19+ Mangas Like Tokyo Revengers (Recommendations)

Mangas like tokyo revengers

The anime that took the anime community by storm is none other than Tokyo Revengers. After its first episode in April, this spring anime made its impact. The story revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki, a middle schooler who gets hit by a train and is teleported back in time.

Now, he has to re-write the future that he lived into one that he wants to live in. For this, he has to prevent the death of his girlfriend. That may seem to be an easy task considering he already knows the future. But our boy has to go through some deep stuff to get his life back on track. He not only has to join a gang but also make sure two gang leaders never meet each other.

It takes the time travel concept and the delinquent part of anime and mashes them into a masterpiece. So, many of you must have given up on waiting for a new episode and caught up to the manga. Or maybe you just read the manga before the anime. But, no matter what you have done, you might be itching for a similar manga to read. Well, no worries, for we got you covered!

A few of you may go as far as to say that this is an original piece, and there aren’t any similar manga out there. That is true if you are looking for an identical manga. But if we are talking about time travel, or future fixing, or even the delinquent concept, there are tons that you can choose from. However, not all of them have the similar heat that Tokyo Revengers delivers.

Take a look at our picks and give them a read if you find them interesting. We can confidently say that you will be hooked on the good stuff.


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Table of Contents

21. The Glorious Asuka Gang!

Consisting of twenty-seven volumes, Hana no Asuka-gumi is a manga that is filled with gang wars. The manga is written and illustrated by Satosumi Takaguchi Sensei and is completed.

It has a similar delinquent setting that Tokyo Revengers portrays. But the story takes place in Kabuki Chou Ichibangai, a sector of Tokyo that is filled with gangs. So the story is a bit heavier than its counterpart.

the glorious asuka gang

20. Geki!! Gokutora Ikka

This twelve-volume manga from Akira Miyashita Sensei takes the delinquent part of Tokyo Revengers and dials it up a notch. Instead of being a delinquent to save his loved one, this manga makes the main character pursue the dream of being the best.

Tora, an average gangster, aims to become the most notorious in Japan. And to do so, he is willing to go on a rampage against anyone who stands in his path.

19. Nidome no Jinsei: Animator

This work of Gaku Miyao Sensei is similar to Tokyo Revengers in the terms that it also tells the story centred around time slip. Unfortunately, this is a manga that was introduced not far back, and thus there is no exact count of volumes yet. But it has an art style and story that is captivating.

This manga tells the story of a 58-year-old salaryman who slips forty years into the past. This allows him to rewrite his life as an animator instead of a daily salaryman. It is a lighthearted story that is worth the read.

Nidome no Jinsei: Animator

18. Shinjuku Swan

Not all delinquent stories have to be related to high schoolers. Even an adult can get mixed up with the Yakuza and has to delve deeper into the dark side of society. Unlike Tokyo Revengers, this one is not about high school love. But it has a similar heavy delinquent factor to it.

This is a manga from Ken Wakui Sensei that has thirty-eight volumes. It tells the story of Shiratori Tatsuhiko, a bum who gets mixed with the Yakuza due to his scouting job. This job pulls him deep into the illegal side of society, but he still struggles to uphold his morals.

shinjuku swan

17. Heptagon

With only a single volume, this manga is one that is similar to Tokyo Revengers in the time travel concept. Heptagon is the brainchild of Chiaki Hijiri Sensei. Instead of a train, the main character Nana is sent back to the past after a car accident.

Once she is back in her fourteen-year-old body, she starts living her life as usual. But that doesn’t last long as she has to again face the memories that she buried deep. This manga shows how she overcomes those memories and builds new memories that are worth remembering.


16. Gangsta

Another manga that deals with gangs and a mature theme is Gangsta. It is similar to Tokyo Revengers as it also takes a peek at the physical abuse sector. This manga has eight volumes. And within these volumes, the author Kosuke Sensei tried his most to show the awful side of gangs.

These gangs or delinquents are not your run in the mill people. They all have a super-human ability that they acquired due to some underground drugs. This gives rise to new groups and thus forces them to go into a gang war. It is an excellent manga if you want some hardcore action.


15. When Delinquent Bikers Ruled

This action-comedy shounen manga by Satoshi Yoshida Sensei has sixteen volumes. And these sixteen volumes are filled with gang culture and a theme that is sure to attract mature readers. Now, why does it sound familiar? Obviously, because Tokyo Revengers also is based around these two core concepts.

But unlike the delinquents, it is more like a biker gang. It tells the daily life of a biker group that is the strongest in the area despite being composed of only high schoolers.

when delinquent bikers ruled

14. ReLife

Similar to Tokyo Revengers, ReLife takes the romantic and time travel concept and produces a masterpiece. So Yayoi Sensei took these two concepts and produced fifteen volumes of manga that are iconic till today. The characters of this manga have a similar vibe to Tokyo Revengers.

Instead of a train sending him to the past, Arata Kaizaki takes his second chance at life with the help of a pill. This pill turns him into a seventeen-year-old. Now he has to fix his life to make sure he comes out on top.


13. OUT

Delinquents are not always out there to seek blood and thrill. The same is true for Tatsuya Iguchi. He is a seventeen-year-old delinquent who is moving out of his home town. He just wants to enjoy his life and gather new experiences. But his delinquent lifestyle won’t let him.

This manga has a story written by Tatsuya Iguchi Sensei and illustrated by Makoto Mizuta Sensei. The first chapter of this manga was released in June of 2012 and is still ongoing. So the exact number of volumes is unknown. But the thing is, this manga has the potential to overcome the fame of Tokyo Revengers.


12. Double Hard

Tokyo Revengers, along with the time travel, has a lot of gruesome delinquent fight scenes. A manga that has some similarities in this sector is Double Hard. This is a Shounen manga that has thirty volumes and is a completed one. The story is written and illustrated by Naoki Konno Sensei.

Not all delinquents are born to be one, but some are forced to take that path. The same is true for Daiki Hayami. He was a Fist-Fighter who had to clash the street thugs for his classmates. As a result, this manga has pretty good fight scenes and the romance concept that Tokyo Revengers portrays.

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11. Samurai Champloo

If you have read the manga or even watched the anime titled Samurai Champloo, you might be thinking, how is this manga similar to Tokyo Revengers? It doesn’t have either the time travel or the delinquent part. Still, there is one part that plays a similar role. It is the Samurais of the show.

This two-volume manga by Masaru Gotsubo Sensei introduces the delinquent part using samurais. Though samurais are considered respectable characters in Japanese media, Masaru sensei gives them a new look. Once you read the manga, you will be able to see the similarities between the two.

samurai champloo

10. Re: Zero

While having the similar time travel concept of Tokyo Revengers, Re:Zero tells the story differently. Tappei Nagatsuki Sensei composed his light novel into eighteen manga volumes which Makoto Fugetsu Sensei illustrated. This manga takes the time travel concept and adds a pretty interesting twist to it.

Natsuki Subaru, a neet who gets isekied into another world, gains the ability to travel back to a certain point in his life. But the catch is, to travel back he needs to die. So now he has to utilize his ability to make sure that whatever killed him in the first place doesn’t occur.


9. From Today, It's My Turn!!

Without the time travel concept, Tokyo Revengers is filled with delinquent activities. The same is true for, From Today, It’s My Turn‼ This story about the hot-blooded delinquents has thirty-eight volumes. The story is written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Nishimori Sensei. It also has a single volume special titled From Today, It’s My Turn‼: Yusha Sagawa to Ano Futari-hen.

It tells the story of two transfer students who got tired of their boring old life. So they took advantage of their new school and are taking a shot at the delinquent lifestyle. Now they want to be the best delinquents in Japan.

from today its my turn

8. Crows

Another manga that deals with a school filled with delinquents is Crows. This manga has twenty-six volumes which are written and illustrated by Hiroshi Takahashi Sensei. There are three more installations of this franchise. All of them have the similar delinquent concept that Tokyo Revengers deals with.

Harumichi Boya, a second-year student, gets transferred to a new school. The school he gets into is Suzuran High School which is well known for its students. Not the meritorious, but the delinquent kind. Not long after, Boya also gets mixed with the delinquent groups. And after that, he also starts going around challenging other gangs and asserting his dominance.


7. Gokusen

Yakuza and delinquents go hand in hand. And for this reason, we included Gokusen in our list. Having fifteen volumes, this manga is written and illustrated by Kozueko Morimoto Sensei. Similar to Tokyo Revengers, this manga deals with delinquents but in a much more lighthearted manner.

Instead of the usual student delinquents, Gokusen deals with the teacher. Kumiko Yamaguchi is a Yakuza leader, and she becomes the teacher of a school filled with delinquents. This gives rise to a scenario that is filled with comedy and also severe hand to hand fights.


6. Steins;Gate

With time travel at its core, Steins;Gate is an identical manga to Tokyo Revengers. There are three volumes of the manga which Yomi Sarachi Sensei wrote. It also has a second part titled Steins;Gate: Onshuu no Brownian Motion.

The story revolves around the self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintaro Okabe. Instead of travelling back in time, this manga shows that the future self of Okabe is sending a message to his past self through a microwave oven and a cell phone. I know this sounds weird but give it a read. It handles the time travel concept in a pretty thorough manner.

steins gate

5. Orange

This six-volume manga by Ichigo Takano Sensei has a main character that’s similar to Takemichi Hanagaki, the main guy of Tokyo Revengers. They both are the victims of the time travel phenomenon, but the methods are different. Instead of travelling to the past, the main character is informed of the future and has to change her life.

Naho Takamiya, on her first day of school, finds a letter that informs her of her future. She ignores it but soon realizes that it was a legit letter as some events mentioned in the letter start happening. Now that she knows about the future, she has to change it as the future mentioned in the letter is filled with regrets.


4. Charlotte

Before you get angry and say that this manga is nothing like Tokyo Revengers, please give it a read. Jun Maeda Sensei wrote the story, and Haruka Komowata Sensei did the illustrations. It is a short story consisting of only three volumes. So read the manga and decide for yourself if it is similar or not.

If you still don’t want to read it, let us tell you the premise. Yuu Otasaka is a typical run in the mill high-schooler. But he has an extraordinary power that sets him apart. Later in the story, he becomes a delinquent. There are a few other similarities, but stating them will only spoil the story.


3. Rainbow

Many were fascinated by the delinquent part of Tokyo Revengers. And for them, Rainbow is a manga that may seem intriguing. Similar to Tokyo Revengers, the work of George Abe Sensei is centered around a delinquent group of six. The manga is illustrated by Masasumi Kakizaki Sensei and has twenty-two volumes.

The story, unlike Tokyo Revengers, doesn’t have any romantic flare to it. Instead, it tells the story of the six delinquents while also focusing on their daily lives. It also takes a peek into their life in the future. Some may find the plot to be lighthearted, but that’s not the case. Once you read it, you will find the story to be a heavy one.


2. Erased

The concept that made Tokyo Revengers stand out is where the main character is willing to overcome his fears to save his girlfriend. A similar thing is seen in the manga titled Erased. This manga is written by Kei Sanbe Sensei and is completed. With its eight volumes, the story can touch the readers’ core and feel the main character’s pain.

The story is set around Satoru Fujinuma. He has the ability to glimpse five minutes into the future that helps him prevent any severe accidents. But one day, he is sent back eighteen years into the past. Now he has to find and fix the incident that made him return to the past and save his loved ones.


1. Anomaly System Quadrangle

If there is any true successor to Tokyo Revengers, then it has to be the Anomaly System Quadrangle. This manga consists of five volumes and is composed by Azusa Banjou Sensei.

The story is a bit different as the main character, Maki Eiji, is a delinquent who causes Chino Kotoha’s suffering due to his actions. And years after, when he was riddled with guilt, he was offered a second chance at life. He slips back to the past and is determined to fix his mistakes. But doing so will not be a simple task as more secrets are unveiled.


Tokyo Revengers has three principal factors to its story. They are Time Travel, Delinquents and Romance. All three of them might not be present in any other manga, but many deal with at least two of them.

And keeping that in mind, we have made our list. We tried to find the most similarities between the mangas and pointed them out. Try them out for yourself, and we guarantee that you will find them as fascinating as Tokyo Revengers.

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