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Kabaddi is a rather interesting sport, it doesn’t require any additional gear so almost everyone can play it. Though it doesn’t require any extra gear, it requires a lot of strength and stamina! The game which originated in India has now spread across the globe. Burning Kabaddi will try to introduce this fascinating sport to the Japanese people.

The sport in itself is pretty action-packed and in the anime form, it will be even more explosive. Expect some great capture and touch-and-run scenes from the anime. The show already looks promising, the fiery red-coloured promotional images are accurate for burning kabaddi.

If you’re enjoying the anime then you would really enjoy this list of the best sports anime that we came up with. From soccer to volleyball we have picked the best anime. The list isn’t in any order particularly you can watch any show on the list and enjoy it, almost all these animes are great with decent stories and most importantly great animation!

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Table of Contents

ANIME Like Burning Kabaddi You Must Watch!

15. Hanebado

1. Hanebado

Nagisa Aragaki’s love for tennis is deteriorating due to her shameful loss at the junior badminton tournament. She was defeatedly 21-0 which had made her really upset. Due to this, she starts making her fellow teammates undergo extensive drills. This isn’t liked by many and they start leaving the club.

The story is really great and deals with issues that many athletes face. The animation of the show is great as well, so definitely give it a try.

14. Keppeki Danshi

2. Keppeki Danshi

Aoyama is what you’ll call a clean freak, he doesn’t like getting dirty at all. Apart from that he also is in touch with his feminine side, he likes to cook and is really well-spoken. Not the kind of guy who you would expect to be a great soccer player right? Well he is, he dribbles past all the defenders. His clean freak nature helps him to avoid dirty defenders.

The show is decent in telling a story and the animation quality is not bad, so if you like soccer this will surely be a good show for you.

13. Prince of stride: Alternative

3. Prince of Stride

Stride is a mixture of running and parkour, the player has to traverse through weird terrain to reach their goals. The stride club in the high school of our protagonists is in jeopardy due to a lack of members. So they begin recruiting new players. Their main goal is winning the end-of-summer tournament and reviving their stride club!

The intense parkour scenes in this anime are gracefully animated, the show looks great and the story is pretty good. A must watch for sure.

12. Over Drive

4. Over Drive

Our main character in this anime doesn’t even know how to ride a bike, but when a girl in his class asks him to join the bike club he couldn’t deny it. So now he tries riding bikes, but to his surprise, he enjoys it and actually is really good at it. He then devotes himself to winning the greatest bike race in the world, the tour de France.

The show is set in a typical high school setting so there will be many slice-of-life moments in combination with many funny ones as well. The show is pretty heartwarming.

11. Hinomaruzumou

5. Hinomaruzumoou

Sumo Wrestling is a pretty weird sport, there are no weight categories so technically anyone can battle anyone regardless of their weight. But there is a minimum size requirement which sadly, our main character doesn’t fulfil, so now he has to prove himself, though being smaller in size he has to show that he can become a great sumo wrestler.

To help become professional he should’ve enrolled in a good school for sumo, but he chooses a different one where sumo clubs are nonexistent. Now starts his journey of building a sumo club from the ground whilst trying to win big!

10. Days

6. Days

Sakamoto is a weak kid, to say the least, he isn’t the athletic type, but he has one thing going for him, he is mentally strong. So making quick and important decisions is a breeze for him. This helps him in soccer which he starts enjoying after one of his classmates Kazama asks him to play with them.

The anime is great at showing the struggles of Sakamoto and how he overcomes them, giving us hope in the process that we can achieve greatness as well.

9. All Out!!

7. All Out

Rugby is one of the toughest sport on the planet, unlike many other sports where after colliding with the opposition players the match comes to a halt. The opposite is true here, only the manliest players survive this brutal game. Hence our short-statured main character feels left out. But he soon realizes his small stature can actually help him run past these big hunks.

So he starts training with his local rugby club and aims to win the national championship!

8. Ahiru no Sora

8. Ahiru No Sora

The most important thing that any player requires in basketball is height and what happens when our main character is one of the shortest in the school. He becomes demotivated of course, but he soon gets back on his feet and starts to make play well.

The story is great at telling the story of an underdog and how we should never give even though the odds are against us.

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7. Giant Killing

Giant Killing

East Tokyo United has been struggling to keep up with the other league teams, even staying in the league is a big task for them. Somehow they’ve been avoided relegation for a long time. To make matters worse than they already are, they’ve already lost 5 matches in a row and their local fans have started abandoning them. The team is caught in a downwards spiral.

The club is filled with hope when an ex-player starts coaching them. From then it is only a matter of time before they start winning again!

6. Ballroom E Youkoso

10. Ballroom E Youkoso

This is odd. I’m pretty sure ballroom dancing isn’t the first word that comes to your mind when you think about intense sports. Though not being intense, this sport has pretty subtle moments which will leave you wanting more. The dancing sequences are beautifully animated, to say the least.

The protagonist of the anime is a pretty naive guy, he always runs away from his problem, he lives by one rule, avoiding confrontation is the best to avoid conflict. But this has made him into a coward. It’s not until he meets a dancer who saves him from bullies and makes him dance, he starts gaining some confidence. He finally understands the meaning of being in the spotlight.

He then starts competing in competitive dance tournaments. And from there the anime gets really amazing, if you want to watch some top tier character development this anime is your best choice.

5. Ping Pong

11. Ping Pong

Ping pong isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the art style is experimental. When referring to this show many anime outlets have said that the animation isn’t great, but that’s totally wrong. The art style is a bit weird, but art is subjective many people like it. The animation is flawless, the outlets meant art style is weird, the animation is the biggest selling point of this show.

Give it a try you’d be left wanting more.

4. Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru

12. Kaze

Ace runner, Kakeru, one day runs into Haiji, noticing how fast Kakeru actually is, Haiji offers him to stay at his apartment. Here Haiji lives with his other classmates. Kakeru’s journey is of great significance because it shows us how we can also achieve our goals without any resistance.

Along with the help of Haiji and the others, Kakeru dreams of winning big, and the anime is great at portraying his story. A heart-warming anime it is, and a must-watch.

3. Kuroko no Basketball

13. Kuroko No Basket

The team of miracles it was called, 5 players having such great abilities that even their name stunned many rivals. The team made a lot of noise when it was around, but just like everything in life, this didn’t stay for long. The 5 teammates split and all went their own way. But after years, they cross paths, now with even greater abilities than before.

Our main character Kuroko tries to win big with his team, but the journey won’t be easy as there are many great teams in Japan!

2. Hajime no Ippo

14. Hajime No Ippo

Ippo, a normal school kid is constantly bullied because of his mild nature. Standing up to the bullies seems too risky to Ippo hence he is constantly getting beat up. One day he is saved by a man who runs a boxing club. Though he saved Ippo, he was still injured, so to give him good treatment the man takes him to the boxing gym.

Here everything changes for Ippo. After the man makes Ippo punch the face of his bully, Ippo realises that he can actually fight back. From there on he tries really hard to become the ultimate champion!

1. Haikyuu!


After watching a volleyball prodigy utterly destroying his opposition, Hinata gets riled up to start a volleyball club in his school. There he realizes it won’t be easy to make a club, regardless of that he manages to pull some strings and start a volleyball club. His team also enters tournaments, but the going gets hard for them.

After being defeated by Kageyama in the match Hinata makes up his mind to defeat him. A classic rivalry starts but to his surprise, when he enters high school, he and Kageyama are put on the same team, they soon realize if they work together they can make great things happen, and they do it. The anime is one of the best in the sports genre and definitely a must-watch!


It’s great how Japanese culture is blending with other cultures from the same continent and educating a wide range of people about them. 

Burning Kabaddi is definitely going to keep you at the edge of your seats because of how intense it is. We hope you liked our list and we’ll come back with more soon!


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