25+ STRONGEST Chainsaw Man Characters (HQ Images)

Strongest Chainsaw Man

When it comes to Chainsaw Man, there is a massive amount of characters that can easily take the number one spot if we talk about who’s strongest. From Devils to Devil Hunters, these characters have different abilities and skills that make them stand out from each other.

Of course, only one of them can be called “The Strongest”. With that in mind, let’s dive in and take a look at the list of the most powerful characters in Chainsaw Man.

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Table of Contents

26. Kobeni Hiyagashima

Kobeni Hiyagashima was a newly recruited Devil Hunter who was assigned under the Special Division 4 along with Denji, Power, and the others. 

Kobeni is a little weird especially when it comes to her attitude. She easily gets scared and panics when in high-pressure situations. When they were trapped in a loop by the Eternity Devil, she quickly agreed to sacrifice Denji. She even went as far as to force everyone to accept the contract by threatening Denji with a knife (Chapter 16).


Despite her personality hindering her capabilities as a Devil Hunter, Kobeni is very deadly when she flips the switch. When they were up against the Gun Agents, she quickly overpowered both Katana Man and Sawatari (Chapter 28) On the other hand, her Devil Contract is unknown.

Kobeni Higashiyama


Beam was the Shark Fiend and Denji’s temporary bodyguard during his time in Special Division 4. He worked directly under Makima and had 2 forms.

Beam was a very energetic Fiend who followed Denji with joy. He appeared in several battles and helped immensely especially against the Bomb Hybrid (Chapter 49). Beam also participated in the fight against the assassins who hunted Denji (Chapter 62). He died when he was sent to Hell along with the others (Chapter 65).


Beam was able to transform his body partially and fully into a giant shark. He could also swim through solid objects such as concrete and walls (Chapter 34).

Just like other Fiends and Devils, Beam could regenerate when given blood and got resurrected in Hell when he was killed.



Himeno was a Devil Hunter under the Special Division 4 and was Aki’s former partner.

Himeno was experienced when it came to hunting Devils. She quickly assessed situations and used appropriate actions to respond. This was the case until Himeno was wasted and started vomiting in Denji’s mouth. When they were up against Katana Man, she used everything in her power to protect Aki and the others which costed her life (Chapter 25)

Himeno also had affectionate feelings towards Aki, where she and Denji made a pact to help each other in their respective relationships (Chapter 22). 


Himeno had a contract with the Ghost Devil in exchange for her right eye (Chapter 15). This gave her the ability to use the right arm of the Ghost Devil in combat and strengthened this by offering more body parts (Chapter 17, Chapter 25).


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Galgali was the Violence Fiend and was assigned under Special Division 4. He was fully controlled by Makima, just like Beam.

Galgali first appeared wearing a plague doctor’s mask and a hooded suit (Chapter 34). Unlike other fiends, he retained most of the memories of his former human self which resulted in a more civilized attitude (Chapter 56)

Galgali participated in the battles against the Gun Agents, the Bomb Hybrid, and the assassins until he was killed by the Darkness Devil (Chapter 65).


Galgali had superhuman strength which was enhanced when he removed his mask. This display of power was shown when he gave his all against the Darkness Devil (Chapter 65)

Galgali also had the same abilities as other Fiends and Devils, where he regenerated when he drank blood and was resurrected in Hell after he was killed.


22.Angel Devil

Angel was a Devil Hunter under the Special Division 4 of the Public Safety Bureau. He was the Angel Devil and was born because of humanity’s fear of angels.

Because of his lazy demeanor, Angel held back most of his abilities even if he was said to be the 2nd most powerful member of the Special Division 4 (Chapter 41-42). He appeared in most battles until he lost both of his arms against the Darkness Devil (Chapter 65).


Being the 2nd most powerful Devil Hunter in his Division, Angel had some pretty crazy stuff in his arsenal. Angel could absorb an individual’s life force by coming into contact with them (Chapter 34)

He stored and accumulated them and in turn, used them to summon weapons. Makima used 1000 years of collected life force to create a spear that defeated Denji in his Devil Form (Chapter 89).

Angel Devil

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21.Aki Hayakawa

Aki Hayakawa was a Devil Hunter under the Special Division 4, Denji and Power’s guardian, and was considered by both as their family. I mean even without reading the introduction, you can tell Aki has serious Megumi Fushiguro vibes.

Aki was working under Makima and helped in taking care of Denji throughout the series. He saved Power and Denji against the Leech Devil and participated in the battle against Santa Claus and the other assassins (Chapter 53-70)

Aki died after the Gun Devil appeared and manifested itself on him making him, a Gun Fiend. Denji eventually killed him to protect everyone else (Chapter 77).


Aki had contracts with several Devils. He had a contract with the Fox Devil in exchange for a body part that gave him the ability to summon it. Aki also had a contract with the Curse Devil where he sacrificed his lifespan to use it to instantly kill an opponent (Chapter 30)

Lastly, Aki formed a contract with the Future Devil where it allowed him to see several seconds into the future, and in return, he gave half of his lifespan (Chapter 32).

Aki Hayakawa

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Power was the Blood Fiend, a Devil Hunter under the Special Division 4, and was Denji’s partner. Power was also directly under Makima but had closer bonds with Denji and Aki. If Aki was Megumi, then Power would be Nobara if she didn’t know how to flush the toilet.

Power had no loyalty to anyone and even betrayed Denji when they first met (Chapter 6). On the other hand, she participated in several fights and even fought against Makima when she realized that Denji was important to her. Power died after she was defeated by Makima (Chapter 91).


In her Fiend form, Power can manipulate her blood into a spear or a hammer (Chapter 6, Chapter 31). Meanwhile, she could also close severe injuries and manipulate an opponent’s blood when making direct contact with them. 

Power also appeared in her Devil form when she fought Makima. She unleashed an ability called Thousand Tera Blood Rain that summoned and controlled countless weapons made from her blood (Chapter 91)

Just like other Fiends and Devils, she could regenerate when given blood and was reincarnated in hell after she was killed.


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19.Typhoon Devil

The Typhoon Devil was the Devil that was born because of humanity’s fear of typhoons and the accomplice of Reze.

The Typhoon Devil helped Reze in her fight against Denji and Beam. His appearance resembled a giant toddler but more gruesome. 

The Typhoon Devil’s head was open with the insides swirling around his body (Chapter 49). It was killed in the same fight after Beam and Denji went inside the flesh rotating around him and Denji instantly cut him to pieces (Chapter 50).


The Typhoon Devil could manipulate the weather by creating storms around a certain area. He used this when Denji and Reze were fooling inside a school (Chapter 43)

Similar to all Fiends and Devils, The Typhoon Devil can regenerate when given blood and went back to Hell after its death.

Typhoon Devil

18.Akane Sawatari

Akane Sawatari was a Devil Hunter that had no connections with the Public Safety Bureau. She affiliated herself with the Gun Devil and was the accomplice of Katana Man.

Akane was the mastermind behind the Katana Man Arc, where almost all human members of the Special Division 4 were assassinated (Chapter 23-29)

She was killed by the Snake Devil after being captured by Kobeni. According to Makima, her death was part of her contract with the Gun Devil (Chapter 38).


Akane Sawatari made a contract with the Snake Devil that gave her the ability to use it in combat, as well as use the Snake Devil for escaping and transporting allies (Chapter 25)

She was also able to control the Ghost Devil for a short moment until it was defeated by Aki (Chapter 35).

Akane Sawatari

17.Hirofumi Yoshida

Hirofumi Yoshida is a Devil Hunter in the Private Sector and worked as Denji’s bodyguard during the International Assassins Arc.

Yoshida was somewhat capable of holding his own against Quanxi and used his Devil Contract with absolute efficiency. When Sato accidentally got killed by Power, Yoshida assassinated his brother, Joey in an alleyway (Chapter 57). He was even regarded as a top-tier bodyguard by Makima.


Hirofumi Yoshida has a contract with the Octopus Devil which allows him to summon its tentacles in combat and can even use an ink cloud for escape maneuvers. He used these abilities when fighting against Quanxi but he was beaten after a few seconds (Chapter 61).

16.Curse Devil

The Curse Devil was born because of humanity’s fear of curses and appeared several times in the series. 

The Curse Devil was used by Aki Hayakawa and Santa Claus against their opponents. Both instances showed just how lethal this Devil is when used as a weapon (Chapter 24, Chapter 56). Although very powerful, it can be very difficult to activate its curse where it has a specific requirement to be met.


Once activated, the Curse Devil rendered its target unable to move and inflicted severe damage that instantly resulted in death. Katana Man died for a brief moment after Aki used it against him (Chapter 24). As a Devil, it can regenerate when given blood and is resurrected in Hell after it is killed.

Curse Devil


Cosmo was a part of Quanxi’s harem and was the Cosmos Fiend. She appeared during the International Assassins Arc.

Cosmo’s appearance was that of a young girl but with her head bashed open. Due to her appearance and personality where she can only be seen saying the word, “Halloween”, Cosmo was seen as a non-threatening opponent. 

However, she had an ability more powerful and deadly than that of the Curse Devil’s. She passed away after being killed by Makima (Chapter 70).


Cosmo’s ability included tapping into her opponent’s mind and give them access to everything there is to know about the universe. 

When used, it makes the opponent go insane and only say the word, “Halloween” until they eventually die. Cosmo used this against Santa Claus to ensure her defeat (Chapter 70).


14.Spear Hybrid

The Spear Hybrid was controlled by Makima and was rumored to be under the Special Division 5.

The Spear Hybrid participated during the Control Devil Arc. He fought against the Chainsaw Devil along with the other Hybrids and Makima. 

The Spear Hybrid was seen willing to fight for Makima with the same intentions as Denji, to get a date from her (Chapter 86).


The Spear Hybrid had similar abilities to Denji as well, where he utilized the powers given to him by the Spear Devil. Due to the nature of his Devil, his attacks are very powerful and even penetrated Denji in his Devil form (Chapter 88).

13.Whip Hybrid

The Whip Hybrid was another one of Makima’s dogs and worked as a Devil Hunter in the Special Division 5.

The Whip Hybrid appeared alongside the other Hybrids when Makima made it her goal to defeat the Chainsaw Devil once and for all. Even though she was a girl, the Whip Hybrid wanted to defeat Denji so she could get a date with Makima (Chapter 86).


When transforming into the Whip Hybrid, she was very powerful with her slashes being able to dish out excruciatingly painful strikes. However her attacks did little to the Chainsaw Devil during their battle (Chapter 88).

Whip Hybrid

12.Flamethrower Hybrid

The Flamethrower Hybrid was a Devil Hunter under the Special Division 5 and was being controlled by Makima with her abilities as the Control Devil.

In his human form, the Flamethrower Hybrid had long black straight hair. When he transformed, His head became a flamethrower canister and flamethrowers burst out from both his hands (Chapter 88).


The Flamethrower Hybrid’s abilities mainly utilized the flamethrowers present on both his hands. During their fight against the Chainsaw Devil, he let out an intense barrage of flames against Denji which caused an entire building to explode (Chapter 88).

Flamethrower Hybrid

11. Longsword Hybrid

The Longsword Hybrid worked directly under Makima in the Special Division 5. 

The Longsword Hybrid appeared with the other four Hybrids who were included in the Special Division 5. He also had the same intention as to why he wanted to defeat Denji (Chapter 86).


The Longsword Hybrid’s ability included superhuman speed and strength as well as the abilities of the Longsword Devil. When he transformed into his Hybrid form, two swords appeared from both his arms and his head became similar to Denji’s (Chapter 87).

Longsword Hybrid

10.Katana Man

Katana Man was the main antagonist of the Katana Man Arc and fought against Denji and the other Devil Hunters of Special Division 4.

Katana Man ranks higher than the other Hybrids because he was not under Makima’s control when he first appeared. He was Akane Sawatari’s accomplice. Katana Man was able to defeat Denji during their first fight (Chapter 26) but was lost in their second encounter (Chapter 38).


Katana Man’s abilities included transforming into the Katana Hybrid. In this form, he used a technique that involved drawing his swords while dashing at superhuman speeds. Katana Man used this against Denji where he was instantly cut in half (Chapter 26).

Katana Man


Reze was the Bomb Hybrid and a super-soldier of the Soviet Union. She’s literally a girl that will blow you away and make your heart go boom! Reze fought against Denji during the Bomb Girl Arc after she tricked him.

Reze was capable of wiping out an entire Public Safety Bureau division by herself. When Denji tried to get away from her, the entire 2nd Division attempted to stop her but were easily destroyed (Chapter 46). 

Reze was also a very proficient spy where she deceived both Denji and Beam when they first saw her.


Reze already had the skills of an assassin but her abilities were further enhanced because of her Hybrid capabilities. She was able to turn body parts into different types of explosives and could cast explosions to propel herself in the air (Chapter 47-48). She could also regenerate when given blood.


8.Santa Claus

If you’re expecting Reindeers and a sleigh, then watch Cartoon Network. Santa Claus was originally thought to have been a Devil Hunter in Germany but it was later revealed that she was hiding as a woman who served the Soviet Union.

Santa Claus was the most feared Devil Hunter during the International Assassins Arc where even experienced Devil Hunters seemed lowly against her. Santa Claus was able to flood the streets with Dolls until she was defeated by Denji and Cosmo (Chapter 70).


Santa Claus had a contract with the Doll Devil which turned humans into dolls through direct contact and could spread like a zombie outbreak (Chapter 58). She also had contracts with the Curse Devil, Darkness Devil, and Hell Devil. In the later parts of the arc, she received the flesh of the Darkness Devil and transformed into a horrifying monster (Chapter 66).

Santa Claus


Kishibe calls himself the strongest Devil Hunter and was formerly a member of the Special Division 1, but became the captain of the Special Division 4 after they were attacked.

Kishibe was able to overpower both Denji and Power during their training, killing and knocking them out more than 20 times (Chapter 30). He was also able to go head-to-head against Quanxi (Chapter 61-62). Kishibe also led the Anti-Makima squad and was brave enough to stand against her.


Kishibe had contracts with the Knife, Claw, and Needle Devil but he never used them in the series. This was because he is very proficient in hand-to-hand combat and in using bladed weapons such as knives (Chapter 31).


Quanxi was the Arrow Hybrid, a Devil Hunter employed by China, and was known as the first Devil Hunter. Don’t try making her your waifu because best case scenario, she’ll tell you she’s interested in girls. Worst case scenario however, you’ll get decapitated.

Quanxi appeared during the International Assassins Arc with her harem of Fiends. She was strong enough to overpower all of Denji’s bodyguards and even beat Kishibe (Chapter 62)

Quanxi also helped Denji in defeating Santa Claus. She was eventually killed by Makima along with all her remaining Fiends (Chapter 70).


Quanxi was very proficient with the sword where she instantly killed an entire group of Devil Hunters from the Public Safety Bureau in one go (Chapter 60). When in her Hybrid Form, she can move at incredible speeds and fire arrows rapidly (Chapter 67). Just like other Hybrids, she could regenerate when she drank blood.


5.Gun Devil

The Gun Devil was considered the most dangerous Devil to ever appear in recorded history. It was born because of humanity’s fear of guns was at its peak after a terrorist attack in America took place.

In the past when the Gun Devil first appeared, it instantly killed more than 1 million people worldwide in under 5 minutes (Chapter 13)

The Gun Devil was summoned again by the President of the United States to kill Makima confirming her death for the 29th time (Chapter 76). After it was defeated by Makima, it possessed Aki’s lifeless body and made him the Gun Fiend (Chapter 77).


Due to its immense power, after a few seconds, the Gun Devil already killed every adult male 1km from its current position (Chapter 75). It can also regenerate by drinking blood and was resurrected in Hell after it was killed.

Gun Devil

4.Darkness Devil

The Darkness Devil is one of the Primal Fears who have never died and are the most powerful in hell. It was born because of humanity’s fear of the dark which existed for several centuries.

The Darkness Devil appeared when Denji and the other Devil Hunters were sent to Hell by Santa Claus. 

It killed nearly everyone with ease and made the Fiends and Devils have breakdowns before it appeared. 

The group only escaped when Makima rescued them and held off the Darkness Devil. However, it even snapped Makima’s finger and arm (Chapter 63-66).


The Darkness Devil showcased several abilities during its brief time under the spotlight. It could instantly separate an individual’s arms from his/her body, use an unknown force to slice through entities, summon a blade from the darkness and control it freely, and crush anything at will (Chapter 63-66). 

The Darkness Devil can also regenerate when given blood and can be reincarnated in Hell after it is killed.

Darkness Devil

3.Hell Devil

The Hell Devil is one of the most powerful Devils to ever exist. The Hell Devil is the result of humanity’s fear of Hell. It is also one of the Primal Fears. 

Although powerful, the Hell Devil only appeared twice. The Hell Devil accepted Santa Claus’ contract to send Denji and the other Devil Hunters to Hell (Chapter 63)

The Hell Devil also agreed to the contract of the Anti-Makima squad which resulted in several high-ranking Devil Hunters giving their lives and in return, it transported Denji back to Hell (Chapter 84). 


The full spectrum of the Hell Devil’s abilities is unknown. It was demonstrated that it could transport anyone to Hell, for a price. This skill is very deadly where during their first trip to Hell, almost all of the Devil Hunters died (Chapter 64-66)

Just like other Fiends, Hybrids, and Devils, it can regenerate when given blood and can be born again in Hell after being killed.

Hell Devil


Makima was the main antagonist of the first part of the Chainsaw Man series and was later revealed to be the Control Devil. 

Makima’s abilities are through the roof and she was only beaten by Denji because she let her guard down for a split second (Chapter 96)

She never showed her Devil Form and only maintained her Human appearance which serves as a reminder that she never fought to the point of using her full power. I can be any dog, a Pug, a Labrador, heck! Even a Chihuahua.


Only a fragment of Makima’s capabilities was shown in the series. Makima can crush opponents using an unknown force via a sacrificial ritual (Chapter 27). She’s immortal as all damage done to her is passed on to a random Japanese civilian. 

Makima can control everyone who she deems lower than her and can even use the powers of those killed in battle (Chapter 86). Lastly, she can shoot out an invisible force from her finger which was strong enough to send the Chainsaw Devil to space (Chapter 88).


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Denji is the main protagonist of the Chainsaw Man series and is the strongest out of all these characters, even Makima. Denji possesses the Devil that even can erase any Devil it eats from existence (Chapter 84). We’ve seen Megumi, we’ve had Nobara, now, let’s meet Yuji Itadori if he was a degenerate.

Even when Denji was sent to Hell, he came back after annihilating every Devil he saw. He easily beat the Hell Devil when he turned into the Chainsaw Devil (Chapter 83)

When Denji was still on his Hybrid Form, he was able to defeat Santa Claus who ate the flesh of the Darkness Devil (Chapter 69). Denji was also able to hold his own against several Hybrids, killing most of them, a few seconds into the fight (Chapter 87)


When Denji accepted Pochita’s contract, he was given the power of the Chainsaw Devil. Denji can make chainsaws burst out of his limbs and head as he transforms into Chainsaw Man (Chapter 1). Denji can also transform into a full-on Devil

When in Devil form, Denji sliced through Makima and was only defeated when the citizens of the world started cheering him on (Chapter 89). Denji’s regenerative abilities and durability are also stronger than normal Devils, as he even fought against the Eternity Devil for 3 days straight (Chapter 19).


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Final Verdict

This list of the strongest characters in Chainsaw Man shows just how vast the world of Chainsaw Man is. Each is unique with their own set of abilities and skills that make them worthy of their spot. Amidst all of these powerful entities, only one stood on top. The Devil that Devils fear the most, Chainsaw Man.


1. (Chapter 16)

2. (Chapter 28)

3. (Chapter 49)

4. (Chapter 62)

5. (Chapter 65)

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8. (Chapter 22)

9. (Chapter 15)

10. (Chapter 17)

11. (Chapter 24)

12. (Chapter 56)

13. (Chapter 41-42)

14. (Chapter 89)

15. (Chapter 10)

16. (Chapter 53-70)

17. (Chapter 77)

18. (Chapter 30)

19. (Chapter 32)

20. (Chapter 6)

21. (Chapter 91)

22. (Chapter 43)

23. (Chapter 38)

24. (Chapter 25)

25. (Chapter 35)

26. (Chapter 57)

27. (Chapter 61)

28. (Chapter 70)

29. (Chapter 86

30. (Chapter 87)

31. (Chapter 88

32. (Chapter 46

33. (Chapter 47-48)

34. (Chapter 70

35. (Chapter 58)

36. (Chapter 66)

37. (Chapter 13)

38. (Chapter 76)

39. (Chapter 75)

40. (Chapter 77)

41. (Chapter 96)

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