Will Satoru Gojo Die in Jujutsu Kaisen? (EXPLAINED)

Will Satoru Gojo Die in Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen was the fan-favorite anime of 2020, but the manga has progressed far beyond the last adapted chapters. The Shibuya Incident Arc took the lives of many beloved characters and left some unanswered questions too. One of which is whether the most popular character, Satoru Gojo will survive.

Gojo claimed the hearts of many with his good looks, goofy personality, and immense power. No man is immortal – but they live long enough to fill their duties in the plot. Everyone would be madly disappointed if Gojo were to be killed off, so let’s take a look at what brought us to the current situation!


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Table of Contents

Satoru Gojo's Background

Ever since Satoru has born, he somehow always got into the spotlight. He is a man who was born with both the Six Eyes and the Infinity Technique. The Gojo family kept him in high regard, and he was seen as a threat by both the Zen’in clan and the cursed spirits all around Japan.

He was also able to feel the presence of cursed spirits and curse users from a distance even at the age of six. He was taken in by the Tokyo branch of Jujutsu High. Although we don’t know much of his life as a teenager, Gojo is said to have exorcised more cursed spirits than anyone else. To be fair, it’s not that hard as the strongest character.

Gojo Childhood

As a second-year high schooler, he was sent on a mission to protect Master Tengen’s next vessel[1]. He was drawn into a fight with Toji Fushiguro, Megumi’s father in Okinawa. Gojo was on the verge of death when he discovered his ability to use the reversed cursed technique, and he managed to heal himself[2].

He later managed to kill Toji with the combination of his Red and Blue techniques, the Hollow Purple. He lost the trust of Suguru Geto who turned into the Eren Jaeger of this universe and has since become of the main antagonists[3]. Gojo was in despair after losing his partner but eventually came to the conclusion to kill him.

He started teaching at Jujutsu High after finishing his studies, which comes as no surprise for the strongest character. He has to be a great teacher too, right?

Gojo And Geto

Gojo's Abilities

To understand why Gojo is so powerful, first, we have to look into some comparisons. Most of the curse users and jujutsu sorcerers rely on the cursed energy in fights. They are mages who lack quick movements and strength. Others who weren’t so blessed with cursed energy have to compensate by using raw physical power to overcome their enemies, such as Gojo’s enemy, Toji Fushiguro.

6. Gojo Eyes Anime Color Digital

Satoru Gojo possesses every trait to be called the strongest in his universe. He has an almost endless source of cursed energy, he uses his techniques on autopilot[4], he can heal himself with reversed cursed technique, he is very capable of fistfighting, he is fast and furious, while also having mastered the questionably overpowered Infinity and Six Eyes techniques. 

No man poses a threat to Gojo in his adult form – especially in his domain. His Limitless Void allows him to basically freeze time and space for his enemies inside[5]. The basic form of Limitless and Infinity relies heavily on his Six Eyes: it makes him able to foresee the mass, speed, and energy of anything really, but also reduces the cursed energy usage to almost zero. Thus Gojo never runs out of cursed energy!

Gojo uses the Red and Blue Limitless Techniques to fight by emitting large amounts of energy in ray beams and pulling or pushing matter respectfully, but his power lies within the Infinity Technique. Gojo can make objects simply not hit him! That’s it. And after his fights in high school, he learned to keep it on autopilot, so he doesn’t even have to think about using it.

Gojo Ability


Being the strongest character in the franchise, Gojo has one of the most important roles too. He serves as the balance of the known world. Other prominent families change their decision upon his reaction, humans have their savior in him without knowing, and cursed spirits stay in the shadows to not lose their lives.

He himself said that he could even kill Sukuna if he were to come back[6]. That’s why he trusts Itadori and exercised some pressure on the higher-ups to keep him alive. Sukuna fears Gojo, but he would be willing to have a fair fight with all twenty fingers. Gojo was the sole reason no one had to feat the return of Sukuna

Many cursed spirits and curse users gathered under the fake Geto to remove Gojo from the scene. This squad has Jogo, Mahito, Choso, Hanami, and Dagon as members before the Shibuya incident, but their numbers decreased significantly after the event.


Gojo VS Toji

After going on a mission to protect Master Tengen’s next vessel, Gojo and Geto had to realize that the cult has hired a real professional to take care of the work. That person was Toji Fushiguro. He lacked cursed energy, but he was otherwise highly capable of martial arts. Using powerful cursed tools kept inside of a cursed spirit, Toji launched an ambush on the escorting sorcerers.

Toji started off the fight by thrusting his blade through Gojo’s body, but he failed to kill him on instant[7]. He didn’t hit any vital organs, which meant that Gojo’s party was able to reorganize their strength. Gojo sent Geto to protect the girls from other assassins and escape through the college nearby.

Gojo vsToji

As the two powerhouses faced off, Gojo had the feeling that it won’t be an easy battle. He couldn’t sense the cursed energy flowing in Toji – as he didn’t have any – and his insanely fast movements also proved to be hard for Gojo to track. Toji used many cursed tools, such as the Inverted Heavenly Spear, which became even scarier when he attached chains to it, using the weapon like a nunchaku.

They both dodged most of the other’s attacks, and it was obvious that their skill levels are quite close. This is big news, as the strongest character facing off a dude with no cursed energy would be pretty one-sided in any other situation. Well, Gojo wasn’t at his peak back then.

Gojo vs Toji

His incapability to use the reverse cursed technique and the domain was a big problem for Gojo, as after a fierce battle Toji managed to cut his throat[8]. Gojo was left to bleed out while Toji was on a hunt for Geto and the girls. He successfully pursued them, and killed them off except for Geto, with the reasoning that he doesn’t want to release Geto’s spirits upon death. 

It is unknown how Toji got the cursed spirit on his back, but it certainly came in handy for the fights. He became a member of the Zen’in family upon birth but left the clan after learning how to fight properly. He was feared among the Jujutsu society, often called the Sorcerer Killer.

Toji and Gojo faced off once again after Toji handed over the dead body of the Star Plasma Vessel(Riko) to his employer. Gojo, now capable of using the reverse cursed technique and the Hollow Purple[9], easily defeated Toji. Gojo later went ahead and found Toji’s son, Megumi, and asked him to stay strong to his ideals[10].

Gojo Angry

Will Gojo die in the manga?

Now, as the Shibuya Incident came close, the cursed spirits had plans to deal with Gojo. Well, only the parasite of Geto’s body had a plan. He created a prism seal while the rest of his allies kept Gojo busy at the station. But don’t rush that much ahead, let’s take it slowly. 

Gojo knew very well that he would be targeted, but he decided to go in alone no matter what. This was for the reason to keep the citizens safe from any unneeded damage, and because his allies would just slow him down.

After the fight started, it became obvious that he has to sacrifice some pedestrians there, but he wasn’t hurt that much just because some people died. Gojo had a strong resolve. 

Gojo vs Hanami

He took out Hanami without an issue, but the fake Geto soon finished the trap. Gojo was sealed inside a little cube[11], and it seems like he won’t get out by himself. The others came in a hurry to save Gojo, but the other cursed spirits not only stopped the charge of almost every member of the sorcerers but also managed to kill off many prominent warriors. 

While all of that was happening, the Vulcan guy, Jogo, fed 10 Sukuna fingers to Yuuji[12], which made the King of Curses take his body over. Sukuna made a rampage before Yuuji got back the control.

Sukuna vs jogo

Despite losing many members, the Geto party was absolutely victorious in the aftermath of the Shibuya Incident. They murdered many sorcerers, got Gojo as a prisoner, and made Yuuji the target of the jujutsu society. He was given a death sentence due to Sukuna’s slaughter, but some of his friends stayed by his side to get back the upper hand in the power struggle.

The newly formed Yuuji party visited Master Tengen to gather info about Geto and how to take Gojo back, but their options are limited. Only time could tell if Gojo gets out or not. 

Now, it’s time for my opinion. I’m pretty sure Gojo won’t die from just this. Sure, he is only a human, but the consequences would be too dire. Gojo is a very important part of the story, and killing him off would be an unwise choice from the mangaka

Also, he is the fan-favorite character, dammit! You can’t just take away Gojo from us, Gege Akutami sensei! He is probably well aware of how needed Gojo is, and won’t make such a mistake to kill him off.


What if Gojo dies?

While it’s unpleasant to even think about these kinds of things, let’s imagine the aftermath of Gojo’s death. As he was the center of the world’s balance, many horrible events would happen to humanity. Well, even the existence of humans would be drawn to danger.

As we know, the population that can sense curses and uses cursed energy is quite sparse. Only a handful of people are able to join the Jujutsu sorcerer ranks, and while they are highly trained and can deal with lower or even higher level curses, the massive horde of cursed spirits would easily overwhelm the sorcerers.

Satoru Gojo

Gojo served as a scarecrow for the weak curses, as they feared losing their lives to the strongest. Gojo would be able to overcome any army of low levels, and he could even beat the higher-ups if it wasn’t for the unfair means Geto used to capture him.

Japan is said to lose everything if the curses seized power. Now, who could become the next great sorcerer, a person who could repel the waves of monsters and force them back into the shadows? We have some candidates!


First, the very obvious choice is Yuta Okkotsu. He was a student who got invited to jujutsu High by Gojo, and he was promoted to special grade for his efforts. His skills almost match Gojo’s, but his lack of ultra-special abilities and hot-headed decision-making might cost him some things. Oh, and he has a guardian spirit, Rika.

The other ones would be Yuuji and Megumi. Yuuji is the obvious choice because he is the protagonist, and if he manages to tame Sukuna, he could be devastating. 

Megumi was once told a story of how the heads of the Gojo and Zen’in families killed each other off in the past, and that they had the exact same abilities as Megumi and Satoru have now. Is that a revelation, or just a bedtime story?



Whatever the outcome may be, Jujutsu Kaisen will keep on being the favorite franchise of many. The story is twisted and interesting, while the characters are all charming. A conclusion might not come soon to the series, so hop in and read the manga to experience this wonder to the fullest!


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