Baki Vs Kengan Ashura Theory: Gaolang Vs Muhammad Ali Jr.

Baki vs Kengan Ashura

Continuing from our last Baki Vs Kengan Ashura post where we talked about what would happen in a fight between both series protagonists with Baki Hanma vs Ohma Tokita.

Now we are going to shift our focus onto the boxers of the series. This means that we are going to talk about Gaolang Wongsawat facing off against Muhammad Ali Jr.

Both of these fighters are top-level boxers, but they each have something more to them that just adds to how interesting they are.

Ground Rules

For this Kengan Ashura VS Baki fight, we are going to mainly focus on the anime depictions of each of these characters. This means that any feats that they have or any powers or abilities they developed some point in the manga after the current point in each anime will not be taking into account.

We are going to add Gaolang’s Muay Thai skills to this analysis. While it has never been shown in the anime it has been stated that he was a practitioner of the martial art, so he will have those techniques at his disposal on top of his boxing. While we haven’t seen him use it, the fact that he is confirmed to know the art in the anime means that we will take it into consideration.

We are also going to have this fight be set in a tournament style, similar to what you see from both anime series, so basically a no holds barred fight, where even killing isn’t off the table. It’s not going to be a boxing match.

With that being said let’s get on with the Theory! (Spoilers for both Kengan Ashura and Baki ahead!)

Fighting Styles



If you don’t know much about Boxing it might sound like a bit weird to compare styles but in boxing the amount of different styles is massive. We are just going to focus on Gaolang’s boxing style because covering them all would take way too long and other more knowledge people have already done a better job than we ever could.

Gaolang is what most boxing analysts would call an out fighter, meaning he likes to stay at long range, at least in terms of his punches. Gaolang makes use of the famous hitman boxing stance, also known as the Philly shell. This style was created in real life by the boxer Tommy Hearns but is most notably used by Floyd Mayweather

Gaolang’s most famous move in the anime is his Flash, where he throws 15 jabs seemingly at the speed of light, each with enough power to knockout an average person.

Gaolang is also able to predict the attacks and moves of his opponents, but only if they fight with a boxing style.

Aside from his boxing, Gaolang is a very skill Muay Thai practitioner, being considered the strongest fighter in the entire nation of Thailand at only 15 years old knocking out all of his opponents, except for Saw Paing.

Due to Gaolang’s years of practice in Muay Thai he is able to not only throw punches but knees, elbows and kicks as well as clinch fight. It is also stated and shown that Gaolang’s take down defense is also perfect.

Muhammad Ali Jr.

Muhammad Ali Jr

Muhammad Ali Jr. has the exact same style of fighting as his father did in his early years, just improved. This means that similar to Gaolang, Muhammad Ali Jr prefers to fight at long range, mainly utilizing outfighting but he can still fight at any range.

Ali Jr’s footwork, similarly to his father, is so evasive that he looks like he is dancing around his opponent. Ali Jr’s fighting style, Muhammad Ali Kempo, is a fighting style based on boxing that was designed to counter any style and any strike.

Ali Jr’s style was completely different from any other boxing style, hence why it was considered its completely own martial art.

When seen it it’s fullest potential, Muhammad Ali Kempo can match any other martial arts style, even with just punching alone. It can also produce a massive amount of damage by “kicking” the ground before strikes to produce more force.

Physical Attributes


Gaolang Vs

Gaolang is stated to be 28 years old when we see him in the anime. He stands at 187cm (6’2″) and weighs 91kg (just about 200 pounds), which while that sounds fairly large for anyone, this actually means that Gaolang is undersized for the heavyweight class, just making it to the weight limit. Most heavyweight’s way easily over 200 pounds, as after 200 pounds there is no longer a weigh limit for the heavyweight class.

Gaolang is seemingly all muscle with a very long reach. He is actually based on the base form design for the original non-canon depiction of Broly in the first film he was featured in.

Muhammad Ali Jr.

Muhammad Ali Jr vs

While we don’t know exactly how old Muhammad Ali Jr is, we know that he stands at the exact same height as Gaolang, that being 187cm (6’2″) but we don’t know how much he weighs.

Similar to other Baki characters, Ali Jr is insanely muscular, being very wide.



Gaolang is currently the reigning heavyweight champion of all 4 major boxing promotions. This is insane, especially when you think about all of the things Gaolang had going against him.

Gaolang meets the bare minimum weight requirement to fight at the heavyweight class, and by the time he won all four major titles, he had only been training in boxing for four years.

Impressive as that is there’s even more things that Gaolang has done. He was labelled the Thai God Of War at the age of 15, being labeled the “acme of striking”. He went undefeated in Muay Thai with almost all knockouts, except for his decision win over Saw Paing.

Muhammad Ali Jr.

There isn’t too much that we know about the accomplishments of Muhammad Ali Jr. before he made his debut in Baki.

We know from what people have stated about him, that he has surpassed his father when his father was at his peak, in every way. We can take this to mean that if he was more concerned with being a star in the world of professional boxing, he would probably be world champion in all four weight classes.

Despite his skills, it appears that Ali Jr is more interested in becoming the strongest in the world, like every other character in Baki.

Who Would Win?

This would be a fairly close fight, but I personally believe that Gaolang would edge out the victory in this fight. In terms of raw striking power, Ali Jr likely has the advantage but the speed edge clearly goes to Gaolang. That plus Gaolang’s ability to predict the movements of his boxing opponents gives him a huge advantage over Ali Jr.

Gaolang is also a ranked as the number one pound for pound greatest boxer to ever live by many people in the world of Kengan Ashura and seemingly defeated most if not all of his in ring opponents with ease.

Ali Jr’s unique style of fighting might be able to confuse Gaolang in the start of their fight, but he will likely adapt and be able to predict his movements after seeing them a few times. This due to his own keen striking sense and the fact that if Muhammad Ali exists in the world of Kengan Ashura in some capacity, Gaolang has likely already studied his movements, which are the same as Ali Jr’s.

Even if Ali Jr is able to overpower Gaolang in boxing when pushed Gaolang can rely on his excellent Muay Thai. While Muhammad Ali Kempo is designed to work against all techniques and styles, Ali Jr has been susceptible to opponents of a high enough caliber, like we saw at the end of the most recent season of Baki

Who do you think would win? let us know!

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