43+ Best Naruto Quotes of ALL TIME (HQ Images)

Pain Naruto Quotes. 'Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace.'

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Choji Akamichi Quotes:


Akimichi Choji (秋道チョウジ)

1. This is a great quote, because Choji truly shows how much he doesn’t let his ego get a hold of him. Instead, he’s motivated by his principles, and pride to protect others, and is not fazed by attempts at himself or his character.

Naruto Quotes. Choji Akamichi 'You can mock me all you want but if you insult my best friend, I will obliterate you.' Quote The Anime

Deidara Quotes:



I don’t believe anyone can actually argue with Deidara’s expression of his art due to the fact that all of us actually have a subjective expression of art. This was definitely shows in the show, as Deidara always believed his representation of art was always better.

Deidara Quotes. Naruto Quotes. Art is an explosion. Anime Quotes

Fugaku Uchiha Quotes:

(うちはフガク, Uchiha Fugaku)

1. The amount of respect we all have from this moment of Fugaku, to let his own son take his life, because it’d be impossible for him to take his son’s life. To let him kill himself, in order to follow his own choice, decision and purpose in life. What an amazing, courageous and unbelievable father Fugaku turned out to be.


Gaara (Loneliness/Alone) Quotes:


Gaara (我愛羅)

1. I think Gaara is extremely thankful for Naruto, and will be for the rest of his life.

Gaara Quotes. Naruto Quotes. We have walked through the darkness of the world. That's why we are able to see even a sliver of light.

2. This is so true, and I believe so many of us in society today, go through so many excruciating circumstances, and specifically in the western world, make it so much harder for ourselves, by trying to be so independent. I believe our power, and our potential lies within working and being with other people, above everything else.

Gaara Quotes. Naruto Quotes. People cannot win against their loneliness

Hashirama Senju Quotes:


(千手柱間Senju Hashirama)

1. Whether it be through political, and country wars, or money, and power wars. I do agree with Hashirama, there’ll always be conflict. I think we’ll evolve, and improve in the ways we deal with that conflict. But I believe humanity and it’s existence will always face conflicts, as it is in our nature, and in the nature of progression. As finding problems and solving them is what moves the world forward.

Hashirama Quotes. Naruto Quotes. Whenever you live there will always be war. Anime Quotes

Hiruzen Sarutobi Quotes:


(猿飛ヒルゼン, Sarutobi Hiruzen)

  1. The feeling to protect, the power we inherit to be able to help, and do things for others. That when we truly come outside ourselves, are we able to truly do things that are unfathomable. That we can create things and do miracles, when we’re doing for others and not ourselves.
    ~Hiruzen Sarutobi (The third hokage)

Itachi Uchiha (Strength) Quotes:

(うちはイタチUchiha Itachi)

1. If you’re a brother, or sister to someone, you can relate to this quote. I have a sister, she’s younger. I remember getting in many fights with her, in my younger years. I believed it was part of duty, and just an inherent feeling to protect someone who was helpless.

Itachi quotes. Naruto Quotes. Don't cry Sasuke Your big brother is here to protect you, no matter what happens.

2. The abilities we can only be truly seen, when we can start acknowledge all the things we’re bad at. If you and me have bad things, we need to be able to say them as they are, so that will give us the confidence and power to say our good things, things we’re strong in.

3. Self- Realization is key

Itachi Quotes. Naruto Quotes. Those who cannot acknowledge their true self eventually fail. Anime Quotes

Jiraya Quotes:

Jiraiya (自来也)

  1. True empathy, the biggest skill, we can have as leaders, the biggest skill we can have as salesman, the biggest strength we can have as a marketer, the biggest skill we can have in our relationships. The ability to be able to stand in someone else’s shoes, is true strength, and true kindness.
Jiraya Quotes. Naruto Quotes. Knowing what it feels like to be in pain is exactly why we try to be kind to other.

2. To be living, with pride, and with the principles that you have set for yourself, to die with that in the face of death, is something so courageous.

jiraya kakashi and icha icha novels

Kakashi Hatake Quotes:


(はたけカカシ, Hatake Kakashi)

1. I believe we have to be loyal. I believe our integrity and self-worth is greatly aligned with our ability to be able to identify with others that we respect and appreciate, and be there for them, in their hardest times.

Kakashi quotes. Naruto Quotes. People who abandon their comrades are worse than scum. Anime Quotes

Kisame Hoshigaki Quotes:


(干柿鬼鮫Hoshigaki Kisame)

1. Last words to ITACHI: Kisame was always a good-hearted person, it was so clear in the end with his fight with Guy-Sensei. But I think sometimes our circumstances in life, make us choose the wrong path, even when we have the greatest intentions, which is quite sad to see. But I think we still have to be accountable for those decisions, because if blame the circumstances, for our outcomes, then we’ll never be able to change, and truly live lives of our potential.

Kisame Quotes. Naruto Quotes. I guess in the end i'm not so terrible after all.

Madara Uchiha Quotes:

(うちはマダラUchiha Madara)

1. It’s true because you know why, we’re human. We can never take away our negative feelings, they will always be there. But the one thing, we can do is acknowledge when they happens. See what reactions, and thoughts come to our mind, and yet still act in a righteous way, without causing another harm.

Madara Quotes. Naruto Quotes. People cannot show each otehr their true feelings. Fear, suspicion and resentment never subside.

2. There is no plan in the world that has gone 100% according to the plan. The plan is a good idea, but we only need to adamant on our vision, and flexible in the way of getting there. As Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon has said.

Madara Quotes. Naruto Quotes. I'd be lying if I said things are going according to plan, but beggars can't be choosers.

3. For the straight Savage quote by Madara because he was talking down to them – the shinobi’s here, and the confidence he exudes is unbelievable. 

Naruto Quotes, Madara Quotes, Madara Uchiha Quotes,"Would you consider dying together "Teamwork" as well?"

4. The Uchiha clan was truly Destined for sorrow.

Naruto Quotes, Madara Quotes, Madara Uchiha Quotes,"The Uchiha is a clan destined for revenge..."

5. I’m not sure, because in essence hope is the source of all motivation, inspiration, and drive.

Naruto Quotes, Madara Quotes, Madara Uchiha Quotes,"The concept of hope is nothing more than giving up. A word that holds no true meaning."

6. Now, this is definitely a true fact. Not just in the Shinobi world, but in our world, we’ve always waged so many wars, that have caused so many deaths, and that’s funny because no other animals really wage wars like this where they wipe our massive amounts of population.

Naruto Quotes, Madara Quotes, Madara Uchiha Quotes,"Talking about peace whilst spilling blood, it's something that only humans can do."

Might Guy Quotes:


(マイト・ガイ, Maito Gai)

1. I’m a failure. I know it. I’ve always been one, since a young age. But that gave me so much energy, to not be one. Ever since I was young, I was never truly the most talented in anything really. But yet, every-time I lost, I usually got more and more energy. As a failure, I’m more resilient than the talented, more brave, used to wear and tear. I’m a failure, and will die one, but I wouldn’t, and won’t let anyone outwork me. That’s my ninja way as a failure.

Might Guy Quotes. Naruto Quotes. A failure will win even at the cost of their own life.

Naruto Uzumaki Quotes:


(うずまきナルト, Uzumaki Naruto)

1. This is such an empowering quote by Naruto. He’s so fearless, when I read this quote. I am so inspired, I feel as if, as the leader, it is my responsibility like his to take care of my team, my people, and my friends just like Naruto would.

“If the gather’s responsibility is to protect the child… then my responsibility is to exceed the father.”

Naruto Quotes


2. This quote brings tears to my eyes. “I want to strive to become the best leader, in people’s eyes. I want to strive to put myself on the line for others.” These are the thoughts that come to mind, when I read this quote.

Naruto Quotes. People who put their lives on the line, continute to live on in legend.


3. So beautiful. Because he really lives his ninja way, till the end, even with Kurama.

Naruto Uzumaki Quotes. Someday I'll come after all the hate inside you as well


4. I never want to quit. This reminds me that I love to battle. The battle to achieve my mission. The vision to provide something to the world, everyone can benefit from. To die, living towards that vision, whether accomplished or not.

NAruto Uzumaki Quotes. I don't quite.. I don't run. I never go back on my word. That's why ninja way

Neji Hyuga Quotes:


(日向ネジ, Hyūga Neji) 

  1. It’s true, and the greatest reminder, that we all run with a time limit. Every single one of us, and that we have to show, and only have so much time to bring forth our highest potential.

Neji Quotes. Naruto Quotes. People share only one common of fate... death.


Obito Uchiha Quotes:


(うちはオビト, Uchiha Obito)

  1. This makes sense, as with any gift, comes a curse. With the feelings of love follows, jealous, hate, and other negative emotions.

Obito Quotes. 'The moment people come to know love, they run the risk of carrying hate.'

2.  I don’t think we should ever underestimate any other person.
~Obito Uchiha

obito-quote-Don't underestimate the visual prowess .. of the Uchiha-naruto-quotes

Orochimaru Quotes:



1. The greatest lessons, always are the hardest to survive through.

Orochimaru Quotes. The best medicines always taste bitter.

Nagato / Pain Quotes:


Nagato (長門, Nagato )
Pain (ペイン, Pein)

1. Pain are the life’s best lessons. The hardest lessons, come through the hardest circumstances. It’s amazing. It’s so hard, yet so necessary.

Pain Naruto Quotes. sometimes you must hurt in order to gor. life's greatest lessons are learned through.


2. It’s funny because in the day, and era we live in now. We’ve gotten through most of the World Wars, and traumatic battles that have taken place on Earth. Which makes us more complacent, and I think is the result of Peace, in any society.

Pain Naruto Quotes. 'Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace.'

Sakura Haruno / Uchiha Quotes:


(うちはサクラ, Uchiha Sakura, née Haruno (春野))

1. Sometimes, when people least expect us to smile. A smile can change everything.

Sakura Quotes. A smile is the easiest way out of a difficult sitation. NAruto QUotes

2. It’s true you can’t become a master of anything by just reading books. I think we have to apply, and only through application can ever truly master an art or craft.

Sakura Quotes. The things that are most important aren't written in books. You have to learn them by experiencing them yoruself.

Rock Lee Quotes:

 (ロック・リー, Rokku Rī)

1.This reminds me of the movie ‘Rocky’, Rocky Balboa, the character, I believe said this to his son. That it’s not the one who falls down. It’s the one who keeps on moving forward, keeps getting back up, that’s what winning is about.

Rock Lee Quotes. Naruto. A hero is not the one who never falls. He is the one who gets up again and again.

2. This one is fire, considering rock lee is one of my favorite characters, and its due to this exact fact of outworking, and sticking to something consistently.

Naruto Quotes, Rock Lee quotes, Lee Quotes, “A dropout will beat a genius through hard work.”

3.  Rock Lee’s ninja way, an inspiration to us all. To be able to be one of the top ninjas, without have the abilities required to be a ninja (nijutsu). He is the epitome of motivation.

Naruto Quotes, Rock Lee quotes, Lee Quotes, "A genius, huh? What does that mean? "Genius"? So I was not born with a whole lot of natural talent, not gifted like Neji ...but I work hard and I never give up! That is my gift, that is my ninja way!"

4. You did Rock, you did prove it.

Naruto Quotes, Rock Lee quotes, Lee Quotes, "I want to show I can be a splendid ninja as well even if I don't have ninjutsu or genjutsu... I want to prove it to the whole world!"

5. It’s when we try so hard to attain something and we don’t get it. But the moment we let go, of having it, it comes to us. lol

Naruto Quotes, Rock Lee quotes, Lee Quotes, "A rock thrown at a pole will not hit, but if one does not aim at the pole, it will hit! That is the law I used!"

Sasuke Uchiha Quotes:

(うちはサスケUchiha Sasuke)

  1. Evil quote by Sasuke

"I have long since closed my eyes. My only goal is in the darkness."

Sasuke Quote. I have long since closed my eyes. My only goal is in the darkness.

Shikamaru Nara Quotes:


(奈良シカマルNara Shikamaru)

1. Shikamaru is one of the most loved characters in Naruto. Someone with the most solid integrity, intelligence, higher than most people on the planet, and also emotional intelligence and courage to make the right decision and hard calls when needed. We could always look to Shikamaru anytime we need a good anime quote to motivated us in our life. What do you think?


2. He said this when he was facing Tamari in the Tournament where all the villages in the Chunin Exam Arc fought.
~Shikamaru Nara

shikamaru-nara-quote-It really doesn't matter to me if i ever become a Chunin or not, but I guess I shouldn't let myself be beaten by a female, so let's do it-naruto-quotes


3. HAHAH. This is jsut plain good word play by Shikamaru. Only a genius like him could turn and take something negative we shouldn’t be doing into a trait that we can acknowledge as may be important. LOL

shikamaru-nara-quote-Laziness is the mother of all bad haabits, but ultimately she is a mother and we should respect her.-Shikamaru-naruto-quotes

Shisui Uchiha (friendship) Quotes:


(うちはシスイ, Uchiha Shisui )

1. Shisui was a prodigy, with said to have eyes stronger than even Itachi uchiha. Now this is what Shisui said to Itachi, as he was giving his life away, so no one would be able to get his eyes.
~Shisui uchiha

Shisui Uchiha Naruto Quotes. you're my best friend. protect th village and the uchiha name.

Zabuza Momochi Quotes:

(桃地再不斬, Momochi Zabuza)

1. Oh man, the power of words is so insane. This is exactly what reminds me of the things we say to ourselves, and why they’re so important, because even a negative thought is not great for our well-being.

Zabuza Quotes. 'Your words cut deeper than any blade.'

2. This was the most emotional side of Zabuza. I honestly, did not expect him to reveal such a sensitive side of himself. The fact that he card about Haku so much. This quote from naruto showed me that even though Zabuza was inherently evil, I still sort of liked him.

"You were always at my side, the least I can do is to be beside you at the end. I know it cannot be, but I wish I could go to where you have gone."

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