17+ ANIME like Attack on Titan to Watch! (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Season 4 of Attack on Titan has already given us a lot to digest. Whether it be Gabi taking her revenge or Zeke constantly surprising us. Whatever the case is, if you’re coming for Attack on Titan recommendations, you’re in the right place.  Because Quote the Anime has brought you a list of 17+ Anime like Attack on Titan. 
In this blog post, I’ll be mentioning the series that are similar to Attack on Titan. Especially in terms of killer action, gore, betrayal, but not in terms of a simp who’s crying “EREN” like thousand times in a single episode.
So, without any further redo, let’s dive straight into the list!

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Table of Contents

17+ ANIME Like Attack on Titan

18. Goblin Slayer

Anime like Attack on Titan

At number 18th, we have Goblin Slayer. A tale of a warrior who’s out for hunting and eliminating goblins out of the world. Before you bash me for the un similarities, hear me out. In a lot of ways, Goblins can be considered similar to Titans. 

Firstly, they are an outside threat. Secondly, humans are all afraid of the goblins, and thirdly, they devour and kill humans. The name of the series is pretty self-explanatory. Both main characters are blinded by revenge. In Attack on Titan, Eren lost his mind, and we know his hatred for the Titans. 

Similarly, Goblin Slayer, the guy whose name or face we do not know, gets out there, smack the hell out of those little guys, and be the usual badass he’s always been. If you like Attack on Titan, I’m sure that Goblin Slayer will provide something unique on the table for you guys!

17. Fullmetal Alchemist (FMAB)

FMAB Anime like Attack on Titan

At the first glance, Full Metal Alchemist might look a little different to you. HOWEVER, when we dive into both MCs personas, that’s where things get interesting. Both main characters have similar personalities and goals.

The story is about Edward Elric who’s the goofy yet badass MC, and his brother Alphonse. These brothers make a fatal mistake by trying to revive their dead mother. And as it’s not DRAGON BALL Z we’re talking about, they’re punished for it!

After Alphonse’s soul gets trapped into a metal body, that’s where their kickass mission starts. A whole new adventure of ups and downs, gains and losses, changes in Edward’s personality. If there’s one thing Edward and Eren are known for, it’s their loudness and aggressiveness. And most of all, how they mature over time. 

All in all, FullMetal Alchemist is the epitome of perfect character development. Enjoy the series!

16. Claymore

Claymore Anime like Attack on Titan

What’s hotter than a bunch of women fighting? You won’t say this after being 2 episodes in the series. The violence, gore, and brutality in Claymore are unlike any other Anime series. At some point in my life, this Anime used to freak the hell out of me.

The story is about Claymore. Half-human and Half-demon race that is out there to fight a race called YOMA. Yoma are a full demon race that devours human beings. Get the reference? Pretty similar to Attack on Titan, the Anime is about the MC who’s half-human and half-demon.

Fighting on the Yoma isn’t an easy job. But these Claymore species are more than capable of kicking some serious ass. The fighting scenes are full of gore and deadly, but with all the emotions involved, get ready to use some tissues.

15. Berserk

Berserk Anime

If there’s one thing that Berserk is known for, it’s the darkness. And I’m not talking about the emos, so chill out. The berserk manga has, hands down, the most GORE scenes I’ve ever seen in my life. Don’t even get me started. Even if you’re an Attack on Titan fan, you’re surely missing out on the creepiness this Anime brings you.

Aside from Dark Fantasy, it’s a fully-fledged horror series, making it one of the best alternatives to Attack on Titan. While the Anime might not be on par with the manga, it’s still worth it. 

Berserk incorporates a series of betrayal and brutal scenes that are the most jaw-dropping moments I’ve ever seen in any dark fantasy series. Such sad moments with blood baths everywhere, the series is badass.

14. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

“OSHIYETEYO OSHIYETEYO” I bet it’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name “Tokyo Ghoul.” Kaneki is the MC, and comparing him with Eren, the similarity is uncanny. Tokyo Ghoul, as the name suggests, involves Ghoul. These creatures eat humans for a living. Like, literally for living. But unlike titans, ghouls can easily disguise themselves as normal human beings. 

The constant need for eating human flesh to stay alive makes this series very dark. Since both MCs are pretty much the same. Kaneki and Eren are similar in a plethora of ways. Initially, they were both pretty positive. However, time changed them, and right now, BOOM!  Handsome and plenty dark. You’ll love Tokyo Ghoul.

13. Black Bullet

Black Bullet Anime like Attack on Titan

Black Bullet isn’t as popular as many big series. However, the whole look and feel are somewhat similar to Attack on Titan. The post-crisis scenes make it pretty much the same as what happened in Attack on Titan.

The story includes a virus that turns people into something else. Yes! I’m talking monsters here. Similar to Attack on Titan, the humans who lived in walls were the same! But that doesn’t mean that the virus couldn’t come in. 

So the whole series of dark events and humans granted with supernatural abilities make this Anime a must-watch if you’re coming for Attack on Titan.

12. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

If it seems like another cutesy slice of life Anime, I’m here to assure you that it’s DARK. Lucy, the main character is so strong that she might be badass even in Attack on Titan’s universe. This dark fantasy series follows a race called Diclonius. 

Similar to humans, these monsters have horns. So for all the people with horn fetish, you’re lucky. Treated as a threat to humans, they have superpowers that can rip even the titans from Attack on Titan.

Lucy lost her memories as a test subject Diclonius, and now she’s fighting off her race. Got similar vibes? Eren and Lucy are probably the same people from a different universe. Of course, a little gender-bending is involved too.

11. High School of The Dead

Anime like Attack on Titan Berserk

Do you remember the movie “Resident Evil?” Added with a lot of romantic scenes, High School of The Dead is a mix of dark and romance series. Awesome animations and fights, the series incorporates zombies throughout JAPAN!

A team of high schoolers is trying their best to fight these creatures off and live their life back to normal. But will they? Similar to Attack on Titan, the main focus here is this OUTSIDE THREAT that must be eliminated. 

10. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis

Willing to sacrifice your tears Neon Genesis Evangelion has the popularity of a GOD. Due to the excellent storyline and dark moments, fans coming from Attack on Titan just love it. The action revolves around robots that were built by NERV. 

Controlled by humans, these bio-machines are used in fighting off the monsters trying to destroy TOKYO!

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9. Castlevania

Anime like Attack on Titan Castlevania

It’s not every day that we get to see a series like Castlevania. Based on such a famous video game, the series is full of Vampires and Monsters who are out there to wreak havoc. 

It’s so hard not to say that our antagonist who goes by the name of Dracula is one of the best vampires in any Anime ever scene. On the flip side, there are more tragedies in Castlevania compared to the number of titans we see in Attack on Titan.

8. Shiki


With each episode, Shiki gets violent. The gore scenes aren’t comparable to Attack on Titan as the primary focus is how to make the series look deadlier. And, goddamn, the more you watch it, the more you realize how deep you’re dug your own grave. 

Talking about the plot, Shiki, the deceased souls, are the reanimated corpses that wreak havoc everywhere. Just like the Titans, their main source of protein is us, humans. The series is off to more of a slow start but it gets violent and darker with each episode.

7. Owari No Seraph

Owari no seraph

Destroying the human world, these vampires have no class at all. Feeding off of the humans, destroying and exploiting the human race, these guys think of our race as livestock for them. I’m sure the vegans out there must be thinking it’s karma for non-vegans.

Yuichiro, the MC in Owari no Seraph, has the same hatred as Eren. His best friend getting captured, losing a whole bunch of people, and seeing his loved ones die right into the front of his eyes, Yuichiro loses it! Everything from the action scenes to the “DESTROY THE HUMAN” part is pretty much the same.

6. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Anime like Attack on Titan

Another famous Mecha Anime that will only leave you hanging for more,  Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a less violent version of Attack on Titan. Made by the same studio that animated Neon Genesis, you’re not missing out on anything. 

The main characters are trying to know the secrets of their world. But they are not supposed to leave the WALLS, or can they? Our MC named Kamina believes something else. 

Doing his best to know life outside the walls, he decided to let himself lose! Kamina gets some serious character development over time, and similar to Eren, a lot of emotions and betrayals are involved.

5. Hellsing


Moving on to this bad boy, coming up with only 10 episodes, Hellsing has made its reputation as one of the most popular dark fantasy Anime of all time. Even if Alucard is not the most popular vampire out there, the plot has a plethora of similarities to Attack on Titans.

Vampires trying to destroy the human world by eating and enjoying the luxurious blood, they’re only getting stronger. Even though they’re fighting against the vampires, our protagonist is a vampire himself. 

4. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Kenbari of the iron forest

Both Attack on Titan and Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress were animated by Wit Studios. That figures how similar they are. While Attack on Titan is still getting bashed for MAPPA as the animation studio, we can’t deny that Wit studio did an awesome job in animating the previous seasons.

The similarity occurs where the main character is infected. Not much different from Eren, the main characters become what they hated the most. But by using the same power, they are annihilating the threat by using titan’s or demon’s powers against them.

3. God Eater

God Eater Anime Like Attack on Titan
The super realistic CGI might surprise you here! Just like AOT, the action is awesome with God Eater. The main problem in God Eater in the series is a creature called Aragami. Just like Eren, our protagonist here is blinded by hatred. Hence, he’s trying his absolute best to defeat Aragami and get his revenge back.
What we loved about God Eater was its top-notch animation. Mixed with a horror storyline, the CGI takes it to a whole other level. Therefore, God Eater is an excellent Anime like Attack on Titan.

The only complaint here is CGI. But hear me out. I wasn’t a big fan of CGI in Anime either. Watching God Eater changed my perceptions. The super realistic CGI will give you chills to the bones. Keeping it violent and full of gore, “Aragami” is a race of beasts that are single handedly destroying the Earth.

The main character Lenka Utsugi has hatred piled up in every inch of his veins. Trying his best to destroy the Aragami, he’s on this life-threatening mission. See the resemblance?

2. Akame Ga Kill

Akame ga kill

Akame Ga Kill is often referred to as the “human version” of Attack on Titan is an excellent recommendation. Unlike Attack on Titan where the main threat is Titans itself, the corrupt world of Akame Ga Kill does not leave any stones unturned in terms of hurting the civilians.

Anyone who opposes the government is given an instant death in broad daylight. Pretty absurd, right? That’s where our main characters come into play. The group of assassins claiming to be “Night Raids” created their revolution by sneakily fighting the government. In the hope to fix the broken system, they oppose everything.

The action in Akame Ga Kill is unbeatable. You’re getting top-notch action, brutality, and most of all, emotional scenes to make you wet your sheets. But most of all, there’s no-nonsense in the plot like a lot of other Anime. And I’m not talking about Naruto!!!

1. D.Gray-Man

A story of a 15 years old boy who's able to transform into a beast, D Gray Man has an interesting plot. Allan Walker is our MC who's willing to sacrifice his life to defeat the Devils. Similar to the Eldians vs Marleyans fight, both sides are looking to settle their beef once and for all. Allan joins the black order for the betterment of the world. Little did he know, the outside world is much more brutal than he thought. The whole turns of events and character development are what make the D Gray Man series similar to Attack on Titan.
While the series is done and dusted, the series incorporates a boy who’s not normal. Fighting the devil with his badass transformation, you can expect something that even Attack on Titan might not even provide. The main threat in the D.Gray Man series is the devil. Hence, our main character has

A story of a 15 years old boy who’s able to transform into a beast, D Gray Man has an interesting plot. Allan Walker is our MC who’s willing to sacrifice his life to defeat the Devils.

Similar to the Eldians vs Marleyans fight, both sides are looking to settle their beef once and for all. Allan joins the black order for the betterment of the world. Little did he know, the outside world is much more brutal than he thought. The whole turns of events and character development are what make the D Gray Man series similar to Attack on Titan.



That’s it for our list of Anime like Attack on Titan. Generally speaking, Attack on Titan has been one of the best Dark Fantasy series in the world. Comparing them side by side isn’t a thing you should do. Just enjoy these shows as you watch them. These Anime are a must-watch if you’re seeking something similar to Attack on Titan. 


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