Why Was Rudeus Greyrat Reincarnated? (Mushoku Tensei Theory)

If you haven’t already guessed, Rudeus Greyrat is the main protagonist of the Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation series. Rudeus before he was REINCARNATED in the Six-Faced World, was a 34-year-old NEET that just lazed around and basically gave up on life. He was severely bullied in school which led to him shutting himself out from the outside world (Mushoku Tensei Anime: Episode 1).

After his parents’ death, he was kicked out by his siblings for not giving a damn about anything. He was so low in life that he watched unfaithful videos during his parent’s funeral. Now I admit he’s worse than Rachel in Tower of God. While he was walking, he saw some students who were about to be hit by a truck. He pushed them and got hit instead (Mushoku Tensei Anime: Episode 1).

This was when he was REINCARNATED as an infant with his memories intact in a world where magic, monsters, and swords are present everywhere. This scene basically started the Truck-kun scene so bow to this anime Isekai fans. This time he started his second life, was given the name Rudeus Greyrat, and tried his best to be the best he can be this time around (Mushoku Tensei Anime: Episode 1).

Rudeus eventually went on a journey of his lifetime. By the end of the series, Rudeus married all the three girls he fell in love with all through his life (Talk about lucky). Rudeus also became one of the Seven Great World Powers, raised his own family, and became a person people looked up to. But the question remains, why was Rudeus Greyrat REINCARNATED into the Six-Faced World? Are there others like him? Or is Rudeus Greyrat a unique phenomenon on his own?

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Was Rudeus The Only One Who Was Reincarnated?

Was Rudeus Greyrat the only one who was reincarnated into the Six-Faced World in all of its history? Or were there other cases. Don’t worry my beautiful weeb, I, the guy who taught Einstein how to divide, will give you all the answers you need!

The simple answer to this question is, YES! Rudeus was the only one who was reincarnated into the Six-Faced World in every timeline and history present in the universe of Mushoku Tensei. But this isn’t all speculation, I’m spitting facts here! So below are my evidence to support my claim.


Orsted Not Seeing Rudeus In Other Timelines

Before we get deep into this proof, let’s talk about how Orsted can go into unlimited time loops. This was clearly evident when he met Rudeus, Ruijerd, and Eris (Mushoku Tensei Light Novel: Volume 6). This was because there was one God called the Creator God that created the Six-Faced Universe which consisted of several realms including the Dragon and Human Realm each with their own God.

After some series of events, Hitogami took over the body of the original Human God and tricked the Dragon God. This led to an all-out war where 4 realms were destroyed by the Dragon God. Hitogami then betrayed the Dragon God and led to the destruction of the Dragon Realm (Mushoku Tensei: Old Dragon’s Tale).

In his dying breath, the Dragon God wrote magical runes onto Orsted who was just a baby so that he would be hidden from Hitogami. Orsted was given the mission to grow stronger and eventually defeat Hitogami. Every time Orsted fails, he is sent into an infinite time loop that repeats every 200 years until he defeats Hitogami (Mushoku Tensei: Old Dragon’s Tale).

This is where things get tricky. In the present events of Mushoku Tensei, Orsted himself said he had gone into more than a hundred time loops but it was only in that timeline did he see Rudeus Greyrat. Rudeus was supposed to be still-born and would have not existed at all (Mushoku Tensei Light Novel: Volume 16).

In other timelines, Eris Boreas Greyrat was supposed to marry Luke Notos Greyrat and Sylphiette and Roxie were supposed to be student and master respectively. Because of Rudeus’ reincarnation, the entire timeline changed drastically which comes as a surprise to both Hitogami and Orsted as they are unaware of this change in the timeline’s natural passage. This also indicates that in every timeline Orsted looped in there were no other cases like Rudeus Greyrat.

This proves further that Rudeus was the only one who was reincarnated in the entire history of Mushoku Tensei and that his reincarnation alone caused a drastic change in the upcoming events. This also explains why Rudeus wasn’t affected by Orsted’s several Curses which was the same case with Nanahoshi but we’ll talk more in-depth about that later (Mushoku Tensei Light Novel: Volume 6).


Nanahoshi and Akihito Teleportation Events

You might be wondering who these names are, don’t worry I’ll explain their backgrounds. In Rudeus’ backstory do you remember those kids that Rudeus tried to save? Yes, they weren’t saved but instead were TELEPORTED into the world of Mushoku Tensei. Please note what I said, they were only TELEPORTED not REINCARNATED!

Nanahoshi Shizuka is a Japanese schoolgirl who was sent to the kingdom of Asura but was eventually picked up by Orsted because of the fact that she was immune to his curses. Nanahoshi would eventually meet Rudeus during the confrontation of Dead End and Orsted where she suggested that Orsted revive Rudeus after Orsted killed him (Mushoku Tensei Light Novel: Volume 6). Rudeus would also meet Nanahoshi again in the Ranoa Magic University where he helped Nanahoshi in her research with Teleportation Circles (Mushoku Tensei Light Novel: Volume 9).

Shinohara Akihito on the other hand, was another student Rudeus was unable to save from getting hit by Truck-kun. Akihito was teleported as a hero where he gained the trust and love of a Miko named Riria who can rewind time for 24 hours (Mushoku Tensei Epilogue: Prologue Zero). Not much is known about the journey of Shinohara Akihito and how he became a hero but that is pretty much a short summary of his case.

So Rudeus Greyrat was not the only one sent to the Six-Faced World. Nanahoshi and Akihito were also isekaid but what makes Rudeus’ case unique was that he was REINCARNATED not TELEPORTED. They were also sent to the Six-Faced World at different times which I will get into detail later. My point is, out of the 3 people who died and were sent to the fantasy world, there is a minute chance that they would not have had the same method. In most Isekai we see, every individual or group who were sent to a fantasy world usually had the exact method of transfer which is usually teleportation but why was Rudeus REINCARNATED?


Why Was Rudeus Greyrat Reincarnated?

This part might get a bit trippy since we’ll be diving deep into time loops, futures and pasts, and paradoxes. I’ll try to explain it as soundly as possible so that those who have not finished the series but are just curious could understand where I’m trying to go with this. With that out of the way, I will finally answer why Rudeus Greyrat was REINCARNATED.

I have two theories answering this question. The first one, which I call the SINGULARITY EVENT THEORY, basically covers the events in Mushoku Tensei, especially the Epilogue. However, the second one, which I call the BROKEN SYMMETRY THEORY, delves more into the laws of Physics and relates it with Mushoku Tensei Lore.



Before we get into this theory let’s remember what I talked about earlier. The battle between the 6 realms within the Six-Faced Universe, Hitogami’s betrayal, and Orsted’s endless time loops. All of those are related to the Singularity Event Theory so keep that in mind.

Now, we know that Rudeus, Nanahoshi, and Akihito are sent to the Six-Faced World because of the incident that killed all three of them in the real world. What’s amazing is that they were sent to different timelines within the history of Mushoku Tensei.

Rudeus was the first where he was reincarnated as an infant but retained his memories from the past (Mushoku Tensei Anime: Episode 1). Nanahoshi, if there are some anime watchers here, was teleported to the Six-Faced World 10 years after Rudeus was born which caused the Displacement Incident and Nanahoshi herself speculated that as well (Mushoku Tensei Light Novel: Volume 22). Akihito had the farthest difference from Rudeus’ arrival to the world where he was sent far into the future and became a Hero that saved a Kingdom and met a Miko named Riria (Mushoku Tensei Epilogue: Prologue Zero).

Now we know who are the main players in this event and this is where things get confusing. Orsted already time looped more than 200 times and only in the time loop where Rudeus was born is where there were drastic changes in the events that transpired. Orsted and Hitogami did not notice anything until the Teleportation Incident. 

The original timeline was that the Teleportation Incident did not happen and the Fittoa Region wasn’t destroyed, the Boreas Greyrats along with Ariel took over the throne of Asura, Sylphie became Roxy’s student, and Ruijerd would never win against the curse that was put on them by Laplace.  

However, our timeline where Rudeus was born takes place and Hitogami finally realized that Rudeus was a special case. He used this to his advantage, tricked Rudeus, and eventually betrayed him in the end. But ladies and gentlemen, we now have something more confusing. The future Rudeus who was betrayed by Hitogami went back in time and told past Rudeus of the events that would unfold (Mushoku Tensei Light Novel: Volume 16).

As soon as Rudeus realized this, he went on to ally himself with Orsted and they would continue to make preparations to fight against Hitogami. A lot of events transpire and Rudeus dies because of old age (Mushoku Tensei Light Novel: Volume 24).

However, what caused these events was the Miko, Riria. After Akihito got summoned, he died and it broke her. After falling in love with Akihito, Riria decides to use all her power to revive Akihito and for them to live together. She opened a space-time rift to make all of this possible and reset the timeline. As Rudeus’ soul was near Akihito and Nanahoshi because three of them died, this led to an opening where it completely changed Rudeus’ fate as a stillborn child (Mushoku Tensei Epilogue: Prologue Zero).

Riria reincarnated as a husk because she exhausted her powers where she transferred 3 souls into the Six-Faced World and completely re-written what was supposed to happen in Orsted’s time loops. Rudeus was reincarnated, Nanahoshi caused the Teleportation Incident, and Akihito was brought back to the distant future. This caused a time paradox where the story of Mushoku Tensei was changed because of Rudeus’ existence (Mushoku Tensei Epilogue: Prologue Zero).

In the distant future, Rudeus’ descendants, Orsted, and an unknown man, presumably Akihito, would go on to defeat Hitogami and close the time loop that Orsted was cursed in. Another thing to note is that what caused the past events to unfold was a future event that transpired, this creates a Singularity Event within Mushoku Tensei where it caused events that are irreversible and created a  point-of-no-return in the timeline since Riria can no longer be her normal self.

So this creates a paradox within a paradox. The first one was how Miko brought back Akihito and the second one is Rudeus’ entire life in the Six-Faced World. These paradoxes affected Orsted’s time loops and even disrupted Hitogami’s Future Sight. But the important thing here is that because of this so-called Singularity Event we can now confirm HOW AND WHY Rudeus was reincarnated into the Six-Faced World.



The Broken Symmetry Theory does not incorporate that much Mushoku Tensei lore but delves deeper into the small things that appear within Mushoku Tensei and relates it to concepts within Physics.

To give you a much simpler example, Broken Symmetry is a dynamic concept within Physics that was produced by the Modern Mathematician known as Ian Stewart. This includes a part where symmetric patterns have distinct changes within them that give birth to new patterns.

So how can we relate this to Mushoku Tensei you might ask? Well, the concept of Physics and Logic within the Six-Faced World matches that of our own. The events that transpired with Riria messing up the timeline and bringing back Rudeus were a Broken Symmetry in itself (Mushoku Tensei Epilogue: Prologue Zero). There are also instances in the lore where some patterns within the Six-Faced World were created because of Broken Symmetry. Take Sylphiette for example with her Laplace Factor and green hair (Mushoku Tensei Light Novel: Volume 1). 

There is also another example. The Manatite Hydra that Rudeus and the Fangs of the Black Wolf fought at the Teleportation Incident is a perfect example where due to a distinct cause, its scales were green and it was immune to magic (Mushoku Tensei Light Novel: Volume 13). Zenith is also a great example where her gaining her Miko powers is a broken symmetry within a broken symmetry (Mushoku Tensei Light Novel: Volume 21).

This leads to the conclusion that Rudeus’ soul entering that time rift, Nanahoshi being summoned via the Displacement Incident, and Akihito getting summoned into the far future is an example of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking where the effects are not as symmetric as their causes. That’s the reason why they are sent to different time periods within the History of Mushoku Tensei. 

But let me tell you, it always boils down to the Singularity Event Theory as the Broken Symmetry Theory, you can say, is just a prologue of the Singularity Event Theory and explains why Rudeus was reincarnated and the two were teleported. Rudeus was reincarnated because a cause even as small as an atom could change the outcome of an event. Rudeus’ existence is a perfect example of Broken Symmetry.


How Was This Theory For You? Let Us Know In The Comments Below!

So that’s it, my guys! I came up with two theories but both of them are connected one way or another. Now we can safely conclude why Rudeus was Reincarnated instead of Teleported like Akihito and Nanahoshi. 

I left out some other parts of the story as well since we’re only focusing on Rudeus’ Reincarnation and not the end of Orsted’s time loop. Rudeus was reincarnated because of Riria and there’s no particular reason why he was reincarnated, it was because of chance only.

I hope you guys loved this theory and comment below if you want more! We always love to hear your thoughts!



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