Platinum End Release Date, Plot, and Cast Revealed! – 2021 Release!

Platinum End Anime Adaption

2021 is one of the best years to live if you’re an Anime fan. From My Hero Academia to Jujutsu Kaisen, we’ve got so many series that were not only influential, but they changed the world of Anime as a whole. Well, we’ve got another fire news for y’all. The creator of “Death Note” is going to release a new Anime called “Platinum End.” 

While we’ve seen a plethora of Anime that have come out, Platinum End is another highly anticipated series that everyone was waiting for. So, let’s talk about when Platinum End is going to be released.

Supernatural Anime is always fun to read and watch. Especially Anime like Death Note, where the MC is all a mystery. But here’s why Platinum End might be your next favorite Anime especially if you’re a supernatural Anime fan. Platinum End is not your usual cookie-cutter series, but it brings something unique to the table for all Anime fans. 

The series is made by the creator of Death Note, making everyone excited for its release. Right now, fans are more excited about Platinum End than ever. But, to make things spicier for you, the release date for Platinum End has been confirmed.

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Table of Contents

Platinum End - The Background

The original manga “Platinum End” was released back in 2015, and recently, the manga is finished. While a lot of people are hyped about what Anime brings, a majority of them don’t know that the manga exists! Viz Media is responsible for the English translation. 

In other words, to serve western Anime fans, Platinum End’s release date has been confirmed! And we’ll get to that in a moment.

Platinum End has already sold 4.5 million copies, and this is expected from the creator of Death Note. Right now, the Anime is in word by Signal M.D studio. One thing is confirmed. The Anime is going to be released in October 2021. However, we’ll have to wait for a more specific release date, and once that comes out, we’ll surely update this blog.

But wait a minute! You’re not going empty-handed today, are you? You can click on the YouTube video down below to watch the official promotional video for Platinum End.

You can watch the PV down below:

Platinum End Release Date

According to Manga Mogura Twitter account, Platinum End’s TV adaptation is set to release in October 2021, and the Anime will end around for a whole FREAKING year, making it more than a year long. From October 2021 to March 2022, this seems like the supernatural lover’s fantasy. This means that the Anime will cover everything from Manga. 

Platinum End Storyline/Plot

“Inside a world where teenagers are struggling with unknown supernatural situations, Mirai Kakehashi is a junior high student who’s left to live his everyday life in HELL with his relatives after the death of his parents. 

Being so depressed, he tries to do suicide one day so that everything will go back to normal, however, an angel called Nasse saves him, and by giving him some special powers, he gets into a contest where a total of 12 contestants are trying their best to become the next GOD. 

This is because their current God is going to retire after 999 days. Mirai must do his best to defeat all the enemies and become the next dog.”

Platinum End Release Date


Right now, we have the current cast for Platinum End:

  • Miyu Irino as Mirai Kakehashi
  • M.A.O as Saki Hanakago
  • Yui Ogura as Nasse
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Nanato Mukaidō
  • Natsuki Hanae as Revel
  • Ai Kayano as Baret

Of course, as time will pass, we’ll get to see more and more cast members, however, we’ll update it as the new cast comes in.


Platinum End is going to be fire! We, Otakus have a lot of love and respect for Death Note. Hence, let’s see how Platinum End actually takes the shape of an Anime. Let us know your thoughts down below!

Source: Manga Morgura

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