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Best “Top 10 Fairy Tail Cosplay” Very SEXY & Realistic (Images)

How we found the Top 10 Fairy Tail Cosplay using “The QAPE Method.” “The QAPE Method” looks at the Scoring card in 4 categories. Quality: We’ll be looking at the quality of the costume itself specifically. The focus will be on the materials, cloths, stitching, how it looks as a whole, and the creativity involved […]

What is Hashirama’s Sage Mode? (7 Sage Modes)

Hashirama Senju is weirdly the only Sage Mode user who we find supremely interesting and mysterious. Hashirama Senju’s sage mode — we don’t have the history of the user or sage mode origin story. Even Naruto Wiki says, “It’s not known how Hashirama learned and was able to use Senjutsu and enter Sage Mode.”— On […]

Top 10+ Funny Hero Academia moments (With GIF’s) 2019

1. When Midoriya meets Kota Izumi (LOL!. No coomment.) Kota Izumi: is son of the deceased Hero’s Team Water Hose, and is also nephew of Shino sosaki. He is reserved but has quite a bit of pent up anger due to his parents being Heroes, and the fact they were killed on Duty, and that […]

27+ Best Naruto Quotes that INSPIRE us (with HQ Images)

Pain Naruto Quotes. 'Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace.'

We have collected best of the best Naruto Quotes from Naruto Series and Naruto Shippuden, along with High Quality images.. YOU can SAVE these images as you like, and if you’d like some other quotes to be mentioned, just go right down and comment below, and we’ll get them made for you. Choji Akamichi Quotes: […]