Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Anime (IMAGES)

BEST Guilty Pleasure Anime You Must Watch

Everyone has their own secret guilty pleasure anime. In fact, not that long ago watching anime at all was a bit of a guilty pleasure. While the medium has become more mainstream overall, that doesn’t mean everything within it has. 

You know what we mean, those shows that you really like but hesitate to say you like, at least first. Those shows that are just a little too anime. Those shows that after saying you like them, you need to instantly justify yourself. 

There are a lot of those and we’ve brought some of the most guilty of guilty pleasure anime for you. 

10. Food Wars!

Food Wars

You might be saying to yourself “why is Food Wars on this list, it’s pretty mainstream, it’s on Netflix” and you’d be right.  That level of mainstream appeal is why it’s the first and therefore, the least guilty entry on this list.  The thing is even if Food Wars has mainstream appeal, it doesn’t mean it’s any less of a guilty pleasure anime. 

While it does seem to be your standard food anime on the surface, it quickly becomes very SPICY.

9. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is an anime that, is mainly a guilty pleasure anime because of its quality more than anything. That doesn’t mean that it has its fair share of questionable moments, which it differently does.

The main reason why fans of the show generally have to justify their affection for the show is because of just how much of a let down it is. The show had a fairly unique concept for the time, coming out before the virtual world/isekai anime craze that we live in today started. The problem is that the story, at its best, does nothing special with its concept and at worse it becomes infuriating to sit through. 

Combine all that and the fact that it has become the but of the joke for most anime fans and you’ll need to explain why you like this anime a lot. 

8. Gundam Seed/ Gundam Seed: Destiny

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

The GUNDAM series is one that has so many shows under its banner that there’s bound to be some that aren’t that great. Gundam SEED is usually looked at as the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the bigger shows for a few reasons. The main one being fairly one-dimensional characters and the show’s focus on teen drama. 

While most shows in the series focus on younger characters fighting in a war, they don’t take the whole youth romance approach, or at least make it the forefront. The focus on the romance wouldn’t be so bad, the problem is the characters aren’t that good. 

The show also doesn’t treat death with much respect, something that other shows in the series do much better. Most kills in the show feel like there for shock value. Add in the Jesus Kira and Athrun and Kira memes and you got yourself a guilty pleasure anime. 

7. Hetalia: Axis Powers


Hetalia is a little known show with a pretty cool concept. The show Anthropomorpisizes different countries and makes them into people. The problem is that the personalities for the human versions of these countries are based entirely on stereotypes and usually not the nicest ones.

For example, Northern Italy (who is a separate character from southern Italy) is a cry baby who gets mistaken for a girl and Germany is wearing a 1930s Germany uniform. 

There’s also the really creepy part where the Spain character mentions that he wants to marry either version of Italy when they are children and also all siblings. The show is really cringe-worthy and hard to follow. Despite that, the show has a dedicated fanbase, one that definitely has to justify their guilty pleasure. 

6. Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out!

Uzaki Chan, Guilty Pleasure anime

Next on our list is a fairly recent guilty pleasure anime. Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out came out in July and instantly rose to the top in terms of anime meme status and everyone knew the two big reasons why. 

The show’s whole premise is built around Uzaki (which is a pun on the japanese word for annoying) being annoying but she’s also super well endowed. The thing is wouldn’t be so bad to watch it if it was actually interesting, which it isn’t. At best it’s boring and at worse Uzaki’s annoying gimmick gets too annoying. 

All this makes it pretty obvious why anyone’s eyes would be glued to the screen during any episode of the show. 

5. Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

Guilty Pleasure Anime, Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

The Fate franchise is one of the most confusing in anime. It’s easier to think of Fate as a concept more than an actual series, with many different authors taking that concept and making it their own. This leads to a unique viewing experience wherein completely new stories there is still a level of familiarity. 

With so many different genres using the Fate license, it’s no surprise that we got a magical girl show with the Fate name on it. That could be interesting and nothing really that strange. . On top of that, at some point the characters need to make out to save each other. 

Once again another anime with moments harder to explain.

4. High School Of The Dead

HighSchool Of The Dead

High School of the Dead starts off like any other zombie story. A group of people get caught up in a zombie apocalypse and need to act fast to surprise. For the most part, the show sticks to basic zombie story tropes, so why is it a guilty pleasure anime. 



3. Monster Musume

Monster Musume

This is for all of you monster lovers. If you try to argue that Monster Musume isn’t a guilty pleasure anime, then good luck. Quote The Anime is a judgement-free zone (unless it’s bad takes) but you have to admit this is one of the most guilty pleasure concepts out there. 

It’s a interesting anime but the twist is that all the girls are mythological monsters and creatures. This is one of the strangest wish-fulfillment having attractive and more or less human upper bodies on the women characters but also spider and snake lady bottom halves. Don’t even attempt to explain this one if anyone asks, just say you like and continue enjoying yourself. 

2. High School DxD

So let’s just get to the point. High School DxD is built around showing off the female characters, who are in high schools, like a lot of other guilty pleasure anime. The plot literally just stops for some of these moments.

The thing is that the show’s story isn’t even that bad and is thoroughly enjoyable.

1. Keijo!!!!!!!!

Kejio, Guilty Pleasure Anime, Anime Quotes

Keijo is a sports anime about girls fighting each other with their hips and chests, if you know what I mean. That is the point of the show, also the main character is 17. Keijo is probably the first true guilty pleasure sports anime. Sure there are shows like Free! and Yuri on Ice, but they are nowhere near as in your face about it as Keijo.

Keijo is the ultimate unexplainable guilty pleasure anime. It doesn’t matter how good or bad the story is, if you watch this show, you can’t say anything to anyone about other reasons to like it. This anime single handedly makes it harder to explain anime to normies. 

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