23+ My Hero Academia Quotes that are MOST Powerful

Overhaul Quotes. Hero Academia quotes. 'A goal with no plan is called a delusion. You need a plan in order to achieve your goal.' Quote the anime.

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Want the best & most POWERFUL My Hero Academia Quotes from the most emotional moments of Boku No Hero Academia? The moments where you felt their hardships, and see how they can rise from the occasion, given really rough circumstances. That is my favorite thing about anime in general, and My Hero Academia has just that.

So without further ado…

Inspirational My Hero Academia Quotes

Overhaul Quotes:

Kai Chisaki. The young head of the Shie Hassaikai.

1. “Do you have a plan? A goal with no plan is called a delusion.
What’ll you do after gathering power that you can’t control? You need a plan in order to achieve your goal… and I have a plan. I didn’t come here today because I wanted to join you.
In order to execute my plan, I need a lot of money. I”ll show you how well I can use you. and then, I’ll become the next leader.

(Season 4, Sub Episode 65, 6:30)

“A goal with no plan is called a delusion. You need a plan in order to achieve your goal.”

Overhaul Quotes. Hero Academia quotes. 'A goal with no plan is called a delusion. You need a plan in order to achieve your goal.' Quote the anime.

Mirio Togata Quotes

“Wanting to do what you can to help those in trouble …Is part of the basics for a hero.. Right?”

(Season 4, Sub Episode 65, 19:30)

Mirio Togata Quotes. Hero Academia quotes. 'To help those in trouble, is part of the basics for a hero right.' Quote the anime.

Nighteye/Mirai Sasaki Quotes

Nighteye says this to Midoriya in the middle of the duel, when Deku was trying to get the stamp from him to be able to get approved for the work study under the Nighteye Squad.

“Those who stand at the top should not show indecision or worry.”

Nighteye Quotes. Hero Academia Quotes. 'Those who stand at the top shouldn't show indecision or worry.' Quote The Anime.

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Izuku Midoriya / Deku Quotes:

(緑みどり谷や出いず久く Midoriya Izuku),
(デク?) Deku

1. (This took place, when Midoriya was younger and his friend was being bullied by Bakugo, and his 2 other friends.)

Bakugo and his 2 other friends used their quirks and beat up Midoriya.  When he lay on the ground beat up by Bakugo, and the 2 others.

That when he realized this and thought to himself that..


midoriya izuku quote all men are not created equal


(This happened when Midoriya was fighting Muscular to save the kid (Kota).
Muscular was telling Kota how he killed his parents, and then meanwhile Midoriya was sneaking up on Muscular to give him a smash, but then Muscular already knew he was coming.)


A hero's job is to risk his life to turn his promises into reality."~Midoriya


(This happened when Bakugo had been captured by Dabi and his gang.)


I don't feel any pain right now."~Midoriya

4. We can see from this quote, that we can always find another solution, if one that we used previously is not available anymore.


5. This quotes screams the dreams that we all carry within us, since we were children. To become a hero for other people.

~Midoriya Izuku (Deku)

I want to be like you. I want to become the greatest hero, like YOU!"~Midoriya Izuku-deku

Shoto Todoroki / Shouto Quotes:

(轟とどろき焦しょう凍と Todoroki Shōto)

  1. Todoroki actually says this to Midoriya. when Midoriya needed help getting through to Kota, because he seemed to want to help Kota. But he wasn’t able to get through.

~Shoto Todoroki

If you're going to rely on words alone, then they better be incredibly powerful."~Shoto Todoroki

2. This was quite a relatable moment for me, because growing up, I had denied using my father for any sort of help in my future or career. So I’m really able to relate to Shoto here.

~Shoto Todoroki

Never using my bastard of a father's quirk... No! By rising to the top without using it.. I'll have denied him everything."~Shoto Todoroki

3. This is such a great quote for us to remember in times when we forget why we’re doing what we’re doing. When we’re tired, and exhausted and thinking about giving up.

~Shoto Todoroki

If you wanna stop this, stand up! Because I have just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!"~Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki Sticker –
‘Become the Hero you want to be.’

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Toshinori Yagi / All Might Quotes:

(八 (や) 木 (ぎ) 俊 (とし) 典 (のり) Yagi Toshinori)

  1. Nobody likes losing, in reality. But if we don’t lose, we can’t truly learn what our shortcomings are. We can truly see what we lack, and reflect after a loss, so we can improve those shortcomings.

-All Might

all might quote win or lose my hero  academia

2. He says this to All for One.

~All Might

You steel, break them, manipulate and distort them. You scoffen innocent people who're just trying to lead happy lives. I won't let you!"~All Might

3. This is where we can truly see All Might’s unwavering will and spirit shine. He gives it his all to a point, that he was not even willing to let death come in the way of his purpose. Which was to train Midoriya to become a stronger hero, and the new symbol of peace.

~All Might

3. "Until I finish training him, .... I can't Die!!!" - all might

4. When there’s nothing to be gained. Meaning that when we can see no benefit, from being courageous, and we’re very scared. When fear is everything we can feel, and we see no common sense, in taking the right action. Taking action then, taking the right action then, even though there is no immediate result from it, is the mark of a truly great hero.

~All might

When there's nothing to be gained, rising to the challenge at those times... is surely the mark.. of a true hero-all-might

5. Being the symbol of justice.

~All Might

Shota Aizawa / Eraserhead Quotes:

(相あい澤ざわ消しょう太た Aizawa Shōta),

1. This is a great quote, and a lesson from Aizawa to let us know that we should never quit on our dreams half-way, because it is cruel to do so.


"There is nothing crueler than letting a dream end halfway."~Eraserhead

2. Aizawa says this to Emi Fukukado at the Provisional Hero Licensing exam.


aizawa quotes-two people in class A-my hero academia- boku no hero academia
They're not leaders, or the most popular, and the two of them don't get along at all. But... before I knew it, their passion spread to the rest of the class. It's strange, but one of them is always at the center of any major event.-aizwa-eraserhead
I'm not worried. I can't wait to see what they'll do. Even if they're not physically with everyone, their pressences raises the standard for the whole class-That is my class... Class 1-A!-aizwa-eraserhead

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Enji Todoroki / Endeavour Quotes:

(轟とどろき炎えん司じ Todoroki Enji)

1. Endeavour says this to All Might, while he’s fighting All for One. This is when endeavour has a flash-back of his history with All Might, and how he was never able to close the gap between the strength differences of him and All Might. It was such a teary eyed moment to all me, becaus Endeavour had never shown such vulnerability ever.


endeavor quotes -stand up and show them why you're better to All Might - boku no hero academia quotes


(When Enji Todoroki was given the Number 1 Hero spot because All Might was no longer able to be a Hero… this is when Endeavour said this.)


Katsuki Bakugou / Kacchan Quotes:

(爆 (ばく) 豪 (ごう) 勝 (かつ) 己 (き) Bakugō Katsuki),
 (かっちゃん)  Kacchan

  1. This was such a vulnerable and powerful quote by bakugou. Because he said this to All Might’s face, all while he was crying, and in a extremely angry, and sensitive place.


To All Might & Deku, (Season 2, Episode 61)

bakugou quotes-My hero academia-in the end it doesnt change what i have to do ill become a hero that surpasses evne you

2. He says this to Midoriya when they’re facing All Might, who’s playing a villain in their training test at UA.


Extra My Hero Academia Quotes: "Stop talking. I will win. That's... what heroes do!"~Bakugo

Funny Bakugou Katsuki Quotes

3.THIS IS EXTREMELY FUNNY LOL. and such a bakugou thing, we all truly got to see where Bakugou got his personality from.

to his Mom, while Aizawa and All Might were at their house, (Season 2, Episode 50)

bakugou quotes-My hero academia-dont hit me old lady, ill kill you

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bakugou quotes-My hero academia-there's no way I could beat you without taking any risks

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Bakugou & Mom Sticker

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Nana Shimura Quotes:

(志 (し) 村 (むら) 菜 (な) 奈 (な) Shimura Nana)

  1. The epitome of a true hero. The fact that we have to smile to empower others. To show them, we are fine and we are great, specially and more importantly in times of hardships so the people who follow us and look upto us can feel confident.

~Nana Shimura

nana shimura quote -No matter how scary it gets, you must always wear a smile that says... I'm FINE!~Nana Shimura

Muscular Quotes:

1. As evil as he was. I agree with this quote of muscular. Funny enough Deku was able to keep his promise and actually defeat Muscular after he said this line.


Don't make promises you can't keep-Muscular

All For One Quotes:

1. Pure evil

~One for All

all for one quotes my hero academia -i'll obliterate you

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