11+ Anime Where the Main Character is Poor/Broke

Anime where Mc Is Poor

When people think of the main character, they always think of positive things such as wisdom, power, and wealth. However, not all main characters are good on the financial side. Let’s take a look at the top 12 anime that features a main character who’s poor!


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Table of Content

12. Naruto (Naruto Uzumaki)

Life Struggles Money Problems Total

 Naruto’s Struggles:

Naruto Uzumaki from the Naruto series is a shinobi who lost his parents after a series of unfortunate events. He is a ninja who aims to be the Hokage of Konoha village.

Now, we think it’s obvious why Naruto from the Naruto series is included in the list. Since he has no ‘family,’ Naruto is only able to live by the bare minimum in the village. Fans arguably said that this is due to the lack of care by the Third Hokage himself.

The reason why he’s no.12 on the list is that, despite this, Naruto has been shown to have minimal to no financial problems along his journey. Sure, he’s broke but he still was able to cope by not focusing on money too much and saving as much money as possible on his bank a.k.a. his frog wallet.

Until, of course… it was all used up by Jiraiya…


11. One Punch Man (Saitama)

One Punch Man
Life Struggles Money Problems Total

Saitama’s Struggles:

One-Punch Man is one of the best anime with an overpowered character. The main character, Saitama, is literally the embodiment of the title of the anime, one punch man. He can take all enemies in one punch, however, he too has a weakness. It’s the lack of money.

Before joining the Hero’s Association, Saitama used to do menial jobs in order to live poorly in an apartment. In the first OVA, he even treats a plate of fries as a luxury!

He’s far off the list due to most of his money problems being solved upon joining the Hero’s Association and being a C-class hero at the start.


10. KonoSuba (Satou Kazuma)

Life Struggles Money Problems Total

Kazuma’s Struggles:

Kazuma is a NEET that was isekai’d after quite an embarrassing death. He met Aqua, the useless goddess who he chose to be with on his adventure.

The reason why Kazuma’s on the list is because of his impoverished life in the early days of his stay in Axel. He’s broke, had to work throughout the whole day, and had to live in stables. If only Aqua’s purification can solve money problems…

However, as the season progressed, it was shown that he was slowly building up wealth and had


9. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon (Bell Cranel)

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon
Life Struggles Money Problems Total

Bell’s Struggles:

Bell Cranel was an aspiring hero who, upon entering Orario, tried to enter numerous Familia. However, none of them accepted him except for one which is the Hestia Familia.

The problem here is that the Hestia Familia only has two members, Bell himself and the goddess Hestia. This, of course, resulted in a poor life in a rustic, old house. He had to go adventuring and killing monsters in the dungeon in order to have food on the table.

Fortunately, Bell is the MC of the story. And eventually, he began expanding his Familia, giving them a stable supply of financial sources. Still, no one can forget the hardships that this Little Rookie and Hestia experienced during the early days.


8. Demon Slayer (Tanjiro Kamado)

Demon Slayer
Life Struggles Money Problems Total

Tanjiro’s Struggles:

Demon Slayer is one of the hot anime out there. With the series announcing the upcoming second season, the fan base just keeps on growing and growing.

Tanjiro Kamado came from a family of charcoal sellers. In short, they are living their lives in poverty and without any lavish things of the sort.

Upon growing up, he had to learn different coal-burning techniques and was the one who sells the charcoal in the nearest town from their home. Tanjiro is on the list just because of the things he endured as the father figure of his family. And despite that, a smile never leaves his face and also his family who is satisfied with what they have.

Until an accident occurred while he was away…


7. Ascendance of a Bookworm (Myne)

Ascendance of a bookworm
Life Struggles Money Problems Total

Myne’s Struggles:

Urano Motosu is a book-loving, apprentice librarian who was reincarnated into the body of a sickly girl, Myne.

The girl came from a poor family and also, the story is set in medieval times, meaning that books are mostly for the nobles and are very expensive to produce.

The female lead, and the bookworm that she is, now intends to do everything that she can to bring her beloved books back, even if she has to make it herself!


6. The Quintessential Quintuplets (Fuutarou Uesugi)

The Quintessential Quintuplets
Life Struggles Money Problems Total

Fuutarou Uesugi Struggles:

The Nakano quintuplets are all pretty, tall, and well-endowed girls. There’s nothing more you could ask for from these girls! Oh… On second thought, there is something you can ask for… they need a teacher.

The quintuplets are all beautiful waifus but they also share a similarity except for their looks, the five of them are bad at studying. That’s where our main character, Fuutaro Uesugi comes into action.

Fuutarou-kun… Fuu-kun… Uesugi-kun (or any other nicknames) is one of the top students at Asahiyama High School, the same school that the quintuplets go to. After a chain of events, he became the private tutor of the Nakano siblings. The initial motivation? Money.

You see, Fuutarou is a poor student that comes from a poor family, while the quintuplets are wealthy people in need of someone who will teach them. Hence, the tutoring begins and so is the romantic comedy saga.


5. Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (Misaki Ayuzawa)

maid sama
Life Struggles Money Problems Total

Misaki’s Struggles:

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! is a show that features Misaki Ayuzawa, a student and the president of Seika High School.

The story is simple, she’s in need of money to support her family, that’s why she’s working as a part-time maid in a maid café.

It was peaceful and all, until she was found out by a male schoolmate, Takumi Usui, who happened to spot her working on her secret (well, not anymore) occupation.  The male lead starts to take interest in her and the romantic saga begins!


4. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor (Kaiji Itou)

Life Struggles Money Problems Total

Kaiji’s Struggles:

The main character of this series, Kaiji Itou, is a man who incurred a massive debt after being tricked by a so-called friend of his. He’s content with a life full of drinking and lazing around but then, he is forced to think of ways to clear up the debt under his name. His solution? Gambling.

Kaiji entered the dangerous world of gambling where, in a split second, a huge sum of money can be transformed into a huge sum of debt and vice versa.

This show is not number one on the list just because of the volatile nature of gambling. It can literally change Kaiji’s life for better or for worse at any given moment. Hence, this landed on the number four spot.


3. Noragami (Yato)

Life Struggles Money Problems Total

Yato’s Struggles:

Noragami showcases the god, Yato, who is homeless and barely has any money with him at the start of the show. You have probably heard of him or the Noragami anime if you have been around the otaku world.

Yato’s main goal in life is to raise sufficient money for him to build a shrine of his own. Unfortunately, it’s a painstaking and slow process since he occasionally earns money through very low-paying jobs.

While he’s in that process, he burdens the life of other people for food and shelter and what’s funny about this is since he is a god, he doesn’t even need these things such as food to keep on living. It’s all symbolism!


2. The Devil Is a Part-Timer! (Sadao Maou)

The Devil is a part timer
Life Struggles Money Problems Total

Maou’s Struggles:

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! is an isekai anime that features Sadao Maou, a demon lord who was basically isekai-d to Earth, specifically in Japan. It’s not even just ‘isekai’ at this point, it can now be called a ‘reverse isekai.’

Anyway, due to circumstances, he is forced to stay in Japan and experiences being a human who is unemployed. And you guessed it! In order to live, he needs to work to earn money, hence, the title.

He applied as a worker in a MgRonald’s branch that basically means he is greatly demoted from a demon lord to a part-timer. Parkour. If it isn’t obvious enough, he is basically a low-salary worker who barely has money to live on. Good thing this is a comedy series and not a dramatic one. Sheesh.


1. Kaguya-sama: Love is War (Miyuki Shirogane)

Kaguya-sama Love Is War
Life Struggles Money Problems Total

Miyuki’s Struggles:

Kaguya-sama has taken the world by storm since its first season release in 2019, especially the world of romantic comedy. A lot of Kaguya-sama fans even argue that this is one of the best rom-com series in anime out there, and we can see where they are coming from.

Miyuki Shirogane is a third-year high school student at Shuchi’in Academy, a prestigious school for rich people. Despite the background of the school, students in poverty can still get into the academy through a hard-earned scholarship. Also, his mother left their family and his father’s company was shut down at a young age.


This is how Miyuki was able to enroll even though he came from a poor family. What’s even more amazing is that he managed to become the student council president with the heroine by his side as the vice-president.

Overall, all of the hardships that he faced and is facing in his life are never the main focus of the anime, since it is a romantic comedy series. However, fans do know how financially unstable Miyuki and his family are.

Do you know what his phobia is? ~O Kawaii Koto


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In conclusion, anime characters aren’t always at the top. And that’s okay! Being unintelligent, underpowered, or in the case of this article, being poor is a part of the storytelling process. Characters are meant to have some difficulties in order for the story to progress.

At the end of the day, we all love our main characters no matter what their financial status is.


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