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Solo leveling is one of the most popular manhwas in the industry. It has a great set of characters and an amazing storyline. The art style is also great, probably one of the best.

Beru is one of the supporting characters who appears quite late in the manhwa. He is the strongest shadow in Sung Jin Woo’s shadow army. Jin Woo extracted his shadow during the Jeju Island Arc. Beru is also known as the Ant King.

beru solo leveling

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Beru only has one appearance in the manhwa. His design is pretty cool and looks intimidating.

Beru, despite being an insect, has a humanoid form. He is Jin-Woo’s shadow, as he is a part of Jin-Woo’s shadow army. He, like other shadows, has a purple fluorescence and neon-colored eyes. His claws are also pretty sharp. He also has wings that grant him the ability to fly.


Beru. Solo Leveling

Gang information


General Grade (Past)
Marshal Grade (Present)

Positions in Anime

Jin Sung-Woo’s Shadow

Character Info


Ant King




Immense Physical Prowess
Paralysis Poison
Size Manipulation
Healing Magic


Appearances in ANIME


Beru Personality

Beru is very respectful towards his master Jin Woo. He usually fears no one, however, Jin Woo is the only one he fears and obeys.

Beru was made to kill as we can see from his skills. He has sharp claws and pretty sharp senses. He is quite powerful and has a clear lust for battle. He is ready to kill whenever he is given the opportunity. Jin Woo, being his master, knows this and has even called Beru a killing Machine seeing his ability to kill. He is a very dangerous opponent in battle owing to his sharp senses. He closely analyzes his opponents and attacks the fragile points. He does not cease unless Jin Woo orders him.

Despite being a killing machine, he has a softer side to him. He is quite fond of Korean period Dramas and watches them from time to time, mostly when he is guarding Jin-Ah. This habit clearly shows in his speech abilities as he is starting to sound more like historic Korean people.

Strengths and Skills

Physical Strength

Beru has been called a Killing Machine by Jin-Woo as his abilities are Tailor-made to kill. Even Before his death, he was the Ant King (Strongest Ant). Currently, he is the most powerful soldier in Jin Woo’s shadow army. He was also able to defeat Japan’s strongest hunter Goto Ryuji.

Beru is immensely strong. He was also able to destroy Hunter Cha Hae In’s sword easily. He was also able to withstand Jin Woo’s punch during the test fight.


Beru Conversation


When Beru’s shadow was extracted, Jin Woo was surprised to see that he could talk. Though his speech is mostly in ancient Korean as he watches a lot of History Korean Dramas.

Beru Regenerative Abilities


The ability to regenerate like other shadow soldiers. Though his regeneration abilities depend on Jin Woo’s mana.

Beru Gluttony


Gluttony is one of the most epic abilities actionable to steal the abilities and powers of those he devours.

Beru Flight


Beru has wings that grant him great agility and flight.

Beru Size

Size Manipulation

Beru can immensely elevate his strength. However, he has to degrade his agility by increasing the size of his body. Vice versa he can increase his agility by reducing the size of his body.

Beru Poison Resistance

Poison Paralysis

Beru ate a cone snail that granted him the ability to spit poison. As Beru has much greater mana than a cone snail, the poison is also more powerful.


Beru consumed Min-Byung-Gyu’s head during the Jeju island Raid that gave him healing abilities.


Jeju Island Arc

Jeju Island

Beru was introduced during the Jeju Island Arc as the Ant King. He was stronger than all of the S-Rank hunters of Japan and Korea combined. He was easily able to kill the strongest Japanese hunter Goto Ryuji. If not for Sung Jin-Woo, all of the hunters would have died there. After killing him, Jin-Woo extracted his shadow. However, Jin Woo was surprised to see that he could speak. Jin Woo speculated that it was because of his rank. Following this, Jin-Woo gave him a name, Beru. Jin Woo then ordered him to slaughter all the remaining ants on the Island. Manga Chapter 107

Hunter Guild Arc

Ah-Jin Guild Arc

When Sung Jin-Woo started his guild, Hunter Cha Hae In wanted to join him. Jin Woo decided to conduct a test to ascertain her abilities. Incipiently, he did not want to send Beru, as he thought it would be traumatizing for her. But after she easily beat Igris and demanded to fight Beru, he had no choice. Beru was instructed to go easy and try to beat her without hurting her. Beru tried his best to make her withdraw by easily avoiding all her moves. After some time, he got irritated and broke her sword into pieces in hopes that she would submit. However, Hunter Cha was quite determined and still fought back. She used her skill to impale his back. Manga Chapter 114

This was unfortunate as Beru’s inner Program started to see her as a danger to Jin Woo. He lost control and attacked Hunter Cha with all his might. Luckily, Jin Woo was there to save the day. He grabbed him before he could attack her. Beru quickly realized his mistake and requested Jin Woo to forgive him. Manga Chapter 114

A few days later, Jin-Woo set off with the Knights Guild for a raid. It was an exceptionally strong A-Rank Gate that appeared in Busan. Soon after the raid started, Sung Jin-Woo received a signal from one of the shadow soldiers he had ordered to protect Jin-Ah. He realized that Jin-ah must be in danger. So, he left the dungeon, leaving it in the hands of Beru. Manga Chapter 119

The hunters from Knights Guild were quite scared of Beru. However, Beru was not affected by any of it as he leads the raid and starts slaughtering monsters with relative ease. It was a one-sided massacre.

The boss of this dungeon was an Arch lich. The Arch lich seeing Beru realized that he was part of the shadow army. He asked him why they were attacking him and his soldiers. Beru bragged and said that they were chosen by the King himself, however, they were not. Arch lich did not go by this answer and said that he wanted to talk with the King.

Arch lich was about to attack them but Beru killed him before that, ripping his heart. He mocked him for talking too much. As the Arch lich died, all his soldiers also vanished. Manga Chapter 121

Double Dungeon Arc

Double Dungeon

Shortly after the incident with Jin-Ah, Jin-Woo asked Beru to guard Jin-Ah as she was really troubled. Beru used this chance to watch Korean History Dramas. He did not know that Jin Woo could monitor him using his Shadow Preservation Skill. This resulted in him developing a historic tongue.

After his fight with the architect, Sung Jin-Woo called for Beru to talk with him. As Jin Woo had monitored him using his skill and knew that Beru was watching dramas, he reprimanded him for not taking his job seriously. Beru begged Jin Woo and promised never to repeat the mistake. Jin Woo then asked Beru about how Jin-Ah was doing. He replied that she was sleeping most of the time.

Japan Crisis Arc

Japan Crisis Jin-Woo Arc

Japan was already in great trouble as most of the S-Rank hunters died during the Jeju Island raid. On top of that, an S-Rank gate appeared there that put them into greater chaos. Jin Woo was asked to take care of it. When Jin Woo arrived in Shinjuku, he released Beru and other shadow soldiers to take care of giants. Beru was allowed to go on his own. He killed the giants with relative ease. After killing all the monsters in Shinjuku, they arrived in Tokyo. Beru assisted Jin Woo in killing the Huge Giant guarding the gate. He entered the Giant’s body and destroyed it from inside. Manga Chapter 136

Internation Guild Conference Arc

International Guild Conference

As Sung Jin Woo was in America to attend the International Guild Meeting, Beru was once again tasked to guard Jin-Ah and his mother. The fight between Jin Woo and Thomas Andre was broadcasted live. Beru saw the Television and noticed that Jin Woo was quite furious. Manga Chapter 144

After his triumph against Thomas Jin-WooJin Woo exchanged positions with Beru. Beru then healed the wounded Jin-Ho, who was brutally injured by Hwang Dong Su. Manga Chapter 147

Monarchs Arc

Monarchs Arc

Jin Woo got into a brief fight with the Frost Monarch, who had attacked Chairman Go Gun Hee. Following the fight, Jin-Woo went to Go Gun Hee’s office only to see that he was heavily bleeding. Jin Woo called Beru to heal him. But his injuries were too grave and couldn’t be healed. Go Gun Hee then thanked Jin Woo for rushing to save him and tending to his wounds. These were the parting words of Go Gun Hee. Manga Chapter 151

After the International Guild Conference, Jin Woo started raiding A-Rank Gates alone in an attempt to level up more. Due to this, Beru also leveled up from Commander to Marshal Grade.

Suddenly, a huge gate appeared above Seoul. Seeing this, Jin-Woo decided to test Beru’s skills, as he wanted to test if he could fight against the Frost Monarch alone. However, Jin Woo was left disappointed in the end. Although Beru tried his best still, Jin Woo was able to beat him with a single blow. Manga Chapter 154


Solo Leveling

Sung Jin-Woo


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