35+ STUNNING Anime Girls with White Hair (HQ Images)

For us weebs, two-dimensional girls are thousand times superior to any three-dimensional ones. Well, some may call us degenerates, but this is the truth. 

No matter how they look, the 2D anime girls seem flawless. But among these flawless and stunning girls, some have a unique charm to them. And these are the white-haired ones.

Though one might say not to discriminate between waifus, one can’t simply find them all to be equal. For those of you who believe in White Hair supremacy, we have gathered the most stunning and likable girls in all of anime history. 

If you are a cultured person, this list might seem useless. But for a truly cultured person, this is going to be the holy grail. So, let’s go, my Ninjas! 


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Genre: Waifu
Mai Sakurajima
Genre info

Waifus are a term in anime which similar to picking your bias. The male audience among the anime community usually have a number of waifus from different series that they have deep admiration for.

Table of Content

36. Five - Terror in Resonance

Well, Five from Terror in Resonance is the first on our list, for she has the most negligible “stunning” impact among the others on the list. Her sympathetic character has an outlook that won’t attract you that much. 

While Twelve and Nine were playing around, it was Five that made a scene. So she might not be the most recognizable white head, but she indeed is one of the best.

35. Black Hanekawa - Nekomonogatari: Kuro

If the existence of catgirls doesn’t stimulate your hormones, then it’s not much of a crime. But if the catgirl in question has two personalities and one of which is white hair beauty, then we have the right to arrest you. 

Just have a look at her. She is nothing like the base Hankawa. This white counterpart is not only adorable as hell but way more dominant and aggressive. We don’t think there is anything more to say about her to justify her being on this list.

34. Akane Kowata - Flying Witch

A laid-back elder sister is the dream of many. So it’s no wonder that sweet and laid-back Akane-nii is on the list. This dark-skinned beauty is the elder sister of Kowata and it is her that gives Kowata such a unique personality. 

She has the ability to make any conversation seem as if all tension of the world is gone. She is the perfect character to chill with.

33. Alka - Blade And Soul

As the main character of this anime, Alka has a strong and never-give-up personality. She is sincere and assertive. If you are into revenge, then she is the perfect match for you. She is not just attractive but also has the ability to back it up.

32. Urd - Ah My Goddess

Another loveable and stunning elder sister character is Urd. She is not as caring and chill as Akane, but her character has a unique flair. Her outfit and personality are all about teasing

Urd will make you lust for her but also not at the same time. In an anime about “Goddess,” it’s no wonder the women will be extraordinary. But Urd is in an entirely different league.

31. Kamyu - The One Being Sung

Take an off-the-chart beautiful teenage girl and mesh her with a childish and innocent personality; this is when you get Kamyu. She is sweet and innocent. With her positive energy, she has the ability to make you fall for her. 

It is somewhat contagious. But her personality is not the only thing that will attract you. Just watch the anime, and you will know what we mean.

30. Koyomi Hiiragi - Denpa Kyoushi

Born in a wealthy family, this purpleeyed beauty is highly intelligent. However, she is a sensei who has a deceptive personality. But she only does so when it is the best for her students and her academy. 

Koyomi gives the best to the ones she cares for and the worst to those who deserve it. She is like a mirror who will reflect what you do to her. This is what makes her character a mystic one.

29. Tama - Selector Infected Wixoss

As a battle freak, Tama seems to be a ruthless and violent girl. But that is not what she is. Her only wish is to fight alongside Ruko. Other than this abrupt wish, she is a character who is innocent and childlike. 

Before you call the FBI, just know that she is just an L-RIG. But this doesn’t mean that she is not a lovable character. In fact, this only adds to her charm.

28. Noire - Black Heart

Noir, being the younger sister of Uni, one might think of her to be a petite loli-type girl. Ou boy, will you be glad to know that it’s not the case. She has a figure that will make anyone lust for her. Her personality is a bit moody, but she is not afraid to speak her mind. And when she speaks her heart out, it’s always in the right place.

27. Teletha Testarossa - Full Metal Panic

In a world filled with high-tech weapons and a ruthless military, there is a soft, cute, and adorable weapon that will slice weeb hearts with ease. It’s none other than the white head Testarossa. 

She is one of the military leaders. And once you know about her, you will start following her no matter how hard she trains you.

26. Orphelia Landlufen - Asterisk War

Being the childhood friend of Julis Alexia Van Reissfeld, one might think Orphelia also has a cheerful and bright personality. But that can’t be far from the truth. 

She is one of the very few whiteheads who have a severe and tragic past. And this gives her a dark personality which is a must for many goth-loving weebs. This cold girl is cold enough to chill you to the bones with just a glance.

25. Index Librorum - A Certain Magical Index

As Index is a 14-15-year-old girl, she might not seem to be that much of the best white head candidate. But don’t get fooled by what you see. She has the intelligence, maturity, independence, and responsibility that not even a grown-up can compete with. 

And armed with her photographic memory, she is one of the candidates of “smartest white head.” She is intelligent, sweet, and adorable.

24. Origami Tobiichi - Date A Live

It’s no surprise that a girl from Date A Live is on this list; as expected from an anime with the Harem tag. Well, as for the character in question, Origami, she is a beauty to behold. 

Her confident and independent personality is quite attractive. Unlike the other harem girls, she has quite a flirtatious personality. She isn’t shy to speak her mind.

23. Seitenshi - Black Bullet

A pair of blue eyes combined with white hair is the formula for a deadly weapon named Seitenshi. She is the de facto leader of not only Tokyo but an innumerable number of weeb hearts. 

Her confident personality and glorified attitude make her an interesting character. Even when under extreme pressure and nerve-wracking moments, she will not waver for a bit. Her talent seems to be an add-on to her extreme beauty.

22. Shiro - Deadman Wonderland

Being a clueless, adorable, and loveable person among the oddballs of Circus Prison is by itself extraordinary. So it’s no wonder that Shiro is on this list. She is all carefree and only gives a damn about things that involve Ganta. But she isn’t all lovey-dovey when she flips. 

If Shiro were actually what she seems to be, then the Circus Prison wouldn’t have been there in the first place.

21. Kanade Tachibana - Angel Beats

Angel Beats has a ton of girls, but none can hold a candle to Kanade. Well, this is only our opinion but before you start naming other Angels, hear us out. Kanade is the ultimate introvert

She is sweet and quiet and seems to always be in her own world. But once you get to know her, her personality takes an exciting turn. Her introvertness makes it hard for her to make friends, but once she becomes one, she becomes the best.

20. Eris - KonoSuba

KonoSuba is a gag in itself, and Eris is a prime part of it. She is a petite girl that seems to be a harmless adventurer. Her significance isn’t that much other than being the casual victim of Kazuma and Aqua’s bullying. 

Eris appears to be a forgettable character. But that is till we learn about her real identity. Once her identity is learned, her charm and silliness become both adorable and annoying. She is the perfect dandere that all of us weebs want.

19. Misha Necron - The Misfit of The Demon King Academy

White-haired, introverted, and silent. Who wouldn’t like these three qualities in a girl!! Armed with all three of these factors, Misha is a sweetheart with none of the quirky nature that the rest of the whiteheads in this list have. 

Instead, she is simply an adorable little sister character that we weebs love. And obviously, don’t take it otherwise.

18. Tomoya Sakagami - Clannad

The first time you see Tomoya, you will think that she is a ruthless girl. Her violence knows no bounds. She is so ruthless that even boys are afraid of her. But this is the exact opposite of what she actually is. 

Her personality is soft and kind-hearted. She will make you soup when you get sick, but only if you open up to her. So don’t judge her by what others say and try to get to know her.

17. Canaan - Canaan

Being the girl who is named after the anime, it’s no wonder that she is special. This anime might be similar to Naruto as it’s an anime named after the character, but the characters are nowhere the same. 

Canaan is a character who is calm, calculative, and level-headed. She is a mercenary but is kind and helpful to those she cares for.

16. Noelle Silva - Black Clover

If there is any aspect of Black Clover that is more annoying than Asta’s screams, then it has to be Noelle’s stubbornness. Unfortunately, her weakness towards Asta and her wannabe noble attitude get overused. 

But these are the facts that make her character likable. It adds a charm to her and makes her heartthrob. Her tsundere characteristics and IDGAF attitude are enough to reel in the weebs.

15. Nao Tomori - Charlotte

So you are saying that you don’t like a tsundere character that kicks you right in the face but also cares enough to fight for you? Then why are you shouting waifu when we say Nao? 

Well, we can’t blame you. She has a personality that knows when to be a tsundere and when to actually express the hidden feelings. If you ever find such a girl, then don’t even blink, just marry her. Well, that might be hard as such a character can only be in anime, and it’s none other than Nao.

14. Sakura - Danganronpa
(Definitely not Biased though!)

Now you must be wondering why even is there a Danganronpa character on the list of “best girl.” Well, that is a legit concern but just take a look at Sakura’s personality. She is caring, sweet, and has a big heart (well it’s more like wide). 

Yes, she might not be as attractive as other girls on the list, but she is powerful. She is indeed talented, or why else would she be stuck in a “school” of talented people. Ou and the best thing about her is that she isn’t as useless as a certain pink head we all know of. She’s a female CHAD that even men will stan. 

13. Alisa Ilinichina - God Eater

God Eater is an anime that is quite similar to AoT. Other than the story, both of them also have a character that is pretty similar. In both these anime, there is a female lead who is badass in all aspects. 

We all know about Mikasa but let us tell you about Alisa. She has the kindest personality when she is protecting the weak. But she will also make you cry if you ever hurt the ones she cares for.

12. Altair - Re: Creators

In simple terms, Altair has an indistinguishable personality. Well, what else could one expect from a character that doesn’t talk much? But her character is simply brilliant. 

Among the character poon of Re: Creators, she is the only character who has the best, and we mean the best Reddit fanbase among all the white head females. And she has the “power” to protect her fans from harm’s way in the most destructive possible way.

11. Koneko Toujou - High School DxD

We all know about High School DxD; there’s no need to lie here. You are among your peers. So we believe Koneko requires no introduction. 

But still, for those among you who want to claim that you have never heard of this anime, Koneko is the girl who seems to be a loli. If that wasn’t enough, she is a catgirl loli.

10. Togame - Katanagatari

If this were the list about Anime girls with the longest white hair, then Togame would have easily been the first. She has a petite and small body, but that body has one of the densest and longest hair in anime. 

To give you an idea about it, her hair is longer than Goku in Super Saiyan 3 form. All jokes aside, Togame has a weak body but a strong heart.

9. Ilena - Claymore

Ilena is a silent girl. She doesn’t talk much. But she is one of the few swordswomen who we would allow to pierce our hearts. She is tall, fit, and has a certain serious charm

Yes, dating her can indeed be a bit boring due to her silent personality, but she is the perfect companion if you are a silent type. Oh and also don’t go on her wrong side, that never ends well.

8. Najenda - Akame Ga Kill

Now, this is a white head that has to be on this list even if she did nothing. With her alpha characteristics alone, she has the potential to go head to head with the best whiteheads. 

But on top of that, this character has the body to back up her alpha personality. Even her terrible jokes have a certain charm to attract the weeb mind.

7. Alice Nakiri - Food Wars

If I had a genie and had only one wish, I would wish Alice to be my girlfriend. She is sweet, caring, and above all, can make food so good that it will rip your clothes off

Well, other than the ripping part, all of her is the perfect girlfriend material. So it is no wonder that she would be in the fight for the best white head in all of anime history.

6. Emilia - Re: Zero

Emilia being here might be a surprise due to her insignificance in comparison to Rem. But this is not a list of best girls but best whiteheads, and we believe this is the only list where Emilia even has a place. 

She might be useless, but if we forget about Rem for a moment, then even Emilia has some quirky and adorable moments to her. But her irrelevance to the story and Subarus’ insanity makes her a bad character, but she is indeed a likable waifu.

5. Eri - My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a show which has action, action, and more action. But since the Overhaul arc, there is a certain character that made the fans go crazy. It’s our favorite Eri-chan. 

Well, she might be a child who “might” not be able to show her stunningness. However, her big, round, cute eyes paired with her adorable smile are a powerful weapon. Midoriya may cherish her, but to us weebs, she is our precious.

4. Neferpitou - Hunter x Hunter

There are so many likable female characters in HxH that you can count them in one hand. So having one of the best white head stunners among them is commend worthy. Yes, to many, Neferpitou may seem to be a letdown. But we believe it is all because you are looking at her from Gon’s perspective. 

Take a look at her from a neutral POV, and you will see what we see. A white hair girl who has the power to save you, kill your foes, and even give up her life with a single word. Do you think Pitou is a boy or a girl? Let us know in the comments below.

3. Elizabeth Lioness - The Seven Deadly Sins

Elizabeth, who in their right mind won’t find her stunning?!? Yes, she does start off as the “damsel in distress” character, but that is not all to her. But oh man, does she get a makeover or what. 

As the story progresses, two things changed. Firstly, her character shifted from being the damsel to a tragic damsel. And the other is her power level that can even make Meliodas seem pale. But the improper foundling from the midget is something that remained constant.

2. Shiro - No Game No Life

If you like dumb girls, then Shiro isn’t a girl that will pique your interest. Just take a look at her IQ. It’s around 500, but the way she moves and plans, it can be said that her IQ is OVER NINE THOUSAND

From a weebs POV, there is only one thing wrong with her, and it’s her age (FBI coming straight to your house). But if you can wait long enough, then rest assured that Shiro will be a white head that will make the best of the best cry.

1. Mirajane Strauss - Fairy Tail

Deadly, sweet, hot, and decent – if a weeb wants all these four things, then there is no alternative to Mirajane. She starts off as a character who seems to be a damsel in distress. But everyone is also afraid of her at the same time. 

And when we learn why, oh boy were we shocked or what!? She also cares for her family, so you know she’s gonna be there when you need her. She is simply the best whitehead in all of anime history.




Now that we listed the best whiteheads, you might be angry that we didn’t add your favorite girl to the list. Well, before you get all angry, listen to this, maybe your girl doesn’t have white hair. Or perhaps, she is not that stunning (drop the mike).

However! If your girl is stunning, don’t hesitate to comment down below and let us know your thoughts! Fight for your waifu, don’t be a coward. Let them know your a chad!

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