9].

Sleep causes the target to go into a deep sleep. Toge used this command to cause Kasumi Miwa to become incapacitated during the Kyoto Goodwill Event [6].

Return is a command that dispels Shikigami, as seen where Toge dispels Fushiguro’s Divine Dog after using the Shikigami for tracking his target during the Kyoto Goodwill Event [11].

Run Away is a command that causes the targets to flee the area. Toge used this command to order Fushiguro and Kamo Noritoshi to runway from Hanami’s attack [12].

Blast Away is one of Toge’s most powerful commands creating an explosive impact that sends curses away. Toge used this command on the special grade curse Hanami, causing it to be forcibly thrown onto the side of a nearby temple [7]. However, during this time, Toge’s throat and body are compromised as he collapses in front of Fushiguro.


  • Inumaki’s Japanese voice actor Kouki Uchiyama has voiced over 150 anime series and films beginning from 2003 [13].
  • Kouki Uchiyama has won various awards including Best Voice Actor in Nisekoi during the 2015 Tokyo Anime Awards and Best New Actor at the 5th Annual Seiyuu Awards in March 2011 [13].
  • English voice actor Xander Mobus has voiced about forty-three anime series and films starting back in 2007 [14].
  • The English voice actor also voices another character in Jujutsu Kaisen, voicing Aoi Todo [14].  


Toge Inumaki's past

Cursed Child Arc

The first time we see Toge, he is together with Panda and Maki Zenin, as they discuss the new transfer student, they are expecting to join their class of first years. During their discussion, Yuta Okkotsu enters the room, and the three are shocked to see a powerful curse following him. 

During Yuta’s introductions, Maki lunges and stabs her spear onto the wall behind Yuta, while Panda and Toge cut him off from escaping [1]. Satoru Gojo warns them as Rika, Yuta’s Special Grade Curse Spirit emerges from the wall behind him, defending him from the three.

Gojo explains that curse energy is the manifestation of large collections of raw negative emotions, something the four had no idea about. Gojo further apologizes to Maki, Toge, and Panda and informs them that Yuta would be joining them as the fourth first year. [1]

He further introduces the students to Yuta where Maki uses cursed tools as weapons infused with cursed energy, while Toge Inumaki is a Cursed Speech user who can only speak rice ball ingredients. 

However, there is no explanation given about Panda, or how he talks even though he is an animal [1]. Gojo later informs the three that Jujutsu training would be conducted in pairs, as he pairs Maki with Yuta and Toge with Panda.

Toge and Inumaki's meetup

Toge and Yuta’s team up

The next time we see Toge is three months later as he is watching Yuta and Maki train. Gojo arrives and informs Toge that he has received a mission to take out a curse he is best suited to exorcise [3]. 

Gojo asks Yuta to support Toge during the mission and ends up revealing that Toge is the only Grade 2 sorcerer among the first-year students, which meant he could be assigned to solo missions. As the two are about to leave, Toge tries to high-five Yuta, but Yuta does not recognize this since he is too afraid of Toge, from their first meeting [3].

After taking the students to the location, a curtain is cast over the shopping district. Once inside, a swarm of fish-like curses reveal themselves, and this shocks Yuta. Toge, who is not shaken as Yuta, pushes Yuta aside and commands the curses to Explode using his Cursed Speech technique. 

At first, Yuta does not understand what is happening, but Toge informs him that it’s easier for one to see the ability in action [3]. Yuta further notices that Toge’s voice has become hoarse after using his ability.

Toge and Yuta notice that the curtain is still up, revealing that a much more powerful curse had trapped them inside another curtain, and had to be defeated before they could leave. 

The Grade 2 curse creates a flash of light, breaking the ground. Toge then pushes Yuta to the side saving him and counteracts by commanding the Curse to Get Twisted [3]. The curse has survived the attack. The two finally realize that the curse is more powerful than the ones they have faced before. 

The two rush up a fleet of stairs with the curse chasing them. Toge decides to fight the curse alone, but Yuta is concerned, having noticed how the technique affected him. 

Toge and Yuta

Having spent time with Toge, Yuta finally realizes that even though Toge is quiet and intimidating, he is a nice and kind-hearted person [3]. Yuta attacks the curse, as a distraction so that he can grab the Toge’s cough syrup that had fallen behind the curse. Yuta then throws the cough syrup to Toge. 

While the curse is facing Yuta, Toge drinks the syrup and commands the curse to Get Crushed, causing it to implode on itself [3]. Toge runs to check on Yuta’s bleeding head and offers another high five. Yuta reciprocates, making the beginning of their friendship while at Tokyo Jujutsu High.


Geto’s Announcement Of An Attack On The City And Jujutsu High

Toge, Panda, and Maki are talking with Yuta when Suguru Geto appears and offers Yuta the chance to join him on his quest to change the world by killing non-Jujutsu users

This shocks the four students but Yuta refuses to join him. To everyone, Geto announces that he will unleash a Night Parade of a Hundred Demons on the cities of Shinjuku and Kyoto on December 24 [9].

As promised, hundreds of demons appear in the two cities, however, Geto is nowhere to be seen. Satoru Gojo wonders why Geto has not shown himself, only to realize that his initial plan was to isolate Yuta and claim Rika for himself [9]

Gojo then teleports Toge and Panda back to the school asking them to protect Yuta with their lives. Once back at the school, Panda rushes through the forest and the school’s walls since it was the shortest route to get to Geto [9]. Panda rushes and attacks Geto, and while pinning him down, he calls for Toge.

Toge arrives just in time and commands Geto to Crumble Away with his Cursed Speech, an action that makes him immediately cough up blood [9]. Suddenly Geto rises from the ground, having been resurrected by one of his many curses. 

In the meantime, Yuta appears and uses Rika to teleport the three students to a safe place before facing Geto. Yuta is then seen holding Toge’s inherited cursed sigil, or bullhorn, which copies Toge’s Cursed Speech to command Geto to Die [10]. 

This impresses Yuta, and he commends Toge since he has just realized how hard it is to be a Cursed Speech user. After Yuta manages to defeat Geto, Toge, Panda, and Maki go to check on his recovery and thank him.  


Tokyo Jujutsu High Students

Tokyo Jujutsu High

Toge is a respected and crucial member among the second years at Tokyo Jujutsu High. He is very protective of his friends, especially the second years, Maki Zenin, Panda, and Yuta, where, on several occasions, he has put himself in risky positions to protect them. 

For instance, when the three meet Yuta for the first time, he comes off as intimidating to Yuta who later learns that he is a kindhearted person [1]. The manga and anime do not explain how Maki, Panda, and Maki became so close, but it is the battle with the Grade 2 curse in the shopping district which cultivates the friendship between Yuta and Toge [3].


yuta okkotsu

Yuta Okkotsu

Yuta Okkotsu is Jujutsu High’s new first-year student. At first, the two do not get along with Yuta, mostly misunderstanding Toge since he speaks very little. Yuta is further intimidated by Toge’s mysteriousness [1]. 

However, Yuta learns that Toge is a lot like him, where they are both cursed and end up respecting him. Soon after, the friendship grows where Toge is ready to risk his life to save Yuta from Geto [9].


Inumaki's Background

Kyoto Goodwill Event

Toge, along with Panda and Maki, go to greet the first years only to learn that one of them, Itadori Yuji, is dead. The three talk Maki and Fushiguro into joining the Kyoto Goodwill Event despite being first years [4]. The two agree to join to become stronger Jujutsu sorcerers and start to train with Toge, Panda, and Maki a few days later.

Before the event day, Aoi Todo attacks Fushiguro as a way to test him. The fight is stopped when Toge uses Cursed Speech words “Don’t Move” to stop Todo in his tracks [8]. Panda then comments how Todo needs to be patient before the day of the event.


At the event, Toge travels with others in a group but is split up when Todo’s group shows up. Toge then informs Panda and Kugisaki that Kyoto students are going to attack and kill Itadori Yuji, before heading to face the cursed spirits [15]. Later, Toge is given Mechamaru’s phone, which he uses to call Miwa Kasumi and put her to sleep. Toge then commands Fushiguro’s Divine Dog to Return before he sensing ominous energy coming from the forest and seeing Hanami [6].

In the next instance, we see Toge, he is running away from Hanami and he commands Fushiguro and Noritoshi Kamo to Run Away from the advancing curse [16]. Toge uses his power to slow and Stop Hanami on several occasions as his comrades attack the Special Grade curse. 

Eventually, Toge’s throat gives out after commanding Hanami to be Blast Off, a command that knocks the curse onto the side of a temple [5]. After Hanami and other intruders have been dealt with, Toge and others agree to continue the event by playing a baseball game where Tokyo Jujutsu High emerges the winners [17].

Voice Actors

JapaneseKouki Uchiyama

EnglishXander Mobus

Blast Away

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the best boy, Toge Inumaki! He’s literally one of the best characters in Jujutsu Kaisen! Comment down below if we missed something! 


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