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Everyone loves that one overpowered antagonist in a series. Well, Lord Beerus in Dragon Ball Super, Madara in Naruto Shippuden, and Darkness Devil in Chainsaw man. But there is one slight difference between Madara and Lord Beerus when compared to the Darkness Devil.

Darkness Devil is a minor antagonist. I mean, do not take his power for granted but yes, he only appears in three Chapters (64 – 66) of the manga Chainsaw Man.

Then again, who does not love a little drama? When a villain comes and starts ripping the limbs of people around him. That surely excites a lot of you guys does it not?

So, let us now get into the details about the Darkness Devil and cover every aspect.

Table of Content

Darkness Devil

Character Information

Title: Primal Fear


Gender: Male

Species: Devil

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut:

Chapter 64

Voice Actors

Japanese: To Be Announced

English: To Be Announced


Darkness Devil is a scary character. I mean, a devil whose body is made up of several humans is automatically scary and dangerous. He has four faces in the abdominal area. Let me describe all those faces for you but before that, I will tell you about its main head. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)

Main Head:

It has no eyes, no ears, and a vertical mouth. It is a diamond-shaped head. Which has horns sticking out of its side. The horns look like half-moons. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)

First Face:

This face has no eyes, no nose, and an upright mouth. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)

Second Face:

The second face is on the chest area, and it has huge ears and wide round eyes. The nose looks like it has been punched in. The mouth of that face has been stitched together. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)

Third Face:

The third face which is under the first one has eyes that have been stitched shut. The mouth looks like it is always shouting. It never shuts. However, this face has no nose. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)

Fourth Face:

The fourth face has a look of sadness and shock. The eyes of the third face have been taken out. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)

There are other human bodies that have been attached to it too. Some act as his legs others make up for his arms. One body holds the ‘Cape of Darkness’, which is actually pretty cool. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64) 


There is absolutely no information about the personality of the Darkness Devil. He only appears for three chapters. But if there is one thing we know after reading the manga, it is that he will kill anything that is a threat to him. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)

Also, what do you expect? Like, even the name ‘Darkness Devil’ suggests that he is nothing but evil and has no personality. Just that he is a scary celestial being.

Strength And Skills

When it comes to skills and strengths, he has them in abundance. Darkness Devil has a variety of abilities. He is known as a creature from above. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64) 

Darkness Devil Speed 1


The Darkness Devil has immense speed. He can travel at high speeds and has control over it.

If you want to know how fast he is, well, during the battle in the international arc, he went past the entire army of devil hunters and none of them were able to detect him. Even Quanxi could not detect his movements. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)

Darkness Devil insane power

Insane Power

He can literally take off the limbs from a body. It is not a big issue for him. Darkness Devil can very easily defeat all humans and devils. And this combined with his speed, he is somewhat unstoppable. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)

Darkness Devil Speed

Control Over Darkness

Well, as his own name suggests ‘Darkness Devil’, this strength is one of his best. He can control all the dark matter. Be it inside a body or outside in space. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)

Darkness Devil Blade

Blade Of Darkness

Well, this sword is not your normal sword. This ‘Blade of Darkness’ has telekinesis power. It controls the enemy’s mind. If anyone else even touches the Blade of Darkness, they eventually die. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 65)

The ‘Blade of Darkness’ causes your brain to hemorrhage and it leaks blood. This causes the other being or human to die. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 66)

Darkness Devil Supernatural Ability

Supernatural Ability

Darkness Devil does not even need much physical contact with anyone to harm them. He can just look and point and with a slight touch tear the limbs apart of the enemy.

Darkness Devil Deatj Stare

Death Stare

You just read about the ‘Blade of Darkness’, well, his death stare does the same thing. It causes people to hemorrhage and bleed to death. Talk about variety! (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 65)

Darkness Devil Contract

Contract Creation

Well, this is not exactly a strength of his, but more towards a skill. The Darkness Devil can create contracts of any kind for the right price.

The only known contract that he created in this manga is with Santa Claus. Santa Clause managed to get the contract in exchange for Denji. In return, he got a small amount of devils’ flesh which allowed any assassin to multiply his power. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64) 

Darkness Devil Regeneration


Of course, the only way to make someone overpowered is by making sure of 2 things. One, they can restore health, and two, they are immortal. Darkness Devil can restore his health by intake of blood. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 1)

Darkness Devil Ressurection


If in any case, the Darkness Devil dies which is highly unlikely, he will become immortal and be reincarnated here on earth. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 53)



There is no known history of the Darkness Devil. Well, the Darkness Devil has no known background. Although in chapters 1 and 53, he was mentioned. Everyone feared him. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 1)


Darkness Devil Contracts


Darkness Devil is affiliated with others through his contract. But he is not bounded by anyone while everyone is bounded by him.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus

Santa Clause struck a deal with Darkness Devil where he got Denji in return for providing Santa Claus with some devil flesh. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)


Darkness Devil Relationships


He has no known relationships with anyone.


International Assassins Arc

The only arc in which Darkness Devil is present is the International Assassins Arc. Even though he was only here for three chapters, he left his mark as the unbeatable devil. He caused destruction and lots of blood loss. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)

Denji and his team were sent to hell by the Hell Devil. And in hell, out of the sky, Darkness Devil emerges. As soon as he came, he started causing havoc all around.

With his magic, he started tearing the limbs of people, and other beings. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)

On the other hand, the Doll Devil made a deal of her own. She wanted to overpower Makima. The Darkness Devil gave her a small part of his own body to make her stronger. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 64)

After the contract with Doll Devil ends Darkness Devil kills Tolka. Then comes Kusakabe. Kusakabe tries to use the Stone Devil against the Darkness Devil. However, Kusakabe fails, and the Darkness Devil destroys Kusakabe. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 65)

Denji lays down and is almost dead. Beam tries to revive him by giving him his blood. When the Darkness Devil sees this, he points at Beam, and Beam gets sliced into pieces which leads to his death. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 65)

Darkness Devil rips through everyone who tries to attack him, Quanxi, Tamaoki Violence Fiend, all of them were badly hurt from Darkness Devil’s attacks. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 65)

Denji now comes to attack him. He rides at the back of Violence Fiend and tries to do a surprise attack on Darkness Devil but fails. The Darkness Devil, being merciless, makes sure that Denji gets hurt. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 65)

The next victims of Darkness Devil are Prinz, Aki Hayakawa, and Angel Devil. They all get blown away by Darkness Devil. They lose several limbs in the process. And then steps in Makima. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 65)

Makima and Darkness Devil face off. Makima is the only one who was able to hurt him. But then it looks like the fight is getting critical and everyone gets transported back to earth. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 66) 

Voice Actors

JapaneseTo Be Announced

EnglishTo Be Announced

International Assassins Chainsaw Man

Comment If You Got Arms!

Even though Darkness Devil did not get enough mentions throughout the manga, I think it was for the best. Now hear me out, if he would have been involved since the beginning then this manga would not have been fun.

Even in the three chapters he was mentioned in, the Darkness Devil literally ripped everyone apart. Entire teams were failing to even land a blow on him, except Makima.

However, such an addition to the manga was absolutely brilliant. A devil, who, when dies, becomes immortal. Simply Amazing.


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