Top 10 BEST Kengan Ashura! Fights!

Top 10 Fights In Kengan Ashura

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Anime fans have been waiting patiently for the announcement of Kengan Ashura season two after the second part of season one dropped on Nextflix. While we might not get an announcement anytime soon, it is pretty much guaranteed considering how well the series did.

That being said we can still rewatch some of the best that the first season has to offer. In the case of Kengan Ashura, this means we get to look back at some of the best fights in the show. Everyone has their favorites, but here are our top 10 fights in Kengan Ashura season 1!

We are only going to be covering the fights in their anime depiction, so no manga. This will also encompass both parts one and two. That being said let’s see the best Kengan Ashura fights!

10. Rihito Vs Ohma

Ohma vs Lihito, Best Kengan Ashura Fights

It’s kind of fitting that one of the first fights in the series is the first fight to start off our top 10 list. This is where we really got to see what made Ohma special. Sure he did well against someone in the first episode but that was just a arm up compared to what we got here.

Fans got to see Ohma get pushed, at least a little, due to Rhitio’s own special abilities. We got to see the redirection abilities that were Ohma’s signature techniques and we got to see Rhitio’s razor’s edge which was really interesting.

9. Tournament Preliminaries

Best Kengan Ashura Fights

Moving on to a surprising entry on this list, but it is definitely one of the best fights in Kengan Ashura. This is the fight that happens on the boat, where they eliminate a large amount of the potenital torunament fighers.

This was a really unique fight in Kengan Ashura as it’s a free-for-all brawl between a ton of different characters. Obviously the focus is on Ohma but we also get to see Rhitio again as well as a few cameos of fighters we would get to see later in the season.

We also get to see Jerry Tyson and his really unique fighting style and we get a nice mini fight between him and Ohma, which is fun.

8. Cosmo Imai Vs Adam Dudley

Cosmo Vs Dudley, Top 10 Fights In Kengan Ashura

Cosmo Imai is a really popular character and he was set up pretty well in the earlier parts of the season, hanging around in the background of other characters fights. We also got to see a little bit of what makes him so dangerous during the fighters time on the cruise ship but fight is where we get to see him do his thing.

In this Kengan Ashura fight, fans learn about how much of a genius Cosmo is, especially when it comes to grappling, at first being able to handle his much larger opponent Adam Dudley.

That is until we get to see Adam’s true strength which is, his strength… He has such strong trunk muscles that he is able to hit harder than any one Cosmo has faced, which forces Cosmo to pull off a genius move last minute to take the win.

7. Kuroki Gensai Vs Rhitio

Gensai vs Rhitio, Top 10 Fights In Kengan Ashura

Moving on to the second time we get to see Rhitio in action and unfortunately, it goes even worse for him this time. Rihitio doesn’t know that he is going up against arguably the strongest fighter in all of Kengan Ashura.

Kuroki Gensai is one of the truest examples of a master martial artist that anyone will see in an anime. He’s strong but he mainly relies on his technique, which is basically a similar thing to Rhihtio’s razor’s edge but he had to work for it.

This fight is bloody and brutal and has to be one of the best fights in Kengan Ashura for that soul crushing ending.

6. Naoya Okubo Vs The Fang Of Metsudo

Fang vs Okubo, Fang Smile

This Kengan Ashura fight is the fight that we get to see what the Fang of Metsudo was all about. The Fang was hyped up early in the first part of the season as the strongest fighter in all of the Kengan matches and we get to see why.

The nice thing is that it wasn’t a stomp for the Fang, we actually got to see him struggle against his opponent ,the heavyweight king of MMA, Naoya Okubo.

5. Ohma Vs Sekibaiyashi

Ohma vs Sekibaiyashi

Now for a fight where we got to see Ohma’s secret move, the Advance. We also get to see the debut of Sekibaiyashi, the fan-favorite wrestler. We said that Ohma was pushed a little in the number 10 fight on this list, but it was nothing compared to what happened to ohma in this fight.

Sekibaiyashi showed off just how tough pro wrestlers are, not just in terms of being really strong, but also being able to take a ridiculous amount of punishment. Sekibaiyashi nearly took out Ohma with his finishing move, forcing Ohma to utilize the advance.

The advance is what helped keep Ohma in the fight and allowed him to land the finishing blow, which was an interesting way to we the fight.

4. Gaolang Wongsawat Vs Kaneda

Gaolang vs Kaneda

Kaneda was an interesting entrant in the tournament, taking the spot from Himuro, despite appearing like an ordinary man. This luck didn’t extend to his fight in the official Kengan tournament however, as he was matched up with the Thai God of War, Gaolang Wongsawat.

Gaolang is the fastest boxer probably ever, even at heavyweight but Kaneda is still able to see and react to his strikes when other high-level boxers couldn’t. Kaneda was actually able to gain Gaolang’s respect, forcing Gaolang to fight him with his full force. It goes the way that one would think this fight would go but it was still great to watch.

3. Sekibaiyashi Vs Kiozan

Sekibaiyashi vs Kiozan

If you ever wanted to see what would happen if a sumo wrestler and a pro wrestler clashed, this is the fight that gave you your answer. Taking the bronze medal on our list of top 10 fights in Kengan Ashura season 1 is the match between Sekibaiyashi and Kiozan.

Kiozan is an arrogant Sumo wrestler who’s fighting style is more like MMA than traditional Sumo, we also get to see Sekibaiyashi’s wrestling style in full force, with him jumping off of the ring in true pro wrestling fashion. We also get to see Sekibaiyashi’s toughness on true display as we see him take on Kiozan’s ultimate move, as well as just most of his strikes before winning the match.

2. Cosmo Imai Vs Seishu Akoya

Cosmo vs Akoya

The second place title for the top 10 fights in Kengan Ashura season 1 is the brutal match between Cosmo Imai and Akoya. Cosmo was coming into this fight with an already injured rib thanks to his fight with Adam Dudley. This means that Cosmo was already at a bigger disadavatnge than he would have been normally.

Cosmo also had to deal with Akoya cheating, on top of his already seemingly faster than light reflexes and immense power. This fight was brutal, especially after Akoya lost control of himself and just completely tried to torture Cosmo but it’s his arrogance that cost him his victory. Akoya’s unwillingness to let the fight end gave Cosmo the chance he needed to get the final hail mary submission that he needed.

1. Ohma Vs Raian

Ohma Vs Raian

Ohma Tokita vs Raian Kure takes the top spot on our list of top 10 fights in Kengan Ashura. This fight is basically a mirror match, with both fighters having very similar moves and techniques but with both choosing to stick to brute force for the majority of the match.

we also get to see the advance face off against the Kure’s release technique which is very similar. This fight also features a ton of character development, as Ohma has to truly embrace the Niko Style, his own Niko Style in order to defeat Raian Kure who was overpowering him in the beginning.

This fight was raw, powerful and brutal and showed great character development, what more could a battle anime fan ask for!

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