15+ BEST Noblesse Quotes of ALL Time

best noblesse quotes
Noblesse is one of those awesome action Anime that everyone loves. With the recent wrap up of the first season, we got to action, awesome, and funny moments as well. But when it comes to the quotes, Noblesse is on a whole other level. We’ve been gathering Noblesse quotes while watching, and I think these quotes will help you a lot too. 
So, sit back and relax, maybe grab a cup of beer, cause this is going to be a fun one!

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17. Regis Manipulating Frankestein

Noblesse Quotes Regis

               “Forget Everything That Has Happened Here, And Everything I’ve Said”

Regis was one hell of a strong opponent for everyone. He tried to manipulate everyone. Even FRANKESTEIN! While we don’t know if the effect worked or not, my theory is that Frankenstein was playing along with Regis. Shake my head, this is too much drama that we can’t handle!

16. Frankenstein Questioning Regis

Noblesse Quotes Frankenstein

                      You Look As Though You’ve Been Through Something Unpleasant”

After Regis saw M-21 joining forces with the enemies, he instantly came back with a rather serious demeanor. Even though he wanted to his this sole fact, Frankenstein isn’t something you can easily fool. Therefore, this Noblesse quote is one of my personal favorite.

15. Shark Interrogating M-21

                                            “All You Need To Do Is Answer The Question!”

While interrogating M-21, Shark treated him like hell. M-21 wasn’t someone who could be controlled by anyone though. However, Shark wasn’t too shabby either. He knows that anything can be done if you emotionally blackmail your enemies. This Noblesse quote might not make a lot of sense. But when you watch the episode itself, you’ll be shaking!

14. M-21's Big Brain

Noblesse Quotes M-21

                                     “Am I The Only Source Of Information They Have?”

After being interrogated by Shark, M-21 had some doubts in his mind. He thought of himself that if he’s the only source of information they have. And instantly, M-21’s brain lit! He played them into making them doing chores like bringing him food and water. This pissed everyone off. This Noblesse quote indicates that no one should play mind games with M-21. He’s fire.

13. Takeo Sympathizing With M-21

Takeo Noblesse Quotes

                              “I Just Don’t Like Seeing A Fellow Agent Treated Like This”

Takeo is someone pure! Even though he was M-21’s enemy, he instantly felt pain and told Shark to stop treating him like shit. This Noblesse quote was an epic one. Takeo just couldn’t see his comrade getting treated like that. Wow!

12. Krantz Scolding Shark

Krantz Noblesse Quotes

                               “When Did You Earn The Right To Criticise My Decisions?”

Krantz is the leader of DA-5. In this Noblesse Quote, we can see him telling Shark about his worth. As Shark was being full of himself and he tried to oppose Krantz, things got a little out of hand. Krantz was intimidating initially, and I thought to myself, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DUDE?”

11. Shinwoo's Love For Seira


                         “Just Because I Like Her Doesn’t Mean She Has To Like Me Back”

Shinwoo’s love for Seira was on a whole other level. After a full day of failed proposal, Shinwoo lost all the hope and this Noblesse quote indicates that.

10. Gejutel's Hatred For Frankenstein


“You’re Still The Madman Who Slaughtered Many Of Us Nobles In Lukedonia Long Ago”

Gejutel talking to Frankenstein and thinking about the past, he still didn’t forgive him. This Noblesse quote is so scary!

9. Frankenstein's Hatred Towards Nobles

Frank Noblesse Quotes

       “With This Power, I Will Prove That Humans Aren’t As Weak As Nobles Think!”

Frankenstein never liked Nobles. In fact, the sole purpose he became this powerful was to beat Nobles and make them realize that humans aren’t worthless.

8. Rozaria vs Seira

8. Rozaria

                               “You Have No Intention Of Asking The Lord’s Forgiveness?”

Rozaria was super loyal with the current Lord. So when it comes to Seira, she tried her best to convince Seira. But at the end, Seira wasn’t in the mood to ask for forgiveness.

7. Karias vs Regis

Karias Noblesse Quotes

                                                 “If You’re So Determined, Then Get Past Me!”

Seems like a death threat, eh? Maybe because it really was! Karias vs Regis was more of an emotional battle. 

6. Rael FInally Snapped

“I’m Not Going To Leave A Single Speck Of You Behind!”

Rael was such a badass throughout the series. To think that this guy would snap. DAMN!

5. Takeo's Mental Breakdown

“What Am I Supposed To Live For?”

After finding out that the sole reason he was living wasn’t real, poor Takeo got a serious mental breakdown.

4. Raizel Praising M-21

                  “M-21, You’re Not Weak. I Sense A Great Power Resting Within You”

I knew that M-21 was special. Even the GOAT Raizel praised him by telling him that don’t be sad. You got this.

3. Tao x Ikhan

                           “Guess We Met Up Again Sooner Than Either Of Us Expected”

The bromance between Tao and Ikhan was on a whole other level. I dig that.

2. Regis Pride - NEVER HURT IT!


    “I Could Never Face The People Who Risked Their Lives Fighting To Get Me To Him”

When it comes to Regis, DON’T HURT HIS PRIDE!

1. Raizel Being a Minimalist

“The sky, The Forest. The Earth. Everything is visible from this window. This is all I need. However, I do like tea that you make.”

Raizel is a man of culture. Minimalist!

I hope you liked all these Noblesse quotes. The Anime is over and we can’t wait for the second season. LET’S GO!


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