15+ POWERFUL Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun Quotes

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Quotes

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun is a supernatural mystery Anime with a great story and fire animation. The story follows a boy named Hanako Kun who claims to be one of the seven wonders of Kamome Academy. If someone wishes something from Hanako Kun, he can make it come true if it’s under his control. Nene Yashiro goes to the academy to make her love life come true. However, she didn’t expect the legend of Hanako Kun to be true.

Well, aside from the plot, we’ve compared a list of 15+ POWERFUL Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Quotes that you’ll love!

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Hanako-kun Quotes

Hanako’s powers are interesting! He can make something come true as long as it’s under his control. However, when Yashiro’s wish came true, Hanako Kun asked her to pay him with her body. But it turned out that wasn’t the case. Your brain is dirty!

Hanako Kun Quotes

Hanako Kun, one of the seventh wonders of his school, this guy is known to make people’s wishes come true. However, if that one thing that he asks for isn’t given to him, that’s where the trouble begins!

Hanako Kun Quotes

This quote is real! Toilet Bound Hanako Quotes has one of the most realistic quotes out of all the Anime I’ve watched. However, it makes sense that if there weren’t the limitations of life and death, people who never give up would be unstoppable.

Hanako Kun Quotes

Ops! I have no idea what this guy means. However, if something is outside your control, I think trying to control that might be troublesome. OH! And power beyond your ability will make you destroy things? Makes a lot of sense.

Hanako Kun Quotes

Such an atheist claim. LOL! Well, this is something every human has to experience. Let’s see how it goes, my fellow humans.

Hanako Kun Quotes

OPS! We can do anything in our lives. However, if you couldn’t do something in your life, how do you expect it to do after you die? That only makes sense though. Things are objects wouldn’t be the same, however, your ability to think will be the  same.

Hanako Kun Quotes

The cute Hanako-Kun is one of the seven wonders of the school. WOW. Totally makes sense to me. And what the heck is seventh of the seven wonders of the school?

Hanako Kun Quotes

Hmm. What would you choose if you could make one wish come true? However, the rebound would be the same. If you ask for something TOO high, you’d have to pay a fitting price.

Hanako Kun Quotes

Our world works in a weird way. In some aspects, we can cheat, however, in the world of this series, no one can cheat. Do you want anything? You gotta pay for it.

Hanako Kun Quotes

Kou Minamoto Quotes

Exactly! Like Eminem said. 

Be yourself, man. Be proud of who you are

Aww, the cute Kou! Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. That just makes him an even respectable person in the Anime.

Oh, there we go. Kou Minamoto, being the loyal friend he is, he doesn’t let anyone touch his friend!

Kou Quote

The sacrificial lamb, Kou Minamoto is ready! Oh boy, Kou could only think about all of his friends, and that’s why we love him.

Kou Quotes

Tsuchigomori Quotes

Everyone should be accountable for their decisions. If there’s no accountability, there’s no mirror for a person to see his rights and wrongs!

Tsuchigomori Quotes

Whoopsie! He couldn’t save his friend…

Tsuchigomori Quotes

Yashiro Quotes

HAHA! That’s how the whole mess started. Poor Yashiro just wanted her senpai to fall in love with her. However, this isn’t what she signed up for!

. Yashiro Quotes


We all love Hanako Kun! Or maybe not? Well, whatever the case is, I hope you enjoyed the list of POWERFUL Hanako Kun Quotes. What would you wish if Hanako Kun was real? Let us know in the description below.

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