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Solo Leveling as a series is well known for its antagonists and bosses. We aren’t just talking about their cool abilities or power levels but everything that goes with that such as their design, atmosphere etc. The Statue Of God in Solo Leveling definitely fits the bill as one of Manhwa’s most interesting dungeon bosses.

Thankfully, this statue isn’t a huge part of the show. He is only really actively involved for two arcs of the story. Still. In those two arcs he does show a frightening amount of presence for something that never says even one word. From its actions we have made a list of some of its key traits that every fan of Solo Leveling should be familiar with.

Statue of god

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Statue of God

The Statue Of God is one of the most visually striking enemies in all of Solo Leveling. He is a giant stone statue, much like all the other ones in his chamber. There are two big differences though: He is on a king’s pedestal, looking over everyone else. He is also massive, making everything else pale in comparison.

 When awake, his eyes light up red and his lips peel back to show a row of sharp teeth. His smile is sinister and terror inducing, enough to make the hunters who first saw him quake in fear. Finally, his design is rounded out with a large circular hat. Going by design alone, everything is designed to make him stand out from all the other statues in his chamber.

Statue of God

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statue of god

There are a few things about the Statue Of God that make even his personality stand out from all the other bosses in the series. He is very sadistic, seeming to take pleasure from how much stronger he is than the hunters that come to fight him. He seemed to actively toy with them, his creepy smile, a testament to the joy he was feeling. When one of the hunters tried to pray to him in an incorrect way, he seemed to take even more pleasure in letting him think he was safe for a second before trampling him. (Chapter 6)

In contrast to this, he also seemed to have a strange sense of honor. When first encountered, he stopped chasing after the hunters who followed the directions for the dungeon properly and stood still, even though he could have easily killed all of them as well. He did this again when all the hunters had to hide in front of the correct statue, thus proving he had some sense of honor.

 In their second encounter, he seemed to be happy to see Jinwoo again and have a proper fight.

Strengths and Skills

Physical Power

The Statue Of God is shown as being one of the strongest opponents Jin-Woo ever ends up facing. Despite being shown in the first arc, he is still relevant even halfway through the series. This is because he has a set of powers that would make him all but impossible for anyone but our favorite Shadow Monarch to deal with.

The statue is shown to have immense power. Just his walking was enough to make his arena shake and create craters on the ground. He was easily able to trample over hunters, who are already many times more durable than average humans. It is likely he is even stronger, potentially being able to trample A or even S rank hunters.

statue of god


He is shown to be extremely durable. Hunters of a lower level are not even able to damage him with their attacks. Even Jinwoo who was easily the one of the strongest in the world at that point could not use his Demon King Daggers to damage him much. It is unlikely that even normal S rank hunters would be able to damage his thick skin with their strongest attacks.


The statue is shown to be able to use lasers from his eyes. These lasers are insanely fast to the point where the average hunter has no chance of dodging or even detecting them. Jinwoo only managed to dodge them preemptively. More than that, their destructive power is enough to vaporize a hunter, leaving no proof he was ever even there to begin with (Chapter 5).


architect solo levelling

The Architect

Although it initially appears that the Statue Of God is the boss of his own dungeon, we later learn that it isn’t the case. The Statue Of God is actually The Architect’s masterpiece, designed more as a test. Only by killing his masterpiece would one be worth his time. It is not likely that many hunters besides Jinwoo would ever even be able to accomplish this much.


  1. Although we don’t know his exact height, the Statue Of God is likely in contention for one of the largest opponents Jin-Woo ever faces.
  2. He is classified as an S rank but he is likely much stronger. Even the smaller statues gave S rank hunters trouble, and the Statue Of God is many times stronger than they are. It is questionable if even a National Level hunter would be able to handle him.
  3. The Statue Of God does not have a soul but despite that was shown to have a strange kind of personality. How this is possible is unclear.


statue of god solo levelling

Jinwoo first encounters the statue during the first arc of Solo Leveling. In this arc, the hunters discover a dungeon hidden inside another dungeon and go to explore it (Chapter 2).

The boss room is at the end of a long tunnel. The boss room is immense with formidable looking statues everywhere. Even there, the Statue Of God is at the center, somehow making the giant room look small. The arc starts off with a much bigger focus on the smaller statues however the Statue Of God is always a looming presence in the back of everyone’s minds. Aptly, one phrase that often gets brought out is that the statue looks ‘Godlike’. This imagery is only highlighted later on when the rules of the dungeon instruct the hunters to bow.

 When the Statue finally activates it is clear he is a being that not even S rank hunters would be able to handle. None of the hunters even think of trying to take him on directly, instead, trying to use the rules of the dungeon to make him show mercy on them. The few hunters that try to defy the rules of the dungeon are killed effortlessly, either by the smaller statues or by the Statue Of God.

The second time we see him is when the Architect calls on Jinwoo through the system. Here, Jinwoo has to fight all the statues created by the architect, of which the Statue Of God is his masterpiece. The Statue Of God proves a much harder fight than all of the other smaller statues combined and it takes a long battle of endurance to finally end up bringing him down (Chapter 126). This fight tires out Jinwoo, who now has to fight the even stronger Architect.

Final Verdict

In Conclusion, the Statue Of God stands out as being one of the most interesting characters in Solo Leveling. This is all despite the fact that he never says a word. That goes to show how well thought out he was.


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