11+ Powerful Pokemon Quotes (High Quality Images)


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Alder Quotes

I think the lesson here is that we truly just need to be more empathetic to hold a different point of view, even if we don’t agree with it and that makes complete sense to me even though it is extremely hard to do in the moment.

Alder Quote. Pokemon Quotes. 'Even if we don't understsand each other. There are two sides to any argument.' Quote the Anime.

Ash Ketchum Quotes

I agree with this quote so much and the fact that  We really do need to be our self in order to truly become the best that we can be and in order to impress someone else or anybody else’s approval would definitely be a detrimental effect on our future and what we’re capable of.

This one is beautiful and it’s true because we drift away from some friendships for days months years or even decades but with true friend you can pick it up right where you left it off or when you do see each other it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long to begin with.

My favourite hard work. I believe there is nothing that replaces the discipline that is required to achieve our goals. I don’t think reflection I don’t think books, I don’t think guidance or any other thing for places the fact that we have to take action.

It’s true Ash is right here because you know no matter how good are perfect or efficient we might be, we all make mistakes and we all need to be able to learn to laugh at ourselves.

This is funny, I mean if you truly want to learn perseverance, we learned it from Brock. Because he is persistent beyond belief and does not ever give up now that’s a true warrior.

Brock Quotes

LOL. Even though he doesn’t get any girl he  it’s on. He still believes himself a winner, and that is exactly how we need to think about ourselves for when we set sail to our goals. Because we need to believe we can achieve it before we achieve it.

Pokemon Quotes. Brock quote.'You can't expect to win every single battle, but love's wroth fighting for, and come out a winner like me. Quote The Anime.

Looker Quotes

I’ve had this with several and as such beautiful quote.

Pokemon Quotes. Looker quote. 'The more wonderful the meeting, the sadder the parting.' Quote The Anime.

Meowth Quotes

I think meows really focuses on the current issues were facing in the world and which is the issue of different racial backgrounds and ethnicities. Meowth here basically lays out Exactly what’s going on in our world and how we need to treat each other and everybody else around with looking at what the same looking at are commonalities, that were all human, that we all need water to survive.

Mewtwo Quotes

My favourite quote probably the fact that it doesn’t matter what you’re born with call my doesn’t matter what advantages, talents you’re born with. All that matters is what you put in, how much effort you’re willing to give, what you willing to do to learn and get and accomplish the things you want to.

N Quotes

If anyone can it’s you. I love that it is me, it is you, it’s us. We can achieve anything we put our  mind to. We need to believe, we need to put the work behind it, we need to plan and reflect, and then there is nothing the world cannot achieve.

It is because physical wounds you can see and you can see them heal which gives us the confidence that it will get better. With emotional wounds we are not able to see what they look like, how they are doing, and what else they need in order to heal, hence why there’s so much harder to heal.

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