ALL of Zoro’s Swords, Ranked By Power (HQ Images)

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With the long-running manga series reaching over a thousand chapters and finally approaching its long-awaited end. Roronoa Zoro has had quite a few swords under his belt throughout his journey. Here’s our ranking for all of his swords in terms of power.

Roronoa Zoro, a user of the three sword style ‘Santoryu” known for fighting with three swords at once. Primarily using  Katanas as his weapon of choice with two held in each of his hands and one clutched between his jaws. 

As a child, Zoro believed a swordsman’s strength lies within his ability to carry as many swords as he can, thus fighting Kuina with as many bamboo swords as he could wield. Zoro’s display of remarkable strength and technique lands him as one of the most prominent swordsmen in the One Piece universe. 

Second only to, of course, Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in all of One Piece. Aspiring to one day defeat Mihawk and claim his title.

Zoro, as a swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, has been shown to cut through Pacifistas which are known to be made from an even stronger alloy than steel. Once shown lacerating an entire mountain like being from head to toe suspending his other half into the stratosphere. 


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Table of Contents

Zoro's Swords

In Zoro’s own words 

“nine mountains and eight seas constitute one World, a thousand of those make the Chiliad World! Set that to the power of three and there’s nothing I can’t cut!”. 

However, To achieve such a degree of mastery Roronoa Zoro needs to brandish a weapon worthy of his stature.

In the pursuit of becoming the strongest swordsman, Roronoa Zoro has had the fortune of wielding some of the finest swords One Piece has to offer. With blades ranging from Skillful grade to Ungraded

Meito blades known for being worth millions of bellies, considered to be of the highest durability and proficiency. These blades are acclaimed for being extremely sharp and possessing insane cutting strength. 

Among the Meito blades are four grades; Supreme Grade with only 12 ever made, wielded by the likes of Mihawk and Whitebeard. Then comes the Great Grade blades, being 21 in existence; and lastly the 50 Skillful Grade Swords. 

Aside from other swords with unknown grades, this class system will help determine the Rank of each blade. Today’s ranking will be based upon the significance of each Sword in terms of its capabilities, strength, durability, and historical importance. So here we present each of Zoro’s swords ranked by Power


6. Dual Katanas - Found in hometown - Lost at Baratie vs Duel with Dracule Mihawk

The Dual Katanas were used by Zoro as his secondary swords paired with the Wado Ichimonji. First shown in his fight against Kuina, his childhood friend and rival. 

Later carrying the Katanas to his battle against Dracule Mihawk, where the two Katanas were dealt a devastating blow from Mihawk leaving them completely decimated

With the Wado Ichimonji remaining intact since it was of a higher Meito grade. The regular dual Katanas rank the lowest in terms of durability and power, being the weakest swords Zoro ever carried.

Dual Katanas

5. Sandai Kitetsu/Kitetsu III - Found in Loguetown - Currently Wielding

A cursed blade that exudes violent chaos-like energy. The Sandai Kitetsu dons a fierce, piercing look with a formidable presence. Being a cursed sword it is believed to bring death and misfortune to whoever dares to wield it. 

The Sandai Kitetsu is a Grade sword, forged by Tenguyama Hitotsu, a legendary swordsmith from Wano. It is the lowest-ranked ‘name’ sword Zoro has carried, however, being cursed makes up for its downfalls.

Acquiring the blade from Ipponmatsu’s shop in Loguetown where Zoro catches the presence of the sword. Upon further inspection Zoro decides to test his Luck against the sword’s curse, hurling the blade into the air and extending his arm out. 

After the blade swivels around his arm, barely missing it. Zoro decides to yield its own as his Luck prevails against the curse of the blade and is quickly able to command the curse and control its bloodlust. “Sandai” means it’s a third-generation sword. “Kitetsu” stands for demon piercer. Though a lower grade sword Sandai Kitetsu has proven itself as worthy, still being carried by Zoro. 

Sandai Kiketsu

4. Yubashiri - Found in Loguetown - lost in Enies Lobby - laid to rest in Thriller Bark

One of the 50 Skillful Grade swords aka “Ryo Wazamono”. Given to Zoro in Loguetown by Ipponmatsu upon witnessing Zoro’s prowess from his stunt with the Sandai kitetsu. The shopkeeper decides to bestow their family heirloom ‘Yubashiri’ to Zoro. 

The Yubashiri was a very powerful blade in the One-Piece world. Known for being crafted with a very superior quality, surpassed by only the Supreme Grade and Great grade blades. This class of swords are recognized for their lightweight, swiftness, and ease of control while maintaining incredible sharpness and durability. 

Equipped mostly by swordsmen with a speed-based style. Unfortunately, the sword comes to an end in the Enies Lobby arc by a marine captain who turns the sword into rust using his devil fruit abilities. Later Zoro pays tribute to the sword in Thriller Bark alongside Brook marking the end of his journey with the Yubashiri.


3. The Wado Ichimonji - Found in Hometown - Currently carrying

Wado Ichimonji is Zoro’s first Meito classified sword, graded among the “O Wazamono ”. One of the 21 Great Grade swords second only to the Supreme Grade swords. The fabled Shimotsuki Kouzaburou was responsible for forging both Enma and Wado Ichimonji. Once belonged to Zoro’s master Kuoshirou who was the father of Kuina, Zoro’s childhood friend.

His final battle with Kuina ends in Zoro being defeated using the same Wado Ichimonji. Soon Zoro is struck by the tragic news of Kuina’s untimely death. Saddened, Zoro requests to be given the 

Wado Ichimonji to carry Kuina’s legacy of becoming the strongest swordsman. This blade will likely remain with Zoro till the end of his journey. Wado Ichimonji has truly surpassed the test of time having fought countless foes. During his battle with Dracule Mihawk, the sword bears its testament clashing with “Yoru,” a Supreme Grade Black blade, not breaking even without Armament Haki protection. 

Furthermore, like any other sword, it can permanently turn into a black blade if imbued with Haki consistently. Thus increasing its rank among other blades. Wado Ichimonji is the embodiment of Zoro’s past and his epic journey with the Strawhats. 

Remaining an emblem for his childhood friend and the promises he has made. Having its roots buried in the history of the Land of Samurai. With its name directly interpreting as “The straight road to harmony”, this sword exalts a sense of harmony and peace. It is indeed a sword of promises

Wado Ichimonji

2. Shusui - Found in Thriller Bark - Returned to Wano

During the Thriller bark Arc, Zoro encounters Shimotsuki Ryuma, a legendary Samurai from the Land of Wano, once acclaimed to be the strongest swordsman of his time. 

Now undead, robbed from his peace by Gecko Moria, zombifying him as one of his soldiers to strengthen his army. Upon Zoro’s encounter with Ryuma’s corpse, they go face to face in a heated battle. 

In the aftermath of the battle, Ryuma is left impressed with Zoro’s skills so he decides to leave Shisui in Zoro’s hands. Later on, Zoro gives the sword back to Wano, returning the stolen national treasure of the country. 

Its name directly translates to “Autumn Water”, deemed one of the 21 O Wazamono Great Grade swords, making it one of the finest blades in One Piece. On top of that, the Shisui is also a Kokuto or a black blade raising its rank among other blades. Kokuto blades are highly resilient and borderline unbreakable. 

Incredibly powerful yet reinforcing a thin blade, the sword proves rather heavy and difficult to handle. Only a true master swordsman can tame its immense power. Adorned with a red-colored saw Hamon pattern, the blade’s presence matches with its fierce look. Reliving its glory days with Zoro, Shisui proved a great blade!


1. Enma - Found in Wano - Currently Carrying

Crafted by the world-class swordsmith of Wano Shimotsuki Kozaburo, who also crafted Wado Ichimonji. One of the 21 O Wazamono Great grader blades, Enma was the second blade of the heroic samurai Kozuki Oden of Wano. 

Passed down to his daughter Kozuki Hiyori who grants Zoro the blade under the condition that he rests Shusui back in Ryuma’s grave. While trying out the blade for the first time Zoro ends up accidentally cutting a part of the coastline. 

After experiencing Enma’s incredible cutting power, Zoro decides to return to Shusui. Being the only blade to penetrate through Kaido, Tenguyama Hitetsu described Enma as able to “cut through to the bottom of hell“. Enma is known to suck the Busoshoku Haki of its user, resulting in an overblown attack of devastation if not controlled properly. 

Kaido remarked to feel the presence of Kozuki Oden residing in the blade. Enma is easily one of the strongest blades Zoro has ever wielded. Hitetsu also said that if Zoro successfully manages to turn Enma into a permanent black blade its rank will increase, placing it into the ranks of a Supreme And Premium Grade sword that only the chosen ones use!



Currently, in the series, Zoro has his three sword styles intact with Wado Ichimonji, Enma, and the Sandai Kitetsu. However, before the end of Wano, Zoro is likely to receive another blade replacing the Sandai Kitetsu (which will be Enma for sure!)

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