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We don’t get to see a lot of people talking about the worst waifus. Well, in this blog post, I am going to focus on the worst Anime waifu that will make you lose our brain cells.

Well, before you flip out on me, I have reasons for choosing these top 10 worst Anime waifus of all time. Hence, even if you’re in it for fun, this is going to be an interesting one! Relax and enjoy, and if your favorite waifu comes in, please don’t kill me.

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10. Orihime Inoue (BLEACH)

Inoue Worst Anime waifu 2020

I hate to do Inoue like this. However, she’s surely the worst Anime waifu of all time. Now, I’m not talking about the fact that she wasn’t strong enough. Or any other generic stuff. Therefore, kindly hear me out. Orihime is surely wholesome. However, when it comes to the dangerous time, she can become a drag.

It looks like the sole reason she was designed was to come in Ichigo’s way. “Oh No! Kurosaki-Kun, save me!” In other words, when a character starts to depend on the main character. Whether it be emotionally, physically, or anything, it becomes a real drag. Hence, Inoue is the one of the worst Anime waifus on our list.

9. Aqua (KONOSUBA)

Aqua is surely twisted when it comes to her brain. Most of the girls like Aqua and Megumin, they have twisted personality, and both are rejected from society as well. Aqua is so unreliable that she might let you the moment you start believing in her, making her the worst Anime waifu!

On the other hand, her lousy personality ruins her character in the series. Aqua’s powers are unmatched, but when it comes to her being clumsy, it is a total turn off. Moreover, when the lead protagonist lady won’t be able to get along with most characters in the series, what fun would that make? The worst Anime waifu of all time? Sure!

8. Yuno Gasa (MIRAI NIKKI)

Yuno 2020 Worst Anime Waifu

I don’t have anything personal with Yuno. However, when it comes to Yandere characters, I think they wreck the whole purpose of what love is. How can you force someone to like it or not? What makes Yuno the worst Anime waifu is the fact that if she loves you, she’ll love you a lot. However, the moment she starts to hate you, you’re a goner.

Some things just can’t be helped. I’m not saying it’s Yuno’s fault. However, it is what it is. Yuno is the worst Anime waifu time can bring!

7. Lucy Heartfilia (FAIRY TAIL)


If there was an award for being annoying, Lucy would be the CEO of it. Lucy is not half bad. I mean that a lot is going on and OH THAT BODY! However, she has no personality that we can get. She’s always annoying, getting lewd, flirting with others that it just makes her unlovable.

But what makes me beyond cranky is her character development. Throughout the series, she could’ve done so better. However, she is another worst Waifu that no one asked for! The wasted potential will always be missed. At first, I really liked Lucy, but when we compare her to other characters like Erza, she can easily be ignored.

6. Ochako Uraraka (MY HERO ACADEMIA)

Uraraka 2020 Worst Anime Waifu

Ochaco Uraraka is the worst Anime waifu due to a lot of reasons. Well, she has little to no character development throughout the series. With time, things change, but when it comes to Uraraka, she’s so static. She is bad to the point where most people start to ship other waifus with Deku or other characters. Hence, it teaches us a lot too.

When I think about shipping Uraraka with anyone. Trust me, I can’t even think about a single character in the series. In other words, she has no personality of her own. Liking Deku, spending time with him, and that’s it by her side. She’s another worst Anime waifu time can bless us.

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5. Mikasa Ackerman (ATTACK ON TITAN)

Mikasa Worst Anime Waifu 2020

Mikasa’s unhealthy obsession with Eren is something I really want to point out. What makes her the worst Anime waifu is the fact that she’s so overly obsessed with Eren. To the point where she’d start ignoring herself, Mikasa’s character becomes trash. She has no other purpose other than saving Eren, and it makes me sad every time I watch the series.

Don’t get me wrong though! She’s an excellent waifu material. However, the AOT folks did her character dirty. She should’ve become more like Levi. It would be so cool if the whole story was that way. Hence, this makes Mikasa the worst Anime waifu brought upon us.

4. Misa Misa (DEATH NOTE)

Misa Misa was another character lost in the miserable story of Death Note. Her character itself was very cool. However, when it came to her serving Light, things got ruined. The reason why Mikasa is the worst Anime waifu time has brought upon us is the fact that she’s one of those characters who would just come and serve as the lead protagonist.

Being so lost in the story we don’t know how her character actually was. Sure, she was obsessed with Light and that was a bad thing. However, there are other reasons like not having any will of her that makes her the worst Anime waifu of all time.

3. Sakura (NARUTO)

Sakura worst anime waifu 2020

I didn’t want to do this but Sakura has to be one of the worst Anime waifu lists. Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. The first one being that she has been useless at least when she was a child. Now, I know that she has improved a lot since her school days, but it still doesn’t change the fact that she threw away most of her potential.

Memes aside, Sakura is a great shinobi. However, with so many other waifu material girls in the series, Sakura’s personality is annoying. Therefore, she’s another worst Anime waifu of all time.

2. Zero Two from (DARLING IN THE FRANXX)

2. Zero two 2020 worst anime waifu2

I know that a lot of people love Zero Two. So what even makes her worst Anime waifu? Hear me out! In the beginning, we got to see the worst side of Zero Two. She wasn’t necessarily a human. However, when she met the main character, her whole personality changed. She became more of a human, teasing him, and the story was nowhere near as joyful as it was before.

Zero Two could’ve been the perfect waifu. However, she’s the worst Anime waifu of all time.

1. Malty Melromarc (SHIELD HERO)

Bitch san worst anime waifu 2020

Don’t even get me started. Bitch-San is the worst Anime waifu that we can ever see. Everything except her looks are trash. Well, looks can be deceiving. However, the number of times she made our main protagonist suffer, I just can’t forgive her.

At first, she was the perfect waifu material. However, she was just planning it all along. Just like her father, she’s the worst trash that can step on the Earth. And finally, Malty is the worst Anime waifu that I’ve even seen in my life.

Did you agree with our list?

I apologize in advance, however, these were some of the points I thought were valid. All the girls are great, however, each Anime waifu has something that makes them rather MEH!

The worst Anime waifu might shock you! Let us know your recommendations so that we can put them on our list.


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    ANANOMYS says:

    There is one name here that I totally DO NOT agree with, and that name is Zero Two. Instead of adding her name, you should’ve added somebody like Ichigo from Darling in the Frsnxx, or somebody else. I mean like, Zero Two is GRADE A quality while Ichigo lacked that special something, and was just part of a love race that she knew she couldn’t win so like, F*** Ichigo. Zero Two is amazing.

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