10+ POWERFUL Hunter x Hunter Quotes (Images)

Hunter X Hunter Quotes. Mereum Quotes. Power brings nothing but ruins. This could be the works of imbeciles. Quote The Anime.

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Is down one of the best anime ever created. So we had to make some anime quotes for all you Hunter x Hunter lovers. Here they are…

Biscuit Krueger Quotes

When I was making the picture for this quote, I realize that lying itself is such a crazy concept. So I started thinking about lying and if I do it myself, and I realized that I usually don’t have a habit of lying for no reason. But I do lie at times in order to save somebody else’s feelings, or to make someone else feel better okay. But then when I started thinking on a level deeper about people who would lie for no reason. I deduced that there is probably some sort of feeling of a challenge or accomplishment comes with convincing somebody of a lie even though you have no benefit or a reason for doing it.

Hunter X Hunter Quotes. Biscuit Krueger Quotes. 'There are liars who lie without a reason.' Quote The Anime.

Ging Freecss Quotes

Looking at this line from Ging, I realized the true meaning of an apology.

Hunter X Hunter Quotes. Ging Freecss Quotes. A apology is apromist to do things differnetly next time. Quote The Anime.

This used to be one of my favourite quotes from Hunter x Hunter. I believe he said this near the end of the anime itself to Gon.

You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Bevause that's where you'll find things more important than what you want. Ging Freecss Quotes.

Gon Freecss Quotes

This moment was amazing because it truly showed how aware Gon was of his weaknesses. Was completely aware of the fact that oh, he didn’t lose because of unfairness but he lost because he wasn’t good enough, and the only cure to that is to practice and train more.

Hunter X Hunter Quotes. Gon Freecss Quotes. Qualification isn't something we have to talk about. the who are not can train. Quote The Anime.

This fact that you can make somebody angry, and that will tell you a lot about that person was such a new lesson for me and such a crazy way and tactic that would actually work.

Hunter X Hunter Quotes. Gon Freecss Quotes. IF you want to get to know someone, find out what makes them angry.' Quote The Anime.

Hisoka Quotes

Funny because Hisoka is so correct in the fact that the people we love the most also causes the most frustration and confusion.

Hunter X Hunter Quotes. Hisoka Quotes. 'Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.' Quote The Anime.

Isaac Netero Quotes

One of the most motivating moments in the whole anime, in the heart that Netero rolled around with was unbelievable. He was not willing to give up even when he lost an arm, when he had lost a leg.

Hunter X Hunter Quotes. Netero Isaac Quotes. A prayer comes from the heart. You believe I cannot pray with a single arm.' Quote the Anime.

Killua Zoldyck Quotes

Many times in my life I have looked that to this quote to find the right answer for friendships several times.

Killua Zoldyck quotes. If I ignore a friend I ahve the ability to help wouldn't I be betraying him. Quote The Anime.

Kite Quotes

I didn’t get the deeper meaning in this phone back tight was trying to make. But I believe it went along the lines of having beliefs in yourself as a person. Because when you believe you’re a hunter, you are going to be able to capture prey.

Hunter X Hunter Quotes. Kite. Those who call themselves hunters always get their prey.' Quote The Anime.

Kurapika Quotes

It’s true because becoming successful or are getting a lot of recognition is one thing, but having nobody to share it with or talk to about it makes it really sad and less exciting.

Hunter X Hunter Quotes. Kurapika Quotes. Collectors always look for rarity and someone to brag about their collection. Quote The Anime.

Meruem Quotes

It’s so ironic that Miriam says this line, being so intelligent and extremely intellectual himself. Because his use of power brought ruin.

Hunter X Hunter Quotes. Mereum Quotes. Power brings nothing but ruins. This could be the works of imbeciles. Quote The Anime.

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