11+ Inspirational Bakugou Quotes – My Hero Academia (HQ Images)

bakugou quotes-My hero academia-there's no way I could beat you without taking any risks

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Bakugou Katsuki quotes for all the My Hero Academia Fans. OR Should I SAY Kacchan Quotes for the real Fans.

Best Bakugo Quotes from My Hero Academia

Motivational Katsuki Bakugou Quotes

“We’re not here to make friends, we’re here to fight! Let’s kill everyone in U.A. with our sound!”

(Season 4 Subbed, Episode 82)

(Season 4 Subbed, Episode 82

This was the cutest thing ever, seeing Bakugou being so positive, and actually admiring someone. When initially I believe he was so self-absorbed that he couldn’t possibly admire anyone else but himself. But this really started to show the other side of Bakugou

Talking about All Might to the TV outside with his friends & Deku (Season 2, Episode 37)

bakugou quotes-My hero academia-no matter how much trouble hes in, he always wins in the end

2. Bakugo was supremely courageous even from a young age. He was actually fighting kids from older grades who were trying to bully him, and made them run away in fact, after fighting them. He was fearless from the get-go.

To his friends, when he beats up the kids, that were bullying him, (Season 2, Episode 37)

bakugou quotes-My hero academia-the most amazing hero always wins in the end

3. “This man is the highest wall in the world.
The greatest hero!”

To Himself, while fighting All Might in the Exam, with Deku as partner, (Season 2, Episode 37)

bakugou quotes-My hero academia-This man is the highest wall in the world. The greates hero.-to all might quote

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(Season 2, ,episode 37)

4. This was in the fight during when Midoriya and Bakugou were facing off against All Might. And in the middle of it Bakugo called himself stupid for not realizing this earlier, and then he said..

To All Might, (Season 2, Episode 37)

bakugou quotes-My hero academia-there's no way I could beat you without taking any risks

5. This was in that same fight against All Might. Bakugou in the face of complete defeat, wouldn’t admit defeat. He just wasn’t able to, and chose to hurt himself more and more, in order to have a fighting chance to win against All Might.

To All Might during the exams, (Season 2, ,episode 37)

bakugou quotes-My hero academia-ill break and break myself.. even if it means twisting myself, ill win the way i choose

6. Wow, such a profound thing to say Bakugo

At the Remedial Course, to the leader,

bakugou quotes-My hero academia-if all you ever do is look down on peopl you wont be able to recoznize your weaknesses


“Weaklings should step aside. I will kill him.”

To Deku, (My Hero Academia Movie: The Two Heroes)

7. Bakugou: “In the end……it doesn’t change what I have to do. I’ll become a hero that surpasses even you! But unlike what I’ve been doing until now.. Deku.
–Like how you’ve been watching me and everything around you and absorbing it to get stronger, I’ll also make everything my own to go higher.
Higher than even you, the chosen one.
Midoriya: “Then I’ll go even higher than that. I have to get higher than you!”
Bakugou: I said, I’m gonna surpass you!”

To All Might & Deku, (Season 2, Episode 61)

bakugou quotes-My hero academia-in the end it doesnt change what i have to do ill become a hero that surpasses evne you

Funny Bakugou Katsuki Quotes

1. This is the funniest moment in My Hero Academia lol. Bakugou’s mom is hilarious. We can now see where he gets his aggressive personality from.

to his Mom, while Aizawa and All Might were at their house, (Season 2, Episode 50)

bakugou quotes-My hero academia-dont hit me old lady, ill kill you

Bakugo “Angry” Quotes

1. This is an unbelievable moment while fighting All Might. As you can tell from Deku’s reaction, he was completely stunned by Bakugou’s drive to succeed, without Midoriya’s help.

To Deku, while fighting all might for their Exam, (Season 2, Episode 37)

bakugou quotes-My hero academia- shutup ill win. that's what it means to be a hero

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