Why was Hatake Sakumo not revived? (3 Theories) Naruto Theory

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Why Sakumo Hatake was not revived? 

Let’s explore some theories of Hatake Sakumo–the White Fang. Why was Sakumo Hatake the white Fang of the leaf village, not brough back to life with the reanimation jutsu? I would’ve loved to see Edo Tense Sakumo Hatake. Even Edo Tensei Pakura and Chūkichi, characters, that we have not so much background on, and weren’t even as strong were revived.


Some people say, Sakumo hatake wasn’t strong enough. To be revived like some of the other shinobi.

WHy was Hatake Sakumo (White Fang) not revived–theories & hypotheses are:

  1. He never could find the body, or it was supremely well guarded, since Kakashi maybe went by it, on a regular basis or something. There was a scene where Kakashi visited his father’s grave at night.

  2. It could be that Sukumo just was not a game changer strength wise in comparison to Kakashi with his Sharingan.

  3. Sakumo and another shinobi who commited suicide, Shisui was not found. Is there a correlation with shinobi who killed themselves were not found?

sakumo hatake death

But the theory of that Sakumo’s body was well-guarded doesn’t stick because Kabuto was able to get Dan’s and Asuma Sarutobi’s body from Konoha, so what’s stopping him from getting Sakumo Hatake’s body.

Comes in Obito.

Obito said, “I believe white fang was a true hero.”

It was rumoured that, “no one could win a face to face against Sakumo.” Hence, why he was unrivaled and name the, “Konoha White Fang.”

Also, in the end Kakashi ended up owning his fathers philosophy and quotes, People who abandon their comrades are worse than scum.


Hypothesis #4: Sakumo Hatake not being revived in Naruto Shippuden


The main reason and only one that makes sense is the involvement of Obito, in the whole reanimation with Kabuto, out of respect of Kakashi’s dad.

Why Was Sakumo Hatake not revived?
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    Jesse says:

    Can’t be out of respect because he wasn’t the reanimator,but kabuki was and he gathered the strong people but Shisui killed hinself and couldn’t find enough of his parts to reanimate him so I think the same happened with Sakumo

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