TOP 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters

top 10 strongest fairy tail characters


Fairy Tail is without a doubt one of the most popular anime. Not only the exciting storyline makes it so good, but also the strong characters. Therefore I’ve decided to make a list of the strongest Fairy Tail characters. Keep in mind that my opinion plays a role in this ranking and thus it can vary from what you believe the strongest Fairy Tail characters are. Nevertheless I try to make the ranking as good as possible.

10. Gray

Gray’s magic abilities are about ice. With “Ice-Make” he is able to create and shape ice into nearly every object. These objects he can use to help him attack his opponents or to defend him. However his true strength comes from the “Ice Devil Slayer Magic”. This magic is specifically designed to kill demons but can also be used against any other opponents. The Ice Devil Slayer Magic increases Gray’s abilities and magical strength multiple times making him way more stronger than in his normal form. With said magic Gray is for example able to freeze everything within a certain radius with little to no effort.

Gray strongest fairy tail character

9. Erza

Alongside Gildarts she is one of the S-Class mages of the Fairy Tail Guild and former Guild Master (seventh Guild Master). She is also known under the name Titania. With her ability “Requip: The Knight” she can swap weapons and armour whenever she wishes to. The different types of weapons and armour grant her different types of abilities letting her adapt to every opponent and every surrounding very well. From her equipment she can choose from over 200 types of weapons and over 100 types of armour. In addition to said mighty ability she also has immense endurance and durability. She had shown her incredible will to fight and to never surrender against several opponents. For example, in the fight against Irene, she was still able to attack her after stopping an entire meteor from reaching earth.

Erza strongest fairy tail character

8. Gildarts

Gildarts Clive is an S-Class mage of the Fairy Tail Guild and former Guild Master (fifth Guild Master). He is famous for his destructive abilities. With the Caster Magic “Crush” he is able to pulverize everything into small pieces; even an opponent’s magic spell. Putting that aside he is also a master when it comes to Hand-in-Hand combat. His strength was shown when he was able to put up a good fight against August.

Gildarts strongest fairy tail character

7. Celestial Spirit King

Although he seems often not to be considered as one of the strongest Fairy Tail characters, he clearly deserves a place in this list. He put up a good fight against Mard Geer, the second strongest demon created by Zeref. As king of the celestial world he is obviously the strongest of all celestial spirits. He is able to use varying strong techniques such as “Meteor Blade” or “Galaxia Blade”. With Meteor Blade he can slash through nearly every object and Galaxia Blade grants him the ability to remove curses. As a Celestial Spirit he is also immortal. You have to consider that the Celestial Spirit’s powers are linked to the condition of the summoner. When the Celestial Spirit King fought with Mard Geer Lucy was already immensely  weakened and in a very bad condition. Yet the Celestial Spirit King was still able to put a good fight against Zeref’s second strongest demon. Now imagine how the fight would have ended if Lucy had been at full-strength.

Celestial spirit king strongest fairy tail character

6. Irene Belserion

Irene is the mother of Erza Scarlet and also the creator of Dragon Slayer Magic, the magic known to compete against the strength of entire dragons. She can use “Universe One”, a magic spell which alternates entire landscapes. While this magic isn’t specifically used to defeat an opponent it shows the incredible magical power and strength of Irene. Furthermore she can transform into a dragon giving her even more physical strength and magical power. Irene is also known as being the strongest Enchantment-Mage. With her incredible enchantment abilities and in her dragon form she is able to use “Deus Sema”, a spell which sends an entire meteor down to earth.

Irene strongest fairy tail character

5. August

He is the son of Mavis and Zeref. He already had enormous magical power when he was born due to being the child of Mavis and Zeref. He was able to copy nearly every form of magic. Thus he was able to nullify the opponent’s magical attacks without putting any real effort into it. He can also activate his battle form, granting him even more immense physical strength and magical power than he already had. He is able to use the ancient spell “Ars Magia” which has the power to destroy an entire country and obliterate everything in its environment.

August strongest fairy tail character

4. Zeref

Certainly one of the most dangerous and skilled magicians. Even at an early age he was able to master most forms of Dark Magic. The God Ankhseram, who rules over life and death, put the “Contradictory Curse” over Zeref. That curse made Zeref even stronger than he already was and also gave him near-immortality. When he induced Fairy Heart he attained his strongest and probably final form. With Fairy Heart induced he had the ability to control time and space. Said ability is actually strong enough to compete against the strongest opponents but additional to that he gained also infinite magic power. Zeref is without a doubt one of the strongest Fairy Tail characters but due to Natsu defeating him I had to put him one rank under Natsu.

Zeref strongest fairy tail character

3. Natsu

The protagonist of the series: Natsu Dragneel. At the beginning of the series he seemed rather weak in comparison to other anime protagonists. But as the series went on he became stronger and stronger. The reason I put Natsu before Zeref was that he was the one who defeated Zeref. He used the technique “raging flame of emotions”. It’s up for discussion if he is really stronger than Zeref or defeated him because of reasons regarding the plot. In his E.N.D form he would most likely be able to even kill Zeref as Zeref stated himself that E.N.D was created to kill him. In addition to Natsu’s fighting spirit and immense strength as a dragon slayer he is also capable of receiving another dragon slayer’s element making him even stronger. Furthermore he can enter the “Dragon Force” mode or the “Fire Dragon King” mode. Both extremely dangerous and powerful techniques.

Natsu strongest fairy tail character
Natsu Wallpaper, Fairy Tail Wallpaper, Natsu quote. 'Happiness is yours to make. That's what family is all about.'

2. Igneel

Also known as “The Fire Dragon King”. He was able to rip off one arm of Acnologia. Keep in mind that at the time he managed to rip off one of Acnologia’s arms he was probably at his weakest form. Now imagine how the battle would have ended if he had been in his prime. I’m sure that a fight between Acnologia and Igneel (at his prime) would at least result in a stalemate. It is not much known about Igneel or his abilities but the fact that he was able to rip off one of Acnologia’s arms at his probably weakest form proves that he is one of the strongest Fairy Tail characters.

Igneel strongest fairy tail character

1. Acnologia

He was once a human with normal (dragon) healing abilities. But after some dragons destroyed his city, murdered his family and also all of his friends he decided to kill all dragons. Later he became known as “The Black Dragon” or “The Dragon King”. The Dragon King fulfilled his wish and eradicated nearly all dragons what lead to turning himself into a dragon thus earning said name. The fact alone that he himself extinguished almost all dragons shows his immense strength and power. In addition to that he is immune against almost all forms of magic since he is capable of eating magic itself. So in order to damage him you’d need to rely on physical strength. Even Zeref stated on different occasions that he most likely wouldn’t be able to defeat Acnologia.

Acnologia strongest fairy tail character

Honorable mentions


He is an S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail and without a doubt one of the strongest members in the guild. As a second generation dragon slayer he possesses great strength combined with high magical reserves. Furthermore he has an enormous amount of endurance as we saw in the fight against Tempester and Wall Eehto.

Laxus strongest fairy tail character


Although his dark past he managed to change to the good. Since then he dedicated himself to hunt down dark mages or criminals. He is capable of using various forms of magic techniques. But his main technique is “Heavenly Body Magic”. Said magical ability is mainly about astronomical objects, for example meteors. With his spell “Sema” he managed to defeat four members of Oracion Seis.  

Jellal strongest fairy tail character

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