TOP 10+ STRONGEST Noblesse Characters [Ranked] (HQ IMAGES)

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Even since the Webtoon release, fans have been itching to get the Anime adaption of Noblesse. It is one of the first Manhwas to get an Anime version. Sounds crazy, right? While the Manhwa has ended, Noblesse’s adaption hasn’t disappointed us. We got to see some of the most interesting and strongest characters.

Therefore, this blog post is all about the TOP 10+ STRONGEST Noblesse characters. From it’s powerful story to exquisite animation, a lot of fans loved Noblesse. On the flip side, its Manhwa adaption is popular for bringing the most diverse and unique characters. Our 25+ Noblesse characters will include Manhwa ones as well. So, Spoiler Alert, there, I said it.

A Quick Recap of The Story

The story follows  Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, aka Raizel or Rai, who has been sleeping for 820 years. In this era of technology, he wakes up in SOUTH KOREA! However, he instantly meets his past servant Frankenstein. As Frankenstein has been living for a long time, he teaches Rai all about the modern world.

Just a little bit into the story, we get to see that Raizel is also known as “The Noblesse,” in other words, an immortal race who have been living to protect the weak. 

With the story aside, we have a plethora of strong guys to look forward to. Moreover, the story never disappoints. Here are the 10+ Strongest Noblesse characters with HQ Images. ENJOY!!!

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Table of Contents

12. Gaitan - The Warewolf Warrior

Gaitan Strongest Noblesse Characters

The badass werewolf warrior was introduced in chapter 339 of the Manhwa series. His main role was to summon Lord Maduke who was the lord of all werewolves. However, Gaitan was surely one hell of a badass wolf himself. With that muscular build, he’s not only powerful, but his speed is on a whole other level. 

Gaitan is a merciless monster who has been fighting KSA Agents while using his overpowered abilities. After going through physical modification, this bad boy became even stronger. 


Gaitan’s main abilities reside in his wolf form. Once he transforms into his werewolf form, you can’t stop him from rampaging. But on the flip side, he’s less talkative and very careful with his actions. A rather lethal mixture, eh? 

Gaitan has marvelous physical abilities, impressive durability, and the instincts of a beast, making him one of the strongest Noblesse characters of all time.

11. Gayare - The Badass Werewolf

Gayare Strongest Noblesse Characters

Another werewolf on the list, Gayare is someone who served Maduke directly. No matter how you look at it, this guy is one of the strongest Noblesse characters of all time. And why is that? Well, let’s go.

Looking more like a monk, Gayare has a mustache with white eyes. His demeanor is enough to showcase what type of beast he can be. Serving Maduke, he has extraordinary faith in him, he never ceases to amaze us. On the flip side, Gayare has a deep hatred for human beings too. Well, I can’t complain here.

He thinks that humans are destructive and full of greed. Even while fighting M-21, he looked down on him due to the fact that M-21 is a human.

But the hypocrisy was on a whole other level. Let me quickly explain, why?


When Gayare thought that he had an enhancement cap, he readily accepted testing. At first, he easily beat M-21 and then Kentas. But after modification, he got a huge boost in physical abilities and speed. On the other hand, Gayare’s Aura is something that rivals that of a clan leader.

When it comes to manipulation, Gayare is very skilled. In the Manhwa, it was seen that he fire a powerful beam at M-21, leaving him almost dead!

10. Dr. Aris - The Kawaii Scientist (Maybe!)

If you were waiting for a cutie, Dr. Aris is here to fulfill your desires. But in the form of experimentations only! Dr. Aris was the brains behind the DA-5 experiment. Moreover, DA stands for Dr. Aris, of course. She’s also a union’s scientist and modified human, making her one of the most powerful Noblesse characters till this date.

With that beautiful face and cute body, Dr. Aris is behind all the human modifications. However, don’t mistake her for cuteness! Initially, everyone thought that she’s a regular girl. But she’s twisted to the core. Her experimenting persona is SCARY! “Cruel” is probably the ideal world for Dr. Aris at this point.


Dr. Aris has a couple of abilities that never cease to disappoint us. The Nano suit that covers her body is enough to give her enough destructive powers. On the other side, Dr. Aris can also absorb the life of modified humans, making her one of the strongest Noblesse characters of all time.

By consuming “D,” she can get as much as a 200% boost in her current abilities, making her not only a great scientist but a marvelous fighter too.

9. Yuri - The Badass Modified Human

Yuri Strongest Noblesse Characters

One of the coolest assassins that you’re even going to see is Yuri. He has been working his butt off, but at the same time, he serves Dr. Crombel. For those of you who have read the Manhwa, Crombel’s squad is excellent. 

At first, he was shown as Dr. Aris’ assistant. As an assistant, he was doing his job in the most exquisite way possible. He handled every affair that would hurt or change DA-5, making him one of the truest workers ever.

But at some point in the Manhwa, his true intents were revealed. Being a pawn of Dr. Crombel, he was just manipulating everyone. Yuri is one of those Anime characters who have the habit of correcting their glasses. COMPLETELY SUSPICIOUS!


Aura and Gas Manipulation are his most brutal yet strongest powers. Through his sheer aura, he can send beams that are easily able to destroy huge buildings and mountains. Sounds scary, right?

However, the Gas is used for manipulating people, and Yuri did an excellent job in fooling everyone. However, this is for sure, when Yuri is serious, he’s one of the strongest Noblesse characters in the series.

8. Tao - An Absolute Genius

Tao Strongest Noblesse Characters

For all the Tao fans, we won’t disappoint you. Tao is a rather capable ex-member of the DA-5, whose not only physically strong, but his real strength is his ability to think. He currently works under Raizel and Frankenstein. Not quite like he worked with DA-5 where it was all about pressure, he’s on the right line.

At some point in the Anime, he formed his own group featuring Takeo, M-21, and Frankenstein, so he’s not someone you can take for granted. Moving to his hacking abilities, he was easily able to extract any information he’s ever wanted in the series, making him one of the strongest Noblesse characters when it comes to brains.


First thing’s first, DAMN, THAT BRAIN OF HIS! Tao is a genius. And aside from him being a genius, we saw that he couldn’t be controlled by any type of mind control. Once he takes the “D,” his physical and mental capabilities are further enhanced.

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7. Mount - The Childish Werewolf

Mount Strongest Noblesse Characters

It seems like the Noblesse series has a lot of werewolves. Well, Mount is another badass under the command of Lord Maduke. Looking at that weird blue-color tall muscular guy, you can only say one thing. “RUN!!!” Well, Mount was introduced in Chapter 365, and his initial purpose was to invade Lukedonia.

Even though he was overpowered by Raizel, Mount is no joke. Those white trousers are just for joke purposes as Mount is one of the strongest Noblesse characters you might see. Even though he is super intelligent, his personality is more like a child. So, whenever he thinks there is a fight, Mount will just jump into the fight without thinking at all.


Being a werewolf, he’s already got so much power. However, Mount can transform into an even bigger body, giving him an overall look that is more like a wolf. Sounds pretty crazy, right?

6. Krano - The Fastest Werewolf

Krano Strongest Noblesse Character

Krano is another werewolf that blew everyone’s minds away. This guy stood head to head against Frankenstein and Rael. And we are talking about how he fought with them on more equal grounds. But unlike other werewolves, he’s got some interesting powers going on.

I mean, sure, by now, you must have an idea about how these werewolf species transform and become stronger. However, this guy stood head to head with Rael who’s known as the fastest clan leader ever. Even though he wasn’t as fast as Rael Kertia, we managed to see some serious action from him.

Moreover, after entering his evolved form, he was able to surpass Rael’s speed too. Can you believe that?


Becoming enhanced to the level where you can overpower a clan leader in his most prominent feat, is genius. Krano is something else. Moreover, he can also manipulate his aura, and as a result, he was able to shoot a beam from his own mouth. Impressive, right? That’s why Krano is one of the strongest Noblesse characters on our list.

5. Takeo - The Caring Modified Human


Takeo is another modified humans who care a lot about humans! This guy was enough to hold himself against Frankenstein, making him one of the strongest Noblesse characters on our list. But what does he excel in? Well, we are going to talk about his abilities in a little bit.

Being a part of the DA-5, he was threatened by Dr. Aris and was manipulated by taking his little sister hostage. Well, the sister never existed either! 


Talking about his powers, Takeo is a badass. He excels in long-range attacks, making him the ideal sniper on any team. Moreover, after he takes D, this guy becomes unbeatable. We got to see a lot of fights with Takeo never disappointing us!

4. M-21 - The Always Pissed of Modified Human


When M-21 was initially introduced, he was a badass right off the bat. In another experiment by Dr. Crombel, M-21 lost all of his previous memories. Most of the time, we see M-21 trying to find his true self. However, if we talk about his strengths, this guy is no slouch. Even though his experiment was failed, M-21’s real powers were awakened by Raizel, making him one of the strongest Noblesse characters of all time. Just like Takeo and Tao, he’s another member of RK that was made by Tao!

All the girls love M-21 due to his handsome face and big build. But that doesn’t mean he’s all for the show. Let’s talk about M-21’s true powers.


Werewolf modification is one of his most powerful abilities. When his power was first awakened by Raizel, he knew that he was something special. But there’s a catch. The power is so overwhelming that he loses his mind. Friends or enemies? He doesn’t remember. Moreover, M-21 can also use Aura Manipulation just like many other werewolves out there.


3. Regis K. Landegre

Regis is the clan leader of the Landegre clan in the webtoon series. If we compare it to Anime, the story was still in its infancy. However, we got to see how powerful Regis was. Destroying two members of the DA-5 at once, this guy is no joke. Regis is probably the most serious character in the series. Moreover, when it comes to protecting humans, Regis does his job as a Noble with pride.  

Even though he was constantly put into a tough position in the series, Regis never lost hope. To the end of the Anime series, he didn’t lose hope. This makes him one of the strongest Noblesse characters not just physically but mentally too.


Regasus is his soul weapon, and it is a large black lance that isn’t long but it’s thicker. Protecting his teammates by using this lance, Regis is surely amongst the powerful ones. However, he can also use mind control and telepathy. This was shown in the Anime series as well.

2. Frankenstein - The Noblesse Torturer


When we talk about Frankenstein, this guy leaves no stones unturned. In the past, Frankenstein used to be the main antagonist, making every noble suffer the pain. While some of the nobles used to torture humans, Frankenstein did an experiment and gave the same powers to himself. By using that overpowered ability, he used to torture and kill nobles. But that’s not even the full story. 

Well, stuff happened and he started working for Raizel. When Raizel went into sleep, Frankenstein discovered the human world as he became a Nobel himself. Frankenstein’s story is surely interesting. However, he is super overpowered, making him one of the strongest Noblesse characters to ever appear in the series.


Frankenstein’s soul weapon, also known as the Dark Spear is very powerful. By materializing his hands, Frankenstein’s powers increase dramatically. Moreover, Aura’s manipulation is another thing he excels in. An even bigger thing, once he made a pact with Raizel, he became overpowered to infinite extents, making him surely a powerful one.

1. Cadis Etrama Di Raizel - The Man Of The Series


Do I even need to start with Raizel? He’s the real Noblesse and the most powerful Noblesse character of all time. The hidden protector of everyone, this guy is the strongest Noblesse character of all time. The master of Frankenstein and the OP character of the series, he has been obliterating everyone at any time.

Waking up after 820 years, Raizel was still amidst finding his new norm in the technological world. Muzuka was his only friend who awakened Raizel from his slumber. So let’s talk about his abilities.


Where to even start! Raizel is everything. From Aura Manipulation to Great Physical Prowess, Telepathy to Telekinesis, Raizel is overpowered. I can easily say that no one was able to surpass Raziel in the series. Moreover, Raizel’s soul power has no materialized form either. Blood Affinity is another ability that gives him an edge over any other character in the series.


In conclusion, Raizel has the power to solo anyone! This was the list of Top 11+ STRONGEST Noblesse Characters of all time. I hope you enjoyed the list. With time, we are going to update our list. STAY TUNED!


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