My Hero Academia Theory: Who Is The UA Traitor?

My Hero Academia Theory, Who is the Traitor

Ever since the incident with the gates being broken at UA High, there has been speculation by the fans and even the characters that there is a traitor within their ranks.

Fans have been speculating for a while on who it could be, usually coming down to the same few suspects. So we’re going to cover those people that the fanbase tends to suspect.

Who Isn’t The UA Traitor

First, we are going to go over the characters that are 100% confirmed to not be the traitor.

  • Deku
  • Bakugou
  • Eraser Head
  • Todoroki
  • All-Might
  • Tenya
  • Kirishima
  • Yaoyorozu

All of these characters have shown in one way or another that they can’t be the UA traitor. Deku and All-Might because it’s obvious that they aren’t. Bakugou’s kidnapping was done as a subversion of the betrayal trope we seen with characters like Sasuke and to also show us that he couldn’t be the traitor. Eraser Head has been a target and someone the league of villains has tried to kill multiple times so it can’t be him.

Tenya’s brother was attacked by Stain and the league seemed unbothered and Tenya swore revenge on them and both him Kirishima, Yaoyorozu and Todoroki helped save Bakugou from the league.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s get on to the suspects.


Denki Kaminari Traitor, My Hero Academia Theory

There are a few key points that people look at when they say that Kaminari is the UA traitor. The first is during the attack at the USJ. Fans say that Kaminari was the one jamming the signal, making it harder for anyone to call for help.

Kaminari has talked about how he finds villains, especially Stain, to be cool. These statements lead fans to believe that he has villainous leanings or tendencies.

Kaminari was also unseen during the first UA incident where the press got inside. This means who could have possibly helped Shigaraki. Fans also speculate that Kaminari doesn’t overload his brain when he uses too much of his power and that this is a ruse to get people to think of him as an idiot.

Kaminari was also unseen when the UA students were sleeping during the training camp arc, which many found suspicious.


Hagakure My Hero Academia Traitor

The case against Hagakure is similar to the case against Kaminari. Hagakure gets a lot of suspicion for being the UA traitor due to her quirk. Her body is completely invisible, so if she isn’t wearing clothes she is impossible to find. This makes her the perfect spy. All of those meetings that the school staff are having, she could be there, gathering information and sending it to the villains.

Fans speculate that during the press incident, Hagakure slipped out of her clothes and helped the villains in some way. Fans believe that she helped create the chaos that gave Shigaraki the chance to destroy the gate.

Fans also point to the fact that she wasn’t that involved in the USJ defence like the rest of the other students.


Neito Monoma traitor

I swear part of the reason that people think he’s the UA traitor is that he’s so unlikeable. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t some real evidence to back this theory up though.

Many fans think that Monoma is the traitor, mainly because all of the events surrounding UA tend to affect class 1-A and end up making them look bad.

Monoma clearly has an inferiority complex because he’s in class 1-B and tries to stick it to class 1-A any way that he can. He also has a dark side and is clearly not above using other people. He also has a massive ego and honestly, he seems to be petty enough to let the whole school burn down to stick it to class 1-A.

There is also a theory that Monoma is the son of All For One, as they have similar quirks. Monoma can copy anyone’s quirk and One For All can steal and use anyone’s quirk. Fans theorize that Monoma is a plant, put into UA to make the school look bad.


My Hero Academia Shinso

This would be a pretty sad twist, as Shinso is a pretty big fan favorite. Fans suspect that Shinso is bitter due to the bias that UA has towards putting students with flashy quirks in the hero program and that people all his life saw him as a villain, caused him to want revenge.

This is probably the most out-there theory for the UA traitor on this list, as Shinso is shown to really dislike the idea of being a villain and really wants t o be a hero. This would still make for a good twist though.

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6 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Theory: Who Is The UA Traitor?

  1. U
    Unkitty says:

    I think it is momma because he hates class 1a

  2. k
    kira says:

    I think it hagakure because she was not in any important scenes like the usj attack

  3. T
    TempestShadowPlays says:

    But Deku could be pretending to be the U.A Traitor because he wanted revenge on Bakugou because Deku was being bullied in middle school for being quirkless and Deku wanted to hurt or even kill bakugou a lot of people say that Deku is the U.A Traitor but we don’t even know that there even IS a traitor

  4. Cha says:

    Sometimes I wonder how some of the current UA students got into UA through the same exam as Iida, Uraraka, and Midoriya… Aside from invisibility, what else is Hagakure’s ability? I have yet to see her fight. Her quirk is similar to Shinso’s where there’s no combat ability… It makes no sense how she got into the hero course but Shinso didn’t. They made it sound like it was almost impossible to get into the hero course in UA and when I look at some of the students/quirks and their fighting ability I question a lot of the characters and the system LOL (i.e. Mineta).

    • N
      Noob says:

      mineta quirk is not designed to be a combat ability but it still got offensive uses

    • k
      kira says:

      I agree with you so much. It does not make sence how hagakare got into UA without any combat exsepience. Also she was not in calvery battel and in heros rising she was only in the begining of the movie and did not help or do any good help to save deku and bakugo. so me and my brother think its hagakare and those are some of our reasons why we think its hagakare it just makes so much sence.

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