17+ Powerful Rising of the Shield Hero Quotes (Wallpaper)

naofumi iwatani quote- rising of the shield hero-I've gained more important things thanks to becoming the shield hero. Wherever the waves go I’ll go with my friends.

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Quotes/The Rising of the Shield Hero

Quick show Summary/Review: The Rising of the Shield Hero is actually a web novel originally. This series, had a crazy twist right off the bat. I won’t spoil it for you but, it hooked me. Hence why I decided to find the best anime quotes in it. Then it was made into a Manga series after by Aiya Kyū and after which published by Media Factory.

The story starts as the main character gets summoned into a parallel universe. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I personally haven’t been a fan of a parallel universe sort of anime before this anyway. But to my surprise, now after watching anime have become a believer. I would like to compare this to another anime, but I really can’t think of one that is actually similar. There are three other people that are summoned into this new world with him.. BUT! they’re all summoned as Heroes! The only thing is Naofumi – the main character is given the weakest weapon of the 4 heroes–a measly shield.


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So without further ado here are some anime quotes from the Rising of the Shield Hero…

Best Rising of the Shield Hero Quotes


Fitoria Quotes

Naofumi Quotes

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Raphtalia Quotes

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Fitoria Quotes:

1. This was a very crucial moment I believe, where Fitoria (finally someone) layed it down for Naofumi, and that he shouldn’t let such mistreatment slide. It was nice to see, even for myself and my personal life to be honest.

~Fitoria Queen (Season 1, Episode 17)

fitoria quote- rising of the shield hero quote-If you dont tell them they're wrong. You're admitting your guilt.

2. “That won’t solve a thing. Talk it out. As much as humans and demi-humans might hate each other, it is unacceptable for heroes to be fighting.”

~Fitoria Queen to Naofumi  (Season 1, Episode 16, 18:30)

fitoria quote- rising of the shield hero quote-That won't solve a thing. Talk it out. It is unacceptable for heroes to be fighting.

Naofumi Iwatani Quotes:

(岩谷尚文 Iwatani Naofumi

1. This was such a great moment for Naofumi. I think it signifies a lot about how we actually live life. It relates to our life because we, in life have certain challenges and circumstances that make the current moments seem miserable. But after the storm passes, we realize how crucial that obstacle in itself was to our improvement, and necessary for our growth. This was that moment of realization for Naofumi.

~Naofumi Iwatani To himself, (Season 1, Episode 21, 22:59)

naofumi iwatani quote- rising of the shield hero-I've gained more important things thanks to becoming the shield hero.  Wherever the waves go I’ll go with my friends.

2. This one’s great, because sometimes I believe, things or people specifically just aren’t supporting you. I’ve experienced this as part of working with a team. If you’ve been in university and had a school project. If you’ve been part of a school group of some sort, you’ve come across this situation, where you just have to get things done yourself.

~Naofumi Iwatani

sjield hero quotes- naofumisquotes- shall handle the waves my way then. Get off me already.”~Naofumi Iwatani

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3. This was such a heart-warming moment. I know girls and guys around the world were sobbing for Raphtalia when NAofumi said this to her. LOL… Her reaction was priceless.

~Naofumi Iwatani

shield hero - naofumi - compared to you a gold ocin means nothing

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4. This was such a good line. I couldn’t believe the audacity of people, and the way they were treating him. I was out of words, and when he said this line. I knew this would be an anime quote for people for life. What a line. Complete vulnerability with the “I’m weak” part, but also showing that he didn’t have time to talk to people like them who disrespected him.

~Naofumi Iwatani

shield hero - naofumi -im really weak you see i dont have a second to waste

5. “Listen Raphtalia. Take that thing out here and now. If you fight and make me stronger, we can fend off the waves of Catastrophe and prevent that tragedy from reoccurring. Your parents won’t ever come back. But we can prevent other kids from going through what you did.
And all I’m capable of is making sure you can fight as best you can!
Now Raphtalia! Stab it with your sword!”

~Naofumi Iwatani

shield hero - naofumi - your parents wont ever come back

6. This is a key moment. and I believe there is no bigger motivation than protecting other people. At some point, I’ve realized in life, we just had to take the loss and admit our shortcomings. I realized the other day, that till I admit, I am not good at something. I can’t begin the process of actually moving forward and starting to improve it. I’ve a had a similar moment to this in my life more than once, which is why I relate to this more than most of the shield hero quotes.

~Naofumi Iwatani to himself.

naofumi i have to grow stronger and i'll protect them

7. “I’d rather have money than words.”

~Naofumi Iwatani

naofumi I'd rather have money than words

8. “Didn’t I swear to protect Raphtalia, Filo, And all the villagers?” Shield Prison!!!”

~Naofumi Iwatani

shield hero - naofumi - didnt i swear to protect raphtalia filo and all the villager shield prisonnn

9.. “Abandoning her and running away is an option. But she believed in me.
I …don’t want to betray someone who placed their trust in me.
I did make her a promise.”

~Naofumi Iwatani

don't want to betray someone who trusts me-naofumi

10. Melty: “Why did you come?”
Naofumi: “Because I’ve never heard of a hero who abandons a child to run away.”
Melty: “Now you’ve wasted all my efforts. But thanks..”

shield hero - naofumi - ive never heard of a hero who abandons a child ot run away

11. “This is what you wanted right? You can shove it up your ass.”

~Naofumi Iwatani

This is what you wanted right? You can shove it up your ass.”~Naofumi Iwatani

12. This was a heart shattering moment. Put your hand up if you remember the savegery, and disgracefullness all the heroes, and the king, and Malty were treating him. It was such a sad moment.

~Naofumi Iwatani to himself about everyone

shield hero - naofumi - because im' the shield hero they're trying to knock me down

13. This such a deep realization to me, because it reminds me of times in life, where I think something like revenge in m moments of anger or upset, is something that would make me feel better once I’ve avenged whatever it is I’m trying to. But in the end we realize how hollow revenge or something like that really would feel.

~Naofumi Iwatani to himself about, when Malty and her Father the King were being proven as guilty in front of everyone. (Season 1, Episode 21, 14:41)

naofumi quote- my name was being cleared and yet my heart didn't feel the least bit lighter.

Raphtalia Quotes:

(ラフタリア Rafutaria)

1. “Naofumi Sama.. You won’t leave me, right?
I can’t imagine a world without you.”

~Raphtalia to Naofumi (Episode 22, 22:05)

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2. Raphtalia just knows how to touch the strings of the heart doesn’t she?”

3. I have always honestly, and seriously would love for someone to say that to me. Thankfully, I have a girlfriend who I believe actually would say this to me if the moment arises. Or we’ll see if she actually does when the moment arises.. Wouldn’t you want someone like that too?


shield hero - raphtalia - even if you cant trust anyone anymore i will trust you

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4. She’s so cute!!! lol. that’s all i have to say for this one. I want to be needed by someone like she needs naofumi lol.


shield hero - raphtalia -I mean sure I’m still an unreliable kid who cries at the drop of a hat.

5. Don’t you want someone to say this line to you?


raphtalia quote-“I am your sword, I’ll follow you through fire and brimstone. I’ll remain by your side until the very end.”=rising of the shield hero quote

6. “What the hell are you people standing around for?
Naofumi-sama is fighting in our place!
That’s right, if only I weren’t so useless..
If i only were stronger…
I wouldn’t have to put him through this.
You have the power, so why won’t you fight?
How can you call yourselves the world’s heroes like that?!”


shield hero - raphtalia - That’s right, if only I weren’t so useless..

7. Raphtalia said this at an amazing moment. when Naofumi was filled with rage, and was completely out of it, in his rage mode. If it wasn’t for this line, Naofumi could’ve been lost in his rage mode, and it could’ve probably taken over him.


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raphtalia wallpaper-rising of the shield hero wallpaper, I believe in you..

More Shield Hero Quotes:

“Dad said I should keep smiling in hard times.”
Always keep smiling. And smile even more in hard times.
“You must smile and help everyone around you smile, too.”

~Raphtalia (Season 1, Episode 15, 7:16)

“If words won’t get through to them we’ll have to fight.”

~Ren Amaki (sword hero) (Season 1, Episode 19, 13:12)

“Accepting everything someone says blindly without thinking for yourself.. Is completely different from trusting them. If you’d used your brain even a little, things wouldn’t have come to this.”

~Naofumi to Motoyasu (spear hero) (Season 1, Episode 19, 14:36)

“Don’t get the wrong idea. I haven’t forgiven you. But… I did make Fitoria a promise.”

~Naofumi to the other Heroes (Season 1, Episode 19, 19:54)

“In my eyes, you and that pope are no different.. You use and abuse people for your own benefit. You brandish your powers for “justice,” without caring for the consequences. You see nothing wrong with that..and more than anything. You try to take things I hold dear from me. You people are scum.”

  ~Naofumi to the 3 other Heroes (Season 1, Episode 19, 18:44)

I’m an outsider. Once I finish fighting off the Waves, I’ll just go back to my world. However… Raphtalita, filo , Melty, this world has you three. That’s reason enough for me to use this shield. Reason enough to defeat Glass!”

~Naofumi to himself when he had to make the decision between fighting on and killing Glass, who was the Hero from the other world. When he was in a dilemma because he didn’t truly want to kill Glass due to the fact that she was just fighting to protect her people, who were also going through the wave. (Season 1, Episode 25, 07:44)

“I am your sword. I’ll never again let anyone in this world go through what Rifana-chan and I did! So.. we have our own reasons for not losing!”

~Raphtalia to Glass (Season 1, Episode 25, 6:33)

“This battle isn’t over until one of us dies. I can’t let it end. So as long as I still draw breath I will come for your life time and time again. I must, for the world I love so much. You’ll have to kill me to get rid of me. If you don’t, this world will end!”

~Glass to Naofumi in the middle of their fight for the second time in the second wave. (Season 1, Episode 25, 4:33)

“Nothing beats man-to-man battles, with all the strategies and tricks involved.”

~L’Arc Berg (Season 1, Episode 24, 20:20)

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