ALL of Luffy's Forms and Transformations in One Piece (RANKED)


By now, I assume every one of you knows the name of Monkey D.Luffy. Luffy is the main character of the famous Shonen everyone loves and hates called One Piece. After being inspired to find the hidden treasure One Piece, Luffy embarks on a journey full of adventure, fun, mystery, and lots of meat. He recruits his crew and becomes one of the worst generation pirate members.

While being the worst generation pirate that terrorizes everyone is a lie, Luffy won our hearts with his fighting spirit and his morals. But today we are not here to talk about the story of One Piece. Rather, we are going to talk about what are the best forms and transformations of Luffy.


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Table of Content

5. Nightmare Luffy

nightmare luffy

I thought about adding or not adding this form of Luffy because this was like a one-time thing. A temporary power-up you might say. During Thriller Bark, Luffy was force-fed around 100 Shadows. This was done by the spirits that were wandering the Thriller Bark. This form was first seen during the fight between Oars and Moria.

After consuming these shadows Luffy became two times his size and his skin got a blue-ish tone. The form Gives Luffy a boost in strength and vitality. This form has never been seen or used again by Luffy after the Thriller Bark arc. 


4. Gear Second

Luffy’s Gear Second was first revealed to us in Enies Lobby. This ability made Luffy gain tremendous speed and agility that combined with his brute strength, making him a human-machine gun. To use this ability, Luffy has to pump up blood from his legs. Increasing the blood flow of his body and forcing more oxygen and nutrients all over his body. 

Doing so, makes his body gain a pink color and a flow of steam comes out of his body, showing as proof that he is about to shift his gear to overdrive and do some serious damage.

When Luffy first started using this technique, he did not have full control over his powers and had to sacrifice his life force every time he used Gear Second. Luffy’s Gear Second can be seen during his fight with Blueno. During his fight, he realized his crew was helpless and if he had to make the difficult choice of sacrificing his life force to achieve his Gear Second.

Though the power initially took away some of Luffy’s lifeforce, after the two-year time skip, Luffy has been shown to use Gear Second with full control and does not have to use his lifeforce as payment.


3. Gear Third

gear third

Gear Third is a technique that Luffy can use simultaneously while using Gear Second. It was first revealed on Enies Lobby. The technique works when Luffy bites his thumb and blows on it to inflate the bones of his body to create giant fists or legs to fight an enemy.

Gear Third was never revealed in a dramatic fashion, but the anime showed us its pros and cons right off the bat. It was seen during his fight with Gecko Moria. Using Gear Third gives Luffy a massive power boost because of his giant punches and kicks. But it takes away Luffy’s agility and replaces it with power. It also had a timer fixed to it. For example- Luffy could only use Gear Third as his trump card. Using this ability made him shrink to a child-like form after a while. This was a big drawback when you’re in the middle of a battle.

Luffy has also shown that he can use Haki with his Gear Third, making it a force to reckon with. After the two-year training time skip, Luffy is now completely able to use Gear Third without its drawbacks and he doesn’t shrink any more. R.I.P Chibi Luffy. We may never see him again.   


2. Gear Second combined with Gear Third

gear third and second

 Before you come at me with pitchforks, I personally do not even count this as a legit form of Luffy. But there was this one fight with Gecko Moria where Luffy used this form so, I’m going to use that excuse to add this form as Gear two point five.

During the big battle with Gecko Moria and Luffy, Luffy was not able to take the upper hand against Gecko Moria with his Gear second only. He had to pull out the big guns and combine Gear Second with Gear Third to compensate for his lack of speed in Gear Third and lack of huge power in Gear Second.

After combining both forms, we see a pinkish Luffy with giant fists covered in Armament Haki. He uses this form to absolutely demolish Gecko and get the victory royale. But this happened when Luffy was not able to control his powers fully. So, this power took a huge toll on Luffy and he was exhausted and hurt for a very long period. We can safely assume that this form will never be seen again because, after the two-year time skip, Luffy can now use these forms even in his sleep.


1. Gear Fourth

Right now, for those who are up to date with both the anime and the manga, Gear Fourth is Luffy’s strongest gear. But this gear is special. It has different forms of its own that show different types of strengths and weaknesses. Luffy uses these different Gear Fourth forms based on which type of enemy he is fighting. Here are the three revealed forms of Gear Fourth as of now:



A) Gear Fourth: Tankman

Between the three Gear Fourth forms, this form seems least effective since it focuses mostly on defense and takes away Luffy’s strength and agility, not to mention he is the size of a small giant in this form. Basically, a sitting duck. Similar to Gear Third, every form of Gear Fourth makes Luffy look bulky and giant-like. But This time Luffy inflates his muscles instead of his bones. He also applies Armament Haki on top of his muscles, making him an indestructible beast.

 Luffy only used his Tankman form once during his fight against Charlotte Cracker. The funny story is Luffy ate too much and turned-on Gear Fourth with a full stomach. This was the reveal of Tankman. An inflated form of Luffy with a large stomach that can deflect any attack thrown at him. This form gives Luffy incredible defensive powers that none of his other forms have.


B) Gear Fourth: Snakeman

I was conflicted between Snakeman and Boundman. Which should I put as the best form of Luffy? With careful consideration, I chose Snakeman as second place. Gear Fourth Snakeman is without a doubt one of Luffy’s strongest forms. But it has its drawbacks too.

Gear Fourth: Snakeman was first revealed during the fight with Katakuri and Luffy. While other forms of Gear Fourth have shown Luffy use Armament Haki around his whole body, Snakeman form uses Haki only around his arms and legs. This form gives Luffy as much agility as possible. Snakeman form focuses purely on speed and during this form, Luffy is unable to do big damage punches like Boundman form. This is the only reason Snakeman received second place.  

Gear Fourth: Snakeman form lets Luffy attack from long distances and changes his direction of punches as he wishes. It was used to make Katakuri confused and second guess his Haki powers. In this form, he can attack from all directions and angles. But there is another drawback to this form. He can only maintain it for 20 minutes and he is unable to move for a while after he is exhausted. I’m sure another two-year training arc should do the trick and Luffy will be able to control this power as well.


C) Gear Fourth: Boundman

 Boundman or Bounceman, whichever you prefer saying, Gear fourth Default form is Boundman. This form is the perfect balance of strength, speed, and defense. Boundman is best known for its raw strength and big blows that knock people out. The form uses the perfect balance of Armament Haki and Muscle Balloon technique that makes Luffy a bouncy ball that brings a lot of pain.

Some of Boundman form’s strongest attacks are King Organ and King Kong Gun. Both abilities make Luffy crank his fists as back as he can and punch with full rubbery force making the force of the punches quadruple the amount. You can see Luffy using Boundman to its full potential during the fight between Luffy and Doflamingo.

Boundman lacks in places like speed and defense. It’s not as fast as Snakeman and it’s not as defensive as Tankman. But where Boundman lacks, it makes up for it in strength. So, Boundman is Luffy’s strongest form.


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This brings us to the conclusion of this crazy list. These protagonists have broken the norm of the main character that we usually want and have still made the story interesting.

They are one of the main reasons why people love these anime and continue to re-watch them even though they have finished a long time ago.


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