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Jujutsu Kaisen was one of the top anime of 2020, blessing us with several amazing characters and Mahito is one of them. Mahito is a cursed spirit that looks like a human being. His appearance makes him look like a total badass – which he actually is, he possesses a stitched-up skin resembling Kakuzu from the Naruto series.

Being one of the antagonists in a universe with strong characters, Mahito is pretty strong himself and can be compared to a monster. The human-looking curse is a joy to watch. His immature antics make him interesting.  However, he also knows how to keep his composure and behave right in serious circumstances.

If you are a fan of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga or anime, and you love Mahito then this Wiki is for you… continue reading, to learn everything there is about one of your favorite characters.

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Character Information

Position In Anime: Villain


Gender: Male

Species: Cursed Spirit

Height: 179cm

Hair Color: Lakeshore Blue

Eye Color:

-Gray and Blue (Anime)

-Gray (Manga)

Professional Status

Occupation: Special Grade Cursed Spirit

Affiliations: Pseudo-Geto Group

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 16

Anime Debut: Episode 7

Voice Actors

Japanese: Nobunaga Shimazaki

English: Lucien Dodge


Mahito is a cursed spirit that resembles a human, he doesn’t look very athletic as his body appears to be sewn up. His face is highly patched, with an oval-shaped face and high cheekbones, he can be said to be a cute spirit. Mahito possesses long hair that goes beyond his neck, the hair rests around his chest with the large strands tied at the end. His bluish-gray hair is partitioned into three large sections with one perpetually at his back.

In the anime adaptation, Mahito’s eyes possess different colors, this is known as heterochromia. The right eye is gray in color while the left eye has dark blue color… literally, everything about Mahito’s appearance is weird. The cursed spirit wears a black shirt, with the left sleeve ripped into three parts, he wears black pants too and most of the time he can be spotted wearing a white shoe… even curses know white and black is a decent combo.


For a cursed spirit made from human hatred [Chapter 20] and affiliated with Suguru Geto, Mahito is exactly what he should be – A sadistic monster. Mahito is of the opinion that the age of humans is over, he feels that cursed spirits should take over while humans go extinct, seeing himself as a manifestation of the worst of humanity, human hatred for one another.

Being highly immature with a sadistic personality, the cursed spirit takes delight in toying with human emotions, suffering his victims way more than necessary. His sadistic nature is amplified when it is revealed that he has no value for his own life either. Mahito lacks sympathy or empathy and will go to any length to achieve his goals, ranking the revival of Sukuna above his own life.

Believing that he was born from human weakness, the patched-up curse spirit looks forward to the day that cursed spirits will reign supreme and he carries out his missions in a calm and composed manner unbefitting for someone so immature. Mahito can be said to be smart to an extent, considering how easily he was able to befriend and manipulate Junpei, turning him into a curse user.

The way he also utilized Junpei in the battle against Yuuji Itadori is worth noting, holding him as leverage… This curse spirit is smart. Mahito is obsessed with souls and he can spend the whole day talking about them, waxing philosophical statements about how the human soul was in existence before the body. For Mahito, his obsessions about souls can be found in his cursed techniques too as he has experimented on several of his human victims to gain more knowledge on souls and how to improve his cursed techniques.

Like other curses and sorcerers, Mahito can be said to be scared of death as was shown during his battle against Yuuji Itadori. When he realized how powerful the young sorcerer was and saw that Yuuji’s attacks were affecting him, he started to panic, forsaking his supposed calm composure. In his fight against Nobara, he also feared for his life as her attacks with her cursed techniques were able to affect his soul. Mahito might be a sadistic cursed spirit but he is still a child at heart, that is scared of the consequences of his actions.


Mahito’s origin is something of an anomaly. The patched, unregistered special grade was born out of the fear and hatred that humans possess for each other. It was later revealed that Mahito had made a vow with Kokichi Muta. In this vow, Mahito would heal Kokichi’s weak and fragile body and in return, Kokichi would act as a spy in Jujutsu High and deliver them quality information.

Strength And Skills

In terms of strength, simply put, Mahito is a beast. He is a special grade, and if you are familiar with Jujutsu Kaisen, then you know how strong special grade curses can get.Yet Mahito is way stronger than a regular special grade due to his high intelligence and the dangerous curse techniques at his disposal. He is an unregistered special grade, an anomaly that is quite powerful. However, being so young has negative effects, and as such he is highly inexperienced in battle. Mahito makes up for his lack of experience with his overwhelming strength, he has shown that at least he can overpower three of Sukuna’s fingers.

Mahito possesses an insane growth rate, showing severally that he can develop in battle… he has massive potential. As a testament to his strength, he was able to go toe to toe against the powerful Nanami Kento, a grade 1 sorcerer, the first time they met. In his battle against Nanami, he was about to overwhelm the grade 1 sorcerer in multiple instances, even rendering Nanami’s curse technique useless.

Later on, Yuuji Itadori joined Nanami in that fight, putting Mahito at a numerical disadvantage but it didn’t change anything as the special grade was still well on course to win the battle until the all-powerful Sukuna interfered in the fight. Even with him being at a disadvantage, being under intense pressure, he didn’t lose his ability to evolve as he was able to achieve a new technique – his domain expansion in this fight.

Seeing his abilities, Nanami began to fear him, predicting that if he was not exorcised soon then he could grow up to be too massive of a problem for Jujutsu Sorcerers to handle. We also got to see this unregistered special grade develop more during the Shibuya Incident Arc. He created clones of himself that were perfectly the same as himself, he also made some improvements in his ability to control souls, making him a more fearsome opponent.

While being beaten by the pair of Todo and Yuuji, he was able to get a better understanding of cursed energy which led him to create a new technique known as ‘Instant spirit body of distorted killing’… This led to a massive power boost for him.

Mahito Enhanced

Enhanced Speed, Strength, Durability, and Reflexes

Mahito might not look it, but he does possess superhuman strengths. One of the instances where he has shown this brute strength was when he destroyed multiple Mechamarus with swift and powerful punches. In his second fight against Yuji, he beat up the student so badly with punches and kicks that it left Yuuji coughing up blood and battling for his life.

His enhanced strength is not a pushover, as he was able to make the physical monster, Todo, cough out blood with just one punch. Using his idle transfiguration technique, he almost crushed Yuuji’s skull with a punch and he was able to pin down a grade 1 sorcerer.

Mahito Enhanced 1

Mahito’s reflexes are as good as anything we have seen in the series. Surprisingly, he was able to keep up with Todo’s Boogie-woogie technique while also countering Yuuji with attacks of his own. His monstrous speed was enough to outrun the highly athletic Yuuji Itadori and put the fast Todo at the back foot as he kept on attacking him viciously. His speed cannot be overemphasized, as he was fast enough to blitz Nanami Kento.

As a special grade, it’s a no-brainer that Mahito will be highly durable and very difficult to kill. With the aid of his curse technique, he is immune to physical attacks but the beauty of Mahito’s curse technique is that even his soul is resistant to a lot of attacks. In his fight against Nanami, he never expressed pain once, even though the grade 1 sorcerer kept trying to crush his body. He has a knack for developing a new ability anytime he takes one hell of a beating.

Mahito Intelligence


Mahito is certainly among the smartest curses shown in the whole series. The way he talks, and the way he evades attacks are proof of his high intellect. Being one of the smartest curses, he is among the brains behind his group’s operations. He has been shown to set traps for opponents several times, just like when he set a trap for the sorcerers who were investigating him.

Jujutsu And Techniques

Mahito’s arsenal is boosted by a massive amount of cursed energy. His curse energy even surpasses that of Yuuji, the vessel of Sukuna, after consuming three of the cursed fingers. His large reserve of curse energy was terrifying for even a grade 1 sorcerer as Nanami stated that it would be futile to fight Mahito till his curse energy depletes.

His cursed energy reserve is so vast, that only his domain expansion has been able to use a significant portion of it. Apart from being blessed with massive reserves, he has also shown to possess great control over his curse energy. Mahito can now use the Black Flash technique at will as a testament to his well-refined curse energy control. He has several techniques at his disposal such as:

Mahito Transfiguration

Idle Transfigurations

This technique gives Mahito a lot of options in battles. Most commonly, it allows him to transform part of his body into weapons, making him a far more deadly foe. He majorly uses this technique to change the shape of souls, so as to heal whatever injuries he might have sustained… doing this disfigures the body of his victims, putting them in more pain than can be imagined. But the sadistic special grade doesn’t care about them. He has been shown to use the technique on his clone too.

Mahito Black Flash

Black Flash

This is a technique that Mahito learned during the Shibuya Incident Arc. Simply put, this technique distorts space. Black flash increases the power of a hit by 2.5 times, it is a highly efficient technique.

Body Repel

Body Repel

Mahito increases the soul’s energy by using soul multiplicity, this allows him to attack opponents with the massive output of soul energy.

Mahito Soul Multiplicity

Soul Multiplicity

After merging souls together with his cursed technique, a violent rejection reaction occurs. This is a very destructive technique and it serves as the foundation for several others of Mahito’s techniques.

mahto polymorphic soul isomer

Polymorphic Soul Isomer

This technique, just like body repel, is also based on soul multiplicity. By combining souls into one body, he creates a badly transfigured human that isn’t capable of dying and can attack opponents on its own. This despicable technique shows the sadistic nature of Mahito, the technique is so powerful due to the number of souls utilized.

Mahito Instant Spirit Body Of Distorted Killing

Instant Spirit Body Of Distorted Killing

After finding what he described as the true essence of the soul, Mahito discovered a new technique. When using this technique, his body changes suddenly, becoming stronger and more durable. The special grade has been shown to tear off his human face when he wants to activate this technique.

Mahito Self-embodiment of perfection

Self Embodiment Of Perfection

As a Jujutsu Kaisen fan, this technique will forever remain in your memory. This is Mahito’s domain expansion, and his power here is so great that he is connected to all souls inside the expansion, and he has the ability to manipulate them too. Mahito can activate it for 0.2 seconds intervals. [Chapter 29]



This is a barrier technique that can be used to separate an area from other areas. The barrier surrounds the place and prevents other people or a specific person from entering the sealed location.

Fun Facts

  •  In the first Manga character popularity poll, Mahito ranked as the 25th most popular Jujutsu Kaisen character, earning 946 votes.
  •  Kohei Horikoshi, the author of My Hero Academia declared Mahito as his favorite character from Jujutsu Kaisen.
  •  Mahito means ‘Demon Person’ but it can be translated to mean ‘true person’ which is ironic when you compare it to his origin.

Fights Participated In

  • Mahito vs Kento Nanami
  • Mahito vs Yuji Itadori
  • Mahito vs Kento Nanami and Yuji Itadori
  • Mahito vs Kokichi Muta
  • Mahito, Choso, Hanami and Jogo vs Gojo Satoru
  • Mahito vs Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki
  • Mahito vs Yuji Itadori and Aoi Todo


In Mahito’s first scene during the Cursed Training Arc, the special grade can be seen on a beach, reading a book, seated under an umbrella, then he is accosted by Pseudo-Geto. They discuss sealing Satoru Gojo on a fixed date that they both agree on.[Chapter 16]

After some time during the Vs. Mahito Arc, following the murder of three people, he finally gets acquainted with Junpei Yoshino. [Chapter 18] As they head down to the sewer, they hold a lengthy discussion on several topics such as the type of spirit that Mahito is, human emotions, as well as Mahito’s human experiments. [Chapter 19 & 20]

It is after this that Mahito encounters the grade 1 sorcerer known as Nanami Kento, and they begin their battle. [Chapter 21] With the battle dragging on and Mahito having the upper hand, Nanami Kento buries the special grade in rubble and escapes, [Chapter 22] Mahito also manages to get away from the rubble, and then he goes to see Geto.[Chapter 23 & 24]

Mahito begins to manipulate Junpei, and when the young boy’s mother dies, Mahito shows him the cursed object that led to the death while also hinting that it was the work of Junpei’s school bullies. When Junpei begins to attack his classmates, [Chapter 25] he is intercepted by Yuuji Itadori, and then Mahito attacks Yuuji and then transforms Junpei. Yuuji gets enraged after Junpei dies and punches Mahito, injuring him. [Chapter 26 & 27]

The fight between Yuuji and the special grade curse goes on, leading to Sukuna warning Mahito to stay away from his territory. [Chapter 28] Nanami arrives and it becomes 2 vs 1 against Mahito. With Mahito trapped in a corner, the duo of Yuuji and Nanami takes time attacking him, forcing Mahito to activate his domain expansion. [Chapter 29 & 30] Mahito is severely wounded by Sukuna, forcing him to run for his life [Chapter 31].

In the Kyoto Goodwill Arc, Mahito, Geto, and Jogo are seen discussing their plans to retrieve the Sukuna fingers currently at the Tokyo College [Chapter 32]. Later on, Mahito, Haruta, Hanami, and Juzo arrive at the site, and after distracting the sorcerers, they are able to get away with the fingers and three of the death painting wombs. [Chapter 43]

So as to give them bodies, the death painting wombs are fed to humans [Chapter 53] and thus begins the Death Painting Arc. The Shibuya Incident Arc begins and Mahito heals Kokichi. They begin fighting and Mahito destroys several Mechamarus. The main battle between Mahito and Kokichi’s ultimate Mechamaru begins. Kokichi is also to destroy Mahito’s arm, the fight drags on but when Mahito gets into Mechamaru’s cockpit, he declares that the fight is over.

Mahito makes several transfigured humans, putting them in the curtain. Later on, he senses that the curtain has been lifted by a strong sorcerer. Getting to Shibuya, the battle begins as Mahito tries to attack Gojo, a combination of Mahito and Choso’s attacks prove useless against Gojo. Gojo defeats Mahito by using his Domain Expansion.

With Mahito back on his feet, he sees Geto seal Gojo inside the prison realm, after an argument with some of his teammates, he splits himself and leaves to hunt for Yuuji Itadori. He encounters a wounded Nanami Kento and kills him, then an intense fight between Yuuji and Mahito begins. The second Mahito’s clone comes in contact with Nobara, they begin their own fight.

Nobara is able to use her resonance ability to attack his soul, making him wary of her. Both parts of Mahito retreat from battle, running into the subway where they switch opponents. Yuji is able to quickly kill the clone however the real Mahito destroys Nobara’s eye, transfiguring her face. Mahito rushes towards Yuuji, pummelling him with blows and kicks but before he can kill the young boy, he is teleported away by Todo who just arrived at the scene.

Mahito begins to attack Todo but Yuuji comes to Todo’s aid and a brutal battle begins, Todo loses his left hand. Mahito then finally understands his true form after using Black Flash multiple times… he activates the Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing. Mahito and Yuuji square up for one final attack, Yuuji evades Mahito’s killer punch and strikes him with a crushing punch. Yuuji then promises to kill Mahito, however, Pseudo-Geto arrives, easily defeating Yuuji and sealing Mahito via his Cursed spirit manipulation technique.

Voice Actors

JapaneseNobunaga Shimazaki

English Lucien Dodge

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While Mahito might start off as an annoying, immature character, he grows on you and gets better and better in every scene. His ruthless nature and calm demeanor adds a bit of intrigue to Jujutsu Kaisen and his techniques that allow him to manipulate and transform souls is one of the gems of this series. If you liked this summary, then check out our other summaries on Jujutsu Kaisen characters.


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