13+ EPIC Anime Like Chainsaw Man (Recommendations)

Anime Like Chainsaw Man


If you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months or just do not follow the manga world, don’t worry! We have got some extremely exciting news for you. Chainsaw Man is going to hit your screens soon and believe us when we say it, it is going to blow away your mind! The series is going to have everything an anime fan wishes to see in their escape from this world we live in, it’s going to make you laugh hysterically at times but also make you experience this creeping sensation in your back that will terrify you to your core.

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Chainsaw Man - The Plot

The story follows Denji, a kid living in a world haunted by demons and monsters. Unfortunately for Denji, his dad left him under a crippling debt to Yakuza, and the boy needs to pay that off by hunting down monsters and selling their parts to Yakuza with the help of his pet chainsaw dog, Pochita.

Denji’s luck runs out when he is killed by zombies but luckily, he died with Pochita along his side. The pet dog in his love for his owner offers Denji a chance at redemption by sacrificing his own body to fuse with Denji’s body to revive him, and hence comes into this world – The Chainsaw Man.

Denji is quickly recruited by devil hunters when they arrive at the scene, and the story follows his life after the event that changed his life.

There is still a lot of time left until we see Chainsaw Man on our screens, so we have got you the list of 15 similar shows that can fuel the excitement for the upcoming show meanwhile.

15. Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy plot

The anime follows the tale of Saichi Sugimoto, a war veteran in the early 1900s, on his hunt to find a tremendous gold fortune hidden up by the Ainu clan somewhere, with the guide of a youthful Ainu young girl called Asirpa. 

The story is captivating but what it furthers does is that it makes you question the actions of the immensely complex characters it presents and what they go through.  Despite the story’s brutality and tragic undertones, Golden Kamuy is full of funny jokes and that’s what you can expect from Chainsaw Man too.

14. Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts has an excellent plot that is extraordinarily well-planned in advance by its creator, unlike many Shonen collections that start with exciting thoughts and mysteries but make up endings as they go. 

Pandora Hearts manifestly had the conclusion planned from the very first scene and the whole journey the characters take you through is an experience you will hold in the highest regard for the rest of your life along with the perfect conclusion you will get. 

Chainsaw Man will leave a similar taste in your mouth at the end of the series, and you will relish the ride you were on with the characters throughout your time with them in a similar fashion to Pandora Hearts.

13. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied, Anime Like Chainsaw Man

Elfen Lied is one of the most controversial series out there and is kind of a cult classic. You can hate it or adore it, but certainly cannot ignore it. It was one of the breakthrough anime for the dark genre and showed so many scenes that broke the barriers of the norms. 

Elfen Lied will capture your interest with its presentation of vibrant tone and use of very rich colors in its animation with appreciable character design. You can expect a similar flow in Chainsaw Man, especially with the colors because you are going to get a lot of them!

12. Blood+


Blood+ was one of the most revolting anime of its time as it had a female protagonist which was rarely the case until a few years ago and followed her journey in the world of vampires. The storyline of Blood+ continues to remain extremely strong throughout its span while featuring a wide range of characters, from the most lighthearted to the most violent. You can expect similar character development in Chainsaw Man, especially the supporting cast.

11. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabenari of the iron fortress

The story of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress takes place during the samurai period’s industrial revolution in Japan but that’s as far as the story goes into the aspects of realism. We are soon bombarded with a mysterious virus that corrupted the people of an island, turning them into the Kabane, which are hostile reanimated zombies with completely impenetrable metal barriers around their hearts. 

You can imagine them as metal zombies simply that can’t be killed unless you somehow pierce their hearts or cut their heads. 

To defend themselves from the Kabane, humanity relocated to fortified locations and pursued their mission to find the real reason behind the sudden occurrence of the strange phenomena. That is the basic premise of the show, but the dark and brutal world the show takes you in is captivating and something that will leave you thinking about each character you meet with. 

It is an underrated show and has been compared to Attack of Titan in the past, but we honestly feel like it also covers the dark and mysterious world of Chainsaw Man similarly.

10. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is one of the most adored animes of history but what makes it so popular among the fans? If you ask the diehard fans, they will reward you with hour-long explanations about how its story is unique and how it could still be considered a Shonen anime, but we do have another theory of how Chainsaw Man might remind fans of JoJo’s – The Memes! 

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures has given us so many memes that it’s almost uncountable at this point and considering some of the scenes that will be animated soon in Chainsaw Man, we feel like it’s going to remind fans of JoJo’s a lot, especially when Denji is left alone to his thoughts.

9. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist

The narrative that  Blue Exorcist presents to its viewers is pretty straightforward and circles around the life of Rin Okumura, an orphan boy. In due course, Rin comes to know that he and his twin brother, Yukio are the children of the Devil himself and want to be an exorcist like his guardian to gain enough strength one day and destroy his father for good once and for all.  

Just like Rin in Blue Exorcist, Denji is also just half human in Chainsaw Man, which makes the dynamics of their character similar and will give the fans an idea of what they can expect from the half and half protagonists.

8. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland This show is crazy, to say the least, the scenes in this anime are really disturbing. The slaughter in this show is so gory and unpleasant to watch that horror fans love this show with all their heart. A normal high school student gets prison time for murdering his classmates when in reality he didn’t do it. So he’s sent off to a facility where borderline crazy freaks who only have murder on their mind. This anime isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Deadman Wonderland is one of the most gruesome anime of the last decade and gained a huge fan following due to the extreme aspects of violence is covered in the show, which made the viewers a little uncomfortable but still was extremely enjoyable for them. It’s got a dark vibe to it, and even the characters you’ll like have a strange dark side to them that you might not be able to identify at the first glance.

That’s what you will experience in Chainsaw Man too. The characters cannot be categorized simply into good or bad, and there is a lot of grey area left to be explored to the viewer. You should keep an eye out for Makima when you watch Chainsaw Man as she is the best description of our explanation.

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7. Kemeno Jihen

Kemono Jihen

The story of Kemeno Jihen is unique and something that not many viewers will have any experience with. It follows an investigator whom’s area of expertise is paranormal entities. He is tasked to identify the sudden appearance of suspicious animal corpses in a village that vanished after they are left alone for some time. 

However, during his investigation, he becomes friends with a boy who helps him on the case but is hiding something from him.

The main surrounding mystery of the show is accompanied by a stellar cast that takes you out of the worrisome happenings around the scene and Chainsaw Man will do that for you in a similar fashion despite the gruesome monsters making appearances here and there that will terrify you.

6. Parasyte

Parasyte Parasyte is a classic anime, most of you weebs might’ve already watched it. The show is known for its crazy animations and intense fight scenes. The anime follows the story of a boy who gets infected by an alien parasite. The main goal of this parasite is to take over a host and control him/her. But he fails to do his task so he starts helping other people. After many loved ones of our MC get slaughtered by this otherworldly parasite, he too becomes a cold-blooded killer. The show isn’t horrifying or scary, but it manages to set an eerie tone which is enough to spook many people. Plus the show manages to pull off some crazy intense fight scenes, so if you’re a shonen fan you will like this one. The different ways in which the parasite is used by our main protagonists are well executed and the fights feel more engaging due to it.

Parasyte is one of the most popular anime out there and for good reason. The story covers Shinichi Izumi, a high school student, who lives in Tokyo, Japan, with his parents until strange worm-like aliens known as Parasytes, arrive on Earth and begin taking over the minds of humans by entering their bodies through their ears or noses. 

The resemblance is uncanny to how Denji and Pochita fuse as two separate entities in one body and will remind the fans a lot of Shinichi whenever they watch Chainsaw Man.

5. Berserk


Berserk is one of the most famous manga series of all time, and it is best known for its stunning artwork. It has also left an indelible impression on gaming, as its effect on a wide range of video games cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, earlier this month, Kentaro Miura, passed away due to an acute aortic dissection but the fans are satisfied with the point the series ended on despite it is still incomplete. 

You will find so many references to Berserk throughout Chainsaw Man, especially little frames in the fight scenes, but the thing that ties Berserk to Chainsaw Man is the coming-of-age story of the protagonist as both Guts and Denji wasn’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth and had to find their place in the world themselves after going through unexplainable horrors.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki suffers a lot in this show, but his suffering managed to make him one of the most loved anime protagonists of all time. In a world plagued with ghouls, who devour humans, Kaneki is a normal kid. But one incident changes his life forever. After that incident, Kaneki has become a ghoul and can’t eat human food, the psychological trauma that Kaneki goes through is really hard to see. Tokyo Ghoul is a classic and should be watched by every weeb regardless of their taste.

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most beloved stories out there and is often labeled as one of the most tragic anime out there that might make the viewers cry due to their instant attachment with the characters. The plot revolves around Ken Kaneki, a young boy, who is almost entrapped and killed by a deadly ghoul named, Rize Kamishiro, but luckily due to interference of a third party, Kaneki survived and is admitted to a facility where he underwent a procedure that turned him into something that he knows nothing about – a half-ghoul.

The transformation of the characters is not the only thing similar when it comes to Tokyo Ghoul and Chainsaw Man. They both are set in a version of modern-day Japan in which humanity is threatened by a supernatural force, have some sort of organization to deal with these threats, and both are surrounded by mystery to the true nature of the characters. 

Tokyo Ghoul never hesitated to delve into bloody fight scenes or gruesome story arcs and Chainsaw Man will walk you through all of that once again.

3. No Guns Life

No Guns Life

The plot revolves around the progress of society that allows for the creation of powerful bionic soldiers. The advanced innovation is made available to the general public, and those that have been equipped with robotic components are known as the Extended. The main protagonist is one of these Extended, Juuzou Inui. 

He was created as a soldier but due to the procedure has no recollection of his prior life, but now, after the war, he runs a company that helps with Extended-related issues throughout the region. The theme that ties in with Chainsaw Man is how the powerful are generally able to be there thanks to their corrupt actions and how it’s almost impossible to know someone else, but yourself too!

2. Dorehedero

Dorehedero tells the tale of Kaiman, a man suffering from amnesia but what makes him stand out in society is his lizard head. He works with his friend Nikaido to reclaim his memories while living on a bizarre and chaotic planet. It does not sound like Chainsaw Man at first but believes us when we say that both storylines are similar in how they move ahead, and the art style used in the manga too. 

It will not be wrong to say that Dorehedero just might be the biggest inspiration for Chainsaw Man considering how it perfectly personifies all the dark humor and cynicism we see in Chainsaw Man too

1. Jujutsu Kaisen

jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen was the talk of the town for the last few months and smashed the rankings. It was the most trending anime for a good time on Twitter and a good reason as it gave the viewers something new, and that is what Chainsaw Man will do too when it hits your screens. They both are supernatural series in which devils or curses are formed as a result of negative human emotions and both are set in Tokyo. 

The personality of the characters is also really similar, and you can find counterparts when you watch Chainsaw Man later this year. Jujutsu Kaisen strongly influenced Chainsaw Man, and both authors have even produced fan art in support of each other’s manga showing how much they like each other ‘s work despite the fans pitting them against each other so often in heated discussions on the internet.

If you enjoyed both Attack on Titan S4 Part 1 and Jujutsu Kaisen this season, then you will be excited to know that MAPPA studios are the ones responsible for bringing Chainsaw Man to life with their exhilarating animation.

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