Top 10 BEST Male Anime Hair that you want!

Top 10 BEST Male Anime Hair that you want!

There’s a lot of male anime hairstyles that we 3D guys could wish we could emulate. From the insanely spikey to the insanely smooth, there’s just so many to pick. Hair is something that isn’t talked about much when it comes to male character design in anime. A good hairstyle can make it easy to spot a character and even show some of the character’s personality. 

For this list, I’m going to go over the most iconic male anime hairstyles. The hairstyles that make a character instantly recognizable, as well as just being a good looking hairstyle. Now let’s find your next cosplay wig!  

10. Saitama - One Punch Man

Saitama Bald, Anime Hair

Starting off this list of male anime hairstyles with the beautiful bald head of Saitama. For the sake of this list yes, bald is a hairstyle, even if it was one that was exactly chosen by Saitama. Saitama used to have a fairly generic male anime hairstyle (that we are going to get into don’t worry).

Eventually, through his rigorous training schedule, Saitama loses his hair and has his head shape change to his more iconic chrome dome look.  The main reason it’s on this list is that a bald anime character, let anime main protagonist, is actually kind of rare. This makes the One Punch Man one of a kind that way. 

In the spirit of fairness, I only put him at number ten, because he can’t really style his hair too much at this point. 

9. L - Death Note

L Lawliet, Anime Hair, Anime Quotes

Now moving on to hairstyles with a little more hair. I mentioned that I was going to talk about the most common male anime hairstyle out there in the last entry. You know the one that I mean, black hair with bangs. The amount of anime characters that have that hairstyle or some small variation on it is insane.

For my money, the best iteration of this goes to the anime’s edgiest detective, L Lawliet.  His hair is just so textured and it’s the kind of hairstyle that a normie would think that a male anime character would have. 

8. Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel Hair, Male Anime Hair, Guys Anime Hairstyles

Moving on from edge to carefree with Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. Spike’s hair is pretty similar to L, though it’s clear that he doesn’t do much to style it himself. While it can be mistaken for a raccoon, his hairstyle is so unique to the character that it has become iconic. 

If you drew Spike with a different hairstyle, then it would just hands down not be Spike. This hairstyle makes it so that the moment you see his silhouette, you know who it is. That’s just the mark of good character design.  

7. Archer - Fate/Stay Night

Archer Fate/Stay Night Hair, White Anime Hair, Anine hair, Best Anime Hairstyles men

The amount of male anime characters that wear red predominately and have white hair is so high that it’s a little suspicious. It’s so common in fact that you are going to see this combination again on this list in a little bit. For whatever reason that this color combination is so common in anime and video games because it works really well. 

Archer from Fate/Stay Right rocks this look and does it pretty well. The slick back hairstyle is one that a lot of older anime character goes for and little did fate fans know that this was actually foreshadowing. This male anime hairstyle is actually a two for one, (Spoilers) as when Archer lets his hair down it is revealed that he is a future version of Shirou. 

Not only is Archer’s hairstyle good, it is also useful for the plot. Another excellent example of good character design. 

6. Shoto Todoroki - My Hero Academia

Shoto Todoroki Hair, Todoroki Wig, Anime Hair

Going from red clothes and white hair to just red and white hair with Class 1-A’s Shoto Todoroki. There are a lot of solid male anime hairstyles in My Hero Academia, so nailing down just one was pretty hard for me. Ultimately my choice fell on Todoroki for just how unique it is. 

While the actual shape itself isn’t that unique, the 50/50 color distribution is what brings it up. Usually you see red and black or red and blue contrast but the white and red right next to each other provide a great look. Also let’s be real, this hair is 50% of the reason the fandom simps for Todoroki. The other 50% is the scar. 

5. Kakashi - Naruto


Moving on to another character that the show’s fandom simps over with Kakashi. Kakashi is a character that we don’t get to see much too much.  Not because he isn’t around but because  he is always hiding at least 50% of his face. The one thing that Kakashi can’t hide is his hair which is about are large or even larger than his head depending on who’s drawing him. 

That silver spikey look does a lot to go along with Kakashi’s personality and makes him instantly stand out from a far or in a crowd. 

4. Inuyasha - Inuyasha

Inuyasha Demon hair

Inuyasha is a character that has had some revived interest as of late due to the release of his shows spin-off series, Yashahime. Inuyasha is a character that actually has multiple hairstyles throughout the series, depending on what form he is in, which is something that you will also see in the next few entries. For this entry, we are going to go with his most common, half-demon, hairstyle.

Once again we get to see the white hair and red clothes combination. The main thing that sets Inuyasha’s half-demon hair apart from most other anime characters, including characters on this list, is its length. Inuyasha’s long hair makes the fights much more dramatic with how it flows with each movement. 

Also it shows his half-demon ears, which makes you realise that there is nothing on the sides of his heads. Meaning that the hair hides what would be a really strange sight. 


3. Giorno Giovanna - Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

I was very close to putting Jotaro and his legendary hat hair on this list ultimately I had to go with the fifth Jojo, Giorno Giovanna. Jotaro’s Hat Hair kind of cheating because it’s mainly about the kind of hair. On the other hand, Giorno’s hairstyle is all Giorno, donut loops and all. 

Giorno’s hair actually used to be a generic black bowl cut but one day his Dio DNA activated. This turned his hair blonde. I guess this also caused Giorno to completely change his style. Not only does he have three holes in the front, but it’s also somehow spikey in the back and also a mullet ponytail. The amount of hair product that Giorno must use on a daily basis has to put the mob in debt on its own.  

This hair is just so extra, which makes it fit part 5’s over the top fashion aesthetic so perfectly. 

2. Yami Yugi/The Pharaoh/Atem - Yugioh Duel Monsters

Yugi Moto Hair, Yami Yugi hair, atem Hair, Pharaoh Hair, Anime Hair Male

This character has way too many names, especially since he’s sharing his body with someone who has their own names. For the sake of this entry, I’m just going to say Yami. The interesting thing is that Yami has had this haircut since he was the Pharaoh all the way back in ancient Egypt. Luckily for him, he gets to inhabit the body of someone who has a very similar hair cut. The thing is when Yugi gives control over to Yami his hair literally changes and becomes even more ridiculous.

It’s so spikey and the different kinds of spikes each have their own color. Yugi must go to hair sharpening appointments every week because he wakes up with his hair like that. This hair is so powerful that it doesn’t even change when Yami goes swimming. There’s only one thing that can beat this powerful hairstyle 

1. Goku's Super Saiyan Hair - Dragon Ball Series

Goku Super Saiyan Hair, Male Anime Hair, Male Anime Hairstyles

It had to be Goku’s super Saiyan hair, it’s the most iconic male anime hairstyle. The first time I ever saw Goku transform it was amazing to see. The hair standing up and becoming blonde is so simple but just so iconic. You could pick out a silhouette of just this hair from a line up of anime hair, it’s just too easy. 

There isn’t much more that I can say honestly, it’s just the most iconic male anime hairstyle. Sure the Super Saiyan Blue hair is something that we see more often nowadays, but  nothing beat’s the original form. 


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